RCFN 122

Chapter 122

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After they boarded the cruise ship, any trace of the Mo family was wiped clean by Mu Tian Heng.

The original owner of this luxurious cruise ship was Wen Guo Chao, one of the top five richest in Hong Kong. He had always wanted a chance to work with Mu Tian Heng but it never came. So this time when Mu Tian Heng approached him for help and offered him an incredible deal in return, he agreed without a second thought.

Mu Tian Heng not only offered him three big business ventures but also a billion yuan as gratitude.

Although Wen Guo Chao did not lack money, he wouldn’t say no to a billion yuan handed to him in cash. He knew that Mu Tian Heng was one of the world’s top three richest but he did not expect him to be this magnanimous!

Furthermore, doing business with Mu Tian Heng would only result in him benefiting, whether it was the profit he would receive or the worldwide connections he would be getting.

Therefore, with all willingness, he immediately handed Mu Tian Heng the entire gambling cruise ship that was ‘Dong Fang Ge Hao’, the place where the Mo family members were currently locked up.

As for Steward Zhao, he was an ex-special forces soldier who worked as Mu Tian Heng’s old housekeeper in America and had watched him grow up. He was a highly dependable and intelligent person. Asking him to ‘look after’ the Mo family was the most suitable decision.

Most importantly, Steward Zhao was a very trustworthy man who had absolute faith in Mu Tian Heng. He treated him like his own child, never doubting his actions, only faithfully doing what Mu Tian Heng requested. He was Mu Tian Heng’s most reliable confidant.

However, even if Steward Zhao did not ask, Mu Tian Heng still explained to him the things that the Mo family did in this life and the last life, of course, some information had already been filtered.

Steward Zhao was instantly enraged. He flew to Hua Xia the very same day.

With a slight change in attire, he became the current head honcho of the ‘Dong Fang Ge Hao’.


On the third day of the Mo family’s ‘incarceration’, Mo Liu Gui, who was living far back in the capital, finally realized that something was wrong.

No one from the Mo family had called her for three days and when she had dialed any one of them, it had never gotten through. At first, the line just rang while no one picked up. Later, it had been completely unreachable. Something was definitely amiss!

Mo Liu Gui was beginning to panic.

She grabbed the nurse who was tending to her and demanded to meet the director. 

Needless to say, Liu Cui rejected her request.

Mo Liu Gui was insulted. To think, on top of turning her down, Liu Cui even dared to block her way. In a tantrum, she slapped Liu Cui with considerable force.

But when Mo Liu Gui was about to slap her a second time, Liu Cui grabbed her arm with a death grip. Although skinny and old, the laborious work through the years had trained her physically. Someone as feeble as Mo Liu Gui was not her opponent. 

She said to Mo Liu Gui with patience in her voice, “Miss Mo, you’re mentally ill, I won’t hold it against you but you have to behave. If you want to see the director, he’ll be here in a minute to have a look at your illness.”

“You’re the one who’s sick! You old and ugly hag! You’re crazy!”

Mo Liu Gui’s unease was getting intense. If she could not get in touch with anyone from the Mo family, who would get her out of here?!

She had to find Director Zhao. He was someone arranged by Qin Cheng Yi, he had to help her or else, Qin Cheng Yi would have a bone to pick with him!

If he’s smart, he’ll know what to do.

Zhao Chuan Ling was indeed a smart man. Which was why he had ordered Liu Cui to confiscate all of Mo Liu Gui’s mobile devices when the time was ripe.

Wearing his white doctor’s coat, he opened the medical diagnosis previously made for Mo Liu Gui and logged in the treatments he had prepared for her.


Retribution had descended on the Mo family. 

Some were imprisoned, one was locked in a mental hospital, and the rest were on a cruise ship reliving the torment that Mo Di had been through.

As for Qin Cheng Yi, the sentence he received included more than the murder charges. Evidence for his previous crimes was also revealed, piling up his imprisonment to that of twenty years without a chance of parole.

Mo Di personally went to watch Qin Cheng Yi’s trial. Seeing him lashing out in extreme anger and breaking his shoulder while being restrained, Mo Di couldn’t help smiling.

Mu Tian Heng looked at Mo Di then gave his hair a rub. “Shall we head home?”


Mo Di’s eyes beamed and a little dimple appeared on his left cheek. He tightened his grip on Mu Tian Heng’s hands.

Mo Di was in absolute joy but frankly, he still felt a bit surreal. It was as though his rebirth hadn’t been that long ago and the oath to exact revenge on the Mo family and Qin Cheng Yi was still fresh in his mind. 

But now, these people already had the ending that they deserved. 

When Qin Cheng Yi was sentenced to twenty years in jail, his heart was light as never before. Like a weight that was pressing on it finally disappeared. 

From now on, he would not think of his past life again.

The tortures, the abuse, the unfairness, and the life that saw the loss of all hope, he would delete them all from his head.

He would live his new life in happiness and comfort along with his beloved and friends, free to do what he wishes and achieve greater heights in his career!

He had once been pulled into an abyss but now he had finally reached the light. 

There are karmic retributions according to heaven’s law, an old saying that Mo Di had come to believe in staunchly.

But this was something Mo Liu Gui would never be able to accept.

After having her phone and computer taken away, Mo Liu Gui finally realized that something was wrong. She went ballistic but it was hopeless. Locked up in that tiny room, she was refrained from going anywhere else.

Every day, the only person she got to see was Liu Cui!

Mo Liu Gui cursed at everyone. She hated the incompetent Mo family, hated Qin Cheng Yi for failing to help her, but the one she hated the most was still Mo Di.

In her mind, she constantly imagined the countless ways she would torture and kill him! The violent thoughts occupied her head and she almost went mad.

Until one day, the same day that Qin Cheng Yi was sent to serve his sentence, a certain seal in her head was broke. Her sight turned black and she fainted.

When she woke up, Mo Liu Gui stared unblinkingly at the window. Her face gradually turned distorted and she went berserk, smashing and throwing the things inside the room.

The memories from her previous life had all come back to her.

She was supposed to be the female lead of this story, the protagonist of this world!

And Mo Di, he wasn’t supposed to know anything. Albeit, he was reborn, but he shouldn’t have known that this world was inside a book.

Most importantly, she was not a native to this world, she was a transmigrator and yes, she had a system!

A transmigrator armed with a system that could captivate anyone on top of being born in a rich family and knowing the plot by heart… With these many advantages, she should’ve been the prizewinner, the center of attention, the foundation of this world!

She was meant to be loved and pampered by everyone!!!

And this was what happened to ninety-nine percent of her past life but in the end, her beautiful life was destroyed by a madman! Everything was ruined!

It was hard enough for her to get another life but this life was many times worse…

Mo Liu Gui was almost suffocated with hatred. 

She was originally an ordinary office lady who had to work day and night for a living. Thanks to a windfall, she was tied to a system and was brought into a novel that she absolutely hated.

This novel was a boy’s love novel with that brother of hers and Mu Tian Heng as the protagonists. Because the main theme was about games and career-building, the novel became popular and was adapted into a TV series. Although there would not be any intimate scenes, this was the very first primetime series to depict a gay couple!

It was just disgusting!

How could this kind of nauseating relationship gain popularity?! How could they even think of broadcasting this on television?!!

It really made her sick to her stomach!

But what she did not expect was that she would transmigrate into that very novel and was attached to a system.

This system was simply amazing. It not only made people mesmerized with her at first sight but shared the same disgust towards homosexuality as her.

She was very pleased with the system. It had capabilities beyond her imagination, showering her with a powerful halo from the moment she was in her mother’s womb.

As she grew up and garnered more affection from the people around her, the system got stronger and intensified its ability to spellbind the general masses!

On the other hand, Mo Di was the total opposite. His life was filled with misery. But Mo Liu Gui believed that he deserved it. His homosexuality was wrong and his bad life was atonement.

More importantly, Mo Di was immune to her halo and the system, he couldn’t possibly be a good person. And later, he even dared to run away from the Mo family. She was planning to let him off since he had gotten rid of his homosexuality but he dared to refuse her kindness and even pushed her away!

Mo Liu Gui did not realize this but her mind had long been distorted. The excessive praise, the bias, the double standards and the unreasonable pampering had morphed into what one would perceive as a norm.

In fact, she was living in a twisted world of her own creation!

Remembering her beautiful past life, the memory of her wedding day gradually came back. It was the wedding of the century, grand and romantic. The whole of Hua Xia, and even the world, was broadcasting this event and congratulating her.

It was also the day that Mo Di died.

Because Mo Di, the protagonist of the novel, no longer existed, the system had completed its task of altering this world. It was time for it to leave. At that time, it had asked Mo Liu Gui if she wanted to return to her original world or stay in this one till old age. 

She picked the latter without a second thought.

What a joke. She had countless people who adored her and her life was as beautiful as it could be. Only an idiot would choose to go back.

The system had expected her answer so it disappeared right after.

And then her perfect life went on with countless people loving and pampering her… 

Until she was forty.


She remembered going to the set for a variety show where she was attacked by a lunatic! Her stomach was stabbed, her face was disfigured and her eyes were blinded!

Next was a scene she never wanted to recall. She was constantly suffering in a hospital bed while the Mo, Qin, and Ye family had all met with demise. Qin Cheng Yi and Ye Cheng Feng who had always shielded her were in prison. Their families, together with the Mo family, fell overnight and their wealth dwindled into nothingness. 

It was as though the world suddenly fell and she was left with nothing!

In the end, she was set on fire by the second aunt and that was how her life had concluded!

The memories all came flooding back. Mo Liu Gui could not control her anger and yelled. 

She refused to accept this! Why had her last life turned out that way?! Why?!

And in this life, her downfall had come even earlier!

Didn’t it say that her halo would not disappear?! That system was a liar!!!

Mo Liu Gui simply could not accept everything that had happened to her. Anger overshadowed her reasoning and she went on a rampage, destroying everything in the room…

Just like a mental patient.

But Mo Liu Gui had been right about one thing:

Mo Di did not know about the novel he was living in.

That was because the one he read was not the same one that Mo Liu Gui had read in her original world. It was a novel that after she and the system had viciously tampered with, turned into a completely different novel under the title ‘Everyone is Crazy for Me’. With the system’s accumulated power, this novel was spread online in another world, different from the one Mo Liu Gui had hailed from.

With the appeal of a Mary Sue character, it had attracted many readers with similar thought patterns to Mo Liu Gui.

However, while many loved the novel, more were those who strongly abhorred it. They were disgusted with the female lead who used Mo Di as a stepping stone and her thoughtless followers who had no bottom line.

They voiced their opinions over major networking sites and eventually garnered a lot of support in the form of fanfiction. Many wanted a different ending for Mo Di.

As more people supported this notion, the fanfictions became more popular, ultimately attracting the praise of big-name celebrities which further promoted this movement. And as more people wrote and supported this version of the novel, it became a force powerful enough to awaken the original consciousness of this book.

This consciousness then went on to absorb the goodwill collected by Mu Tian Heng through his various charities in Mo Di’s name and finally… 

It was strong enough to give Mo Di a second life.

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RCFN 121

Chapter 121

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A hundred and eighty million…

(TN: Haha I finally bothered to check these numbers, it’s about 27.65 million USD)

Even if the Mo family sold off all their organs, they could not come up with even one-tenth of this amount.

The owner of this luxurious gambling cruise ship was most unlikely someone with a kind heart. They would not bat an eye seeing them being fed to the fishes.

