IHSC Chapter 35

Chapter 35

“Looks like you’re afraid I’ll reveal something. Ha ha. Let me guess why.” Under the strike from the sword filled with murderous intent, the man dodged an attack meant to cut his head off. In a malicious voice so loud everyone present could hear, he said: “Because he doesn’t have his memories, isn’t it? Ha ha, I’m too familiar with the power of the elixir. You used blood and the concoction to sustain him and at the same time, gained control over him. Otherwise, how could the man who hated you to the bones back then have such a submissive attitude towards you?”

Control? Hate? Weren’t they a harmonious pair of Shixiong and Shidi? 

Wang Xiao Mie felt a loss for words looking at Wen Feng Jin.

And Wen Feng Jin kept up with his attacks calmly as though the small talk did not affect him.

Seeing his words were ignored, the man endured several blows to his body and retaliated with a barrage of relentless sword dance and was finally able to immobilize Liao Yue sword. Were Wen Feng Jin a second later to dodge, his fingers holding the sword would have been cut off!

“Haha! Wen Feng Jin, you pitiful man! I stole the concoction that should have belonged to your beloved Shixiong! You want it back? Alright! Kill me and take my heart, then you’ll have the other half of the concoction!”

“But… If I killed you instead, I can get rid of this ugly appearance and restore my looks.”

“You need my heart to fully revive your Shixiong and I need your heart to be normal again.”

The two men once again distanced themselves from each other.

Because both had accelerated healing, the damage sustained could only be judged through their clothes. The man’s attire was now tattered all over while Wen Feng Jin had cuts on his right arm, shoulder, and waist.

“Feng Jing!” Wang Xiao Mie anxiously took out his Kai Ming.

“Don’t worry.” Wen Feng Jin looked at him and comforted. He then turned to the man in front: “You won’t be able to defeat me. Yan Chun, you came here for me to kill you!”

“Ha ha. You think so? Wen Feng Jin, back then you deceived me and gave away the immortality elixir. These thousand years, do you know what I had to go through before I could endure the power of the concoction and stay alive? What kind of monster have I turned into?”

Tut tut tut, you finally remember my name.” Yan Chun touched his disfigured face and sneered: “How could you be so cold to your former ‘wife’? Oh? Did you not tell your Shixiong what our relationship was?”


Wang Xiao Mie’s eyes were wide apart: “What wife?! Ha?”

He took a closer look at the facial features of the man named Yan Chun: a square shaped face, the stiff corpse-like expression, the lines of wrinkles that appeared along with the years, the little mustache…..

“Shixiong, I can explain, I…..” Wen Feng Jin frantically turned back to appease Wang Xiao Mie but he found that Wang Xiao Mie did not have the look of jealousy, anger, or even a trace of disappointment that he had expected. 

Instead, in a tone filled with disgust, he said: “Woah, you have weird tastes….”

Even the mentor and her apprentice watching by the sidelines showed the same icky expression.



Wen Feng Jin: “…..”

Wen Feng Jin remained speechless. He then rushed straight at Yan Chun with a savage look in his eyes: “I will kill you!”

After that, they continued the sword fight.

This time round, Wen Feng Jin was mercilessly aggressive, very soon, the man would not be able to withstand any more of his attacks.


As the deadly duel was being played out, Lei Jie had a secret discussion with Xiao Luo.

The details are as follows:

“Wow! Liao Yue sword!!! Liao Yue sword!!! Oh f**k! Kai Ming!!! Kai Ming!!! Divine weapon Kai Ming! F**k! F**k! F**k!”

“Shibo, calm down! Stop staring at the weapons. Look at how powerful that big dumpling is. Let’s not watch anymore and quickly get out of here!”

“No way! You can leave without me. Even if I die, I have to at least touch Kai Ming’s face~~tut tut tut, I have to touch it!”

“…..Shibo, we could lose our lives at any minute. Let’s run while they are still fighting…”

“Yes yes yes! While they are still fighting let’s go around to the back. I sensed a clean aura from the zombie in the coffin. I don’t think he’s sick in the head like the other two! Let’s go grope!!!”

“Even if I die I have to die under Kai Ming!”


You’re just saying that because that zombie looked bulliable.

My Shibo’s obsession with legendary weapons is incurable.

Back to the other side, everything seemed to have been settled.

Yan Chung fell to the ground with Liao Yue deep in his chest and a red liquid stained his lips. His sword was also cut in half. As though he could not feel the pain and his impending death, he stared repulsively at Wen Feng Jin who was looking down at him.

His hand reached for something but because he was nailed to the ground and the man standing over him showed a complete lack of compassion, the hand was cut and fell motionlessly.

“Ha, hahaha.”

“Wen Feng Jin, when I was young, I was ordered to search for the elixir. And you, for your Shixiong, you baited me. You gave me the right to stay with you… because there were too many who worshipped you, do crazy things for you, so I thought I was the special one. I thought disobeying the emperor’s order and joining you was the best way to make you like me. I thought I made the right choice.”

“But you took the elixir from me and gave it to your dying Shixiong. When I knew the truth the hatred almost killed me! But who knew, after that day, he still died…”


Yan Chun coughed violently as blood spilled from his mouth. The heart was the lifeblood for those who took the concoction. Being wounded in the chest, his strength was long gone and he was approaching his death.

Wen Feng Jin lowered his head.

“Such beautiful eyes, like looking at ants from above.” Yan Chun laughed: “But I don’t want to be an ant, I want to be just like your Shixiong, someone who can stand beside you.”

“…. when he died that year, I was overjoyed he passed the elixir to you. He must’ve wanted to punish you. After all, you not only imprisoned him but you also killed everyone he cared about.”

“Seeing you go crazy in self-punishment, my heart ached but I was also happy.”

“You finally get to taste the pain of yearning for a love you can’t have! To him, you’re even worse than me!”

He made several maniacal waves of laughter. At the same time, Wen Feng Jin had already kneeled down. He removed the sword and opened up the wound on Yan Chun’s chest. Yan Chun’s throat was making gasping noises but he used the last of his strength to convey a millennium of obsession and madness…

“…..then you found the old man and a way to preserve the body. Nothing changed, your eyes, your heart, your feelings, your everything was poured into resurrecting your Shixiong.”

“But I heard his word….. Ha ha ha! I heard it all! The old man’s words.”

The old man said before: “a corpse without a soul is fragile and cannot be cultivated. Even if it can move, it will still rot. It’s possible if you simply want to keep the body from decaying, but the Corpse Beads and Sacred Tree can only maintain his appearance, once he leaves…. If the tree managed to call back his soul and placed it in this body, with luck, he might be able to wake up but won’t be able to move, but if luck forbids, his body and the Corpse Bead will turn into ashes along with his soul…”

“How to make this body ‘alive’ again?”

“You need a certain medicine.”

“Tell me.”


“It’s your heart!” Yan Chun used the last of his strength to clutch Wen Feng Jin’s hand which was now at his chest, breaking off the veins to his heart in order to retrieve it. 

“That concoction requires half of your heart which was fused with the immortal elixir! And yet you were willing to give it without hesitation!”

“What is so good about him? Why could you go to such lengths for him? Why?!”

“Ha ha ha, but so what if you’re willing to give, I still stole half of it. After taking it I turned into half a corpse, neither am I a man nor a monster! I was buried in the earth like a dead body and when I lost my appearance, I swore that I would make you and your Shixiong pay!”

“I can’t make you love me, I won’t allow anyone else to have you!”

“How can I let you guys off so easily? I’ve been searching for you all these years. Wen Feng Jin, I have to witness you losing the only thing you ever love once again!”

Wen Feng Jin frowned and shook off Yan Chun’s hand. After he finally had the complete heart in his hand, he heard Yan Chun shouting towards a certain place: “What are you waiting for?! Kill them! Kill them all!”

Two ear-piercing sounds broke the air!

Wen Feng Jin’s eyes widened in panic as he quickly looked back. Under Yan Chun’s triumphant laughter, he screamed: “Shixiong—”


A minute prior.

Wang Xiao Mie was holding on to Kai Ming while Yan Chun’s words echoed in his head. The story he told was completely different from what Wen Feng Jin said.

Head… too painful.

Wang Xiao Mie grabbed his head and gave it a shake. As his head turned, behind him were two shady figures about to sneak up on him.

The three of them locked eyes!

“What are you doing?!” The scared Wang Little Puppy shivered as he pointed Kai Ming at the tomb robbers, shouting: “Honey! Our coffin is being hijacked!”

But at this time, Wen Feng Jin was separated too far from him by Yan Chun. Wang Xiao Mie picked up his courage and raised the weapon in his hand. He tried to toughen up with the hooligan-like speech he learned from TV: “Don’t come any closer or I won’t be polite with you!”

The delicate face in the cumbersome costume only made his movement seemed all the less threatening. 

Xiao Luo: “….” Not only was he not scared but also felt humorous.

As for Lei Jie, her eyes were fixed on the dagger, almost drooling over it.

“Hey Hey ~ Little precious ~ Let me touch you ~~” She rushed over with her large sword in hand!

Wang Xiao Mie: “…..” 

…… Xiao Wenzi! There’s a pervert here! Ya Mie Die—! (TN: It’s to replicate the Japanese word yamete which means stop it)

It was then that two gunshots erupted in the circular space which amplified the explosive sounds like that of thunder.

At that moment, he heard Wen Feng Jin’s panicked call!


That howl was the very picture of someone crying tears of blood. Before this, Wang Xiao Mie could never imagine someone with so much arrogance and pride like Wen Feng Jin could make this desperate trembling voice filled with despair…

Wang Xiao Mie looked at him in a daze. As though time had stood still, all he could focus on were the two bullets riveting through the air and Wen Feng Jin’s face…

Lei Jie who was closest to him reacted immediately. She rushed over and raised her sword over Wang Xiao Mie’s forehead.



A bullet that should have shattered his skull was embedded into the sword Lei Jie used to block him with while another bullet went through his chest, leaving behind an irregularly shaped hole.

The tremendous impact caused him to stagger back where he was supported by someone behind.

Time seemed to flow again. The bleeding that was delayed now had blood gushing out from the wound on his chest as the pain entailed.

He fell into the arms of the person behind who was shouting something he could not make out. There was a deafening ringing in his ears. 

As he was losing consciousness, he could clearly feel being frenziedly pulled into someone’s embrace, and a series of heart-wrenching cries followed.

“No, nooo—!”

“Please don’t — Shixiong—!”

RCFN Chapter 73

Chapter 73

A flash of enmity crossed Ye Cheng Feng’s eyes the moment he saw Mo Di. Ye Cheng Feng quickly retrieved his gaze and showed a gentlemanly smile: “Hello, you are…”

“Mo Di.” Mo Di pointed to his nameplate.

“Oh, so you’re Mo Di. I’ve heard so much about you. You ranked first in the College Entrance Exam, and a dark horse at that.” Ye Cheng Feng smiled and continued: “I heard that your scores from before were vastly different though. It’s quite unbelievable that you excel at the last minute.”

Cough …that… shall we go out to wait for the other teams’ captains? It’s getting boring here.” Li Qingqing deliberately broke off the conversation. Something seemed off about the way Ye Cheng Feng talked, it was obviously different from when they were chatting previously.

“Fine by me.” Ye Cheng Feng responded politely but in fact, was very displeased.

Seeing Mo Di reminded him of the pain he had caused Xiao Gui and Ye Cheng Feng lost himself for a moment. But he refused to display his aggression as it will taint his public image.

The same goes for Mo Di, he remained indifferent and smiled at Li Qingqing: “I have to use the bathroom first, you guys go ahead.”

“Alright, alright.” Li Qingqing pointed: “It’s on the left corridor.”

“Thank you.”

After exiting the break room, Mo Di hurried to the bathroom. He sent Mu Tian Heng a text then took out a miniature recorder in the form of a cufflink and placed it in his pocket.


When Mo Di returned, there were three new arrivals in the room. All of them were men and one of them was a bald man of about thirty in age. Mo Di unconsciously touched his hair and decided to stay up late as little as possible. The occupational hazard of a programmer was quite devastating in the long run.

When Mo Di came in, everyone was chatting lively.

“Oh me? I’m the captain of Puppet Games.” Li Qingqing introduced herself, “There are ten girls and ten boys in our team. Very well balanced.”

