RCFN 127

Chapter 127 

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

Mu Tian Heng had proven with his action what it was like when an old beast was too concerned that his little one would be abducted by others.

When Mo Di was in his sophomore year, Mu Tian Heng brought him back to America to be engaged. When he was a Junior, Mu Tian Heng brought him back once again to hold a wedding for them. It was a grand wedding with a small number of guests; only close friends and relatives were invited.

Other than Chen Zhao who was given the heads up by his uncle, Xian Yu Chao and the others were dumbfounded the moment they received the invitation.

They would never have thought that their Xiao Di had been in a relationship all along! And it was with Mu Tian Heng!! And they were going to get married!!!


Mu Tian Heng and Mo Di’s wedding was held on October third. It was a popular date to get married in Hua Xia but that was not the most important point. The most important part was that their wedding took place one month before Mo Di’s twentieth birthday, in other words, Mu Tian Heng that, old beast, had married Mo Di when he was only nineteen!

The guests who attended their wedding were all close friends of Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng but despite that, they reaffirmed that Mu Tian Heng was indeed a beast to have laid hands on Mo Di at such a young age!


That day, Mo Di wore a white wedding suit, giving him a tender and naive appearance. Soft sunlight danced across the stage and Mu Tian Heng looked at the scene like it was a dream. 

He had waited two lifetimes. The image in front of him brought a scorching sensation to his deep eyes.

Mo Di looked up at the handsome and awe-inspiring Mu Tian Heng whose eyes had now softened while looking back at him. Mo Di smiled with a special glow in his eyes.


A photographer captured this moment down.

This photo was later developed three times. One for them to keep in their treasure box, one to be framed and placed on their bedside table, and the last one to go into Mu Tian Heng’s wallet.

Whenever he was out with an acquaintance, Mu Tian Heng would disregard any form of mobile payment only to take out his wallet and naturally show off his wedding photo.

Being one of Mu Tian Heng’s overly familiar acquaintances, Lai De Si had to endure this cruel treatment every time.

What’s the big deal! Soon, he and Song Yu will also get married! It won’t be long now… Next year… The end of next year, he will propose and shove his happiness back in Mu Tian Heng’s face!!


Due to his young age and the low-key wedding, Mo Di’s marital status was not known to the public. 


He was still the most popular male god of his school and had stolen the hearts of many juniors and even the postgraduates.

In the second semester of his senior year, knowing that he was graduating, many mustered up their courage to confess to him and sent him love letters. Initially, Mo Di could still reject them politely with a smile but as the number of confessors piled up, Mo Di had no patience for them and changed his status on his social media account to ‘married’.

The news shocked the entire school! After the social media got wind of it, the whole network was in an uproar! The genius of the gaming industry is only twenty-one, how is it that he was married?!

Reporters went directly to his game company to interview the employees but they could not reach the senior employees like Xian Yu Chao and the others and could only interview the ordinary employees. However, they too were unaware that Mo Di was married. These reporters could not get a definitive answer and were still doubtful about Mo Di’s marriage.

When Mo Di got home that day, he was wrapped in Mu Tian Heng’s arms the moment he picked Suan Suan up. “You announced that you were married?”

“Um, I don’t want to have to deal with any more confessions.” Mo Di raise his head and responded with a smile. He then grabbed Mu Tian Heng’s collar and said, “Brother, all this time, you weren’t jealous at all?”

“Of course I was.” Mu Tian Heng pulled Mo Di in by the waist with one hand and held his hand with the other. He then bent down to kiss him on the lips. Mo Di relinquished his strength and welcomed Mu Tian Heng’s deep kiss.

Suan Suan who was sandwiched by the two stretched out its neck and let out an innocent cry.

Feeling the fluffy touch on his cheek, Mo Di couldn’t help but giggle. He looked down at Suan Suan and rubbed its nose, “Do you want a kiss too?”

Awoo. Suan Suan thought that Mo Di was going to play with it and started to shake its tail vigorously.

But Mu Tian Heng ruthlessly picked it up by the neck and shoved it to one side, “Go to the balcony and eat your dog food.”

Mo Di laughed even harder, “He was eating dog food just now.”

Mu Tian Heng smiled at Mo Di’s words. With doting eyes, he stretched to rub his hair, “You’re right.”

After saying that, he continued, “Why did you suddenly decide to announce that you’re married today?”

“Because you’ll definitely make me postpone and I really think that’s not necessary,” Mo Di looked at Mu Tian Heng and smiled, “I’ll be graduating soon and it’s only two months till I’m done with school.”

Mu Tian Heng gently stroked Mo Di’s left cheek. He rested his finger on Mo Di’s little dimple, “That’s fine then.”