The Mo family members panicked as their faces turned paperwhite. They shivered uncontrollably. The three Mo ladies cried till their tears smeared the mascara, looking quite horrifying.

Mo Er Qian tried his best to stabilize his voice and talk some logic into the guards but they all treated him like air.

Not long after, the tiny storeroom door creaked open. A middle-aged man wearing a traditional Tang suit walked in with a smile on his face.

The muscular bodyguards immediately greeted him as Steward Zhao.

“You’ve worked hard,” Steward Zhao nodded then sat down on a stool that one of the guards had brought over. He fidgeted with the two walnuts in his hand.

“These are the people who owe 180 million in gambling debts?”

“This is a scam! You all set us up!”

Before the bodyguard could reply, Mo Wu Hang cried out, “You’re breaking the law! This is a criminal offense! This is against the law!” His eyes were raging but his voice was shaking.


“The law?”

Steward Zhao laughed heartily, “It’s a common principle to pay your debts, where’s the crime in that? Moreover, this is the high seas, I’d like to know which country’s laws we’re breaking?”

“Shut up,” Mo Er Qian cast Mo Wu Hang a glare then turned to Steward Zhao and said, “Mr. Zhao, I think there has been a misunderstanding.”

“A misunderstanding?”

“Yes. we’ve been set up. We don’t actually owe 180 million in gambling debt. I hope you can investigate this matter thoroughly. Your people may have colluded with someone from the outside. Considering that those who come here are all prestigious, if this were to spread, you might lose all your patronage. This will gravely affect your business, wouldn’t it?”

“A set up?” Steward Zhao raised his brows and laughed, “You’re a very eloquent person, and also quite skillful at stirring up dissension. Pity… It’s not persuasive enough. I’ve seen too many who tried all sorts of ways to revoke their debts. If you don’t pay 180 million today, I’m afraid I can’t let you leave this ship.”

“What are you going to do?!”

The second aunt remembered some of the films she had seen, causing her to scream in fright, “This is against the law! Against the law!”

“Tut… It seems you have no intention of paying this debt,” Steward Zhao smiled and signaled to the two bodyguards, “One finger is ten thousand. There are eight people here, let’s just collect eight hundred thousand in interest first.”

“Yes.” Two bodyguards immediately took a cleaver and went to Mo Shi Hong. One picked him up by the collar and the other grabbed his hand.

Mo Shi Hong was shaking like a chicken when he was pulled from the ground. He struggled and screamed, “This is a crime! You’re committing a crime!”

The knife rose and came down. A little finger stained with blood rolled on the ground.

Mo Shi Hong howled uncontrollably. His whole body shook and twitched uncontrollably.

The other Mo family members cried and screamed in horror.

Although they knew that they would not get out of this unscathed, they did not foresee the severity of the situation they were in. Witnessing the swiftly chopped finger rolling on the ground, they were immediately hit with the cruel reality as fear took over their whole body.

Under Mo Wu Hang was a pool of liquid, he had peed due to fright.

Seeing Mo Wu Hang as such, the bodyguard advanced towards him, intending to make him his next victim. Mo Wu Hang struggled as he howled in tears and snot, begging Steward Zhao to spare him, “Steward Zhao, you’re a good man so please spare me. Please, I beg you! We’ll pay you! We’ll pay you! We’ll do any work to pay you back! Please don’t chop our hands!”

Everyone else except Mo Er Qian knelt down and begged, “That’s right, we’ll be your slaves to pay you back! Please spare us, spare us…”

Steward Zhao’s eyes swept across the Mos and smiled. He then looked at Mo Er Qian and beckoned the bodyguards.

The two bodyguards let Mo Wu Hang go and went to Mo Er Qian. One pressed him down and the other raised the knife. Mo Er Qian had turned pale as a sheet and could no longer hide his fear.

“AH!!!” Mo Er Qian screamed as the knife came down.

Steward Zhao fidgeted with the walnuts in his hand. He looked at the Mos and said, “Honestly, I’m not a very unreasonable person. This debt, as long as you can afford to pay it, I naturally wouldn’t touch your fingers, toes, eyes, kidneys, stomach and whatever else.”

The Mos were shaking even worse than before. This man… He was going to cut off more than just their fingers!!!

“But I don’t believe that you’re able to repay this sum of money. The Mo family of Hua Xia had long collapsed, am I right? It’s impossible for you to even pay back 20 million so how are you going to pay me back 180 million?”

Steward Zhao shook his head and smirked, “It’s a pipe dream if you think I’ll let you go but that doesn’t mean I won’t give you a chance to live. If you’re obedient and determined to pay this debt, alright, I’ll show you a way.”

“What is it? Steward Zhao just say the word, as long as you don’t chop off our hands and feet and take our organs, we’ll do anything. We’ll do any kind of work! We’ll be your slaves! Steward Zhao, please…”

“There’s no need for you to be slaves.”

Steward Zhao looked at Mo Shi Hong with a sinister smile, “Since I’m not a cold-blooded person, I’ve made a list of tasks you can do to help you repay the debt. Once you’ve completed each of them, I’ll subtract the corresponding amount from the total sum that you owed. But there’s one rule, every day, you have to be able to pay back 200 thousand or else, I’ll have to chop off one of your fingers. Regarding this, I’ll be lenient and let you decide among yourselves who will get the special treatment.”

Steward Zhao clapped his hands and the bodyguard behind him took out a piece of paper and showed it to the Mos.

Mo Shi Hong picked it up and after looking through, his face turned red with rage! 

This man was inhuman! He’s not even worthy to be called a man! He’s worse than an animal!

How could anyone be this cruel?!

The others came to have a look and all their faces turned ghastly! They trembled in hate, crying and swearing at Steward Zhao, “You’re not human. You’re an animal! Heaven is blind! You’ll die a horrible death!”

What was listed weren’t tasks at all. It was simply ways to kill them!

(TN: Originally, the next paragraph is a description of the ‘tasks’ but I’m just going to list it like a spa brochure~ LOL)

A beating – 10 000¥

Confined with a violent mental patient – 10 000¥

3-day confinement with no food and water – 20 000¥

Electric shock session – 20 000¥

Iron needles to ten fingers – 25 000¥

Each task had to be completed at least once every week. Otherwise, everyone would be forced to do it three times without being able to earn any credits for their debts.

Furthermore, there was an interest rate they had to pay which included food and using the toilet. To be exempted from this, they would have to kowtow, beg, and bark like a dog…

Steward Zhao is simply not human. Even animals are better than him! How could a person be this vicious?! This cruel! Who could endure such tortures?! Who could endure it?!!!


Mo Di did.

Mo Di not only had to endure it all by himself but what he had suffered was many times worse. And there was no one to take turns with him in a seemingly endless loop of tortures. The Mos had each other to share the pain while Mo Di had to endure alone. Compared to him, they had it easy.

The Mos had lost the will to argue. Or rather, they dared not do so. Surrounding them were stout men holding knives while they were like fish waiting to be slaughtered!

They did not want to do any of the tasks but if they didn’t, they would have to face worse treatments! Starting with their fingers being cut off, then to their toes, spleen, stomach, kidney…

They didn’t want to be handicapped, much less lose their lives!

They were now fully aware that this was not about the money. Whether or not they were willing to pay their debts, Steward Zhao would still enforce this set of rules upon them.

Steward Zhao moved the walnuts in his hand. Looking at their eyes teeming with rage, hate, and despair but not daring to retaliate, he smiled.

“I’m glad you’ve finally understood the rules. There’s one more thing I’d like to emphasize, according to this payment method, if you can do the bare minimum required every day, in exactly five years from today, you’ll be able to pay off all your debts and interests. Everyone buck up, your future is still bright!”

(EN: Satire is the best form of comedy! ( ̄▽ ̄))

Steward Zhao smiled and continued, “Alright, now that we’re clear. Let us begin. Shall we start off with the highest paying task? Who among you will go first? Do you want to draw lots or volunteer?”

RCFN 120

Chapter 120

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“Still asleep? It’s ok, don’t bother. She can get up whenever she wants. You can bring the food to her by then,” Zhao Chuan Ling put on his glasses and typed something on his laptop before closing it.

“Also if she throws a tantrum, you can just ignore her. If she comes at you then you can leave the room.”

“Alright, I’ll keep it in mind,” Liu Cui nodded.

“You can go out now, I’ll call you if something comes up.”

“Yes, director,” Liu Cui went out and closed the door.

Liu Cui was someone who owed Mu Tian Heng a debt. Some time ago, he had paid for her son’s medical fees and offered her a job. The greatest wish in her life was that her son would get well and repay Mu Tian Heng’s kindness. 

After Liu Cui left, Zhao Chuan Ling dialed a number on his phone.

“Hello, Chairman Mu.”

“Director Zhao, I was just about to call you, what a coincidence,” Mu Tian Heng’s voice came from the other end. 

“It’s about time I report to you,” Zhao Chuan Ling smiled broadly, “Mo Liu Gui had stayed with us for one night. She hasn’t gotten up yet.” 

“Is that so? It seems she’s sleeping pretty well,” Mu Tian Heng thought of how his Mo Di was tortured day and night till he went mad and couldn’t hold back the enmity in his tone.

“Director Zhao, please do not forget to give her a check-up soon. Since she was already admitted to your hospital, you’ll have to treat her illness with care, otherwise, it’ll be a waste of the Mo family’s money.”

“Of course, of course. Now that she’s a patient of our hospital, we have to give her proper treatment,” Zhao Chuan Ling answered without any qualms. “In a few days, I’ll give her a diagnosis and prepare her for treatment. But…”

Zhao Chuan Ling was still queasy. The Qin family was still around and even though the Mo family was in shambles, Mo Er Qian was still someone with a strong voice; in case one of them caused any trouble…

How could Mu Tian Heng not understand his concerns? He said with a smile, “Director Zhao, you don’t have to worry. Whether it’s the Qin or Mo family, I will clean them up one by one. As for you… All you have to do is to give out treatments.”

“Of course I believe in your capabilities,” Zhao Chuan Ling chuckled and showed his loyalty, “Chairman Mu, have a look at the diagnosis I gave her. Should I start her treatment or move her to a different ward?”

“After you’ve issued her medical report, I will tell you what to do next.”


After hanging up the phone, Mu Tian Heng saw Mo Di yawning beside him. He rubbed his head and said, “Sleepy? Why don’t you go back to bed?”

“No need, brother, I’m fine.” Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng got up at 4:30 a.m. when they got a certain message and had to revise their plans.

Mo Di said so but he yawned again. To avoid being pestered about going to bed by Mu Tian Heng, he changed the topic, “Brother, Qin Cheng Yi’s sentence will be announced in a few days. Although Qin Guang Jie couldn’t help him, I’m sure he’ll want to give him a comfortable life in prison. So regarding that matter, what should we do?”

“You won’t have to worry about this. I’ve already made arrangements.” Mu Tian Heng saw through Mo Di but did not point it out. He put a cup of milk in his hand and continued, “Qin Cheng Yi can only dream about living his life like before. It’s a murder charge, with the kind of convicts he is going to live with, it can only be hell.”

Hearing this, Mo Di knew that Mu Tian Heng had already been in touch with the warden and people involved to ensure that Qin Cheng Yi would ‘enjoy’ his prison life. Mo Di then talked about something else, “The Mo family should not be a problem now. Without Qin Cheng Yi, they’re particularly easy to deal with.”