“That’s hard to come by. I’m envious.”

Talking to Li Qingqing was Hua Tian who was wearing a black shirt with suit pants, “I’m the captain of Four Seasons. We have seventeen dudes and only three girls. The gender ratio is just too different.”

“I’m the captain of Poison Kiss.” Shao Changkang, a chubby man in the plaid shirt interjected: “We’re all men but our team mainly makes shojo games that are more appealing to females. It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? Hahaha.” 

Mo Di was not at all surprised by the reveal since he knew all these facts beforehand. However, the others were thoroughly shocked. Li Qingqing exclaimed: “You guys are the creators of Love Cards?!!”

“That’s right.” Shao Changkang raised his eyebrows with pride.

The camera crew circled them enthusiastically, making sure to capture the first explosive news.

A group of men making popular games for girls, the revelation was quite unexpected.

The other top game was Legend, also created by a team entirely made up of males and several of them were foreigners.

Oddly enough, the game made by Ye Cheng Feng was an unimpressive sports game currently in the eighth position.

However, Mo Di was fully aware that that was not Ye Cheng Feng’s highest potential, surely he had an ace up his sleeve. And he had to bring it out soon since only six teams could advance to the next round.

Mo Di would have to wait and see.

If he guessed right, Ye Cheng Feng’s trump card would be the game he used to win the championship in his last life. According to his acceptance speech at that time, it was a game three years in the making.

And now that he had one less year, what would the result be?

By eleven, the rest of the team leaders had arrived. The staff then proceeded to guide them towards the several villas, allowing the captains to choose their residence of choice.

And the order they get to choose went according to their game’s ranking.

Clearly, Ye Cheng Feng did not anticipate such a regulation. His face turned dark for a moment.

If he had known, he would have used his ace card instead of having to be put in such a passive situation.

Villa one had four floors, two and three had three floors each. Villa three was the most secluded.

The team ranked first with the game Legend chose the top floor of villa #3. It seemed everyone recognized that the top floors would provide the most privacy.

Mo Di chose the top floor of villa #2.

Next was Shao Changkang’s team. He chose the last top floor of villa #1.

The fourth team picked the second floor of villa #3 and the fifth and only team with a female captain, Li Qingqing’s team, picked the second floor of villa #2.

“Little brother, we’re going to be neighbors.” Li Qingqing beamed at Mo Di.

Mo Di returned with a smile: “We’re a small team and don’t usually make a lot of noise. I guarantee we won’t disturb you.”

“Small team?” Li Qingqing’s interest was piqued, “How many are there in your team?”

“About half of yours.”

“That few?!” Li Qingqing was amazed. “With so few in the team, how did you manage to meet the deadlines? We have twenty members and only barely made it every time.”

The other leaders also eyed Mo Di with admiration. If their members were any fewer, they were eighty percent certain they would fail the task.

“Well, we’re all very determined.” Mo Di smiled.

The leader of the sixth team struggled for a while and finally picked the second floor of villa #1.

The leader of the seventh team was in an even bigger dilemma. He was only left with the third floors but which villa should he pick? Villa #1 had four floors so they would not be at the bottom but the place would accommodate eighty people. Villa #2 would only have at most fifty occupants and a lot more girls which meant the place would be much cleaner.

With that, he picked the same villa as Mo Di, villa #2.

After the seventh team had taken its pick, Ye Cheng Feng was starting to feel his rage accumulating.

He had been planning to choose the first floor of villa #2 where Mo Di was to facilitate his plans…. to think someone beat him to it.

Ye Cheng Feng pushed down his agitation and decided on the first floor of villa #3.

The ninth and tenth team moved to the second and first floors of villa #1.

Finally, the staff handed each captain their corresponding access card.

There were only three to four teams to a villa, but appropriate privacy and protection were provided in the form of access gates with key cards to get through. Although the gate was quite short and could be easily breached, it still provided a small sense of security.


Pang Qiang Lang and the others arrived in the afternoon and were guided to the villa by the staff. It was then that they were elated for ranking second.

There were seven rooms available on their floor. Mo Di picked out a room to use as a public space and the remaining six should be enough for everyone to live in.

After the teams settled in, they were required to allocate the members to their room in order for the staff to install extra beds.

Mo Di and the others decided to let the girls have one room each and the guys would have to split the remaining four rooms. They used a dice game to decide who got to have a room to himself. 

Mo Di and Chen Zhao were the lucky two while Lin Jun Feng, Xian Yu Chao, Pang Qiang Lang, and Han Chao had to bunk together two to a room.

Mo Di’s group had it easy compared to the other teams. Their teams consisted of twenty people meaning there would be three or four to a room. Li Qingqing complained that she felt as though she had returned to her university days living in the dorm.

When Xian Yu Chao knew that the group below them had ten girls in their mix, he excitedly tried to form friendships with them but instead was asked to scram by his own teammates.


As Mo Di was settling in with ease, Ye Cheng Feng’s team was getting a little tense.

They had seven rooms and one was left to be used as a living room. The three girls in the team would share a room and Ye Cheng Feng would have a room to himself, leaving four rooms left for the sixteen men to pack in.

Of course Ye Cheng Feng would not allow others to think badly of him. The several members he had on his side would help him say a few superficial words and no one would think any less of him.

Nonetheless, dissatisfaction arose when the members had to set up their tiny room for four. Some couldn’t help but complain that they should have brought out their ace in the previous evaluation but Ye Cheng Feng refused to listen, saying that he wanted to lower the other teams’ guard and take them by surprise.

Now, they only hope that it was really worth the sacrifice.

At present, Ye Cheng Feng was in his bedroom talking on the phone with his father’s confidant. The other party was proposing several solutions for the problem he wanted to be solved.

One of them he knew would effectively yield the result he wanted…

To make Mo Di infamous throughout the whole country and ultimately, his participation in this competition will be affected.

It’s just that this method was a little too vicious for his taste, quite a contradiction with his gentle and elegant self.

RCFN Chapter 72

Chapter 72

Ye Cheng Feng had a change in mood when he heard Mo Liu Gui’s request. He couldn’t bear for her to be treated as the bad person even when she tried to show concern for that ingrate. Ye Cheng Feng hesitated: “Xiao Gui, why do you even care about Mo Di? He’s a white-eyed wolf, he won’t appreciate your concern.”

“Caring for someone doesn’t require them to reciprocate this feeling.” Mo Liu Gui smiled and then as though she was saddened thinking about Mo Di, her eyes drooped as she said: “Even if Xiao Di doesn’t understand me, hates me, I will always treat him as my younger brother.”

“Xiao Gui, you…” Ye Cheng Feng felt immense heartache for her. He wanted to say something but only sighed instead.

“You’re too kind and also too silly.”

“Cheng Feng, don’t say that. Just promise me, ok? When you meet Xiao Di, help me to look after him, ok?” Mo Liu Gui sulked, “I haven’t seen him for such a long time, I feel bad about it.”

Ye Cheng Feng suppressed his anger and disgust at Mo Di. He agreed: “Alright, I promise.”

“That’s great. Cheng Feng, you’re the best!”

“I will always fulfill your request.” Ye Cheng Feng looked at Mo Liu Gui affectionately while in his heart, he had already condemned Mo Di to the depths. This kind of vicious and ungrateful person was not worthy of his Xiao Gui’s care. What’s worse was that he had been causing Xiao Gui a lot of pain. 

This person should’ve been ruined a long time ago.

Mo Liu Gui blushed shyly, she closed in and said: “Cheng Feng, come to my house the day after tomorrow. I have a gift for you…”

“What is it?”

“It’s a secret for now.”


What was discussed between Mo Liu Gui and Ye Cheng Feng, Mo Di was unaware. At the moment, he had just put down his phone ready to cook some wonton soup as supper for Mu Tian Heng and Lai De Si when they came back.

He was wearing a newly bought light-grey pajama set, playing with Suan Suan while walking towards the kitchen.

The thermostat was turned to twenty degrees, suiting Mo Di’s need for warmth. He went to the fridge and took out the thirty pieces of ready-made wontons and placed them on a large plate. As he busied with cooking, an email was sent to his inbox from the gaming committee.


It was an official invitation for the team to live in the housing area provided.

The news was sent to the team’s public mailbox and soon, everyone else was informed. The group was excited again.

Xian Yu Chao: Did you guys read the email? So this is what the host meant, we’re invited to live in an official base!

Han Chao: Does that mean it’s a closed-off competition?

Zhao Chun: Boys, read carefully. They said we will be filmed and then broadcasted on TV. We’re going on TV!!!

Pang Qiang Lang: Ha! I’m gonna be famous! The deal I made with my mom can now be fulfilled!!!

Xian Yu Chao: Never thought that I’ll ever appear on TV. Shouldn’t this aid in finding a girlfriend?

Lin Jun Feng: It’s possible!

Chen Zhao: I’m going to show the whole country my coolness!

Zhang Jie Meng: Is it a variety show? I don’t want to be on camera, a little scared….

Lin Jun Feng: We might even get to have fans!

Zhao Chun: Oh please, there are so many in a group, they most likely will only film the whole group once and then focus on the more presentable faces. Not everyone looks good in front of the camera ok!

Zhao Chun: Have you never watched variety shows? I can already tell you guys aren’t cut for it. 

Han Chao: I think they’ll focus on the group leader. Which means Xiao Di will have more screen time.

Han Chao: Now that I mentioned it, where is Xiao Di? Why isn’t he saying anything?


Mo Di at this point had already finished making the soup. He poured the aromatic liquid into two bowls with wontons and then added relish and fresh shrimps. A few drops of chili oil was added as a final touch.

The spicy flavor instantly triggered his stomach, making Mo Di a little hungry as well. 

“Wow, it smells great! What is it?” Lai De Si’s voice could be heard coming from the living room. The two men were back.

Mo Di put on his mitts and brought the bowls of hot wonton soup out for them.


As soon as the fragrance hit his nose, Mu Tian Heng already knew his little friend was cooking for them again. And when Mo Di came out of the kitchen with two bowls of soup in his hands, smiling brightly as their eyes met, Mu Tian Heng’s heart melted into a puddle.

He quickened his pace and received the bowl from Mo Di, “Why are you cooking for us again? It’s troublesome.”

“It’s no trouble at all.” Mo Di smiled: “Brother, eat while it’s still hot.”

“It smells delicious!” Lai De Si rushed to the table. Picked up a wonton and stuffed it into his mouth. He hissed as it was still too hot, “Hmm it’s so good. Xiao Di, your food is just too good. I’ve grown fat these few days thanks to your cooking. Ah, this is bliss!”

“Are you hungry?” Mu Tian Heng gently gave Mo Di’s face a pinch. His eyes were glued to him, “Go get another bowl and we’ll share mine.”

Mo Di wanted to decline but feeling certain happiness from sharing food with Mu Tian Heng, he nodded and ran to get another bowl.

Lai De Si was feeling the sourness again. He grumbled: “There’s plenty, do you guys have to share from your bowl? A certain someone is acting like a beast…”

“Even eating cannot shut you up. Would you rather I take from your bowl?” Mu Tian Heng glared at Lai De Si.

“Xiao Di made this for me, you have no right to take it from me!” Lai De Si immediately pulled his bowl closer, putting his arms around it defensively.

When Mo Di came back, he sat next to Mu Tian Heng with a small bowl. Mu Tian Heng scooped a piece of wonton for him.

When Mo Di finished, Mu Tian Heng scooped for him another one, just like feeding a small animal.

Lai De Si rolled his eyes at Mu Tian Heng. That guy is definitely doing it on purpose, giving him one piece at a time like that.

After having five pieces, Mo Di said he did not want anymore. Mu Tian Heng stopped feeding and felt a loss. The obedient appearance when his little one was waiting to be fed was just too cute to let go.

Mo Di sat for a while then checked his phone which was now overwhelmed with messages. He opened the mailbox and sure enough, there was the email sent from the organizers.

“Brother, there’s a new rule for the game competition.”

“What is it?” Mu Tian Heng looked fondly at Mo Di.

“This one.” Mo Di passed his phone to Mu Tian Heng: “We have to live on the premise they provided. The program will also be broadcasted once a week. I think they are going to show clips of us working.”

