RCFN 123

Chapter 123

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

Mo Liu Gui’s memories returned entirely. 

At the same time, the world that Mo Liu Gui and the system had tampered with had reverted back to its original route, completely reviving the true consciousness of this world.

Although the formal world was able to bring Mo Di back, its power was still suppressed by the tampered world’s consciousness. It was only at this moment that it had fully recovered.

When Mo Liu Gui was busy smashing the stuff in her room, the people who had been mesmerized under the effect of her halo regained their senses one by one. 

Even though they did not know as much as Mo Liu Gui did, did not know that she was a transmigrator, did not know that there was a system, did not know about their past lives, but their logic had returned.

Qin Cheng Yi’s face in prison was as nasty as though he had eaten sh*t.

Despite the fact that he had been crazy over Mo Liu Gui, his true nature was cruel and violent with a disregard for the law as well as human lives. Thinking back to all the things he did for Mo Liu Gui as if he was under a curse, he simply wanted to tear her up!

That rubbish woman must’ve used jiang tou on him!!!

(TN: something like an asian version of voodoo)

Qin Cheng Yi kicked the metal railings of his cell with inconsolable rage. Unfortunately, the noise had disturbed the other inmates, all of whom were psychopathic killers with a complete lack of empathy. They gathered around Qin Cheng Yi and gave him a merciless beating.

Because his cell had been given ‘special privileges’ kindly sponsored by Mu Tian Heng, neither the guards nor the inmates were moved by his bribes.

Qin Cheng Yi had blood all over his face and his eyes were burning with a grudge. He wanted to kill these people as well as Mu Tian Heng and Mo Di!

Of course he hated the bitch who had put him under her curse, but the ones he hated the most were still Mu Tian Heng and Mo Di!

Qin Cheng Yi wanted to turn them all into human sticks and Mo Liu Gui was on top of that list.

Ironically, Mo Liu Gui in the mental hospital had no idea that Qin Cheng Yi had come to hate her so. She was even planning ways to punish him for failing her, she definitely would not be soft hearted!

It had to be said that Mo Liu Gui could really dream.


On the other hand, the Mo family had also felt a sudden paradigm shift.

As Mo Liu Gui’s mother, Ruan Qing Dan really did love her daughter. The love she gave her all these years was not superficial. Even when the eldest and second aunts were cursing at Mo Liu Gui, she still insisted that her darling daughter was innocent.

Towards Mo Di, she only felt a little regret for treating him that way. After all, he was also her own blood. But in no way was she guilt-stricken at the thought of Mo Di because Ruan Qing Dan was exactly how she had raised Mo Liu Gui, selfish and prejudiced. Now that her life was a living hell, wasn’t it all thanks to Mu Tian Heng and Mo Di? So despite regretting that she should’ve treated him better, she hated him for being a heartless beast who could mercilessly destroy his mother’s life!

Mo Shi Hong was the same. Although he knew he shouldn’t have treated Mo Di as such, he still couldn’t help hating him. He did not have any fatherly bond with Mo Di and could only see him as less important than himself.

But compared to Ruan Qing Dan, Mo Shi Hong’s love for Mo Liu Gui had now subsided. He was beginning to develop a sense of aversion towards the daughter that he once loved beyond all sense.

As for the second aunt and the others, they couldn’t wait to skin Mo Liu Gui alive. To them, she was now a witch who had condemned them to hell!!

These people used to hate Mo Di with every fiber in their body but now, that position belonged to Mo Liu Gui. Although they regretted mistreating him, they still hated him for making them suffer.

Amongst them, only Mo San Zhi had kept his calm and did not show any signs of anguish. Even when his mother cursed and swore at Mo Liu Gui and Mo Di while admonishing him and his brothers for defending her all these years, there was no change in his expression.

He quietly went to the guards and told them that he would like to complete some additional tasks for the day. 

It seemed Mo San Zhi was the only one who had gotten back his memories from their last life.

So looking at his parents and elderlies throwing abuses at Mo Di, he could not empathize with them. Towards Mo Di, he only had remorse and not a bit of hate.

