The Tyrant’s Beloved Empress

Official Title: 暴君的宠后[重生]

Author: 绣生

135 Chapters + 3 Extras

Source: JJWXC

It is said that the Northern Warlord is temperamental and violent. The people who died in his hands were too many to count. In his previous life, An Chang Qing believed the rumors and feared him. Never daring to take a closer look at him. It was only until his death that he knew the man had given him all his tenderness.

Returning to their wedding night, An Chang Qing looked at the fearsome man and took the initiative to kiss him on the lips.

The man had his brows creased. He pinched his chin gently, “Do you not fear me?”

An Chang Qing hugged the man’s neck and smiled sweetly, “I’m not afraid of you, I’m only afraid of pain.”

And the man had never wanted him to feel any pain.


Recently, a hot topic had spread through the streets of Yejing: The Northern Warlord had refused to accept the Empress Dowager’s appointed bride and chose to marry the unfavored third son of the Prime Minister as wangfei.

Everyone said that this unfavored son had beauty but a bad fortune, being fancied by the Northern Warlord. It was improbable that he could live through their wedding night. They were all waiting to see the joke of the century.

But wait as they might, even after the Northern Warlord had ascended the throne; the unfavored son had monopolized the emperor’s love and took over the empress’s seat; the citizens all wished them ‘a thousand years to the emperor and empress’, they still did not get to see the scandal they were hoping for.

This is my first time translating a historical piece, it’ll be quite a challenge so please inform me if I made a mistake somewhere.

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9 thoughts on “The Tyrant’s Beloved Empress

  1. Um, hello. This is an amazing work.And I really love it. ❤️

    Emm.. I just want to point it out that it’s not Myamar, It’s Myanmar.
    (I’m sorry for being nosy and all but it just doesn’t sit ok with me. Thanks)

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