Those that remained in the Mo family, other than the three housewives, only Mo Er Qian and Mo Shi Qiang were still somewhat difficult to suppress. 

“That’s why we should put Mo Wu Hang, that blockhead, to good use.”

Mu Tian Heng closed his laptop and gave Mo Di a kiss on the forehead, “Trust me, it’ll be done soon.”

Mo Di hugged Mu Tian Heng and his heart was never more at peace. He nudged the tip of his head at Mu Tian Heng and said, “Brother, do you think I’ve grown taller? I should be about 1.8 meters tall now! Maybe even 1.81!”

“Yes, you’ve grown taller. My Mo Di is growing fast.” Mu Tian Heng sounded supportive but his tone was that of coaxing a child. He then picked Mo Di up and put him on the bed, “Which is why you have to sleep more. Now, go to bed and you’re not allowed to argue.”


This day, another ‘acquaintance’ of Qin Cheng Yi’s came to the Mo family.

The person called himself Bai Duan and claimed that he was sent by Qin Cheng Yi to take care of the Mo family. He had been in contact with Mo Er Qian before and helped him with Mo Liu Gui’s case, as such, the Mo family naturally trusted him.

Bai Duan told them in confidence that because Qin Cheng Yi knew that the funds he had transferred to Mo Er Qian to help Miss Mo were almost emptied, he had prepared another hefty sum for them to better serve Miss Mo. It was in a private account and couldn’t be transferred, they would have to personally withdraw it.

The moment they heard his words, Mo Shi Hong and the others were immediately excited. They insisted on going to get the money with him. Even the ladies of the family fully supported the idea, only Mo Er Qian remained silent.

When Bai Duan saw his attitude, he focused his attention on the other members. He elaborated how large the sum of money was and how they would be able to move away from this dump and live in a better place. He then took out a ‘keepsake’ from Qin Cheng Yi and gave it to Mo Wu Hang.

How could the Mo family ever doubt him now? This was someone sent by Qin Cheng Yi and had helped them a lot before. 

Everyone tried to persuade Mo Er Qian to agree, proposing that the money was for Mo Liu Gui to have a better life and to prepare lest something happened to the falsified medical report. 

After considering their arguments, Mo Er Qian finally agreed. When it came to Mo Liu Gui, he was easily swayed. 

The next evening, Bai Duan took the Mo family members to a certain city in the southernmost region.

At first, only Mo Wu Hang, Mo Shi Hong, and Mo Shi Qian were required to go but Mo Er Qian was not at ease so he went with them. As for the ladies, it had been a long time since they entered a high-class venue and were tempted at the prospect that they’ll be living on a cruise ship. They couldn’t help but want to return to the days when they could still afford all those luxuries.

And since everyone was going, Mo San Zhi couldn’t just stay at home by himself. So in the end, Bai Duan succeeded in taking everyone to the plane.

When Mu Tian Heng heard this, he sneered. It seems even heaven was helping him.

After getting off the plane, they then boarded a steamship and set off into the sea…

It was then that the Mo family realized that they had been offered to board the Dong Fang Ge Hao, the most famous luxury gambling cruise ship that was only available to the most distinguished people. Other than to refill their supplies, this ship hardly ever docked.

The Mo family members showed off their invitation and excitedly followed Bai Duan.

Although the Qin family’s fortune was common knowledge to them, with local and overseas casinos, they did not know that even this grand establishment was under Qin Cheng Yi’s control!!!

This was too much of an eye-opener.

The lowest bet in this place was ten million and the highest could exceed hundreds of millions. And it seemed this was how Qin Cheng Yi was planning to transfer the money to them!

Mo Wu Hang was so excited that his hands were trembling.

The ladies changed into branded cheongsams and dressed up elegantly. With graceful steps, they strode to the diner and got themselves a glass of premium champagne.

Mo Shi Qiang, Mo Shi Hong, and Mo Wu Hang also changed into classic suits and followed Bai Duan to get chips from the dealer.

Bai Duan took out thirty million worth of chips and passed them to Mo Wu Hang and the others. He then whispered, “Master Qin has already arranged everything. This thirty million will surely multiply into a lot more. Master Qin had intended for you to earn over two hundred million…”

“I got it, I got it,” Mo Wu Hang was getting impatient, “So shall we start gambling now?”

“My friend, what’s the hurry?” Bai Duan patted him on the shoulder, “Why don’t you enjoy what this place has to offer now that you’re here?”

Mo Wu Hang was about to nod his head when Mo Er Qian interrupted, “No, get the money first.”

“Haha, alright, alright,” Bai Duan smiled and nodded, “Let’s start with this table first. Make about fifty million then we’ll move on to the next one.”


Once they started, the gambling went on for six days and seven nights.

At first, the Mo family felt as though they had landed in heaven. Not only were there good food and wine, but the service was also excellent. On top of that, they were on a winning streak. They had made more than twice of what Qin Cheng Yi had given them!

The Mo family had now fully trusted this reliable person that Qin Cheng Yi sent to help them out.

They were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery, listen to live music, watch skillful performances, and have good food and wine whenever they wanted. Mo Wu Hang felt that such a life was even more enjoyable than the one he had before the Mo family fell.

He did not want to go back at all! No one would shun such pleasures in life!


After enjoying their lives to the fullest, what awaited them was not the money Qin Cheng Yi promised but a devastating bolt from the blue!

On the seventh day, it was almost like the world had turned its back against them, causing them to owe a hundred and eighty million in gambling debt!!!

The Mo family refused to believe it. They thought there was some sort of mistake but Bai Duan was nowhere to be found and what greeted them was a group of bodyguards carrying wooden sticks. They did not give the Mos any chance to state their case before tying them up and demanding a payment!

The other gamblers present were no strangers to such a scene. Paying for losing bets was an unalterable principle of gambling. As for what methods the casino used to extract the debts was not their concern. They couldn’t see or rather, they couldn’t care less.

The eight Mo family members were throwing abuses in the beginning but when they were locked up in a storeroom at the bottom of the ship with knives pointed at their throats, they quietened down and began to shiver. Mo Wu Hang was frozen with fear.

Only Mo Er Qian could maintain a certain degree of calmness but his back was drenched with cold sweat. He realized that they were most likely tricked, that Bai Duan was not the person Qin Cheng Yi had arranged to help them!

Or rather… He was Qin Cheng Yi’s underling in the beginning but was later bought over by someone else!!!

RCFN 119

Chapter 119

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If things were like in the past, the Mo family would have already sent this ‘acquaintance’ off with a brutal beating. But now, no matter how agitated they were, they dared not do anything rash.

Because they were scared. Scared that the man would turn himself in to alleviate his crime.

In fact, this was a little scheme set up by Mo Di.

If they refused to send Mo Liu Gui to a mental hospital, then he would reveal her falsified diagnosis and increase her sentence to at least seven to eight years. All in all, the curtain was closing and Mo Di would never give Mo Liu Gui the chance to escape.

Mo Liu Gui was terrified. She saw that the rest of the family were in silence and panicked. Tears filled her eyes and in her unstable mood, she cursed at the ‘acquaintance’ and tried to chase him out.

Ruan Qing Dan hated the man as well but she knew where they stood and dared not offend him. She held Mo Liu Gui back and said, “Oh daughter, my good daughter, please calm down, alright? Mom will not send you to the mental hospital so stop making a scene…”

The eldest and second aunts did not accompany the others to pick Mo Liu Gui up. They had stayed at home but hearing the conversation, they could easily tell what had happened. They both carried dark thoughts towards Mo Liu Gui, especially the second aunt. She knew that Mo Liu Gui’s diagnosis would definitely have her son’s handiwork work in it. If this matter were to be exposed…

Wouldn’t her son be implicated as well?!

The second aunt began to fret.


She looked at Mo Liu Gui and said in a deliberately ambiguous tone, “Xiao Gui, I know you’ve always been a smart girl since you were little. You should know which is the better choice for you, right? Either be convicted of attempted murder and get an eight years sentence or go live in a hospital Qin Cheng Yi had arranged for you as a vacation. You know what to choose, don’t you?”

“And I also know that you’re very sensible and kind. You won’t knowingly cause your family any troubles, right? Furthermore, there are people who took great risks to get you out. If you’re selfish and refused to go to the mental hospital, aren’t you just repaying their kindness with malice? And Er Qian had been toiling away these past few days for you, you can’t just let his efforts go to waste. If this matter comes to light, you’ll bring down a lot of people with you!”

“Mom, what are you saying?” Mo Er Qian saw Mo Liu Gui’s tears falling and with annoyance, said to the second aunt, “Stop causing anymore trouble, will you?”

The second aunt was flabbergasted. Fearing that her son would refuse to send Mo Liu Gui away, she could no longer maintain the superfluous courtesy and bluntly said, “Are you stupid, huh?! Xiao Gui has already been suspected, if you don’t send her there, what else can you do? You’d rather drag everyone down with you when this matter is exposed?!”

With that, the second aunt looked at Mo Liu Gui again and said, “Xiao Gui, whether it’s for your own good or your brother’s, the right choice is to avoid the limelight. Do you really want to go to jail and destroy the people who cared for you? Xiao Gui, as a human, you must have a conscience.”

“Sister-in-law, what are you saying? Why are you harassing my daughter?! Do you think we’re all dead?” Ruan Qing Dan glared at the second aunt with angry eyes.

“Harassing your daughter? Let me ask you, how many times has your daughter brought trouble to this family? This time, if you don’t send her to the hospital, she’s going to get my son into trouble. If she’s imprisoned and my son is also caught, no one can help her anymore! When that happens, the most miserable one will be your daughter!”

Seeing the situation, the eldest aunt chimed in, “Sister-in-law, I know you’re not happy about this but Xiao Gui should really be kept out of sight for now. There’s still Er Qian to take care of her and the place has been prepared for by Cheng Yi, it’ll be just like a holiday. She can come back when things are fine. Otherwise, she will receive a heavier sentence and there will be no one to support her from the outside, isn’t that just worse off? You have to think carefully!”

Ruan Qing Dan hugged Mo Liu Gui and cried, “Oh my daughter, why is your life so tragic? My Xiao Gui…” 

Mo Liu Gui was also crying her eyes out but she was not dumb, she too knew which was the better choice.

But she’s not willing at all!

Mo Liu Gui was indignant and resentful from the bottom of her heart. She hated the incompetent Mo family but the one she hated the most was Mo Di. She really regretted not stabbing him to death when he was still tied up in the storeroom!

Why didn’t she just kill him herself and place the blame on the storeroom keeper?! If so, she wouldn’t have to face so much misery!!!


No matter how unwilling they were to send her away, the Mo family still decided to do so.

The hospital Mo Liu Gui would be staying in was a private hospital that Qin Cheng Yi had already contacted.

This exclusive hospital was located in the suburbs and had luxurious rooms connected to beautiful courtyards. There were two types of patients living in this place. One was the actual mental cases whose families wanted a peaceful environment for them and the other was like Mo Liu Gui who had to stay here due to the insanity plea.

The day Mo Liu Gui was sent off, she had cried profusely and so did Ruan Qing Dan. Mo Shi Hong was both heartbroken for her and outraged at Mo Di, cursing and swearing at him.

The hospital director, Zhao Chuan Ling, personally went to greet them. He had ensured Mo Er Qian and Qin Cheng Yi that Mo Liu Gui would be living in the best environment and receive the best services. Seeing his hospitality, Mo Er Qian was relieved to leave Mo Liu Gui in his care. She would only need to stay there for about a week and then they could take her home.