Mu Tian Heng read through the email but he was not too thrilled about it.

“They want all of you to move there and occasionally shoot your work?”

“En…” Mo Di could feel Mu Tian Heng’s reluctance and said: “Brother, you don’t have to worry about invasion of privacy. They will only be filming us once a week for two hours. And the time is divided amongst every member of every team. One person will have at most two minutes of footage.”

“No.” Mu Tian Heng frowned, “The less important members will not be shown for too long. It’s the team leaders that they will focus on.”

“You have to go?”

“Um. It’s mandatory. We’re reporting in on Wednesday and Thursday.” Mo Di knew the ‘unspoken rule’ that Mu Tian Heng mentioned. It’s present in every part of society.

“Little Mo Di, that means that you’re leaving in two or three days?” Lai De Si sighed, “Looks like I’m going to lose my nightly supper.”

Seeing that Mu Tian Heng was still unhappy, Mo Di said softly: “Brother, we’re not going to be imprisoned there all the time. We’re allowed to go out on the weekends, I’ll come home during that time.”

“I’m not worried about this. I’m scared that someone would…” Mu Tian Heng sighed. He reached and rubbed Mo Di’s hair: “It’s a segregated environment, if anything happens to you I can’t get there in time. I can’t help but worry.”

“I’ll be fine, brother. Since the incident with Du Wen Jing, I’ve been very careful. You can rest assured.” Mo Di grabbed Mu Tian Heng’s big hand on his head and wrapped his hands around it, “You don’t have to worry, I’m going to be fine.”

How could Mu Tian Heng ever feel relieved? However, stopping his love from going was also out of the question, this would make all his previous effort in vain.

“Then you have to be extra careful. Got it? If anything happens, run to your friends then call me.”

“En!” Mo Di made a strong nod. He suddenly lunged into Mu Tian Heng’s body and buried his head into the nook of his neck, “Brother, I will miss you very much!”

Mu Tian Heng immediately reciprocated with a kiss on Mo Di’s ear and locked his arms tightly around Mo Di, pressing him against his chest: “Um, brother will miss you too.”

Lai De Si was violently choked by the scene. The spicy chili oil went up his nasal causing him to burst into tears.

“Ah! Ah….can you pay a little attention to your surroundings? Don’t do that in front of a single dog, it hurts!!”


Very soon, Wednesday arrived. Early that morning, Mu Tian Heng drove Mo Di to the designated location on the outskirts of the city.

Xian Yu Chao and Lin Jun Feng were still back in their hometown and would only arrive tomorrow. The other members agreed to come in by Wednesday night.

However, their presence was not required this early. Only the captain had to come in advance to choose the place of residence and the necessary supplies.


Mo Di arrived at nine and was led to a break room.

From the moment he entered the base, the camera was already rolling. Mo Di held his breath and his face blushed vividly. Under the camera, he looked a little shy and restrained.

When the shot was later broadcasted, immediately, a group of sisters and mothers were enticed. The fans were screaming how cute little Mo was!

However, that was not Mo Di’s aim for acting shy. His purpose was to appear weak and less threatening when meeting with the other team leaders. After all, their game was in the top two positions even with only seven chapters available.

Mo Di pushed open the door to the lounge. At a glance, three team leaders had already arrived. Mo Di said greeted with a smile: “Hello everyone.”

“Hello.” The three stood up and greeted Mo Di.

There were two men and one woman. Both men were a little stout, one was wearing a typical programmers’ style plaid shirt while the other was more formally dressed in suit and trousers. The lady was wearing a white dress with exquisite makeup, looking quite attractive.

Mo Di had some information on these people, especially the one in the plaid shirt as his team was the runner up in this competition in his previous life.

“You’re here early. And I thought I’m going to be the earliest.” Mo Di closed the door behind and smiled amiably at them.

“Actually we’re not the earliest. The first one here just went to the bathroom.” The woman approached Mo Di to shake hands. She had a small build and less than one meter six. The nameplate said her name was Li Qingqing. The other two were Ma Chao and Shen Jiajia.

“That means only five team leaders are here?” Mo Di asked.

“Um but I think more will come soon.”

As soon as Li Qingqing said that, footsteps could be heard coming in, “Here they come.”

The next second, the door was opened and in came a glamorous looking man in a white shirt and beige pants.

“Oh, it’s team leader Ye. I thought someone new was coming.” Li Qingqing introduced to Mo Di: “This is the team leader who just went to the gents. He’s the first to come and also head of the team Yi Ye Sheng.”

Mo Di looked at Ye Cheng Feng without any change in his expression. He was taken by surprise but it did not bring him much shock.

In his previous life, Ye Cheng Feng did not participate in the first game competition, but he was the champion of the second one. There were just too many deviations in this life that he was already used to the unexpected.

“Nice to meet you, captain Ye.” Mo Di smiled at Ye Cheng Feng.

RCFN Chapter 71

Chapter 71

When they reached home, Suan Suan, who had not seen Mo Di in days, jumped at him excitedly. The tail attached to its back was shaking non-stop.

Mo Di picked Suan Suan up and gave it a kiss.

“Suan Suan, did you miss me that much?”

“This little guy is too snobbish. I’m with him every day and he doesn’t even move his butt. Now he’s almost shaking his tail off.” Mu Tian Heng came over and gave Suan Suan a nudge. “Snobbish dog.”

Mo Di laughed.

Seeing Mo Di’s hearty laughter, Mu Tian Heng smiled along. Nonetheless, he did not forget the topic at hand: “You said that you wanted to go to see the Mo house, what was that about?”

Mo Di gave Suan Suan’s head a scratch. He then explained slowly: “According to the timeline, no matter how busy Mo Er Qian was, he would come back for the Spring Festival every year. He’s a highly intelligent and cautious man. I’m worried that the camera I planted in the house might be discovered. And even if they weren’t discovered, he can still use jamming devices and by then, the two cameras would be useless.”

“So you want to plant another camera near the Mo house?”

“I want to set up one in front of the house and also hack into several feeds from the nearby shops and fast-food restaurants.” Mo Di was getting pale as he explained further: “Mo Er Qian is not on the same magnitude as the others from the Mo family. He has a high IQ and is incredibly forethoughtful. If he wants to deal with me, it’ll be very difficult for me to escape unscathed.”

“That’s why I wanted to have more surveillance so we might be able to detect something ahead of time. Whether it’s for defense or counterattack, we’ll be more flexible.”

Recalling Mo Er Qian’s information, Mu Tian Heng’s eyes turned dark, “Mo Er Qian is indeed troublesome.”

But he felt that it was not as difficult.

He and Mo Er Qian were alumni from H University and they are roughly the same age. 

His circle of friends extended all over campus including those who studied together with Mo Er Qian. And two of them were currently in the same research team as him and could not be contacted for the time being.

But their professor should still be reachable.

“No need to worry.” Mu Tian Heng decided on his next move and rubbed Mo Di’s hair. “We’ll be able to resist whatever that comes. There’s always a way. Mo Er Qian is intelligent but he’s not the only one. Smart people are everywhere and it’s not like they are outside the law. As long as he steps out of line, there will be evidence and he will go to jail.”

“I know.” Mo Di sighed and showed a faint smile, “I’m just a little anxious but he doesn’t scare me.”

“Don’t be a worry-wart at such a young age.” Mu Tian Heng pinched Mo Di’s face and looked at him adoringly: “You’re rarely free so just relax for today. We’ll go out for lunch later, how’s that?”

“Ok.” Mo Di nodded with a smile.

Suan Suan was whining at the side. It grabbed at Mo Di’s pants with its white fluffy limbs, indicating its desire to tag along.

“You can’t go with us to the restaurant but when we come back, I promise to take you for a walk, how’s that?” Mo Di caressed Suan Suan’s paws and went to its food bowl, “I’ll open a can so you can eat first. Good boy.” 


Mu Tian Heng took Mo Di out for lunch and drove him around for another half an hour. When Mo Di’s mood was improved, Mu Tian Heng sent him back to the villa before rushing off to work.

Mo Di kept his word and brought Suan Suan out for a walk. However, the weather was a little harsh for him and as he also feared for Suan Suan’s health, Mo Di carried Suan Suan home after only thirty minutes.

Mo Di then focused on finishing chapter seven of Infinite Life.

Maybe the correct balance between work and rest does contribute to improving work efficiency, Mo Di had managed to complete the basic draft to chapter seven by nighttime.


After breakfast the next day, Mo Di added the final touches to the chapters five to seven and they were uploaded to the game competition website.

In less than ten minutes after the chapters were submitted, the judge that had threatened them with a bad review posted a comment on his Weibo.

His name was Ru Wen Han: “It’s due tonight and you only uploaded it now! Just because Infinite Life is a highly anticipated game you think you can keep me on the edge by sending it in this late! I’m so mad I don’t want to talk anymore. I have to play the game now.”

This post made Infinite Life an immediate hot search but the ranking was not very high until the Weibo account of the game competition commented to Ru Wen Han’s post: “HAHAHA! Thank you, brother, for the reminder! We also have to start playing right now!” 

Infinite Life was shot to the top ten on the hot search.

A large number of people began to access the official game page to play Infinite Life. Since thirty percent of the score would come from the public, after the games were uploaded to the competition website, everyone would have access to test out the games.

With that, Infinite Life had gathered quite a number of players awaiting its update. Currently, it stood in the third position even with the limited chapters and zero marketing campaign.

The other games competing against Infinite Life were a mobile game Love Cards, a love simulation game, and Legend, a hardcore action game. These two were already running an ad campaign since they entered the competition.

Love Cards was aimed at players who like relationship strategies and beautiful character designs. Most of their marketing was through bloggers and idols, appealing to the teenage demographic.

Legend targeted competitive players who prefer fast-paced action and therefore, their marketing was through livestream players and mainly the male demographic.

However, Infinite Life had never paid for a proper marketing campaign. The game’s popularity solely depended on its quality and appeal to a wider range of people. There was no specific target audience and people of all gender and age could play the game.

With its rich features and extremely diversified plots, it was highly rated for the replay value as each character has unique abilities that can shift the plotline in different directions. This was a huge pull for the game.

Besides, some NPCs were particularly likable and sympathetic due to their stories and personalities. There was even fanfic based on them. Mo Di thought of how he could give the characters more screen time… maybe add a feature for players to build their own adventure and include the NPCs into their team…

In short, according to the players’ reviews, Infinite Life was a fresh and addictive game with glamorous characters and intriguing plots. There were countless ways to delve into the game and that everyone could enjoy the adventure. 

Mo Di knew the hype Infinite Life had created and while it was on the rise, took the initiative to learn the marketing tactics of the other two games and planned a promotional campaign which he placed in a hard drive.

There were only fifteen games to be judged this round and hence, the results should be out by the end of the week. The program would once again be on live television and after that, would continue to be broadcasted once a week. 

As soon as the news was announced, many were confused with the ‘weekly broadcast’ part of the news. There was no way they could add new materials to their games in just a week. Only Mo Di knew what the organizers were planning.

The weekend came and the results were announced along with trailers of the games. There was never a doubt that Infinite Life would advance to the next stage. What was pleasantly surprising was that it firmly grasped the second position on the list.

Wen Ru Han who said that he would give them a bad review if they couldn’t give him at least eight or nine chapters to play with did not have one bad thing to say about the game. However, he still kept his threat that if he did not have at least four more chapters the next time, he would really give them a bad score.

The host smiled and continued to stir up the scene by announcing the winning teams. He then dropped a bomb and stated that for the next round, all the teams would make a formal appearance on TV!

Right after, Mo Di’s phone was bombarded with messages.

Pang Qiang Lang: What did the host mean? Are we invited to the stage?

Xian Yu Chao: AH AH AH We’re going to be famous!!!

Lin Jun Feng: So we’ll go on stage the next time they announce the winner? Should we try to give the game some publicity like talk about its creation story?

Zhao Chun: Damn! We’re going to be on camera? It’ll make me look fat! Zheng Jie Meng, wanna go have a liposuction tomorrow?

Zhang Jie Meng: ….I, I don’t think that’s necessary.

Han Chao: Calm down. We don’t even know what they really meant. Maybe they just need a video of us and then play it during the program.

Zhao Chun: AH AH AH That means I’m going to look even worse on HD.

