RCFN 122

Chapter 122

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

After they boarded the cruise ship, any trace of the Mo family was wiped clean by Mu Tian Heng.

The original owner of this luxurious cruise ship was Wen Guo Chao, one of the top five richest in Hong Kong. He had always wanted a chance to work with Mu Tian Heng but it never came. So this time when Mu Tian Heng approached him for help and offered him an incredible deal in return, he agreed without a second thought.

Mu Tian Heng not only offered him three big business ventures but also a billion yuan as gratitude.

Although Wen Guo Chao did not lack money, he wouldn’t say no to a billion yuan handed to him in cash. He knew that Mu Tian Heng was one of the world’s top three richest but he did not expect him to be this magnanimous!

Furthermore, doing business with Mu Tian Heng would only result in him benefiting, whether it was the profit he would receive or the worldwide connections he would be getting.

Therefore, with all willingness, he immediately handed Mu Tian Heng the entire gambling cruise ship that was ‘Dong Fang Ge Hao’, the place where the Mo family members were currently locked up.

As for Steward Zhao, he was an ex-special forces soldier who worked as Mu Tian Heng’s old housekeeper in America and had watched him grow up. He was a highly dependable and intelligent person. Asking him to ‘look after’ the Mo family was the most suitable decision.

Most importantly, Steward Zhao was a very trustworthy man who had absolute faith in Mu Tian Heng. He treated him like his own child, never doubting his actions, only faithfully doing what Mu Tian Heng requested. He was Mu Tian Heng’s most reliable confidant.

However, even if Steward Zhao did not ask, Mu Tian Heng still explained to him the things that the Mo family did in this life and the last life, of course, some information had already been filtered.

Steward Zhao was instantly enraged. He flew to Hua Xia the very same day.

With a slight change in attire, he became the current head honcho of the ‘Dong Fang Ge Hao’.


On the third day of the Mo family’s ‘incarceration’, Mo Liu Gui, who was living far back in the capital, finally realized that something was wrong.

No one from the Mo family had called her for three days and when she had dialed any one of them, it had never gotten through. At first, the line just rang while no one picked up. Later, it had been completely unreachable. Something was definitely amiss!

Mo Liu Gui was beginning to panic.

She grabbed the nurse who was tending to her and demanded to meet the director. 

Needless to say, Liu Cui rejected her request.

Mo Liu Gui was insulted. To think, on top of turning her down, Liu Cui even dared to block her way. In a tantrum, she slapped Liu Cui with considerable force.

But when Mo Liu Gui was about to slap her a second time, Liu Cui grabbed her arm with a death grip. Although skinny and old, the laborious work through the years had trained her physically. Someone as feeble as Mo Liu Gui was not her opponent. 

She said to Mo Liu Gui with patience in her voice, “Miss Mo, you’re mentally ill, I won’t hold it against you but you have to behave. If you want to see the director, he’ll be here in a minute to have a look at your illness.”

“You’re the one who’s sick! You old and ugly hag! You’re crazy!”

Mo Liu Gui’s unease was getting intense. If she could not get in touch with anyone from the Mo family, who would get her out of here?!

She had to find Director Zhao. He was someone arranged by Qin Cheng Yi, he had to help her or else, Qin Cheng Yi would have a bone to pick with him!

If he’s smart, he’ll know what to do.

Zhao Chuan Ling was indeed a smart man. Which was why he had ordered Liu Cui to confiscate all of Mo Liu Gui’s mobile devices when the time was ripe.

Wearing his white doctor’s coat, he opened the medical diagnosis previously made for Mo Liu Gui and logged in the treatments he had prepared for her.


Retribution had descended on the Mo family. 

Some were imprisoned, one was locked in a mental hospital, and the rest were on a cruise ship reliving the torment that Mo Di had been through.

As for Qin Cheng Yi, the sentence he received included more than the murder charges. Evidence for his previous crimes was also revealed, piling up his imprisonment to that of twenty years without a chance of parole.