Zhao Chuan Ling was an elderly man over sixty years old. He nodded and smiled at them, “Don’t worry, don’t worry. Mr. Qin has arranged everything. I know what to do. You can pick her up whenever you want.”

“Of course we trust you,” Mo Er Qian said politely, “Please look after our family’s Xiao Gui. She’s a little timid and there are real mental patients here, they will scare her.”

“That is not a problem at all. I’ve arranged for Miss Mo to stay on the top floor of building #6. It is the most secluded place in the entire hospital, there are no mental patients nearby. As you know, our hospital only houses a few of those and they are non-violent patients, you can rest assured, Miss Mo’s safety will not be compromised.”

“You should also have someone to cater to her needs,” Ruan Qing Dan sobbed and demanded as though Mo Liu Gui was really going on a vacation.

Zhao Chuan Lin did not mind and smiled, “Of course, of course. I have arranged for a specialized nurse to take care of Miss Mo. Her lips are very tight and she has already been paid off. I also have a handle on her so there will not be a problem.”

“That’s the way,” Mo Shi Hong looked at Mo Liu Gui and said with heartache, “Xiao Gui, Dad will pick you up in a few days. You just relax in here, don’t worry about anything else. It’s like taking a vacation. If you’re bored, just listen to music or play some games. After this, everything’ll be alright. Ok?”

“That’s right. We can always say that you need a homely environment for your illness and bring you home. And after a year or so, you can go back to doing whatever you want,” Ruan Qing Dan touched her hair and said.

Mo Liu Gui heard these words and her fear subsided. She looked at Mo Er Qian with red eyes and said, “Brother, can you stay here with me till noon?”

“Certainly,” Mo Er Qian naturally would not refuse. However, he knew he was in quite a bind. Ever since he was invited to teach at Jing Da, he had taken too many off days and did too little work. He neither participated in any research nor gave the students enough lectures. He had been given a warning and if he didn’t return to make up for his hours, he might soon be out of a job.


The Mo family members accompanied Mo Liu Gui for a whole afternoon before leaving. It was a mental hospital, after all, they could not stay for too long.

But after that day, the Mo family was at ease knowing that Qin Cheng Yi’s arrangements for Mo Liu Gui were exceptionally good. She got to stay in a peaceful environment and a deluxe room all to herself. She was also provided with everything she wanted including the internet and room service. 

After everyone left, Mo Liu Gui laid alone in bed and wept. 

She was still unable to accept this. Mo Liu Gui couldn’t help directing the blame at Mo Di. She simply wanted him dead. If it wasn’t for him, she would never end up in such a place!!!

She regretted deeply for not killing him when she had had umptien number of chances before. Why did she let it go?! Why?!

It was all because she was too innocent and simple. She wanted to be called a good sister so she was tolerant towards him and now look how things turned out!

The regret was so maddening that Mo Liu Gui grit her teeth till it hurt and screamed till her face turned pale that she had to gasp for air before recovering.

After throwing a tantrum, she took out her phone to surf the web, watch videos, and play games, trying to divert her attention. She would rather die with Mo Di than being bored in this hospital!

Mo Liu Gui played with her phone all night and only fell asleep in the morning.

The nurse who was to look after her was called Liu Cui, a fifty-six years old veteran nurse with experience and tactfulness.

She had come to give Mo Liu Gui her breakfast but seeing that she was still asleep, turned away and headed for the director’s office.

RCFN 118

Chapter 118

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Mo Liu Gui refused to go to prison. 

She had visited her father and brothers in jail before and knew that the place was not meant for humans to live.

They had to wear prison clothes, cut their hair, eat poorly, work every day, and even got bullied by inmates. It was plain horrible!

Not to mention five years, she could not even survive there for a week!!!

She would die there!

But Mo Liu Gui was reluctant to admit to being mentally ill. People would point fingers at her everywhere she goes. How was she to leave the house?!

Mo Liu Gui cried till her eyes hurt. She grabbed Mo Er Qian’s clothes as her legs turned soft and she sank to the ground.

But no matter how distressed Mo Er Qian felt, he could only continue to persuade her. He had to leave soon and had no time to comfort her.

Towards the end, Mo Liu Gui finally cleared her head. Instead of going to jail, she would rather choose the latter. She believed that the Mo family would not send her to a mental hospital unless the police forced their hand. And at that time, she could only hope that what Mo Er Qian said was true, that she would only have to live in an exclusive hospital for a short time. After that, she would be free…

But looking at it from another angle, this was not a choice at all. She was practically forced to choose it.

The moment Mo Liu Gui nodded her head in agreement, her hatred for Mo Di had soared to an unprecedented level. She wanted his blood! 

Her chest ached and her breathing turned heavy. Mo Di deserved to die! Why didn’t he die?! Why?!


If Mo Di knew that Mo Liu Gui had come to hate him so much that her eyes were bloodshot and she had difficulties breathing, he would probably laugh.

If Mo Liu Gui had experienced one-tenth of what he had in their past lives, she would drown in hatred and die.

But now, Mo Di had no time to think about Mo Liu Gui’s mentality.

Mo Liu Gui had already falsified a medical record once, therefore, doing it again would not be easy. With Qin Cheng Yi and Mo Er Qian’s current resources, it was an impossible feat. So at the moment, what Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng could do was to give them a hand.

After Qin Cheng Yi was arrested, Mo Er Qian had been using the money and contacts Qin Cheng Yi provided to help pave the way for Mo Liu Gui.

It did not go well at first.

But after dishing out a large portion of properties and exhausting every resource in hand, he finally succeeded!

Mo Liu Gui was diagnosed with paranoia as well as mild schizophrenia. With such a diagnosis, she was completely exonerated!

When the Mo family came to pick her up, Mo Liu Gui was slightly happy. She cried in Mo Er Qian’s arms.

“Brother, brother…”

“It’s ok. It’s over now,” Mo Er Qian hugged Mo Liu Gui and stroked her hair, “We’ve come to take you home.” 

“Um.” Mo Liu Gui sobbed. She raised her head and looked at Mo Shi Hong and the others behind Mo Er Qian.

“Mom, Dad, Uncle, Third Brother, Fifth Brother…” Mo Liu Gui greeted them.

“Oh my dear daughter, you’ve suffered. You’ve suffered… It’s my fault, dad’s useless,” Mo Shi Hong’s eyes were red and he was distraught looking at Mo Liu Gui, “You’ve lost weight. Did those inhuman things treat you badly? Tell me, I’ll sue them!” 

“Stop making trouble, aren’t things bad enough?” Mo Shi Qian coughed and said, “Xiao Gui, let’s go home. Your grandfather wanted to come and pick you up but he wasn’t well enough and had to stay in the hospital.”

“What’s wrong with grandpa?” Mo Liu Gui asked with concern.

“Ai…” Ruan Qing Dan sighed. She took Mo Liu Gui’s hand and said, “Xiao Gui, don’t get too upset and listen to me. As you know, your grandfather was hospitalized with a stroke not long ago. A few days ago, when he heard about your arrest… We all tried to hide it from him but somehow he still found out about it and the fact that it was that animal Mo Di who did this to you. He had a heart attack on the spot and passed out. The doctors had been taking care of him all night and he’s currently stable but…”

“But what?”

“But grandpa is already a vegetable,” Mo San Zhi looked at Mo Liu Gui with concern like everyone else but there was another hidden emotion in his eyes.

Mo Liu Gui did not discover the discrepancy in his behavior, she was too appalled by the news. How could her grandpa turn into a vegetable?!

Moreover… Moreover, they were now penniless. How could they afford the hospital fees and the nurses?!

Although Qin Cheng Yi could help them, asking for money was just too shameful.

“Xiao Gui, don’t worry or else your grandfather will be upset as well. We’ll take care of him,” Ruan Qing Dan dapped her eyes with a tissue and said to Mo Liu Gui gently, “Let’s go home…”

“I want to see Grandpa…” Mo Liu Gui said then turned to look at Mo Er Qian, “Second Brother, where’s Cheng Yi? Is he alright?”

“He…” Mo Er Qian frowned and decided to tell her the truth, “He’s turned himself in.”

“Turned himself in?!” Mo Liu Gui raised her voice too high, making it sound like a sharp shriek, “Why did he do that!?”

“Xiao Gui, let’s get into the car. We’ll talk at home,” Mo Er Qian took a quick glance at the nearby detention center. He held Mo Liu Gui’s hand and led her away, “Let’s go home first.”


Mo Liu Gui entered the car and from Mo Er Qian’s mouth learned about what happened regarding the kidnapping and murder case.

She finally knew that Qin Cheng Yi was most likely getting a ten-year sentence!

Ten years!

Even if the Qin family helped him shed off some years, he would still have to be imprisoned for at least five to six years.

By then, everything would have already changed. With him locked up, how was he to ensure that she would be alright after being sent to the mental hospital? How could he guarantee her a comfortable life?!

Tears filled her eyes again.

“Er Qian, don’t say anymore,” Ruan Qing Dan looked at her daughter with heartache and held her in her arms.

“Xiao Gui, you don’t have to worry about that child Cheng Yi. I’m sure he’ll be fine. The Qin family is rich and powerful, they’ll be able to help him reduce his sentence. And when he comes out, there’s still the Qin Group waiting for him to take over. He’ll be fine. Don’t be upset and also don’t blame yourself. He sacrificed himself so you can live well. He wouldn’t want to see you sad. Don’t let his sacrifice go to waste…”

“It’s all my fault! I’ve brought this on him…” Mo Liu Gui covered her face and began to weep.

“No, this is not your fault. How is this your fault?!” Mo Shi Hong quickly consoled her. There was a fire burning in his chest, “You and Cheng Yi are good children, it’s Mo Di, that animal! It’s that white-eyed wolf! He got me arrested and caused the Mo family to go bankrupt. Now he even harmed you and Cheng Yi! He’s a beast! Scum! I should’ve strangled him the moment he was born!”

(E/N: If I drank every time I heard him say this, I’d have alcohol poisoning( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°))

“Stop saying those things. What’s the point?” Ruan Qing Dan saw Mo Liu Gui crying and couldn’t hold back her tears.

Mo Shi Hong continued his cursing with the most offensive words. Mo Wu Hang also joined in to vent his anger. With Mo Liu Gui and Ruan Qing Dan crying while Mo Shi Hong and Mo Wu Hang were swearing, the atmosphere in the car was horrible.

Until they reached home and had cursed till their heart’s content, a guest came over to visit them in the evening.

This ‘acquaintance’ who was arranged by Qin Cheng Yi to help Mo Er Qian with the falsified diagnosis had come to the Mo family and requested for Mo Liu Gui to be admitted to the mental hospital.

The Mo family was immediately enraged but they dared not offend the person, they could only argue.

However, this ‘acquaintance’ refuted everything they said. He warned, “This medical report is fake to begin with. Now that the police are beginning to question its authenticity and suspect that I have colluded with you, I’m also in deep water! I’ll be arrested if you still don’t send her to a mental hospital. And let me tell you, if anything happened to me, I’m all willing to confess everything to get a lighter sentence. If you don’t want her to be charged with fraud and receive a heavier sentence, you’d better send her to the mental hospital!”

“I can assure you that if Mo Liu Gui were to be sentenced for multiple charges, it won’t be a mere five or six years. I’m afraid even seven or eight years would still be considered low!”

