RCFN 118

Chapter 118

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

Mo Liu Gui refused to go to prison. 

She had visited her father and brothers in jail before and knew that the place was not meant for humans to live.

They had to wear prison clothes, cut their hair, eat poorly, work every day, and even got bullied by inmates. It was plain horrible!

Not to mention five years, she could not even survive there for a week!!!

She would die there!

But Mo Liu Gui was reluctant to admit to being mentally ill. People would point fingers at her everywhere she goes. How was she to leave the house?!

Mo Liu Gui cried till her eyes hurt. She grabbed Mo Er Qian’s clothes as her legs turned soft and she sank to the ground.

But no matter how distressed Mo Er Qian felt, he could only continue to persuade her. He had to leave soon and had no time to comfort her.

Towards the end, Mo Liu Gui finally cleared her head. Instead of going to jail, she would rather choose the latter. She believed that the Mo family would not send her to a mental hospital unless the police forced their hand. And at that time, she could only hope that what Mo Er Qian said was true, that she would only have to live in an exclusive hospital for a short time. After that, she would be free…

But looking at it from another angle, this was not a choice at all. She was practically forced to choose it.

The moment Mo Liu Gui nodded her head in agreement, her hatred for Mo Di had soared to an unprecedented level. She wanted his blood! 

Her chest ached and her breathing turned heavy. Mo Di deserved to die! Why didn’t he die?! Why?!


If Mo Di knew that Mo Liu Gui had come to hate him so much that her eyes were bloodshot and she had difficulties breathing, he would probably laugh.

If Mo Liu Gui had experienced one-tenth of what he had in their past lives, she would drown in hatred and die.

But now, Mo Di had no time to think about Mo Liu Gui’s mentality.

Mo Liu Gui had already falsified a medical record once, therefore, doing it again would not be easy. With Qin Cheng Yi and Mo Er Qian’s current resources, it was an impossible feat. So at the moment, what Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng could do was to give them a hand.

After Qin Cheng Yi was arrested, Mo Er Qian had been using the money and contacts Qin Cheng Yi provided to help pave the way for Mo Liu Gui.

It did not go well at first.

But after dishing out a large portion of properties and exhausting every resource in hand, he finally succeeded!

Mo Liu Gui was diagnosed with paranoia as well as mild schizophrenia. With such a diagnosis, she was completely exonerated!

When the Mo family came to pick her up, Mo Liu Gui was slightly happy. She cried in Mo Er Qian’s arms.

“Brother, brother…”

“It’s ok. It’s over now,” Mo Er Qian hugged Mo Liu Gui and stroked her hair, “We’ve come to take you home.” 

“Um.” Mo Liu Gui sobbed. She raised her head and looked at Mo Shi Hong and the others behind Mo Er Qian.

“Mom, Dad, Uncle, Third Brother, Fifth Brother…” Mo Liu Gui greeted them.

“Oh my dear daughter, you’ve suffered. You’ve suffered… It’s my fault, dad’s useless,” Mo Shi Hong’s eyes were red and he was distraught looking at Mo Liu Gui, “You’ve lost weight. Did those inhuman things treat you badly? Tell me, I’ll sue them!” 

“Stop making trouble, aren’t things bad enough?” Mo Shi Qian coughed and said, “Xiao Gui, let’s go home. Your grandfather wanted to come and pick you up but he wasn’t well enough and had to stay in the hospital.”

“What’s wrong with grandpa?” Mo Liu Gui asked with concern.

“Ai…” Ruan Qing Dan sighed. She took Mo Liu Gui’s hand and said, “Xiao Gui, don’t get too upset and listen to me. As you know, your grandfather was hospitalized with a stroke not long ago. A few days ago, when he heard about your arrest… We all tried to hide it from him but somehow he still found out about it and the fact that it was that animal Mo Di who did this to you. He had a heart attack on the spot and passed out. The doctors had been taking care of him all night and he’s currently stable but…”

“But what?”

“But grandpa is already a vegetable,” Mo San Zhi looked at Mo Liu Gui with concern like everyone else but there was another hidden emotion in his eyes.

Mo Liu Gui did not discover the discrepancy in his behavior, she was too appalled by the news. How could her grandpa turn into a vegetable?!

Moreover… Moreover, they were now penniless. How could they afford the hospital fees and the nurses?!

Although Qin Cheng Yi could help them, asking for money was just too shameful.

“Xiao Gui, don’t worry or else your grandfather will be upset as well. We’ll take care of him,” Ruan Qing Dan dapped her eyes with a tissue and said to Mo Liu Gui gently, “Let’s go home…”

“I want to see Grandpa…” Mo Liu Gui said then turned to look at Mo Er Qian, “Second Brother, where’s Cheng Yi? Is he alright?”

“He…” Mo Er Qian frowned and decided to tell her the truth, “He’s turned himself in.”