Chen Zhao: Why are you so concerned with your big face? Pang Qiang Lang and Lin Jun Feng should be the ones who are worried.


Seeing the notifications had reached 99+, Mo Di decided not to get involved since his words might not even get to stay on screen for too long.

At the same time, this topic was also being discussed by someone else.

The Mo house.

Mo Liu Gui was on a video call with Ye Cheng Feng, talking about the game competition.

“Cheng Feng, I just saw that your game was promoted again, congratulations.”

Ye Cheng Feng gazed deeply at Mo Liu Gui, his eyes filled with infatuation: “Thank you, Xiao Gui. Can I see you tomorrow? We haven’t seen each other for days. I’ll take you to the restaurant you wanted to go to last time.”

“Well… how about the day after? I’m busy tomorrow.”

Mo Liu Gui was going to meet another director with Qin Cheng Yi the following day, of course she had to decline Ye Cheng Feng’s invitation. Again, she brought back the game competition, “The host’s announcement at the end, what did he mean by that? Are you going on stage?”

“That’s not it.” Being rejected by Mo Liu Gui, Ye Cheng Feng was a little disappointed but he still answered her in a gentle tone: “Then I’ll pick you up the day after tomorrow?”

“Ok.” Mo Liu Gui completely did not want to talk about this. She returned to the previous topic: “So what did the host mean then? Cheng Feng, do you know?”

“About that, I did hear something. The top ten teams will be living in an official base but I don’t know the exact details.”

So it’s true!

Mo Liu Gui frowned. It was the same as the dream she had.

Mo Liu Gui hid her emotions and said: “Maybe you’ll get to meet Xiao Di. I heard that he also took part in this competition and his game is very well received. That’s just great. If you see him, can you help me check if he’s been living well?”

RCFN Chapter 70

Chapter 70

“En.” Mo Di knew that Mu Tian Heng was only concerned for health so he nodded and accepted his preaching.

“Good boy.” Mu Tian Heng smiled. Mu Tian Heng wanted to touch Mo Di’s head but realized that he was too high up on the bed and reaching up would turn out to be awkward.

Mu Tian Heng clenched his hand to diminish the desire and reminded him tenderly: “Have a good rest and quickly go to bed, it’s already late. I’ll be leaving now.”

He was here for a surprise inspection and did not intend to stay for too long. Furthermore, the dorm would be locked at twelve midnight and he won’t be able to leave afterward.

“Brother, let me see you off.” 

“There’s no need. It’s cold outside, you’d better rest up and go to bed.” Seeing Mo Di about to get out of bed, Mu Tian Heng had to accentuate his tone: “Are you not listening to your brother’s words anymore?”

Mo Di stopped his movement and looked at Mu Tian Heng in aggrievedness.

Mu Tian Heng turned soft immediately. He said in a gentle tone: “You’re badly affected by the cold, going back and forth might give you a fever. Listen to me, alright?”

In his need to dissuade Mo Di, Mu Tian Heng spoke to him in an indulgently coaxing tone that he usually used when they were alone. Xian Yu Chao and the others had their eyes wide open, gawking in awe.

The big man was just too doting on their Xiao Di. This tone was like coaxing a child.

Mo Di detected the reactions of his roommates and his face turned red. He stopped what he was going and said: “Then, then brother, I won’t be seeing you off.”

“Um. You all should rest up as well.” Mu Tian Heng also felt the change and coughed: “I’m going now.”

After Mu Tian Heng left, Xian Yu Chao and Chen Zhao immediately stared at Mo Di while Lin Jun Feng looked curiously at Mu Tian Heng’s back as he closed the door.

“Xiao Di, isn’t Boss Mu a little too kind to you? And … and also…” Xian Yu Chao was unable to describe his exact thought on the matter. After stuttering briefly, he was just concluded with: “It’s nothing like how one would treat a younger brother.”

“Exactly! It was more like how a husband coaxes his wife.” Chen Zhao suddenly burst into laughter.

His uncle liked men and therefore, he felt there was nothing wrong with it.

“You shut up. That’s crazy.” Lin Jun Feng walked back to the bed and patted Chen Zhao’s shoulder, “Boss Mu is obviously a bro-con!” 

The group continued to discuss this topic, causing Mo Di terrible embarrassment. He covered his blanket and said to them: “If you’re not going to sleep then I’ll send you guys the work for the next chapter of Infinite Life. Do you want to do it now?”

“!!!” And then there was silence in the room as the rowdy three looked at each other in dismay.


With the precise review topics to work on and the exams taking place one after the other, time flew by quickly.

A week went by and so did several of Mo Di’s exams. Jing Da had begun the self-study week and also compulsory revision classes.

Mo Di would return home every weekend. And on the weekdays when he stayed at the dorm, he would make sure to go to bed on time since Mu Tian Heng had three informants by his side, there was no way for him to cheat!

Every bedtime, Mo Di would sigh in a complicated way before sleeping.

The next stage of the competition would be to fight for the top ten spots and everyone was baffled why Mo Di was working himself to the bone. Even if they only managed to upload one or two chapters, they were pretty much guaranteed to be promoted.

Mo Di had words that he could not divulge.

Only he knew how things would change as the competition ushered into the next stage. After the top ten was selected, which was also when the hype for the competition reached its peak, all the teams would have to cohabitate in a base provided by the committee. Like popular variety shows, a camera crew would film their game making progress day by day.

However, as this was the first-ever game competition in Hua Xia, sponsorship was not adequate for every team to have their own villa. The choice of living quarters was very limited and it all came down to the rankings. The higher up they were on the list, the more probable they would be able to pick a place to their liking. This would change in later years when the competition had garnered enough popularity and investors were willing to pour capital into it.

But in this premier competition, things were not as perfect. From what he could remember watching the episodes in his last life, there were only three villas available: One with three floors and the other two with four floors each. Just enough for the ten teams.

He had to stay in the top three positions to ensure that he could pick one of the top floors. In regard to privacy, comfort, and safety, the highest floor was always a good choice.


Life is not easy, Mo Di sighed.

Time zipped by as Mo Di busied with his studies and work. When he realized it, the last day of the exams was here and he had only one subject left to hurdle.

Not only the dorm but the whole class was filled with a festive mood.

Early this morning, Mo Di did not have to call and everyone was already out of bed.

The last exam would commence at 10:30 but the room would be occupied till 10:00 for an earlier class. 

Before ten, everyone was waiting outside the exam room discussing their plans for the holidays: when were they leaving for home, by rail or plane, where would they spend their vacation etc.

Xian Yu Chao and the others already had this discussion last night. They would be going home for the time being and when the game results were announced, they would then plan the next part of their winter holiday.

….but they knew they could plan all they want, Mo Di was not going to let them have it easy.


As Mo Di entered his last exam, a hot search popped up on the internet out of the blue.

“Release Date For The Film ‘Silence’ Is Set”

Silence is a film directed by renowned director Sun Yi Lun starring Mo Liu Gui and another actor on the rise. It told the story of first love and unrequited love.

Due to Sun Yi Lun’s reputation, the film attracted a lot of publicity once it had been announced. However, because of the Mo family’s scandals being exposed one after the other, Mo Liu Gui was in no position to buy any hot search and even when she did, more serious articles would drown out her own. Without these obstacles, the movie would have been top of the search list.

Recently, the Mo family had quietened down and when Mo Liu Gui stepped on Mo Si Lang to wash white, although it did not fully recover her image, proper publicity and marketing could now be carried out.

And so, in the sixth and eighth position of the hot search were “Mo Liu Gui, the newcomer in the lead role of Silence” and “Mo Liu Gui, the school goddess”. Several other buildups were also started. Most sounded objective on the surface but they were all a publicity stunt.

In it, Mo Liu Gui was described as a gifted and beautiful actress with great potential. She had flexible acting skills, captivating beauty, and on top of that, an academic achiever currently studying at Jing Da.

In the past, Mo Liu Gui’s reputation was nothing commendable. Coupled with the Mo family’s soiled reputation and the video confrontation between her and Mo Di, the netizens were skeptical at first with all the news involving her.

However, the water army was not there for nothing. Collaborating with Mo Liu Gui’s fans, they began a massive spread of propaganda on Weibo and major entertainment websites, aiming to help her wipe away all the previous rumors.

The so-called rumor-wiping was a common viral marketing method in the entertainment industry. Fans and water armies organized a large number of fabricated materials to refute anti-fans and whitewash their idols.

With their help, Mo Liu Gui was painted in a wholly different light: a rich, talented, intelligent, and innocent girl who had been misunderstood and bullied by the common people. When someone refuted them with evidence from the video, the water army would shut them out with claims that it was just a misunderstanding and deflect all the bad rumors. As long as the fans were shameless enough, they could go along with anything.

Under the forceful indoctrination, the truths and lies about Mo Liu Gui became a highly discussed topic for a while but with the water armies on her side, any opposers were immediately discredited. Eventually, Mo Liu Gui was promoted to the good side and managed to gain some popularity on Weibo.

Mu Tian Heng had just left his company on the way to pick someone up from Jing Da…. when news about her was notified on his phone. 

He immediately knew the farce behind all this.

After reading a few manuscripts written by the water army lying through their teeth, Mu Tian Heng’s mood was dampened. Needless to say, he did not waste time on meaningless anger. He immediately gave his PR department a temporary task and promised them a bonus were they to do a good job.

And so, by the time Mo Di came out of the examination hall and found the numerous absurd articles regarding Mo Liu Gui going viral, the whole hype was actually beginning to die down.

Not only that, the tables were now turned against Mo Liu Gui. 

The acts of the Mo family were dug up once again and were documented throughout the net along with the analysis of Mo Liu Gui’s caught on camera moments with Mo Di. The netizens were sarcastically praising her outstanding acting in that footage. 

The general masses were not idiots. Even with the fake articles circulating, Mo Liu Gui was still getting the cold shoulders.

With that, the publicity of the film Silence was once again affected.

Director Sun Yi Lun was a fuse ready to explode. He never paid attention to his casts’ personal life and only cared about their performance on the set but Mo Liu Gui had time and again hindered the publicity of his film, it was inevitable that he was getting dissatisfied with her.

He had planned for her to be the female lead in his next film but he seriously needed to reconsider that.

With just a quick browse of the internet, how could Mo Di not know what had transpired. He turned and gave Mu Tian Heng a smile.

“Brother, your countermove is too timely. Did you give the sisters and brothers who helped out drumsticks?”

“I did. I gave them a bonus big enough to buy thousands of drumsticks.” Mu Tian Heng rubbed Mo Di’s hair, “Congratulations on getting through all your exams. You’re finally free, anywhere particular you want to go?”

“Hmm…” Thinking of Mo Er Qian coming back in January, Mo Di hesitated: “I want to have a look at the Mo house.”

“The Mo house?” Mu Tian Heng instantly frowned. “And what would your purpose be?”

“That…” Mo Di was drawing a blank, “I’ll tell you when we get home. I can’t give a clear explanation at the moment.”

IHSC Chapter 34

Chapter 34

“That’s impossible… Impossible! I took half of it, why are you still alive? How could you wake up—Mian Deng—!”

The man shook his head in disbelief. When he called out this name, Wang Xiao Mie was a little surprised. He looked at the man then back at Wen Feng Jin.

“You there, do you know me?” Wang Xiao Mie pointed to himself. The name he called belonged to his previous life, were they connected somehow?

“Feng Jin, do you know him?”

Wen Feng Jin shifted his sight from Wang Xiao Mie to the man. There was a trace of expectation in the man’s eyes but Wen Feng Jin only gave him a cold passing glance.

“No.” Wen Feng Jin said: “I do not know this man.”

Upon hearing this, the man’s features twitched wildly as he looked at Wen Feng Jin with maddening eyes.

“You don’t know me…..” He burst into laughter and pointed at Wen Feng Jin: “You don’t know me? Liar! You must’ve remembered me!”

Seeing his eyes that resembled that of a malevolent ghost’s, Wang Xiao Mie swallowed his saliva. 

“Xiao Wenzi, if you really know him, just admit it. I get the feeling he’s going to come for us at any minute now.”

Those bulging eyeballs were staring at them like they had killed his entire family.