“You’d best send her there in two days for the sake of pretense and stay out of the limelight. Otherwise, don’t regret it when disaster comes!”

RCFN 117

Chapter 117

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Qin Cheng Yi immediately contacted Mo Er Qian after learning about the news.

Mo Er Qian had already got wind of Mo Liu Gui’s arrest the night before. Unfortunately, he did not have any ‘acquaintances’ in the police department and was thus unaware of why Mo Liu Gui was arrested. After failing to bail her out, he called Qin Cheng Yi right away. But at the time, Qin Cheng Yi had been having a discussion with Qin Guang Jie and did not pick up his phone. When he was available, he only sent him a short text explaining what had happened and that he would make sure Mo Liu Gui was going to be fine.

When Mo Er Qian read his text, he was briefly in disbelief before becoming enraged. To think that his precious baby sister would be involved in a criminal lawsuit! And it was all because of Qin Cheng Yi!

Mo Er Qian rushed to find Qin Cheng Yi to settle scores and have him get his sister out but Qin Cheng Yi had no time for him. After knowing that Mo Di had evidence that Mo Liu Gui had entered the storeroom on her own accord, Qin Cheng Yi had contacted everyone he could think of to help her. He had been racking his brain to come up with solutions but they all came to a dead end. 

He was not afraid to take the blame for her but even if he did that, it still would not rid her of the crime completely. Mo Di’s evidence was irrefutable, Mo Liu Gui had no way out of this!

After countless calculations, Qin Cheng Yi realized that if they do not resort to using the insanity plea, he would have to confess as the mastermind behind everything. This was the best way to minimize her responsibility in all of this.

But even in this case, Mo Liu Gui would still be convicted. Even if he claimed that she had no prior knowledge of the attempted murder, her conversation with the hostage and kidnappers could still make her a willing accomplice. 

Qin Cheng Yi decided to meet with Mo Er Qian.

As soon as Mo Er Qian saw Qin Cheng Yi, he rushed over and gave him a brutal punch. Qin Cheng Yi endured the first hit but when Mo Er Qian raised his hand again, Qin Cheng Yi grabbed it and twisted it to the back.

He looked at Mo Er Qian coldly and said, “If you don’t want to save Xiao Gui then you can get lost now.”

“How dare you even mention her!” Mo Er Qian stared at Qin Cheng Yi furiously, wishing he could kill him, “Xiao Gui got into this mess because of you!”

A murder charge, even if only attmepted, would still land most prisoners more than a decade in jail. Even if Mo Liu Gui could gain some sympathy from the jury and behaved well in prison, she would still have to stay in there for at least five to six years!

It’s five to six years! How could he let his sister stay in jail for five to six years?!

Qin Cheng Yi was already self-deprecating and did not bother to bicker with Mo Er Qian. He pulled a black face and said, “I asked you to come to discuss how to save Xiao Gui, not to fight with you. If you think that venting is more important, then you can leave now.”

“Qin Cheng Yi, for my sister I’ll put up with you for now. But sooner or later, I’ll have to settle the scores with you,” Mo Er Qian suppressed his anger and took a step back.

“What is your plan?”

Qin Cheng Yi squinted at Mo Er Qian. He cast aside his dissatisfaction and told him about his plan.

The moment Mo Er Qian heard that Qin Cheng Yi wanted his sister to be labelled as a mental patient, subconsciously, he strongly disagreed.

But after he calmed down, he knew that this was the best way to save her.

Qin Cheng Yi added, “This is just to excuse Xiao Gui from the criminal charges. I’m not really sending her to a mental hospital. The most she’ll have to do is stay there a few days. I’ll buy a high-end psychiatric hospital for Xiao Gui to live in. She only has to avoid the limelight for the time being and she’ll be fine.”

“Moreover…” Qin Cheng Yi looked at Mo Er Qian, “As her brother, you’d better show your worth. When the time comes, if you can’t take care of her…”

“That’s not possible,” Mo Er Qian looked at Qin Cheng Yi with a hidden resentment, “Of course I’ll take good care of Xiao Gui. But being labelled a mental patient, what if she can’t accept it? Qin Cheng Yi, have you even thought of this aspect!?”


Mo Di did not know the details of Qin Cheng Yi and Mo Er Qian’s discussion but he could still make a guess. 

To force the Mo family and Qin Cheng Yi to use the insanity plea, Mo Di had to make sure that Mo Liu Gui would be charged with the kidnapping and attempted murder charges. And so he went to assist Sister Meng with the case and ‘lead’ her in the right direction.

Simply put, Mo Liu Gui’s crime was set in stone.

But Mo Di did not falsely accuse. Mo Liu Gui did have a ‘friendly’ conversation with the criminals and by walking away happily, it also meant that she had approved of what they were going to do. As such, she had already become one of the conspirators.

By right, the police should also have arrested Qin Cheng Yi yesterday but thanks to Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng’s under the table deals, he got a one day breathing room to prepare everything for Mo Liu Gui.

However, it was only one day.

After the case details were all in order and the bureau was ready, Qin Cheng Yi was a sitting duck waiting to be arrested.

Qin Cheng Yi and Mo Er Qian finished their discussion in the afternoon. Qin Cheng Yi had also transferred a large sum of money to Mo Er Qian so he could take care of Mo Liu Gui. 

Mo Er Qian went to the bank and before he could complete the withdrawal, Qin Cheng Yi had already been arrested.

In fact, Qin Cheng Yi had long made up his mind to turn himself in. The case needed someone as the mastermind for Mo Liu Gui’s insanity plea to work. He knew that he could not use his ‘acquaintances’ to get out of this because he was dealing with Mu Tian Heng whose resources were boundless compared to his. In order to save his Xiao Gui, he had to sacrifice himself.

Mo Er Qian used the connection Qin Cheng Yi provided and through the ‘acquaintance’, he was able to visit Mo Liu Gui.

When she saw Mo Er Qian, Mo Liu Gui immediately burst into tears and threw herself into his arms.

“Second Brother, wuu… Second Brother, you finally came. I’m so scared. I didn’t want to kill Xiao Di. The police did not believe me and refused to let me go. Second Brother, you have to help me… You have to talk to the police and find me a lawyer to prove my innocence!”

“I know, I know…” Mo Er Qian’s heart ached looking at Mo Liu Gui. He wiped her tears and said, “I know you definitely did not want to kill Mo Di but at the moment, things are not looking too good.”

“What do you mean?” Mo Liu Gui looked at Mo Er Qian with eyes brimming with tears.

The one minute timer on his phone rang. Mo Er Qian’s expression changed a little. He turned off the timer and forced himself to keep talking, “Xiao Gui, listen to me. We don’t have a lot of time to talk. I have to leave in five minutes. You have to listen very carefully to what I have to say next.”

“Second Brother?!”

Mo Liu Gui thought that Mo Er Qian was going to abandon her. Her eyes turned red and she raised her head to look at him in disbelief and also a hidden hint of resentment.

Mo Er Qian did not notice the hidden emotion, he only saw her pitiful face filled with tears. He held her shoulder and said, “Xiao Gui, do not have foolish thoughts. I will not abandon you.”

“Brother will save you. I won’t let anything happen to you! But everything that happened in that storeroom had been secretly recorded by Mo Di. The evidence is too strong and you’ll most likely be charged with conspiracy to murder. Qin Cheng Yi and I have consulted the top lawyer Lin Bo An and he deduced that if you’re convicted, you’ll have to spend at least five years in prison.”

“How could that be?! I didn’t kill him! I didn’t commit any crime! I didn’t kill him!”

Hearing Mo Er Qian’s words, Mo Liu Gui was shocked. She collapsed and her tears flowed continuously, “Second Brother, you’re lying to me! You have no intention of saving me. You don’t want to help me!”

“That’s not possible. Xiao Gui, how could you think that?! Brother didn’t lie to you. An attempted murder sentence is likely to be more than ten years. Although you’re not the mastermind, but as the accomplice…”

“I’m not an accomplice!”

Mo Liu Gui interrupted Mo Er Qian. Her fingers were now shaking. She couldn’t even imagine living in prison for ten years! She couldn’t take it, she couldn’t take it at all!!!

Mo Liu Gui suddenly developed a sense of hatred towards Mo Er Qian. She hated him for not being able to save her. Wasn’t he doting and caring towards her, why was he so incompetent?!

She also hated Mo Di for not dying! If only he’d died, everything would be fine and she’ll have a bright future ahead!

Seeing her keeping her head down in a daze, Mo Er Qian said worriedly, “Xiao Gui, I believe you but you have to trust me as well. I will surely save you. Now there’s something I want to ask you. When you were in the storeroom with Mo Di, did you mention anything with regard to rebirth or past lives?”

When Mo Er Qian said this, he was also wondering if his sister did indeed have some mental complications. This was not something a normal person would discuss in such a dire situation.

Mo Liu Gui looked up at Mo Er Qian.

“Second brother, what do you mean?”

“I’m trying to exonerate you. As long as I can prove that you’re mentally ill, I can…”

“What?!” Mo Liu Gui was in disbelief, “Second Brother, you want me to pretend to be crazy?!”

Mo Er Qian quickly glanced at the door then lowered his voice and said, “Xiao Gui, be good. I know this will be hard on you but it’s the only way to keep you from going to prison. I promise I won’t send you to a mental hospital. We will have you stay in an exclusive hospital just so the police will not question us. Qin Cheng Yi has already bought over the place. You can just take it as a vacation and stay there for a few days and wait for the matter to die down. After that, everything will be fine, you’re free to do whatever you want. Alright?”

RCFN 116

Chapter 116

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

It made sense that Qin Cheng Yi had chosen the storeroom keeper, he was easy to control and get rid of. However, when things derailed from the original plan, it was a totally different matter.

In the present situation, Zhang Long was a very important and easy to handle witness to the police.

Zhang Long not only divulged everything he knew but also described Mo Liu Gui clearly.

With his account of what happened, the nature of Mo Liu Gui’s crime had changed. 

After all, she had briskly walked into the storeroom to have a private conversation with Mo Di and then swaggered away. Moreover, Brother Huang had been very secretive and respectful when speaking to her. All that proved that she was not just an ordinary passerby. More like a mastermind or an accomplice coming to watch them deal with Mo Di or to laugh at him.

And from Mo Di and the Mo family’s enmity, she did have a motive to harm Mo Di.

Mo Liu Gui was frantic when she was taken to the interrogation room. She never would’ve thought that things would turn out this way. Mo Di’s hands and feet were tied up and his mouth was taped, how could he have escaped?!

Mo Liu Gui did not know that Brother Huang was dead. She thought that Mo Di had escaped from the storeroom and wanted his revenge by calling the police on her.

And so, Mo Liu Gui decided to be glib.

She knew that Brother Huang was Qin Cheng Yi’s confidant and would never sell her out. As long as she claimed that she only went to the storeroom by accident and ran away due to fear, she shouldn’t be convicted of any crime, right?

As for the other man, she was sure that Brother Huang would warn him not to talk nonsense. Furthermore, all they did was kidnapping, not murder. The charges would be a lot lighter and after they had obediently stayed in jail for a few years, Qin Cheng Yi would give them a sum of money as compensation. If they were smart, they would know what to do.

Mo Liu Gui stabilized her mentality and comforted herself that everything would be alright, nothing bad will happen. 

And so while being questioned, she lied and strongly insisted that she came across the kidnaping by accident and immediately ran away because she was too scared. Anyway, Mo Di had no evidence that she had entered the storeroom and said those things to him.