Mo Di personally went to watch Qin Cheng Yi’s trial. Seeing him lashing out in extreme anger and breaking his shoulder while being restrained, Mo Di couldn’t help smiling.

Mu Tian Heng looked at Mo Di then gave his hair a rub. “Shall we head home?”


Mo Di’s eyes beamed and a little dimple appeared on his left cheek. He tightened his grip on Mu Tian Heng’s hands.

Mo Di was in absolute joy but frankly, he still felt a bit surreal. It was as though his rebirth hadn’t been that long ago and the oath to exact revenge on the Mo family and Qin Cheng Yi was still fresh in his mind. 

But now, these people already had the ending that they deserved. 

When Qin Cheng Yi was sentenced to twenty years in jail, his heart was light as never before. Like a weight that was pressing on it finally disappeared. 

From now on, he would not think of his past life again.

The tortures, the abuse, the unfairness, and the life that saw the loss of all hope, he would delete them all from his head.

He would live his new life in happiness and comfort along with his beloved and friends, free to do what he wishes and achieve greater heights in his career!

He had once been pulled into an abyss but now he had finally reached the light. 

There are karmic retributions according to heaven’s law, an old saying that Mo Di had come to believe in staunchly.

But this was something Mo Liu Gui would never be able to accept.

After having her phone and computer taken away, Mo Liu Gui finally realized that something was wrong. She went ballistic but it was hopeless. Locked up in that tiny room, she was refrained from going anywhere else.

Every day, the only person she got to see was Liu Cui!

Mo Liu Gui cursed at everyone. She hated the incompetent Mo family, hated Qin Cheng Yi for failing to help her, but the one she hated the most was still Mo Di.

In her mind, she constantly imagined the countless ways she would torture and kill him! The violent thoughts occupied her head and she almost went mad.

Until one day, the same day that Qin Cheng Yi was sent to serve his sentence, a certain seal in her head was broken. Her sight turned black and she fainted.

When she woke up, Mo Liu Gui stared unblinkingly at the window. Her face gradually turned distorted and she went berserk, smashing and throwing the things inside the room.

The memories from her previous life had all come back to her.

She was supposed to be the female lead of this story, the protagonist of this world!

And Mo Di, he wasn’t supposed to know anything. Albeit, he was reborn, but he shouldn’t have known that this world was inside a book.

Most importantly, she was not a native to this world, she was a transmigrator and yes, she had a system!

A transmigrator armed with a system that could captivate anyone on top of being born in a rich family and knowing the plot by heart… With these many advantages, she should’ve been the prizewinner, the center of attention, the foundation of this world!

She was meant to be loved and pampered by everyone!!!

And this was what happened to ninety-nine percent of her past life but in the end, her beautiful life was destroyed by a madman! Everything was ruined!

It was hard enough for her to get another life but this life was many times worse…

Mo Liu Gui was almost suffocated with hatred. 

She was originally an ordinary office lady who had to work day and night for a living. Thanks to a windfall, she was tied to a system and was brought into a novel that she absolutely hated.

This novel was a boy’s love novel with that brother of hers and Mu Tian Heng as the protagonists. Because the main theme was about games and career-building, the novel became popular and was adapted into a TV series. Although there would not be any intimate scenes, this was the very first primetime series to depict a gay couple!

It was just disgusting!

How could this kind of nauseating relationship gain popularity?! How could they even think of broadcasting this on television?!!

It really made her sick to her stomach!

But what she did not expect was that she would transmigrate into that very novel and was attached to a system.

This system was simply amazing. It not only made people mesmerized with her at first sight but shared the same disgust towards homosexuality as her.

She was very pleased with the system. It had capabilities beyond her imagination, showering her with a powerful halo from the moment she was in her mother’s womb.

As she grew up and garnered more affection from the people around her, the system got stronger and intensified its ability to spellbind the general masses!

On the other hand, Mo Di was the total opposite. His life was filled with misery. But Mo Liu Gui believed that he deserved it. His homosexuality was wrong and his bad life was atonement.