But Wen Feng Jin only shook his head without even giving the man a second glance. He went to the coffin and gently caressed Wang Xiao Mie’s cheek.

“Shixiong, you’re awake. I’m going to have to deal with some noisy mice. Why don’t you sleep a little longer? Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon.”

….. Hey hey, people are listening.

Wang Xiao Mie then took another look at the man… Oh f**k! Don’t your eyes hurt opening them that big?!


But Wang Xiao Mie noticed something.

The way the man looked at him: Jealousy and resentment!

The way the man looked at Wen Feng Jin: Love and hate…..

The man looked at him again: Jealousy and resentment!

The man looked at Wen Feng Jin once more: Love and hate…..

My lord! How is it possible that one could have such differing emotions in his eyes by just changing targets!

Wang Xiao Mie had a feeling this was how the wife would look at the mistress and her husband after they ditched her. He could even hear the line “you green tea bitch! I’m gonna kill you!”

Wang Xiao Mie: …. too much drama.

Even Lei Jie and Xiao Luo who had tried to reduce their presence felt like they had come to thrash the adultery couple with their good sister.

“……you should give it some more thought. I think he really knows us. But we’ve lived for so long, how could we be acquainted?” Wang Xiao Mie brushed Wen Feng Jin’s hand away and whispered to him.

The man kept his glare on him, making him feel increasingly uncomfortable.

Wen Feng Jin responded with a noncommittal um. He rubbed his thumb on Wang Xiao Mie’s cheek one last time before standing up straight to face the man: “Are you the ones who want my heart?”

“No. Not them. Only me.” Mr. Yan gave Wen Feng Jin a piercing look and spoke in a sarcastic tone: “Wen Feng Jin, you’re just as they say, cold and heartless. Back then, all you ever cared for was your useless Shixiong. And when he died, all you think of is that rotting corpse. I’ve done so much for you and yet you don’t even recognize me.”

There was a slight change in Wen Feng Jin’s expression.

“Oh? Did you finally remember?”

Under the man’s eyes filled with a renewed expectation, Wen Feng Jin half-closed his pitch-black ones. The scarlet mark between his brows glowed red as blood. He looked down to his shoulder and gently flicked several petals off.

The gesture was an implementation that the man’s words and his existence were like dust on his shoulder, not worthy of his nostalgia.

Finally, he picked up the last petal and dropped it to the ground. The pink and seductive lips opened and said the words: “What are you to deserve this lord’s attention?”


That pretentious attitude is so cool~ Wang Xiao Mie, sitting in the coffin, took out his small notebook and jotted down. I learned something new today.

The man clenched his fists. He gritted his teeth so strong that veins emerged from his cheeks. But soon after, he relaxed his nerves and even under that much facial paralysis, pulled up a smile again.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember me, it’s good enough that I remember you, Feng Jin.” There was a horror in his laughter and perversion in his voice: “You wouldn’t have gotten the elixir if it weren’t for me. But then again, if it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have to stay underground even after he was awake.”

“Let me guess the reason why you both did not go back to the surface. Ha ha. Because when he leaves this tree, leaves your blood, he will die, isn’t it?! Ha hah ha.”

The man turned and pointed at Wang Xiao Mie who was poking his head out of the coffin to watch the excitement, “Mian Deng, you’re just a living corpse. It must be pretty painful to smell the rot on your body every day, isn’t it? Hmph! That is because years ago, I took half of the concoction that was meant for you. Look at me, I’ve also lived for so many years. Do you know what that concoction was made of? It’s …..”

A strong gust of wind rose and Wen Feng Jin appeared right opposite of the man with his palm squeezing his neck, cutting him off mid-sentence.

“It’s you! You still have the guts to appear in front of me!” Wen Feng Jin’s crow-black pupils turned red instantly. He brutally exerted more force until a crack, the sound of bones breaking, was heard.

When Wen Feng Jin let go of his hand, the man fell lightly to the ground. Without even looking at the corpse, he turned to the coffin and said to the wide-eyed and gaped-mouth Wang Xiao Mie: “Xiao Mie, give me my sword.”

Wang Xiao Mie was a little confused looking at the lifeless body of the man who just seconds ago was still talking like a maniac. 

This was somewhat unreal. He was expecting something more. The man was spouting incomprehensive words but he gave off a vibe that he was not easy to defeat. And then just like that, he was killed…

It was quite anti-climatic.

Wang Xiao Mie’s disappointment was also felt by Lei Jie and Xiao Luo. Their lower jaws almost touched the ground. 

“…..Shibo, didn’t you say he had something up his sleeve?” Xiao Luo pouted.

“…..Maybe that something was the bunch of rubbish he was babbling about.” It’s just a pity that his opponent was the ‘piss off, I don’t give a hoot’ type. Lei Jie covered her face.

“Wait, that’s it? And what was he talking about? What concoction? What body odor? Why don’t I know anything?” Wang Xiao Mie eyed at Wen Feng Jin suspiciously.

He had a hunch that the man was about to say something that would rebuke his previous understanding and Wen Feng Jin had deliberately shut him up.

As the thought occupied his mind, the man on the ground suddenly moved!

“Sh*t! The corpse is moving!” Xiao Luo shouted out his inner dialogue.

He watched in horror as the corpse on the ground twisted and turned. Briefly after, the man rose up like zombies in the movies.

The man held his neck and gave it a tweak. With a crisp bone cracking sound, he adjusted his neck back in place.

Wen Feng Jin tapped lightly on Wang Xiao Mie’s forehead: “Xiao Mie, snap out of it. Pass me my Liao Yue sword.”

“Ah? Oh ok ok!” Wang Xiao Mie quickly reached for the Liao Yue sword inside the coffin and handed it to Wen Feng Jin, “How is he alive?!”

“He can’t be killed by regular methods. This is a little troublesome, you should hide in the coffin. That man is crazy. When this is over, I will answer all your questions.”

Wen Feng Jin was very gentle with his words. He did not give the newly reborn monster any attention. His eyes only reflected Wang Xiao Mie’s restless expression and there was an excitement in him that Wang Xiao Mie could not understand. Slowly, he unsheathed his Liao Yue sword and said softly: “It seems that Zhen Bei was not lying. Soon, I can truly revive you, Xiao Mie.”

Wang Xiao Mie was taken aback: “What does that mean…What do you mean by truly revive? Ain’t I a zombie now? Ain’t I already revived?”

However, Wen Feng Jin did not answer him. He raised his sword and let the scabbard fall to the ground. His long dark hair fluttered as a red murderous aura emanated. When it appeared, the powerful force field was like an invisible fist pressing on one’s chest and creating a sharp boom in one’s brain!

Behind him, even Wang Xiao Mie was feeling the pressure, not to mention the man at whom the force was targeted at. He stumbled and almost fell to his knees. Lei Jie and Xiao Luo at the rear were not spared either. They grabbed at their chest and knelt on the ground with bleeding noses.

But the man was only taken by surprise. He gradually became accustomed to the pressure and finally, sent out his own energy that was similar to Wen Feng Jin’s!

“….. you say that I’m crazy?” The man’s clothes were blown rumpled by the intense force. He sneered as his face and skin turned bluish-gray at the speed visible to the naked eyes! Veins and muscles were vividly shown coursing through this skin. The pair of regular black eyes had also turned blood-red like Wen Feng Jin’s.

“Wen Feng Jin, tell me, who is the crazier one, you or me? Did you forget all the killings that you orchestrated? Have you also forgotten the slaughter you did on your own sect?”

“Shut up.”

Wen Feng Jin held his sword in one hand and drew the bright blade into a crescent. He slashed forward mercilessly!

The man was unable to dodge in time and so he used both hands to catch the blade!

“Woah! Empty-handed sword block?!”

“Woah! You think you’re Guo Jing?!” (TN: protagonist of the renowned novel Legend of the Condor Heroes)

The two exclamations were shouted at the same time. Wang Xiao Mie and Xiao Luo looked at each other from a distance. 

Fellow readers!

Wait a minute. Xiao Luo was stunned. Isn’t he a thousand-year dumpling? How does he know this reference?

But before he had time to ponder over this, the fight was getting so intense that it grabbed everyone’s attention.

After the initial attack, the man’s arm was almost cut off. However, it healed immediately. He then proceeded to pull out a soft sword from his belt.

Wen Feng Jin continued his duel with him. Light beams were reflected from the swords as sharp clinking sounds were heard as the swords clashed. To a mortal like Wang Xiao Mie, this was like witnessing a fantastical fight. 

He was dazzled by the body movements and the afterimage. If he were in this fight, he probably would not last long.

Wen Feng Jin was especially ruthless with his attacks, each strike harbored a tenacious killing intent. On the other hand, his opponent relied on his powerful healing ability, dodging what he could and taking in the damage when he failed to avoid it.

It was strange that every time Wen Feng Jin made a big wound, there was not much blood surging out. It’s almost like…..Wang Xiao Mie held Kai Ming against his chest…. It’s just like Wen Feng Jin.

Once again, the stabbed man ignored his wounds and relentlessly tried to inflict damage on Wen Feng Jin. It was an all-out battle.

IHSC Chapter 33

Chapter 33

The door to the main chamber closed again.

Mu Yi, the head of the monsters grinned with a bloody smile. The ten tomb guardians already had their bellies filled. They surrounded Zhen Bei only to sniff and gawk at him as though they were watching a movie.

After all, he emitted quite a similarly vicious smell as themselves~

Zhen Bei threw Zhen Mu to one side. He then skillfully flicked the butterfly knife in his hand and squatted down to observe Zhen Hao. The man’s face was now painted with blood from the beatings he received. Zhen Bei smiled at him warmly like a gentleman, almost as if he was pulling out a handkerchief for Zhen Hao.

But what he pulled out was another knife…

Zhen Hao finally felt the imminent danger and ceased his swearing. He dragged himself backward in fear while Zhen Bei followed him slowly, step by step, with his head tilted and a smile that never left his face.

The exact image of a psychopathic killer.

“Big ~ Brother~~~ Let’s have some fun~ Ha ha ha ha.”

Zhen Hao bumped into a monster but now that he looked back, the brother who he had been calling an idiot was more terrifying!

The beautiful butterfly knife was raised and lowered.


Zhen Bei squatted down and rested his chin on his right hand: “It’s only one hand and brother, your scream was so loud! But….. that makes me so happy!”

“Let me go…..Zhen Bei…. Please let me go, when we get out….” Zhen Hao was in so much pain that tears and snot were pouring out of his eyes and nose. He forced himself to negotiate with Zhen Bei under intense fear.

“There’s no need.” Zhen Bei interrupted him: “You’re not getting out of here~ Big, brother.”

“You!” Zhen Hao’s face was distorted as he vented through a torrent of abuse: “You’re just a dog! You’re all my dogs! I — hmm!”

“You seem to not want your tongue anymore.”

Shaking off the blood on the knife, Zhen Bei’s three fingers swung the butterfly knife nimbly. “Oh right, we have to straighten out our differences. I still remember that you spent a lot of hard work honing your appraisal skills but one year, you failed to identify a replica Zhen Mu made. Ha ha ha! That was the first time you made such a big fool out of yourself.”

Zhen Bei was laughing out loud one second and the next, his face turned murderously cold. He patted the knife on Zhen Hao’s face: “But that was because you were blind. And yet you called Zhen Mu to your room and gave him countless slashes on both his hands. Big brother, do you think I should just cut your hands off right now?”

“Wu wu—!”

“And also, Zhen Mu is so much more talented than you and so you ordered him to risk his life in the tombs instead. As for me, I only showed a little knowledge in antiques and immediately you told everyone to cast me aside and called me an idiot.”

“Hai~~ ai! The more I think about it, the angrier I am…. Hah!”


The red liquid spurt over and over again. Mu Yi and the others whispered and laughed amongst themselves. A group of monsters encompassed a human and yet, the man in the center was more terrifying than any of the monsters….

Like a show, they stood and watched the man’s ‘performance’ and listened to the screams of his ‘co-actor’.

After a long, long time.

Zhen Bei, drenched in blood, stood up with a big smile. His peach blossom eyes blinked as red droplets dripped along his cheek to his chin, like tears of blood.

“I’ve had enough fun.” He threw away the butterfly knives stained with the sticky red substance, then took out a handkerchief and wiped his hands gracefully.