In truth, if Brother Huang did not die, he could easily keep the storeroom keeper in check. And if Mo Di did not have the evidence, she might indeed be exonerated. 

Too bad that Brother Huang had died and Zhang Long, the storeroom keeper, was already scared silly. He had answered every interrogation question with honesty. And Mo Di even had solid proof of her entering the room. 

Sister Meng began Mo Liu Gui’s interrogation right after Zhang Long’s. She looked at the timid and red-eyed Mo Liu Gui who was telling lies with a natural talent and sneered. Sister Meng put aside her notebook and said to the policeman next to her, “Han meng, you continue. I’m going to get to a cup of tea. Looks like we’re going to have a very long chat with Miss Mo today.”

“Understood.” Han Meng knew what Sister Meng meant. He smiled and handed her his mug, “Ma’am, I’d like a cup as well.”

Sister Meng took his cup then glanced at Mo Liu Gui. 

“Alright, wait here.”


Qin Cheng Yi was informed of Mo Liu Gui’s arrest on the same day. He did not even have time to throw a tantrum and immediately headed for the police station. On the way there, he had contacted several old acquaintances of the Qin family who were in the force.

It was unfathomable to Qin Cheng Yi that Huang Li Gong was dead and Mo Di had escaped!!!

The worst thing was that his Xiao Gui was caught up in this just because she came across the crime scene by mistake!!!

Qin Cheng Yi had an ominous feeling that things were spiraling out of control very quickly. Without Huang Li Gong, that useless old man was going to spill everything!

Not only would he be prosecuted, but his Xiao Gui could also be affected!

Qin Cheng Yi was anxious as his anger built up. But despite the rage, he still thought up a solution and did not head to the police station right away. He made a U-turn and went to the Qin Group to discuss matters with Qin Guang Jie. Although he had always been a useless father in his heart, he needed his help to get through this crisis.

Right after Qin Guang Jie heard Qin Cheng Yi’s demand, he picked up the ashtray and threw it at him.

Despite being in need of his father’s help, Qin Cheng Yi’s attitude was still cold and condescending towards him. Qin Guang Jie’s blood pressure immediately soared and he felt his heart choking.

“You… You… Get out! I don’t have a son like you!”

Qin Cheng Yi looked emotionlessly at his father breathing heavily and gasping for air. He decided to endure the anger and humiliation for now. When this was over, he would settle the scores with him.

“I’ll call you father, just tell me whether you’re willing to help or not.”

“Karma. This is my karma for having a son like you!” Qin Guang Jie took a bottle from his pocket and chucked it down his throat. “You… You have to go abroad right now. Don’t bother with Mo Liu Gui. Since they haven’t found out about you yet, we have to work fast and pin everything on Mo Liu Gui. Making her the mastermind is the best solution.”

Qin Guang Jie made a decision in his heart. While he was still in good health, it was best for him to make a test tube baby or get a surrogate. He had to think about the future of the Qin family. No matter how much he loved Qin Cheng Yi, he couldn’t let him inherit the Qin Group! Their Qin legacy would be ruined in his hands!

Qin Guang Jie was too agitated to see that the minute he said to put the blame on Mo Liu Gui, Qin Cheng Yi’s face had turned red with anger and murderous intent. He clenched his fist and swallowed his feelings then calmly said, “That’s not happening. I’d rather turn myself in than let anything happen to Xiao Gui.”

“Then you can get lost right now!”

Qin Guang Jie threw the empty medicine bottle at Qin Cheng Yi. He took deep breaths before continuing, “Go ahead and turn yourself in! Since you’re so capable, go ahead and do it!”

Qin Cheng Yi had never been this tolerant in his life. He kept enduring until Qin Guang Jie finally calmed down and they both discussed a countermeasure to this.

The two discussed the whole night while constantly calling in favors from their acquaintances inside the police force. Finally, they came up with a solution that could benefit both Qin Cheng Yi and Mo Liu Gui. But before they could even proceed with the plan, it had already been shattered.

Because the very next day, the Qin family learned of another piece of news.

Mo Di actually had evidence that Mo Liu Gui was acquiesced to enter the storeroom by the two kidnappers. According to that evidence, Mo Liu Gui had every intention to let Mo Di die, or rather she was quite happy to see him in such a state.

The person who was reporting to Qin Cheng Yi spoke solemnly, “Mr. Qin, it’s not that I don’t want to help, but this is a difficult situation. The most I can help is to relay this information to you. I really want to help you but I can’t. Forgive me.”

Qin Cheng Yi’s face was dark and his fist was clenched to the point it almost crushed his fingers.

Not hearing Qin Cheng Yi’s response, the man continued timidly, “Mr. Qin, ai… I really want to help you so I’ll tell you one more thing. There was something very strange in the evidence that was presented. Miss Mo… She was saying something about rebirth and past lives. I think she might have a powerful imagination or… cough Mr. Qin, please don’t get mad but I think Miss Mo is delusional and could have some sort of mental disorder. A normal person would not insist that they have knowledge of past lives or rebirth. You can actually… Actually use this to help her case. What do you think?”

Qin Cheng Yi’s eyes changed, “You’re certain that that’s in the evidence?”

“Of course I am!” The person lowered his voice and with a hint of greed in his tone, he said, “Mr. Qin, only to you do I dare leak this confidential information. This is not my case, by right, I shouldn’t be allowed to see the files. So… As you know, civil servants like us do not make a lot of money. My son is not as capable as you. He can’t even afford a small loft in this city even if he worked all his life, so my wife and I…”

“I understand. How can I not be grateful to Lieutenant Zhang’s help?” Qin Cheng Yi interrupted. His mood was wrathful but he maintained a good attitude, “I have a villa in Er Huan Road that’s been empty for years. If Lieutenant Zhang is happy with it, I can transfer all the property rights to you.”

“Aiya aiya… Then I can only respectfully accept.” The person laughed heartily, “Mr. Qin, is there anything else you wish to know? I’ll risk my hide to be of service to you.”


The phone call lasted for another ten minutes before cutting off.


Lieutenant Zhang hung up the phone with cold sweat dripping from his forehead. He looked at Mu Tian Heng who had been sitting behind him all this time and showed a forced smile, “Chairman Mu, I’ve done what you wanted.”

“Quite an impressive performance. With a talent for acting such as yours, it’s a waste for you to be in law-enforcement,” Mu Tian Heng said to Lieutenant Zhang with indifference, “Don’t you agree, Lieutenant?”

“Chairman Mu! I really am a changed man. I did not receive any benefits from Qin Cheng Yi before nor did I disclose any important information to him. In exchange for what I did just now, please let me off this once. Please don’t tell Commissioner Wang about me, I’m begging you. It took me so many years to get to this position. My son is taking the College Exams soon, I cannot ruin his future! Please, Chairman Mu…”

RCFN 115

Chapter 115

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

Sister Meng cut the rope on Mo Di’s hands and removed the tape over his mouth.

“Are you ok?”

“Thank you, I’m fine. In there… cough! There’s someone inside.”

Just as Mo Di finished his sentence, the storeroom keeper was seen charging out of the room chasing after him. Seeing the police, he turned towards the back door and tried to escape. Several officers chased after him and easily caught up. They took him down and pressed him on the ground. 

“Keep still!” A policeman handcuffed the man’s skinny wrists.

“There’s blood!”

A policewoman saw the large bloodstain on the storeroom keeper and looked at Mo Di worriedly, “Where did he hurt you? Do you need an ambulance?”

“It’s ok, that’s not my blood,” Mo Di rubbed his wrist and looked towards the storeroom, “It’s his accomplice’s blood. When they tried to kill me, there was an accident. The person fell onto the knife and died on the spot.”

Sister Meng frowned. She was not expecting any dead bodies. She took out a pair of gloves from her pocket and put them on.

“Xiao Meng, grab some evidence bags and come with me.”

“Yes ma’am!” The policewoman answered and immediately ran out.


Mo Di followed Sister Meng into the storeroom. Pretending to search for something, he swiftly picked up the mini pen without being noticed and put it in his pocket.

Sister Meng carefully studied the body on the ground. When she looked up and saw that Mo Di was still there, she said to him, “You should go out first. Tell me what you’ve lost and I’ll find it for you. If it’s evidence, we’ll have to keep it for some time.”

“Ok. Anything I can help you with?” Mo Di’s eyes were full of hate looking at the bloodied corpse. There was also a slight trace of fear lingering which was completely in line with someone who had just been kidnapped and attacked.

“For now we just need to take your statement,” Sister Meng wanted to give Mo Di a pat on the shoulder but seeing how her glove was stained with blood, she took back her hand. “These people will be severely punished by the law. I’ll personally work on the case, you can rest assured.”

Come to think of it, this child had led quite a miserable life. He had been the victim of several cases that she had handled.

“Thank you, officer Meng, I have absolute trust in you.” 

Just as Mo Di finished talking, the sound of eager footsteps could be heard coming from outside the door.

Mo Di thought it was the policewoman coming in with the evidence bags so he went out to not disturb their work. The moment he exited the door, he was wrapped in a strong and powerful embrace. 

Mo Di struggled reflexively at first but when he smelled the familiar wood-like fragrance, he held the person’s waist with all his might.

Feeling the warmth and safety within those arms, Mo Di finally felt the passing of a disaster. His eyes became red, “Brother!”

“It’s ok, you’re safe. As long as you’re safe.”

Mu Tian Heng’s voice was filled with anger and fear. He strengthened his embrace and pressed Mo Di against his body, “Listen to me, let’s suspend school for the time being. Take a break from it. Stop going to school.”

“Brother, I’m fine, I’m really fine.” Mo Di could finally relax in Mu Tian Heng’s arms. He patted him on the back and said, “Brother, I’m really fine, you don’t have to worry.”

“How can I not worry?!” There was a slight tremble in Mu Tian Heng’s voice and his eyes were turning red. He kissed Mo Di’s hair then examined his body for injuries, “Did you get hurt? Did those people hit you?!”

“I’m fine. Brother, let’s go give our statement first,” Mo Di pulled Mu Tian Heng’s sleeve. They were too caught up in their emotions that Mo Di forgot they were in the presence of several police officers!

Is this considered a disclosure?!

Fortunately, the male police officers were all considerate while the female officers couldn’t help having a twinkle in their eyes. Sister Meng let out a cough and everyone went back to doing their work.

Of course, Mu Tian Heng did not think that there was anything wrong with exposing their relationship. If it wasn’t because Hua Xia had not fully embraced homosexuality and that Mo Di was still in school, he would have made their relationship public a long time ago.

“Alright, let’s not disturb their work. Let’s go over there.”

Mu Tian Heng led Mo Di away by the hand and did not let go even when he was going to give his statement. 

At this point, Lai De Si came running over. He panted and said, “Damn, I was scared silly. Xiao Di, are you ok?”

“I’m fine,” Mo Di smiled and shook his head.

“And the criminals? Are they all caught?!”

“One was caught, the other was dead,” Mu Tian Heng looked at Lai De Si, “We’re going to give our statement, you go back to the car. We’ll talk about this later.”

“One dead?!” Lai De Si was shocked to hear that someone died but he still listened to Mu Tian Heng and stopped asking, “Ok. I’m going back to the car. You two hurry up.”

Before leaving, Lai De Si turned to ask Mo Di one more time, “Xiao Di, are you really alright? You’re not hurt, are you?”