He knew Mo Di had long wanted to disclose their relationship but Mu Tian Heng had stopped him from doing so. Deep down, Mu Tian Heng also wanted to selfishly announce their marriage to the public and let the world know about their relationship but rationale told him that it was still not the time, this was Hua Xia.

Although the younger generation of Hua Xia had come to accept homosexuality and no longer discriminated against it, a large majority was still somewhat inhospitable towards them.

Mo Di was still in school and once his marital status was known, it was inevitable that the public would eventually find out that he had married a man. Mu Tian Heng did not want Mo Di to be subjected to any form of bigotry from his peers and worst of all, people who were homophobic. After all, the school was never the safest place which was why, although he was utterly jealous, Mu Tian Heng did not let Mo Di disclose their marriage.

Outside of school, Mu Tian Heng could barricade Mo Di against admirers but he was hopeless when it came to those in his school. Despite having absolute trust in Mo Di, Mu Tian Heng couldn’t help but feel jealous. He knew Mo Di would reject all advances but he did not expect his little one to make this move so boldly.

When Mu Tian Heng got the news, his heart was all over the place. He was surprised at first but was delighted in the end. After which, he contemplated on how to deal with the follow-up. At least keep the lid on Mo Di having a man as his spouse until he graduates. And even if this was leaked, he could still suppress the information.

As for Mo Di, he could definitely tell what Mu Tian Heng was concerned with. 

He grinned and jumped into his arms. Mu Tian Heng skillfully supported Mo Di and let him nestle comfortably in his embrace.

“Brother, you don’t have to worry. I’ll be graduating soon and even if this matter was dug up, I won’t let anyone in school bully me. Moreover, I’m very well-liked by my professors, I’m sure they won’t discredit me for it,” Mo Di stopped and smooched Mu Tian Heng’s cheek before continuing, “Brother, I also want the world to know that you and I are together. Don’t think you’re the only one who’s allowed to be jealous.”

Mu Tian Heng had announced his marital status the moment they got married but even so, there were still those who were shameless enough to try to seduce him. Although Mu Tian Heng had mercilessly rejected them and made sure they never appeared in front of him again, Mo Di couldn’t help but feel irritated.

This was also why he wanted everyone to know that he, the talented, handsome, and wealthy Mo Di, was Mu Tian Heng’s legal spouse! See if anyone else dared to even think of tempting his man!

Mu Tian Heng smiled at Mo Di’s smug expression. He placed him on the sofa and kissed him dotingly, “Alright. Let’s do as you wish. When the news spreads, we won’t suppress it and make an official statement.”

“En!” Mo Di nodded immediately. He smiled and switched to another topic, “Brother, today I received an unexpected phone call. Guess who it was?”

“An unexpected call?” Mu Tian Heng thought for a while and asked, “Could it be Qin Guang Jie?”

“Oh, Brother, you’re incredible. You got it on the first try. It’s him!”

“What did he say?” Mu Tian Heng frowned.

The Qin Group had long been toppled by Mu Tian Heng. That was in part possible thanks to the deep-seated corruption of the Qin family which allowed the police force to swiftly iron them out. Qin Guang Jie was a loving father but he was definitely not a clean businessman. His methods were similar to Qin Cheng Yi, the only difference was that he was not ‘controlled’ in prioritizing someone else’s interest over his own.

Even with the fall of the Qin family, Qin Guang Jie was not completely penniless. He was merely reduced from being Hua Xia’s richest man to an ordinary old man with a house and a car.

“He said that he went to visit Qin Cheng Yi and Qin Cheng Yi had repented.” Mo Di said.

“That’s all he said?”

“Nope. That was all he could say. I hung up right after hearing his voice and only managed to hear that part. I only picked up the call by mistake, I never accept calls from anonymous numbers.”

As soon as he said that, Mo Di’s phone rang and it was another anonymous call.

Mo Di: “…”

He outright rejected the call but three seconds later, Mu Tian Heng’s phone rang. It was the same number.

Mu Tian Heng thought it through and decided to answer it. 

Lai De Si’s voice came from the other end, “Mu, I called Xiao Di but he did not pick up. This is Xiao Yu’s new number. Remember it well!”

“Get to the point.” Song Yu’s voice entered the phone.

“Oh right. Mu, your marriage with Mo Di has been exposed. The whole network is in an uproar! I suspect someone had sold you out! Quickly take a look!!!”

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  1. “Whenever he was out with an acquaintance, Mu Tian Heng would disregard any form of mobile payment only to take out his wallet and naturally show off his wedding photo.”

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  2. Mo Di’s friends at the wedding, “Wow, Mu Tian Heng, that old beast!” 🙀
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