He could vividly remember the later part of his last life and how Mo Di had suffered. It was many times more painful than what any of them had been through. And there was no one to share his tortures nor was he given any choices.

He could vaguely remember how the whole family had come together at dinner and discussed Mo Di’s torture plan. They ate and drank while boasting how they would teach Mo Di a lesson through ‘creative’ means.

As such, none of them were innocent.

Mo San Zhi knew all their sufferings were justly deserving; rather than being revenged upon, it was more apt to say that they were receiving their retribution.

After all, didn’t that sister of his say in the video evidence about a previous life? She had most likely regained her memories… So Mo Di was probably the same.

Otherwise, how could there be such a big difference in outcome?

Maybe because the spell had been lifted, the memories of Mo Di had become clearer in his mind.

He often reminisced about their childhood. In fact, Mo Di had always been an obedient little brother. When he was just a small child, he would tag behind them with his short legs. Because he had been despised from the day he was born, he had always wished that they would come to accept him. He would often use his hard-earned pocket money to buy gifts in hopes to please them. Oftentimes, he would unconditionally serve them drinks and food. Whenever he had heard a joke from his kindergarten, he would treat it like treasure and try to make them laugh. 

But how did they treat this little brother?

They had kicked him and told him to scram.

When Mo Di was a little older, the beatings they gave him increased and eventually became too many to count. Once, it had almost crippled his leg. Thinking back, he was really barbaric. 

How much they had pampered Mo Liu Gui was how much they had tortured Mo Di. The moment that she was unhappy, regardless if it was Mo Di’s fault or not, they would all pin it on him, claiming that it was he who had made her upset.

The countless punches and kicks they threw at him, the outrageous scoldings, and finally forcing him into the asylum where he was inflicted with endless torture….

None of them were innocent, their current miserable state was well deserved!

In his last life, his older brother had taken his kidney and let him die on the operating table. Maybe that was a small redemption so he could remember the past which had allowed him to stop hating this little brother.

At the same time, he had one more regret.

He regretted how he had treated Song Yu.

He had always been a coward and also a hypocrite. But he did sincerely like Song Yu.

In the beginning, he had deceived Song Yu into becoming his closet lover and after he died, he dared not reveal that Song Yu was a man. He even used that as a stepping stone for his career. Thinking back, he was truly despicable.

At that time, he was concerned about losing his inheritance but above all, he was scared that Mo Liu Gui would turn to hate him. 

In his heart, Mo Liu Gui was not just a sister, she was a god. If his ‘god’ doesn’t like him, it was as though the sky was falling down on him.

And yet, in this life, after his secrets were exposed, in order to have his revenge, he had done unspeakable things. In conclusion, he was probably not a good person to begin with. The ‘spell’ only magnified his hypocrisy and dark thoughts. So no matter what, he was not innocent and could never be compatible with Song Yu.

Song Yu must be a lot happier now. There were sure to be suitors attracted to him and they would all treat him right, unlike a coward like himself.

As for his little brother, he also hoped that Mu Tian Heng would always be good to him and if possible, it would be better for him to forget his past life. After all, what he had been through was not meant for anyone to experience, even if it existed only in memories, it was still a form of torture.

24 thoughts on “RCFN 123

  1. Before I knew it, I breathed a sigh of relief. At least some people actually wanted to atone for their sins, thought I hate all these Mo family who treated Mo Di even worse than am animal, at least Mo San Zhi is willing to admit and pay for what he’s doing. Though it’s only because of he regained back his memories.


  2. I’m so sad for mo di his suffering from the past life can’t be erased and even in the new one that evil ass family ain’t coming close what he had to go through especially the main bticb sis.