“No,” Mo Di smiled and shook his head. He was then led away by Mu Tian Heng in an overprotective manner.

Lai De Si saw Mu Tian Heng’s behavior and shook his head. That old beast will only become more beastly after this experience.


Not long after Mo Di had finished giving his statement, the police had also dealt with the terrified storeroom keeper. He had spilled the whole process, from the kidnapping to the accident, and also how the mysterious man had promised him a way to stay out of jail.

When he mentioned ‘pretending to be a mental patient’, Mu Tian Heng and Mo Di who were watching on the other side of the interrogation room looked at each other. 

In the interrogation room, the man named Zhang Long had his face in snot and tears, “I just couldn’t bear the temptation, that’s why I agreed. But I didn’t kill anyone! I didn’t kill the boy! As for Brother Huang, Brother Huang, he fell on the knife by himself. I didn’t mean to kill him. Officer, you have to investigate properly, I didn’t kill anyone. I didn’t!”

Sister Meng looked at Zhan Long with cold eyes. “Of course we’ll find out what you’ve done! Now tell me about the mysterious man you mentioned. If you can help us then maybe we can reduce your sentence.”

“I… I don’t know who he is. He only personally contacted me the first few times, after that, it’s always been Brother Huang who gave me instructions. Ah yes! Brother Huang always calls him Young Master Qin, so the man’s surname must be Qin!”

“Someone by the surname Qin?” 

Sister Meng’s eyes twitched, “Tell me everything you remember about that man, starting from the very first time you both came into contact.”


“Brother,” Mo Di suddenly tugged Mu Tian Heng’s sleeve.

Mu Tian Heng looked at him and knew he had something to tell him in secret. He turned to Deputy Commissioner Li, “Commissioner Li, I’m taking Mo Di home for now. I won’t be watching the rest of this interrogation. Please watch over this case for me. And I’d like to invite you and Captain Meng’s team to dinner tonight to thank you all for your help. If not, I dare not even think of the consequences.”

“Chairman Mu, you’re too kind. This is our duty, we’re happy to be able to help. You don’t have to treat us to anything.”

“Of course I have to. If you and Captain Meng aren’t free today, then let’s make it another time. I have to repay you and your team this gratitude.”


Mu Tian Heng exchanged a few more words with Commissioner Li before leaving the station with Mo Di.

After they left, Mo Liu Gui had arrived at the station door in handcuffs.

After all, someone who stumbled upon a crime and managed to leave without a scratch couldn’t possibly be innocent.

If Mo Di had died, the warehouse keeper would have to pretend to be mentally ill and Brother Huang would keep his mouth shut about her. That way, she would have been fine.

But now that Mo Di had survived, Mo Liu Gui would not be able to get away cleanly.

As soon as they got in the car, Lai De Si turned his head and eagerly asked, “How was it? How was it? Did that person confess everything?”

“We’ll talk when we get home.”

Mu Tian Heng felt Mo Di scratching at his palm and immediately said to Lai De Si, “Let Mo Di take a bath and have a good rest, we’ll talk about this tomorrow.”

“Ok, ok, let’s talk tomorrow,” Lai De Si was not suspecting anything. He agreed that Mo Di should be given some time to rest and calm down. Hence, Lai De Si ceased his inquiries.

After returning to the villa, Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng went back to their bedroom on the third floor. 

Ever since the two had confessed and consummated their love, Mu Tian Heng had asked Mo Di to move into the room opposite of his.

“Brother, look at this.”

Mo Di had closed the bedroom door before taking out the mini camera in his pocket.

“This had been on even before Mo Liu Gui came in.”

Mu Tian Heng looked at the item and asked, “Why didn’t you give it to the police as evidence?”

“Because I think we can use it. The police might not produce the results that I want,” Mo Di’s voice was merciless, “Brother, since she wanted me to die so badly, then I want her to know what it means by ‘the sins we brought upon ourselves are the hardest to bear.’”

“With this evidence, I can turn her into a mastermind or an accomplice whether she was one or not,” Mo Di glanced at Mu Tian Heng, “Brother, do you think it’s too cruel?”

“Of course not,” Mu Tian Heng’s eyes were pensive, “But this might be difficult. Qin Cheng Yi will do everything to help her.”

“I know there’ll be some difficulties but Mo Liu Gui has said some very strange things about rebirth,” Mo Di smirked and continued, “Brother, I think we should ‘remind’ Qin Cheng Yi and Mo Er Qian that the law is quite lenient to mental patients. If they could have her certified as mentally disturbed and she is good enough to prove it, then she won’t have to be jailed or charged with murder. That’s a pretty good deal.”

Mu Tian Heng immediately understood Mo Di’s intentions. He looked at him and acquiesced, “When the evidence is irrefutable, it is indeed better to be a mental patient than go to jail.

RCFN 114

Chapter 114

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

Mu Tian Heng closed his laptop with a snap. His face had turned grim right in the middle of a meeting. 

“Mu, what’s wrong with you?” A startled Lai De Si asked in confusion.

The various department chiefs were too scared to even squeak and the head of the finance department who was giving his report was sweating bullets.

“Ch, chairman…”

Mu Tian Heng rushed out of the meeting room and punched in the numbers on his phone at the highest speed.

He had installed a high-grade tracker on Mo Di’s phone. Even if the phone was switched off or soaked in water, the tracker would still function. Moreover, if there was no movement for more than 150 minutes, it would send a signal directly to his cell phone and laptop.

Unusually, the dormancy signals would only appear when Mo Di was in class or during the night. Both of these situations only happened when he was in school, never outside. This had been a very busy time for Mo Di, he would never spend more than two hours out of school or away from the company.

But at present, the tracker was pointing to a remote street near Jing Da. This was definitely alarming.

Mu Tian Heng called Mo Di’s cell. There was a  dial tone but no one picked up!

He continued to dial it several more times but to no avail.


A powerful sense of fear surged from his heart. Mu Tian Heng went on to call Mo Di’s roommate, Xian Yu Chao. 

The phone was picked up after three seconds and Xian Yu Chao’s nervous voice was heard.

“B, Boss! Are you calling to ask if Xiao Di has been staying up late? No, no, no. He’s been good and always sleeps on time.”

“No,” Mu Tian Heng got to the point and asked, “It’s not about that, is Xiao Di with you?”

“Ah?” Xian Yu Chao quickly answered, “No. Didn’t he go to see you? He went out right after class, he’s currently not at school. Hello? Hello?!” Xian Yu Chao frowned when Mu Tian Heng hung up on him. What’s up with the boss today?

“Postpone the meeting.”

Mu Tian Heng ordered Assistant Gao who had followed him out of the conference room and signaled to Lai De Si, “We’re going to Jing Da.”

Lai De Si had to jog to keep up with Mu Tian Heng. There were so many questions in his head. “What? Jing Da?! Mu, what’s wrong? Did something happen?”

“I suspect that something has happened to Mo Di.” Mu Tian Heng was getting more distressed by the minute. His complexion was turning pale.

“What? Something happened to Xiao Di?” Lai De Si almost tripped after hearing it.

Mu Tian Heng suppressed the panic in his heart. He increased his pace while making another phone call, “Hello Commissioner Wang. I have an emergency that I really need your help with…”


After talking with Commissioner Wang, Mu Tian Heng contacted the vice-principal of Jing Da as he made his way to the university at the fastest speed.

The vice-principal personally went to greet Mu Tian Heng at the gate. Seeing his car coming in, he rushed forward to welcome them in a cold sweat. Mentally, he was wondering if Mu Tian Heng was just being paranoid. They have only lost contact with him for three hours, why did he keep insisting that something was wrong?

However, if something did go wrong, there would be dire consequences offending this prominent figure!

“You don’t have to be polite. Please take me to the surveillance room.”

Mu Tian Heng had a terrible look on his face. The vice principal’s heart was beating fast. He prayed for Mo Di to come back soon and if he was really kidnapped, prayed to let nothing happen to him.

“Yes, yes… This way, please. Which area would you like to check first?”

“I want to see the footage of all of your entrances and also Building #1.”

With the information he had gathered from Xian Yu Chao and the others, he learned that a student had come to inform Mo Di that the counselor was asking for him, that was why Mo Di had gone to Building #1. But when he spoke to the vice-principal on the phone, he was informed that the counselor had asked for leave and wasn’t even on the campus!

“B, B, Building #1’s camera was not working,” The vice-principal was screaming inside, “I only heard of this a moment ago. The camera had been malfunctioning for several times now…”

The vice-principal could feel his skin burning due to Mu Tian Heng’s glare, “It’s true! Mr. Mu, if you don’t believe me, I can show it to you.”

“There’s no need. Let’s look at the footage at the entrance then. I know principal Yu is busy and couldn’t manage every tiny thing,” Mu Tian Heng restrained his voice and said without much change in his expression.

Lai De Si was looking at him with some concern. Mu Tian Heng’s tolerance was clearly at its peak. If this went on, he was sure to explode.

The surveillance at the entrance was all in working conditions. The group accelerated the playback but could not find Mo Di in any of the frames.

“Could he be inside a car?” Lai De Si asked anxiously.

Mu Tian Heng calmed himself for two seconds then said, “Lai De Si, go through the footage again and record the license plates of all the car numbers that had exited through that gate.”

“Got it!”

While watching the playback, Mu Tian Heng called Commissioner Wang again to have him compile a list of vehicles passing through Dahuai Street and Lin An Street.

When all that was done, they compared the records and one vehicle had appeared at both places!

“Trace this car’s routes!”

A black Volkswagen had left the school compound and drove past where Mo Di’s tracking device had indicated the two hours of immobility. The CCTV had shown it pulling into a small street then stopped for a few seconds before going back to the main road. It drove in a traffic jam for another two hours before stopping at Yan An intersection in the eastern suburbs.

After that, the car was not seen in any of the traffic cameras and the trail disappeared.

“What should we do?!” Seeing that there was no further clue, even Lai De Si was getting anxious.

Mu Tian Heng clenched his fists. He looked at the areas on the map near where the car was last seen.

The car did not show up on the traffic cameras which meant that it did not use the main road or pass through any traffic lights and there was only one road that met those conditions. This road leads to a nursing home right next to a mental hospital!


“Don’t blame me. If you need someone to blame someone, blame yourself for offending the wrong person.”

The storeroom keeper took a few more gulps of wine.

Outside, the man in the yellow shirt took out his cell phone to check the time. It was now 4:23pm.

The little bit of anesthetic in the kid’s body should have disappeared by now. It’s time to carry out the job.

He went back and opened the door. He spat on the ground then urged the storeroom keeper, “Hurry up!”

“I, I know!” The storeroom keeper swallowed his saliva. He carried a fruit knife of twenty centimeters and walked towards Mo Di. 

The man in yellow then turned his back to guard the door.

“Hm!!” Mo Di tried to back away desperately.

 The storeroom keeper steeled his nerves. He bit his teeth and charged at Mo Di!

Mo Di backed into a bunch of basketballs. Seeing there was nothing he could do to delay and that the storeroom keeper had made up his mind, Mo Di cast aside all his reservations and focused on staying alive. He nudged a basketball at his feet and aimed at his attacker. Using his elbow as support,  Mo Di kicked the ball with all the strength he could muster!

The ball flew up with great force and hit the man in the face!


The storeroom keeper who was not in good physical health immediately fell back. His vision blurred and there was a metallic smell in his mouth.