He lifted his sight and looked at the monsters: “Oh that’s right, send my thanks to your master. He kept to his word, and so will I. This guy…” He nudged Zhen Mu’s back with his feet, “I still have to send him out.”

Mu Yi and the others took one last glance at the man then turned around and disappeared out of sight.

Zhen Bei ignored them. He removed the grey sachet tied to Zhen Mu. The sachet was made with his clothes, it contained his scent. This was the agreement he made with the tomb master: do not attack anyone who carried his scent. 

After tossing the item, he put Zhen Mu on his back and bumped him up.

“But… I’m gonna come back~”

A glint of malice filled his drooping eyes as he looked at the direction the tomb guardians disappeared into.

“….. after all, as the mantis stalks the cicada, the yellow finch lurks in the shadow~”


Coursing through the magnificent tomb, one would feel as though he had traversed back to the glorious imperial palace of ancient times. Stone railings sculpted into dragons pathed the way and polished marble shiny as a mirror lined the ground they walked on. To the sides were rows of giant vermillion pillars etched with carvings of rising dragons. 

It was hard for a regular joe to fathom this majestic architecture.

Whenever they thought that had reached their destination, a light source would ignite as guidance, telling them that they still had a long road ahead.

“This underground palace is as big as ten imperial palaces! Who exactly is this Wen Feng Jin?” Xiao Luo was gawking obsessively at a vase that was bound to cost a fortune.

Even the roof beams were inlaid with jewels.

Before Lei Jie could say anything, Mr. Yan cut in: “Hmph, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Back then, the man could even cover the sky with his hand. That was how he ruled over the Northern Kingdom and areas further out. From the moment he came into power, whether it was the common people or powerful magistrates, everyone was thrown into the chaos. It took him only five years to reach the position of the ruler without even needing the crown! With a wave of his sleeve, no one dared to oppose him. He was practically worshipped as a god. The number of people willing to do crazy things for him was countless.”


And how did you know so much…. was what Xiao Luo wanted to ask but he kept it to himself in the end. Ever since the man fed his subordinate to the monsters, Xiao Luo only felt his hair tingling whenever he looked at him.

But very soon, his thoughts would be occupied by something else.

Because they had exited the final hall and came to a large stretch of the terrace. The dim guiding light indoors was replaced with a bright array illumination. 

The moment he cast eyes on the scenery ahead, he was speechless. And he knew his mentor and the man were having the same shock.


In front of them was a vast space as large as the Olympic stadium. Along the walls were numerous protruding platforms with pavilion palaces constructed on them, just like scenic spots of cliffside temples.

And the three were standing on one of those red pavilions with a bottomless chasm under their feet.

In the center of this colossal crater was a massive pillar of towering heights with chains as thick as a man’s waist connecting it to the walls. At the top of the pillar was a platform where a giant ancient tree stood. A mystical tree with no leaves and only flowers. What was more intriguing was the crimson blooms that crowned the tree like a scarlet fire.

The glow emitted from the tree kindled a sense of divinity.

And their final goal, the coffin they came here for, was under the burning blossom tree.



“Looks like it’s time to go up.” Lei Jie licked her dried lips. She turned and looked at her apprentice: “After this point, things will only get worse. It’ll be hard to stay alive. You’re my apprentice and yet I’ve led you to your death, do you hate me?”

“No.” Xiao Luo shook his head and said resolutely: “Without you, I would’ve been a gangster my whole life…. But Shibo, we really can’t turn back now?”

“Turn back? What kind of situation do you think we’re in? Do you think those things will let us out? Our skills are not even worth mentioning in the face of such absolute power. I can deal with one or two of those monsters, but a group, that’s not possible.”

Lei Jie observed the man who had stepped onto the chain without hesitation. She whispered: “Ever since he got here, it’s like he’s been possessed. He must have something up his sleeves. Xiao Luo, remember this, when we get up there, we must not initiate anything, just stay behind him.”

“Yes! Shibo!”

The way up was the path of no return and below her feet was an abyss of definite death. Looking at the thick chains that linked the decisive platform, Lei Jie hooked her lips and took a leap…

The man surnamed Yan twitched his face into a strange expression as his eyes sparkled with incitement!

A millennium! It’s been a millennium!

He was finally able to see that man again!

Wen Feng Jin…..

With that in mind, he could not help but hastened his footsteps. Even if the chain shook turbulently, even if a misstep could send him down a bottomless pit, he still treaded on fearlessly.

Following closely behind him were a master and her apprentice.

The moment they set foot on the platform, winds raged from the abyss, beating against their sight and ruffling the branches of the burning tree, bringing it to life. Brittle petals floated off their branch and rose into the air like stars rising in the night sky! The scene was sacred and magical!

Under the sacred tree where swirling petals gradually drifted towards gravity, laid a coffin large enough for two. Next to it was a man admiring the tree with his hands linked behind his back. The petals danced around him as the wind rustled through his extravagant red and black robe fitted with a girdle that outlined his fine waist. His black hair was adorned with a red crown and only a patch of white skin from his neck could be seen….

….the image of an immortal.


The silence that followed gave birth to a strange sense of oppression so strong that none of them dared to breathe.

Lei Jie and Xiao Luo were dumbfounded.

Having laid eyes on this man, they no longer had any doubt about the elixir and what was written on the inscription. Only the thought ‘oh, so this is an immortal’ remained.

On the other hand, the man surnamed Yan had his sight locked on to the man’s back. His eyelids and muscles twitched as he bit down his lips. Even his fingers were clenched into a fist.

A moment later, he abruptly opened his mouth and breathed out three words: “Wen , Feng, Jin.”

The words were like mosquitoes buzzing but it got the man’s attention.

The man turned to look at them callously. He had a graciously beautiful visage but it bore an aggressive expression. And the eyes with the large obsidian pupils showed a lack of emotions as he looked at the ants in front of him.

The man surnamed Yan took a breath and they locked eyes.

Out of the blue, he laughed hysterically.

“It’s really you! It’s really you—”

His eyes then landed on the coffin next to Wen Feng Jin and his laughter got louder. 

In a crazy tone, he said: “Ha ha ha. You’re still watching over a dead man after so many years! What sacred tree? What resurrection? It’s all a hoax! Ha ha ha! This is retribution — Your retribution for abandoning me—!”

“Who are you?” Wen Feng Jin frowned at the man. Why is this face quite familiar?

Mr. Yan did not answer. He pointed at the coffin with hatred in his eyes!

“What is inside that coffin? A corpse? Or a handful of ashes? Ha ha ha. I’ve won after all! I won!”

As soon as these words came out, a figure suddenly popped up from the coffin.

They stared at each other awkwardly.

Mr. Yan: “…..”

Wang Xiao Mie: “…..”

The man’s boisterous laughter stopped midway! His eyes were opened so wide the eyeballs could fall out!

Wang Xiao Mie had goosebumps the longer he was stared at by him.


“Why don’t… I just lie back down???”

IHSC Chapter 32

Chapter 32

What’s it like being watched by a group of drooling monsters as one marched towards someone else’s tomb?

It’s like a student sitting in the last row being called to the podium for a speech. 

The bitterness in their heart was hard to put into words. After all, no tomb master would let just about anyone enter his tomb freely.

They had planned for heavy casualties but never thought it would end like this.

If it weren’t for the row of monsters to the sides eyeing them hungrily, they might actually feel like standing on the red carpet.

The man surnamed Yan strode forward. Xiao Li was turning pale right behind him. He used his peripheral vision to stay on guard.

Xiao Luo was sweating bullets as he tightened his grip on the item in his hand. He finally pulled out the secret weapon from his backpack and muttered: “I currently have the urge to turn tail and run.”

Zhen Bei was walking behind him and looked up when he heard his words. But the second he saw the weapon Xiao Luo was cradling like a baby in his arms, he pointed at it with a stiff expression.

“What is that?”

Xiao Luo gave the slender weapon a wave: “Oh this? It’s my Physical Holy Sword!”

Zhen Bei: “…..” Physical Holy Sword?

“Isn’t it just a crowbar…..”

Xiao Luo’s expression changed and in a serious tone, he said: “No, its name is Physical Holy Sword. It’d been blessed by the temple.”

“…..” Even the double-faced Zhen Bei was at a loss for words.

Right behind them, a boney and cocooned palm slapped on Xiao Luo’s head with a pa! Lei Jie moved in between them and said to Zhen Bei: “Don’t pay attention to this chuuni. This thing can even get drunk with fake wine.”

“Shibo! That’s not true!”

“Huh? How dare you yell at me? Want me to use the physical sword to separate you and your genitalia?”



Zhen Bei discreetly hastened his steps towards Zhen Mu, hiding his disdain from Lei Jie.

“Please, wait, a moment.”

A shrill voice echoed from the group of motionless monsters, sending a chill in everyone’s spine. A long-haired female ghost was staring at them with her gruesome eyes wide open. She dragged her feet and stood in front of the group.

The frosty air and moldy scent were giving the man surnamed Yan extreme discomfort.

Xiao Li’s pupils shrank and the fickle brain that was already in chaos ordered for an attack!


“Ahhhh! My hand! Ah! Boss!” Xiao Li clutched his right hand which was corroding into his wrist. He knelt down and howled in agony. In a flash, his right hand was completely dissolved and melted onto the ground.

And the perpetrator behind this was one of the monsters that had now gathered around them: a giant mushroom-like creature that disintegrated Xiao Li’s hand with its spit!

The group quickly had their backs against each other in a small circular formation. The hands holding on to their weapons were clamming wet. No one could afford to avert their attention to Xiao Li who was squirming on the floor and whose scream was overshadowed by the fear that was causing their hearts to beat like thunder!

This is it. Is this going to be where they die? Was all that before just a trap so they could be killed here?!

So many monsters… why did we come here?! This is not a place for the living!

“You people, so rude…. Hi hi hi…Our master said only four can enter. Decide amongst yourself, who can enter, who is to stay…” The female ghost gave a screeching laugh and announced: “But those who stay will become our food.”

“Food~ Food~ ha ha ha~” The two jellyfish monsters which left them with only the skin of their companions were cheering like children: “The ten of us will eat you first~ We want the viscera! Internal organs are delicious!”

“Then I’ll have the head…”

“Gu gu…..” I want the hands.

“I… want… eyeballs.”

“Click click click!” Don’t have to argue, everyone will get a share!

The group of monsters now had a distorted look on their faces. Their scarlet eyes depicted a thirst for blood like a famished predator.

Even without understanding their language, one could tell the excitement in their tone and the longing to tear up the ones chosen to stay behind.

“Only four?” Mr. Yan looked at Xiao Li curled up on the ground without a hint of emotion. In a swift motion, he kicked Xiao Li into the monsters’ reach and said gently: “You can have that one first.”

His tone and attitude were like talking about an object rather than a human being, furthermore, that man was his subordinate!

Zhen Mu and Lei Jie were flushed of color. They shifted their guard towards the man behind them instead of the monsters. Although Xiao Luo was young and green, he still felt the irony looking at Xiao Li’s angry and frightened expression.

The man surnamed Yan and his men were birds of a feather, stone-cold and notorious. Anyone one of them could betray everyone else in the blink of an eye. It’s better that they die off, saving him the trouble of having to look over his shoulder.

As for Zhen Bei, he grabbed on to Zhen Mu’s coat in horror as a guise to prevent Zhen Mu from getting in the way.

“What are you doing?! Yan, you animal! I’m going to kill you!”

Xiao Li helped himself up. Rage filled his face as he swore like a ferocious beast. He picked up the dagger with his good hand and rushed at Mr. Yan with every intention to share his peril!

But before his attack could land on Mr. Yan, his entire body was pulled back by the tomb keepers…

The sounds of chewing and screaming were intermittent and only lasted for a minute but it could never be unheard. 

Even the silence from the aftermath chilled them to the bones.

Zhen Mu’s Adam’s apple kept sliding as the smell of blood filled the air. Lei Jie and Xiao Luo had their eyes shut and Mr. Yan was keeping a straight face with a tint of smug. 

“Ou…” Zhen Bei squatted down retching. 


Maybe the noises from before had woken Zhen Hao up. And the moment he took in his surroundings, he let out another barrage of deafening screams!