More importantly, Mo Di was immune to her halo and the system, he couldn’t possibly be a good person. And later, he even dared to run away from the Mo family. She was planning to let him off since he had gotten rid of his homosexuality but he dared to refuse her kindness and even pushed her away!

Mo Liu Gui did not realize this but her mind had long been distorted. The excessive praise, the bias, the double standards and the unreasonable pampering had morphed into what one would perceive as a norm.

In fact, she was living in a twisted world of her own creation!

Remembering her beautiful past life, the memory of her wedding day gradually came back. It was the wedding of the century, grand and romantic. The whole of Hua Xia, and even the world, was broadcasting this event and congratulating her.

It was also the day that Mo Di died.

Because Mo Di, the protagonist of the novel, no longer existed, the system had completed its task of altering this world. It was time for it to leave. At that time, it had asked Mo Liu Gui if she wanted to return to her original world or stay in this one till old age. 

She picked the latter without a second thought.

What a joke. She had countless people who adored her and her life was as beautiful as it could be. Only an idiot would choose to go back.

The system had expected her answer so it disappeared right after.

And then her perfect life went on with countless people loving and pampering her… 

Until she was forty.


She remembered going to the set for a variety show where she was attacked by a lunatic! Her stomach was stabbed, her face was disfigured and her eyes were blinded!

Next was a scene she never wanted to recall. She was constantly suffering in a hospital bed while the Mo, Qin, and Ye family had all met with demise. Qin Cheng Yi and Ye Cheng Feng who had always shielded her were in prison. Their families, together with the Mo family, fell overnight and their wealth dwindled into nothingness. 

It was as though the world suddenly fell and she was left with nothing!

In the end, she was set on fire by the second aunt and that was how her life had concluded!

The memories all came flooding back. Mo Liu Gui could not control her anger and yelled. 

She refused to accept this! Why had her last life turned out that way?! Why?!

And in this life, her downfall had come even earlier!

Didn’t it say that her halo would not disappear?! That system was a liar!!!

Mo Liu Gui simply could not accept everything that had happened to her. Anger overshadowed her reasoning and she went on a rampage, destroying everything in the room…

Just like a mental patient.

But Mo Liu Gui had been right about one thing:

Mo Di did not know about the novel he was living in.

That was because the one he read was not the same one that Mo Liu Gui had read in her original world. It was a novel that after she and the system had viciously tampered with, turned into a completely different novel under the title ‘Everyone is Crazy for Me’. With the system’s accumulated power, this novel was spread online in another world, different from the one Mo Liu Gui had hailed from.

With the appeal of a Mary Sue character, it had attracted many readers with similar thought patterns to Mo Liu Gui.

However, while many loved the novel, more were those who strongly abhorred it. They were disgusted with the female lead who used Mo Di as a stepping stone and her thoughtless followers who had no bottom line.

They voiced their opinions over major networking sites and eventually garnered a lot of support in the form of fanfiction. Many wanted a different ending for Mo Di.

As more people supported this notion, the fanfictions became more popular, ultimately attracting the praise of big-name celebrities which further promoted this movement. And as more people wrote and supported this version of the novel, it became a force powerful enough to awaken the original consciousness of this book.

This consciousness then went on to absorb the goodwill collected by Mu Tian Heng through his various charities in Mo Di’s name and finally… 

It was strong enough to give Mo Di a second life.

(EN: Beautiful! sniff.. :’))

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    i wanna read the original novel to know whether the mo family abused him or not..

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    1. I believe that Mo Di and Mu actually live a normal life. The only reason why the Mo family get crazy over dat b*tch was bcoz of the halo. So I would say that actually, Mo Di just have a normal family. Maybe not overly crazy but just raise him right cuz he’s the protagonist and his story is focused with the things he likes doing alongside his partner. Let’s leave it at that.


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    P.S.: this btch deserves to die in both lives. She never learned her lesson in the first life so she deserved to die the second time. And MTH saved Mo Di twice – he never failed to save him. Be it in their last life, saving his soul, or this life saving him in the beginning or middle ❤❤❤

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