“Turned himself in?!” Mo Liu Gui raised her voice too high, making it sound like a sharp shriek, “Why did he do that!?”

“Xiao Gui, let’s get into the car. We’ll talk at home,” Mo Er Qian took a quick glance at the nearby detention center. He held Mo Liu Gui’s hand and led her away, “Let’s go home first.”


Mo Liu Gui entered the car and from Mo Er Qian’s mouth learned about what happened regarding the kidnapping and murder case.

She finally knew that Qin Cheng Yi was most likely getting a ten-year sentence!

Ten years!

Even if the Qin family helped him shed off some years, he would still have to be imprisoned for at least five to six years.

By then, everything would have already changed. With him locked up, how was he to ensure that she would be alright after being sent to the mental hospital? How could he guarantee her a comfortable life?!

Tears filled her eyes again.

“Er Qian, don’t say anymore,” Ruan Qing Dan looked at her daughter with heartache and held her in her arms.

“Xiao Gui, you don’t have to worry about that child Cheng Yi. I’m sure he’ll be fine. The Qin family is rich and powerful, they’ll be able to help him reduce his sentence. And when he comes out, there’s still the Qin Group waiting for him to take over. He’ll be fine. Don’t be upset and also don’t blame yourself. He sacrificed himself so you can live well. He wouldn’t want to see you sad. Don’t let his sacrifice go to waste…”

“It’s all my fault! I’ve brought this on him…” Mo Liu Gui covered her face and began to weep.

“No, this is not your fault. How is this your fault?!” Mo Shi Hong quickly consoled her. There was a fire burning in his chest, “You and Cheng Yi are good children, it’s Mo Di, that animal! It’s that white-eyed wolf! He got me arrested and caused the Mo family to go bankrupt. Now he even harmed you and Cheng Yi! He’s a beast! Scum! I should’ve strangled him the moment he was born!”

(E/N: If I drank every time I heard him say this, I’d have alcohol poisoning( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°))

“Stop saying those things. What’s the point?” Ruan Qing Dan saw Mo Liu Gui crying and couldn’t hold back her tears.

Mo Shi Hong continued his cursing with the most offensive words. Mo Wu Hang also joined in to vent his anger. With Mo Liu Gui and Ruan Qing Dan crying while Mo Shi Hong and Mo Wu Hang were swearing, the atmosphere in the car was horrible.

Until they reached home and had cursed till their heart’s content, a guest came over to visit them in the evening.

This ‘acquaintance’ who was arranged by Qin Cheng Yi to help Mo Er Qian with the falsified diagnosis had come to the Mo family and requested for Mo Liu Gui to be admitted to the mental hospital.

The Mo family was immediately enraged but they dared not offend the person, they could only argue.

However, this ‘acquaintance’ refuted everything they said. He warned, “This medical report is fake to begin with. Now that the police are beginning to question its authenticity and suspect that I have colluded with you, I’m also in deep water! I’ll be arrested if you still don’t send her to a mental hospital. And let me tell you, if anything happened to me, I’m all willing to confess everything to get a lighter sentence. If you don’t want her to be charged with fraud and receive a heavier sentence, you’d better send her to the mental hospital!”

“I can assure you that if Mo Liu Gui were to be sentenced for multiple charges, it won’t be a mere five or six years. I’m afraid even seven or eight years would still be considered low!”

“You’d best send her there in two days for the sake of pretense and stay out of the limelight. Otherwise, don’t regret it when disaster comes!”

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  1. -“But grandpa is already a vegetable,” Mo San Zhi looked at Mo Liu Gui with concern like everyone else but there was another hidden emotion in his eyes.

    Mo Liu Gui did not discover the discrepancy in his behavior, she was too appalled by the news. How could her grandpa turn into a vegetable?!- Idk but this made me laugh lmao

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  2. Really, she’d be better off trying to flee the country… But naturally her end is not gonna be like this.
    Thank you for the chapter ❤
    I too would like to vote for "The Tyrant's Beloved Empress" as your next translation project though of course the final choice is yours 🙂

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  3. It’s beautiful when poetic justice unfolds in front of your eyes! The noose is tightening on MLG!

    I vote for Tyrant’s Beloved Empress. It’s a concept I’ve seen before, but it’s also a massive weakness of mine as a trope!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  4. hahaha it wont be long before mlg started blaming everyone not just modi for her miserable life
    and the fact that the mo’s most probably wouldnt even believe that her being ugly and horrible is the real her
    instead truly believes that she has mental problem and its all because of modi would be likely

    ah well, now it doesnt even matter, modi and ah heng would be living their life together and be happy and totally have forgotten about the mo’s

    thaanks for the update and all the work ^_^

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    Also really want to read the tyrant’s beloved empress! Love this kind of novel ><

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