It had to be said that the scream too sudden that even Mr. Yan was slightly startled.

Xiao Luo’s reaction after the shock was to give Zhen Hao a kick, “The hell are you screaming for?!”

“You dare to kick me?!” With his initial panic subsided, Zhao Hao got up from the ground to settle the scores with Xiao Luo. His hand was almost to Xiao Luo’s neck when the crowbar got in his way.

Xiao Luo flashed him a sarcastic smile as he raised his weapon. He had long been dreading this fool’s presence and since only four could live, he could not wait to throw him to the monsters!

Lei Jie smacked her forehead and cursed: “Does that thing have any brains? Does he still think that he is in charge?”

“Big brother, what are you doing…” Zhen Mu’s sharp brows were kneaded together. He came between them and tried to stop Xiao Luo from hurting Zhen Hao.


A merciless slap whipped across Zhen Mu’s face!

Zhen Mu was dumbfounded and Zhen Bei’s eyes narrowed as he clenched his fist.

Zhen Hao sneered at him: “You traitorous dog. How dare you try to stop me instead of helping me deal with him? You’re supposed to protect me and now look at this. Zhen Mu you better get me out of here safely!”


The satiated monsters stood and watched like they were some kind of show.

Mr. Yan, Lei Jie, and Xiao Luo fell silent after he was done talking. After a while, they couldn’t help but laughed. Lei Jie looked at Zhen Mu: “Tell me why are you still tolerating him? Let’s just decide on him.”

“… No.” No matter how outrageous and stupid Zhen Hao was, he was still his brother. They had a blood bond. And despite the urge to give him a beating, he was still unable to watch him torn up by the group of monsters.

“Tsk! This personality of yours… But let me be blunt.” Lei Jie chuckled: “If we can’t meet the monsters’ demand, we’ll all die. We have to choose two more from the six of us… Zhen Mu, who do you think should stay behind?”

“You couldn’t possibly think to pick from the three of us, do you? Haha.”

Of the six, only the two Zhen sons, Zhen Hao and Zhen Bei, were the most powerless. It was an obvious choice to leave them behind.

Zhen Mu’s frown deepened. He looked at Zhen Bei and quickly pointed his Chang Feng at the others, fending Zhen Bei behind him.

“No one is allowed to touch my younger brother! Or else… or else you’ll have to stay behind with me!”

Zhen Bei cringed and looked at everyone in bewilderment: “Brother…”

Zhen Hao was getting agitated: “What are you talking about? Why aren’t you all worried about the monsters? Zhen Mu, Zhen Bei, answer me.”

At this point, no one paid him any heed. After all, Zhen Mu had made his choice very clear through his attitude…

Zhen Hao was destined to die.

“Second brother…” While Zhen Mu was keeping guard against the others, Zhen Bei suddenly called out to him.

“What is it…”

With no warning, Zhen Mu crouched down in astonishment and coughed. He saw a fist pummeled into his chest as his breathing strained and his eyes began to blur. Just before his consciousness faded, he was staring at Zhen Bei in disbelief.


“Second brother, you’re such a nuisance~”

Zhen Bei had a broad smile across his face: “You better keep your eyes shut or I’ll have to hurt you even more…”

“Zhen Mu…”

The skittish tone that called out his name was followed by devilish laughter.

With a thunk, Zhen Mu fell to the ground. Zhen Bei smirked and with little effort, he put the man over his shoulder. He turned to grin at the Lei Jie who was also smiling sarcastically.

“You already knew, didn’t you? I hate smart women the most. Disgusting.”

Lei Jie patted her stunned disciple to comfort him and responded to Zhen Bei: “A twisted monster wearing human skin like you is even more disgusting. Your entire body reeked!”

“Haha haha ha!” Zhen Bei’s bright face was splashed with a sunny smile as if it was basked in sunlight, making the man appear kind and warm but when he glared at them with his peach blossom eyes, the words he said were disturbingly heinous.

“You three should go ahead. We brothers are going to have to settle the scores. Especially with my big brother. I just can’t wait to see him torn into chunks of meat. Ahh ha ha.”



“Let’s go.” Mr. Yan turned around and left indifferently. Lei Jie did the same.

“Where are you going?! Wait!! Zhen Bei you dumbass, don’t you dare touch me! What are you doing?! —Ah!”

Zhen Bei spread his palm and grabbed Zhen Hao by the hair. Under Zhen Hao’s ear-piercing screams and desperate struggle was Zhen Bei’s sweet and gentle smile.

He slammed Zhen Hao’s head into the ground and took out a butterfly knife…

Xiao Luo curiously looked back at the scene and witnessed Zhen Bei’s sadistic smile widening the more Zhen Hao screamed. He even licked his lips in excitement…

The Zhens are such a twisted family!

Xiao Luo shook off the numbness in his scalp and hurried after his mentor.

RCFN Chapter 69

Chapter 69

Du Wen Jing was distraught. Why did they break his fingers? Didn’t they say that as long as she obeyed they wouldn’t hurt him?!!!

Du Wen Jing jumped hysterically at sister Meng, wanting to grab the photos. The cuffs on her wrist which were chained to the chair clattered harshly.

“What happened to my brother?! Where is he?! What happened to him?!”

Sister Meng witnessed her reaction and turned to look at the policeman there with her.

“Stop pretending. If you didn’t work with the people at the casino, how would your brother end up like this?”

“I didn’t! I didn’t! I did not want to hurt my brother! I love him the most! How could I hurt him?!!!”

Du Wen Jing’s tears flowed endlessly. “Tell me what happened to my brother?! Aren’t you the police? How can you let this happen to him?! Why didn’t you save him?! What kind of trashy police are you?!”

“You better have some respect!” The young officer snapped at her angrily.

Sister Meng was more accustomed to dealing with interrogation. She smacked two photos in front of Du Wen Jing and spoke to her calmly: “We have been working with the Myanmar police on a case and when the crimes committed in the gambling den were about to blow up, the police went after everyone in that place. But somehow they knew the police were coming and decided to use your brother as a hostage. Our hands were tied and they escaped. Now, do you still want to cover for them? Are you still willing to work with these people?!”

Du Wen Jing’s eyes were fully red: “How could they do that? They clearly said… They said…”

Sister Meng deliberately ignored her words. She told her gravely: “You’re still not willing to tell us?”

“It seems you’re trying to protect them. You’re helping each other get rid of your targets. You hated your brother because your family treated him better than you. And the person you’re working with hated Mo Di for some reason so he helped you harm your brother and you help him to deal with Mo Di. Am I right?”

“That’s nonsense!” Du Wen Jing glared at sister Meng with rage, “If something happens to my brother I won’t let you off, I won’t let them off!”

“Those people are not trustworthy! I’ll kill them! They deserve to die!”

“They gave me their word. They said if I gave Mo Di drugs and turned him into an addict, they would write off my brother’s debts and let him go. They lied to me! They should all go to hell!”

“So you worked with them to ruin Mo Di and save your brother?” Although she had expected this, sister Meng was still furious, “Do you know that what you did brought danger not only to your brother but also others?!”

“Did you know that those people set it up so your brother would turn into an addict and owed them that much debt?” The policeman next to sister Meng said in anguish: “Those people deliberately targeted your brother and you’re still willing to be used by them?!”

“Ah!!!” Du Wen Jing cried and wailed hysterically.

“Are you going to stay quiet to protect them or will you start talking?”

“If you delay us further, we won’t be able to track the people who took your brother and the longer he stayed with them, the more dangerous his situation is!”

“I… I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you!” Du Wen Jing choked up and said with tears and snot all over her face: “I’ll tell you everything…”

“You have to save my brother. Quickly save my brother!”


Du Wen Jing retold her story from the beginning.

It started a month ago when a group of men came to her door and demanded a payment of 12 million yuan. They said it was the gambling debts her brother owed and she had to pay up or his hands will become obsolete. 

Of course she had her doubts and wanted to call the cops but they showed her a picture of his toe being chopped off and threatened that if she went to the police, the next time it won’t be just a finger or a hand, it’s going to be her family’s bloodline.

Du Wen Jing was scared witless, she dared not take any reckless actions. She cried and begged them to let her brother go but they refused and kept threatening her with photos of her brother being beaten to a pulp. 

Then finally, they put up a proposal as compensation. 

She was reluctant at first. She did not want to promise them anything, definitely not to hurt people, let alone go to jail! But there was nothing she could do, her brother owed them too much money and even his life was in their hands. She had no choice but to cooperate.

She is innocent! She is also a victim!

Sister Meng could not sympathize with her willingness to harm innocent people instead of going to the police. She told Du Wen Jing to give a description of the men and how to get in touch with them. Then with a cold face, she left the interrogation room.

The police immediately launched an operation.

Unfortunately, once those people heard that Du Wen Jing was in police custody, they scattered and only two were caught after two days of pursuit. They pleaded guilty to everything and insisted that no one else was giving them instructions.

At the same time, Du Wen Long was successfully located with two fingers and two toes missing. He was rescued and was sent home from Myanmar. After knowing everything, he hated Du Wen Jing.

When they were allowed to see each other, he only threw insults at her. He was being held for so long because she did not go to the police immediately and even cooperated with the people who tortured him. He felt that Du Wen Jing did it on purpose and wanted him dead.

Seeing Du Wen Long hating herself, Du Wen Jing was devastated. She cried to the point of fainting.

It was a tragic story of retribution.

Du Wen Jing’s crime of deceiving others into taking drugs was finalized. As for how long she will be imprisoned was up to the court.

And Mo Di had put Du Wen Jing aside for the time being and focused on the Qin family alongside Mu Tian Heng.

Cases whereby victims were enticed into gambling and eventually turned into habitual gamblers like Du Wen Long’s were not rare. These schemes were usually run by underground gambling dens and in Myanmar, it was operated in a grey area which included the rich, both dirty and clean. The Myanmar police could not lay their hands on them without reasonable cause but now that a foreign nationality was harmed on their soil, the police could no longer turn a blind eye.

Mu Tian Heng cooperated with the Myanmar businessmen in his acquaintance and had them put a lot of pressure on the local law enforcement to flush out the illegal activities of the casinos. With each successful arrest, the Myanmar police had gained a lot more support and momentum.

With the additional help of the Hua Xia police force and the information provided by Mu Tian Heng and Mo Di, Commissioner Wang had managed to put the Qin family onto the dissecting table. 

Amongst the people the Qin family sent to overlook their casinos, two were Qin Cheng Yi’s closest confidants and they were arrested, sending Qin Cheng Yin into a spiraling rage.

But his anger was useless. The most he could do now was send them a message, warning them not to say anything stupid.

With them under police custody, he could not simply make them disappear and cut off any ties they had with the Qin family.

Mu Tian Heng and Mo Di worked with several I.T. officers to trace the connection between the Qin Group and the gambling dens. Their ceaseless work eventually led to finding clues one after the other, even the malpractices committed in Du Wen Long’s case.

Even with his utmost effort, Qin Cheng Yi could only remove himself from the case while several of his confidants and an important right-hand man were put in custody and awaiting their sentences.

The Qin’s casinos in Myanmar were sealed off and they were put under serious surveillance.

Commissioner Wang’s interest in the case naturally did not allow him to give them any breathing room. He directly gave the report to his superiors and with the glaring evidence, the central government had to get involved.

Ultimately, the government made a swift decision to directly manage and control resources coming in and out of the Qin Group. The two major projects currently under their development had been banned indefinitely.

The news that their funds were being investigated spread like wildfire and even though the Qin Group was able to block outgoing news to the public, many in the circle had already caught wind of it. The Qins’ share immediately saw a four percent drop, meaning their market value had shrunk by nearly a hundred billion yuan. Many of their affiliated projects had also been shelved.

Qin Guang Jie had to fly back from Europe overnight.


Mo Di heaved a sigh of relief when the government decided to make their move.

However, he was not overly surprised. This was bound to happen one day and it was only the beginning. His goal was to doom Qin Cheng Yi eternally.


After their crack on Qin Cheng Yi, Mo Di went back to his busy days working on his games and reviewing for the finals.

The air was getting frosty as mid-December arrived. Due to the experience from his previous life, Mo Di was particularly averse to the cold. He would wrap himself up like a bun every day.