The man in yellow heard the noises in the room and was annoyed at how useless the storeroom keeper was. He looked back and saw the storeroom keeper lying on the floor with a bloody nose. He hastily went over, wanting to give him a kick.

As a result, he slipped on his spit and fell forward. 

His whole body soared towards the storeroom keeper still sitting on the ground!

“AH!!!” a scream came from the man in yellow right after his fall!

“Ahh… Ah…”

The screams were followed by the storeroom keeper’s horrid cries in horror. His hands shook as he tried to push the heavy body away.

The man in yellow had a knife in his chest. The blade was all the way in and the angle was straight. Blood flowed out profusely as he struggled feebly. Eventually, his breathing came to a halt and his eyes were wide open, indicating he did not go in peace.

“Ah …. Ah… Dead, h, he’s dead. Ah!”

It was the first time the storeroom keeper saw someone die and even die at his hand. The worst part was that he had no intention of killing this person. 

The storeroom keeper was stricken with panic. 

Mo Di was also quite surprised at how things turned out but he managed to stay calm. He watched the man moving backward in fear with his back against him. Mo Di moved forward and kicked hard on his head.

The man’s head hit the floor and the pain rendered him motionless.

Mo Di struggled to stand up and hopped around the storeroom keeper who was gaining back his focus. He grabbed for Mo Di but missed. 

A few more steps and Mo Di had reached the entrance. Looking out, he saw several police officers. The one leading the troops seemed familiar.

The moment they saw Mo Di, Sister Meng immediately rushed to him. The rest of the team saw her running and tried to catch up.

“Quickly call Mr. Mu! Tell him that we’ve found the hostage where he had told us to look!”

RCFN 113

Chapter 113

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

The fatter man in the yellow shirt began to turn pale. He looked at the skinny drug addict-like middle-aged man next to him, beckoning him to turn the female student away.

The short and skinny man was the storeroom keeper of the nursing home who had been bought. In his forties, he still had no wife or children. He spent his days being high and having fun with prostitutes, burning away all his savings. A typical example of a failure.

He had agreed to commit murder not only because he was bewitched by the enigmatic man but also because of the money he was offered. Furthermore, he would not be jailed and could be freed after staying in the mental hospital for half a year. When he was released, he could have enough money to marry a young wife and indulge in his latest hobby of gambling.

All in all, this greedy, incompetent, good-for-nothing man with no conscience did not waste a lot of Qin Cheng Yi’s time and saliva to persuade him to do the deed. 


The skinny man immediately understood what the other man was beckoning him to do. He gave Mo Di a threatening stare then turned to open the door.

“What is it?! What are you knocking for?!”

The scrawny storeroom keeper shouted loudly with a mouth full of yellow teeth. Seeing Mo Liu Gui at the door, the man said to himself that when he had the money, it’d be no problem to get himself a young and beautiful college student like this as his wife.

Mo Liu Gui was only naive on the surface, in truth, she was very perceptive. The moment she saw the way the man was looking at her, she knew what he was thinking which made her incredibly disgusted.

The storeroom keeper was about to drive Mo Liu Gui away when the cellphone in his pocket rang.

He looked back at the man in the room and saw him nodding, telling him to get her the items so as not to make a scene.

“Brooms is it?” The keeper turned back and stared at Mo Liu Gui with an annoyed look. “I’ll go get it. You wait out here.”

“Thank You, Uncle,” Mo Liu Gui smiled but she was not happy one bit. The man was looking at her with smitten eyes before but his attitude took a sudden turn and became rude. Is there something wrong with his brain?

The keeper went to a cabinet behind the door and took three brooms from it. He went back to Mo Liu Gui and threw it at her feet. 

Mo Liu Gui forced another smile and said, “We need three more mops…”


Another loud noise came from inside and this time, it was followed by a faint murmur, like someone was trying to make a sound while being gagged.

Mo Liu Gui was starting to sense that something was amiss. She saw that there was panic on the man’s face. When he looked back at her, he had a flustered look and even anger in his eyes, a reaction which was not akin with professional killers.

The man immediately pushed her away, “Go away! Get lost! There’s no mop. Take the brooms and go!”

Mo Liu Gui staggered back when she was pushed. She was quite bitter but at the same time, she knew that something was wrong. It looked like someone was kidnapped and being held inside the storeroom. 

In her head, she remembered the news of a high schooler being kidnapped and how her rescuer, a white-collar woman, was highly praised by the media for her bravery. Mo Liu Gui wanted that.

If she was mistaken, she would lose nothing. But if she was right, she could end up saving someone. When this got on the news, she would be portrayed as a hero. With a powerful water army and effective campaigning, she could completely overturn her image!

Not only could she restore her reputation, but she could also restart her acting career again!

The idea sprouted in her head and gave her courage. She bent down to pick up the broom and hit the man with a horizontal sweep. 

While the feeble storeroom keeper was caught off guard, Mo Liu Gui rushed into the door.

She then saw a plump man in a yellow shirt standing over someone she could not make out. 

The person on the ground was clearly tied up, this was indeed a kidnapping!

Mo Liu Gui was shocked for a few seconds before getting excited again. She immediately turned and ran while grabbing for her phone.

But in the next second, she was caught by the storeroom keeper by the feet. She fell to the ground and was suppressed.

The man in yellow came out and kicked Mo Liu Gui’s phone away and then covered her mouth.

“What do we do?!” The skinny man was discomposed. Could it be that they have to kill more than one person?!

“Umm… umm!!” Mo Liu Gui struggled hard.

Worried that Mo Liu Gui would make noise, the skinny man went to help the other man cover Mo Liu Gui’s mouth as well.

The man in yellow warily scanned the surroundings before crouching lower to whisper to Mo Liu Gui, “Miss Mo, I know who you are. Please don’t shout.”

His words caused Mo Liu Gui to feel even more fretful. She continued to struggle vigorously.

The man in yellow couldn’t hold her down but he dared not use force or stun her. Unable to control the situation, he had to persuade her softly, “This is Master Qin’s plan, Miss Mo, please don’t make a fuss. I won’t hurt you but please do not interfere with Master Qin’s plan.”

“!” Mo Liu Gui stopped struggling and looked at the man with baffling eyes.

What did he mean?!

“What I’m saying is the truth. Miss Mo, if you make any more noise, it’ll not only ruin the plan but also bring trouble to…” he did not continue but he knew Mo Liu Gui would understand.

Qin Cheng Yi was now the Mo family’s only beacon of hope, if something were to happen to him, the Mos would also be painfully affected.

Just as he thought, Mo Liu Gui had ceased her struggling. The man then ordered the storeroom keeper to release her, “She’s with us, let her go and quickly apologize to Miss Mo.”

The storeroom keeper was confused but he still apologized obediently.

The man in yellow smiled and said to Mo Liu Gui, “Miss Mo, you should leave now. And don’t tell anyone about this, we still …”

“I want to see the person in there,” Mo Liu Gui interrupted the man.

Since the man seemed to know everything, he was probably Qin Cheng Yi’s closest confidant who had only worked in the dark and never shown his face. He was also Qin Cheng Yi’s last confidant and if that’s the case, he would never harm her.

“That…” the man hesitated.

“I just want to take a look, I won’t get in your way,” Mo Liu Gui demanded and went straight inside, completely disregarding the man.

She wanted to know and see with her own eyes… If it really was the person she’d guessed!

The man had no choice but to comply. He hurried behind her and had his phone in hand, ready to give Qin Cheng Yi a call.

Mo Liu Gui walked towards the person on the ground. She turned on the flashlight of her phone and shone it at the person’s face.

Sure enough…

It really is Mo Di!!!

Mo Liu Gui couldn’t tell what she truly felt. Looking at Mo Di in that depressing state, she was elated from the bottom of her heart but there was also inexplicable anxiety.

She knew how Qin Cheng Yi thought and now that they had come this far, Mo Di was not going to live. Leaving someone to die was something she had never done before, it was inevitable that she would feel upset.

Mo Liu Gui comforted herself mentally before turning to leave. When she was almost at the door, she heard a harsh bang and the muffled humming sounds Mo Di was trying to make.


From the start, Mo Di had been trying to make the tape wet with his saliva and now the inner side was quite loose. 

Hearing Mo Di’s desperate call, Mo Liu Gui was quite satisfied. She turned and looked at him, “Didn’t you refuse to call me sister?”

She knew that Mo Di was going to die soon. Even if it’s not here and now, he would still be dead when Qin Cheng Yi sent him to be a human display at his overseas casinos. Before that happened, she wanted to make a clean break from the vicious scum that had caused her so much misery for such a long time.

When the man in yellow heard that Mo Liu Gui wanted to have a chat with Mo Di, he frowned and pulled the storeroom keeper outside to guard the door. No matter what she had to say, it was best not to let him hear it.

Mo Liu Gui saw the two men leaving obediently under her command and felt the return of the long-lost pleasure of having people at her beck and call.

Mo Liu Gui went up to Mo Di and kicked him like livestock that was about to be slaughtered. She then squatted down and looked at him.

There was fear in his eyes and a desperate plea for help.

Mo Liu Gui’s lips curled up. She suddenly felt that the dark and cold days were soon to be bright and joyful.

As long as Mu Tian Heng and Mo Di were completely destroyed without redemption, the Mo family could shine again and she would have a beautiful life of endless possibilities. As for Mo Di… He could only lie deep in the ground.

The joy in her heart was overflowing.

She looked at Mo Di and said in a sympathizing voice, “To be honest… I know that you were reborn. But so what?”

“Xiao Di, you should know that we are being judged by what we do. You are such a wicked person, it’s useless for you to have a second life.”

“Besides, don’t you feel that you’re too cruel? Tell me, wasn’t I good to you? Xiao Di, tell sister, have I ever been bad to you? I treated you so well but you never knew how to be grateful to me! You have tried to cause me even more harm than the last life.”

“You tried to ruin my life and that’s why you deserve to die even earlier this time!”

Mo Liu Gui no longer tried to hide the vile emotions inside of her when looking at the fearful Mo Di. With much satisfaction, she stood up, turned around, and left.

This place, she was never here.

After Mo Di’s death, she would visit his grave every year to tell him the Mo family’s happy news, her ever-blossoming career, and how she would still become the most sought after and admired person in the world.

When the man in yellow saw Mo Liu Gui coming out with red eyes, he tried to comfort her, “Miss Mo…”

“I’m fine. I know who treats me well and who is bad for me. I will not be softhearted like before. I know that my kindness will only bring harm to the people I care for. I won’t make things difficult for your master…” Mo Liu Gui’s eyes were red and a layer of tears was accumulating. 


In the warehouse, Mo Di kicked the tiny camera he had dug out from his pocket into a pile of green cushions while the two men were talking to Mo Liu Gui.

In the next second, the warehouse door was opened again.

The man in yellow came in and said to the storeroom keeper, “Drag him near the entrance and quickly finish the job!”

The storeroom keeper swallowed his saliva and nodded. He recalled the process that the man in yellow had told him: Get the boy near the door and make it look like he was there to ask for a broom but unfortunately met with a lunatic on the loose. He would then kill the boy and pretend to be a madman dancing with knives. 

That’s it, it’s very simple. There’s nothing to be nervous about…

When it was about time to carry out the job, the storeroom keeper got inevitably jittery. He took a bottle of Er Guo Tou from the cupboard and drank a mouthful, then dragged Mo Di to the door. 

(TN: Very strong spirits)

Ten million is going into my pocket!