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  3. I had my suspicions regarding mo san zhi that he had regained his memories, well i am glad that at least he knows that what he did was wrong and dispecable and that he wanted MD to be happy and song yu too….at least he had enough brains left in him….although i do sympathize with him cause 90% of the things he did were mostly under the influence of the halo that b*tch created but still i can’t be sad for him only sympathize…..but i hope that if he is reborn again he will treat his brother and lover nicely…i can only hope

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  4. Although I don’t forgive MSZ I’m glad he actually repented. I hope his karma balances out in this life or the next and he gets a chance to live a normal and peaceful life somehow, and maybe even pay back some of his debts to Mo Di’s reincarnation at that time lol

    Liked by 6 people

  5. Infact, I’m not mad at MSZ. What he did was wrong and he admitted that to himself as well as accepted the fact that he’s not a good person. I’m actually happy that he has enough brains to reason and judge himself while accepting the very factual conclusions, as well as accepting the karma he sowed with a clear and hatefree mind.🤧

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  6. Everyone got punished with what they did to MD!

    Grandpa – neglect, isolation
    four in prison – they abused power to help Mo Liu
    Mo Liu – wants to confine/frame MD for things he’s not/didn’t do
    Mo 2, 3, 5, Hong, 3 aunties – abused MD the most in asylum

    Hey! 235 are with their mom! but i wanted the aunties in prison instead and the guys in casino, because if seems like they each actually went to asylum and tortured MD, but aunties just stood by and gave more ideas. I know it has to be like this because the four in prison has more brains and can see they’re being tricked, and there’s no reason to jail the the aunties

    What’s the original novel like?? I’m curious!! I love how MTH/MD love transcends everything
    They meet again and fall in love no matter what Q u Q
    But because author didn’t reveal this from the start, we are also nervous about MTH/MD relationship when it first started, Laidesi saying it will end in 3 months and whatnot! MD insisting he doesn’t like him! but I like to think they do have special feelings since first sight!

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  7. Since he remembered and regret, I hope Mo San Zhi’s dept would be separate from the Mos’ so that he doesn’t have to got tortured more than anyone to clear everyone debt. He even took additional task.

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  8. He could vaguely remember how the whole family had come together at dinner and discussed Mo Di’s torture plan.

    Fcking psychos! They are all psychos except Mo Di! Dang how did Mo Di come out of that family not hypocrite like them? True, Mo Di might be petty and became black-bellied later but he has a bottomline. I say Mo Di might have been adopted, just like the way they are treating him, if I just don’t know he’s biologically related to this disgusting family.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. ‘coz mo di is the only one who’s not affected by that bitch halo i mean heloooo he’s the real protagonist of that wordl that they tempered with.

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  9. I’m curious how the original Mo Liu Gui is (before that despicable transmigrator took over her body) in the original novel. Is she supportive on her gay brother, or is she the same as the transmigrator? I think she’s actually the supportive sister, judging by the hints we got about the content of the original novel. And this make me sad that this good sister was “erased” just like that because the transmigrator and her system.

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  10. Really… I’m really pissed off MLG and the system came, colonized in Mo Di’s novel. Otherwise they (all the characters in the novel) have a happy ending, right?

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  11. Tbh Msz profiting off Song Yu’s death is beyond the scope of the protagonist halo. So yeah bro. You’ve always been that scummy, they halo just amplified it.

    Your remorse is unfortunately too little too late.

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  12. My anger is boiling up again… I hate literally everyone in the Mo family minus Mo Di! I know you obviously aren’t meant to like them, but my hatred grew this chapter with the lack of remorse from most and insufficient remorse from the rest. I have no less hatred for MSZ who remembered too late to make a bit of difference and even then feels just enough remorse to know he did wrong but not enough to fight his family over badmouthing Mo Di and still has time to selfishly think about having lost Song Yu. This doesn’t count as redemption for me. I hope they all rot in that ship, prison and hospital.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  13. The “spell” has been lifted, but even so, only Mo San Zhi feels remorse. The rest of them will probably die hating Mo Di.
    Thank you for the chapter ❤

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  14. Happy to see that this was not dropped so close to the end. Thanks!

    “… The ‘spell’ only magnified his hypocrisy and dark thoughts…” i so agree, villains cannot use the argument of the protagonist halo to justify their wrong doings!

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