Even the girls could not help but tease him. It was only seven or eight degrees, what would he do when the temperature got any lower.

Mo Di could only smile and continued to cover himself in layers.

Their classes had come to an end; they were now entering the final review week. The exams would commence at the end of December all the way to the eleventh of January.

In a bad case of coincidence, the deadline to upload their game for the next part of the competition was January twelfth.

With that, Mo Di’s time was squeezed dry. He was juggling between school and work which diminished his sleep to only three hours a day.

Xian Yu Chao and the others could not bear to see Mo Di go on like this but their persuasion was just falling on deaf ears. Without any other choice, they secretly gave Mu Tian Heng a call.

On that same night, Mu Tian Heng came straight to his school.

When Mo Di was busy coding while drinking water in bed, Mu Tian Heng was being smuggled in by several traitors.

“I’ve heard from somewhere that someone has been lying to me. He promised to go to bed at twelve but as it turned out, he would only sleep at three in the morning.”

Suddenly hearing Mu Tian Heng’s voice, Mo Di received quite a shock.

He looked up in a daze and was stupefied at the sight of Mu Tian Heng standing in his dorm.


Mo Di’s face that was revealed through the little opening in the blanket was blushing red. Mu Tian Heng’s anger was partly soothed at the humorous sight. “Isn’t today Friday? Why didn’t you come home? Don’t tell me you have class because I know that your classes are over.”

“But there’s an exam tomorrow morning for elective courses.” Mo Di replied in a timid little voice.

“Then I’ll come to pick you up tomorrow at noon.” Mu Tian Heng said: “There shouldn’t be any exam tomorrow afternoon and Sunday, is there?”

“No exam, no exam.” Xian Yu Chao and the others said in unison. “And the next week is for review so there are no classes, only a few exams on Saturday.” 

Mo Di was planning to ambiguously say that he had exams next week but was cleanly exposed by the others. 

The group of traitors!

“Well then, I’ll be bringing you back home tomorrow. You can review or work on your games at home.” Having said this, Mu Tian Heng looked straight at Mo Di and smiled, “Little one, do you have any objection?”


Mo Di answered like a good boy. With Mu Tian Heng supervising, he could only sleep on time. If so, then he could only produce up to chapter seven of Infinite Life. Chapter eight would have to wait.

Hopefully, the judge that claimed he would give them a bad review if they did not let him play another four chapters was only joking.

Looking at Mo Di’s cute and submissive look, Mu Tian Heng soon turned soft and wanted to hold his hand but seeing where they were, he took back the thought.

“I know you’re very busy with reviewing for the exams and working on the game but your health is more important than anything else, got it?”

RCFN Chapter 68

Chapter 68

Du Wen Jing watched Mo Di rushed out of the room and heard his footsteps heading for the public toilet on the east corridor.

She surveyed the room. Seeing that the others were busy celebrating, walked to the bedroom and closed the door.

Du Wen Jing took off her hairband decorated with shiny cubes, each filled with a white powder.

Du Wen Jing had a hesitant look but thinking of her brother, she kept at it after all.

She quickly uncorked the sparkling wine and emptied three cubes of powder into it.

Mo Di was watching the surveillance on his phone in the men’s room.

The hidden camera was placed inconspicuously between the sofa cushion, facing the table where his school bag and the two bottles of wine were.

Du Wen Jing’s every action was caught on camera and it was all her own “initiative”.

There are two situations whereby recording from a hidden camera is unsubmissive in court. The first is that there were no illegal activities such as violence, coercion, illegal restraining, etc. The second is that it violates legal rights which includes privacy and the maintenance of the individual’s daily lives. Without infringing these two laws, the video can be used as evidence in court.

And Mo Di was well within these guidelines.

The camera angle he set was to monitor his own school bag and wine, it was to secure his own personal property. After all, there was valuable data in his bag and this was not a private space, what if someone sneaked in without his knowledge.

As for Du Wen Jing, she just happened to enter the frame on her own volition.

Mo Di had no intention to play the confronting game with Du Wen Jing. Without any delay, he reported to Mu Tian Heng, and eventually, the police were called in.

The police’s arrival was swift, in less than fifteen minutes, they were already at the hotel gate.

Even with the police at their door, Xian Yu Chao and the others were still in the dark. Only when they barged in amidst their high jinks that the group was shocked silly and stood frozen in place.

Wha… wha… What just happened?!

They had just ordered food, why did the police come instead?!!!

Du Wen Jing panicked. She pretended to be in need of the toilet in order to leave but was stopped by a policewoman who then handcuffed her.

“You’re Du Wen Jing right? Why don’t you come with us?”

“What are you doing? Why are you arresting me?!” Du Wen Jing struggled to break free and escape.

“That’s because you broke the law of course.” The policewoman was very much accustomed to apprehending criminals who tried to act innocent. She grabbed Du Wen Jing with force and pinned her on the ground.

“Ah!” Du Wen Jing screamed with pain.

“What’s going on? Why are you arresting my friend?” Seeing Du Wen Jing’s predicament, Zhao Chun stepped forward briskly, “Officer, is there a misunderstanding? My friend did not commit any crime, why are you arresting her?”

“We suspect she has drugs in her possession with the intention to intoxicate others. We’re taking her back for questioning.” The policewoman passed him her card, “If you have any doubt about our arrest, you can file a complaint at the station.”

“No, no… I certainly don’t mean any offense but…” Zhao Chun was full of disbelief looking at Du Wen Jing on the ground. “It’s just that there’s no way my friend has any drugs on her.”

Xian Yu Chao and the others also came out of their shock and started asking questions: “Who was she planning to intoxicate?!”

That’s the most important point!!!

“It’s me, I reported.” Mo Di’s voice faded in.

“Xiao Di?!!!”

Everyone’s had a change in their expression. Chen Zhao ran to Mo Di and asked him frantically: “Du Wen Jing tried to drug you? Xiao Di, please don’t scare me, this is serious!”

“Xiao Di, how are you feeling? Do you need to go to the hospital?” Pang Qiang Lang and Han Chao immediately shifted their attention to Mo Di. Han Chao insisted that Mo Di leave for the hospital right away.

“Can we get rid of the drugs by gastric lavage?”

Mo Di smiled sincerely looking at the group who were concerned for his safety even in their confusion, “It’s ok, I’m fine now.”

“The caller also has to come with us to the station.” Two male policemen who had collected the evidence and placed them in the evidence bag said to Mo Di: “You’re Mo Di, right?”

“En.” Mo Di nodded. He looked at Du Wen Jing on the ground and she was looking up at him with bright red eyes.

“You framed me!” Du Wen Jing had started the waterworks. “Why did you frame me?! I have never been exposed to drugs! I never drugged anyone! You’re the one trying to trick me into taking drugs!”

Mo Di was quite surprised at Du Wen Jing’s last-ditch effort. He could only laugh. He expected her to resist and deny but he never thought she would turn around and blame him.

Him tricking her to take drugs? 

This could get interesting.

“What rubbish?! Xiao Di has been with us all this time, don’t you dare accuse him of anything!” Lin Jun Feng was fuming. He could not imagine that the Du Wen Jing they had been feeling sorry for was such a person! She tried to drug Xiao Di and when that failed, she tried to slander him instead!

“Your accusation is invalid.” Mo Di pointed to the evidence in the hand of the police, “Everything has to be based on evidence.”

“I do not possess drugs, I don’t use drugs, and I definitely was not trying to make anyone take drugs! It’s you, you framed me! You want me to take the fall. You know I’m poor and powerless so you used me, I ….ummm!”

“Stop making a scene! It won’t help your case. I’ve seen this many times.” The policewoman gagged her with a napkin, “Stay still! Do you think you can get away with this by causing a ruckus? Dream on. Take her back.”

“Yes, sister Meng.” A young policeman immediately received her order and took Du Wen Jing away.

It was apparent that the policewoman was of a higher rank.

“Can you come to the station to make a statement?” the policewoman clapped her hands and said to the Xian Yu Chao and the others, “It won’t take long.”

“Of course, no problem.” They nodded repeatedly.

And so, everyone got in the police car.

After some time, Xian Yu Chao could not hold his curiosity and asked: “Xiao Di, what the hell is going on? How did Du Wen Jing trick you into taking drugs? Are you sure you’re alright?”

“That’s right, Xiao Di, are you now…” Han Chao looked at Mo Di: “feeling any discomfort?”

“I’m fine.” Mo Di replied calmly.

“I discovered something was wrong with her and after she spiked my drink, I have not eaten anything from her since. It was the last time we went to karaoke that I found out that she drugged me. I was not able to confirm back then but today I’m certain.”

“Last time?!” Pang Qiang Lang was flabbergasted

“En. I don’t want to talk about the details but it was pure luck that I discovered it.”

The group wanted to know more but seeing Mo Di keeping it short, they no longer asked.

Zhao Chun was still in disbelief: “But why would Wen Jing drug you? Could she have drugged us too?”

“No. She has another motive.”

“Ha?! What motive?”

“That’s the truth behind this case, we better not discuss it now.”

(TN: in case anyone was confused with the names like I was, Zhao Chun is the girl who introduced Du Wen Jing to Mo Di. Chen Zhao is one of Mo Di’s dorm mates and Song Yu’s nephew. Han Chao is one the first members of the team who joined with Pang Qiang Lang.)


As Mo Di was driven to the police station, Mu Tian Heng had also made his move.

He brought everything he found on Du Wen Long to Commissioner Wang, the upright officer who had worked with them on the College Entrance Exam fraud case.

In fact, Commissioner Wang had been paying close attention to the Qin family for some time now but he just could not find any critical evidence of their crimes. With the evidence provided by Mu Tian Heng in the College Entrance Exam fraud case and Mo Si Lang’s case, his interest in the Qin family deepened and he had been keeping an eye on them. However, there was no strong evidence to topple the Qin family and so he had to be passive for now.

For this reason, Commissioner Wang was more reliable than any other government official and most suitable to exchange information with.

This time Mu Tian Heng contacted Commissioner Wang in the hope that he could use De Wen Long to make Du Wen Jing reveal everything that she knew.

However, Mu Tian Heng acknowledged that even if she spilled everything, the most they could prove was that Du Wen Long was kept in the Qins’ gambling den in Myanmar. The thread that tied the drugs to the Qins were fickle and would be unable to put garbage like Qin Cheng Yi in prison. And even if they found more incriminating evidence, there were plenty of people who were willing to be his sacrificial lamb.

In the beginning, Mu Tian Heng was reluctant to use underhanded means against the Qin family but their ruthlessness disgusted him to no end. Qin Cheng Yi cannot be left to inherit the Qin Group, he should be in a prison cell instead.


At the station, the locked up Du Wen Jing gradually calmed down as she remembered the words of the person she had been in contact with.

It’ll be fine, as long as she stays strong and sticks to her claim that Mo Di was the one who framed her, she’ll be fine.

Even if… even if there was evidence against her, it’s not that bad. She did some research, the crime of coaxing others to take drugs only has up to three years sentence unless it was serious to the point of life-threatening. She only spiked his drink twice and Mo Di was not affected at all, her sentence should be light.

At most, it would cost her three years of her life. She would be thirty by the time she got out but that was acceptable. As for now, she must not tell them anything or her brother’s hands and legs would be chopped off by those in the gambling den!

How could her brother live a normal life after that? And her parents and her, how could they live with themselves for letting this happen?!!

Du Wen Jing was determined to stick to her story unless there was concrete evidence to convict her. But even so, she would claim that she did it out of jealousy for Mo Di’s talent and wealth. That would be all she was willing to say.

Du Wen Jing had everything mapped out in her head. Just as she braced herself for what to come, no one came to interrogate her even after three hours.

After an unknown amount of time passed when she slowly drifted into sleep, the door to the interrogation room opened.

The policewoman who had handcuffed her came in with her colleague.

When Du Wen Jing was about to open her mouth to claim her innocence, the police officer’s words stumped her first, then turned her complexion pale.

“Is Du Wen Long your brother?”

Sister Meng then went on to show Du Wen Jing photos of Du Wen Long with broken fingers: “He was lured into gambling and had turned into an addict. His enabler tricked him into going to Myanmar, to an underground gambling den where he almost had his limbs amputated. And you, you were working with the people who were trying to hurt him, why? Tell me!”