RCFN 128

Chapter 128

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

“Xiao Di, Xiao Di! You, you remember to watch that video I sent you. That, that one … pfff!” Zhao Chun’s face was red as she had to cover her mouth to keep herself from bursting into laughter.

Mo Di was accustomed to her shenanigans and cooly said, “Looks like you’re done with work, let me give you a new assignment.”

“Ah no! I’ve only rested for five minutes!” Zhao Chun protested.

Mo Di shook his head and laughed.


After Qin Guang Jie maliciously exposed Mu Tian Heng and Mo Di’s relationship three years ago, it had pushed them to make an official statement regarding their marriage and life had been a little different since.

In the beginning, there were indeed some downsides with people who discriminated against homosexuality openly castigating them online and some even boycotted Mo Di’s company. His rival companies took this opportunity to add fuel to the fire and hired water armies to abuse and discredit Mo Di’s games.

However, these people only had a brief period of success.

Impression, the company founded by Mu Tian Heng at that time was the world’s second largest company. His public relations team was not the best but it was one of the best. They quickly came up with countermeasures and a plan to smooth things out. 

Very soon, public opinion was flipped. In fact, if it weren’t for the powerful water armies, the general consensus was quite positive. 

As the negative influence of the water armies waned, numerous posts supporting their relationship surfaced. Amongst the female population, some voiced that they were disappointed because their two male gods were already taken, but there was no malice in their words. The rest were drooling fujoshi whose idolization of the two had increased exponentially.

With that, Mu Tian Heng’s team began to publish various fanfictions orchestrated by Mu Tian Heng of how the two met and fell in love. One version was the actual story of how Mu Tian Heng had helped Mo Di through the difficulties like an emperor helping out a prince in distress. 

This story had gotten immensely popular and eventually, a cp fan group was created and they named their beloved pair the Heaven and Earth Couple.

This pair had met all the right criteria to stir up a storm. Both had excellent looks coupled with remarkable talents. Their love story was just too sweet and enticing. Furthermore, they were already married, proving this was not a hoax to raise publicity. 

As the fanbase grew, more artworks, fanfics, manhua, and merchandise were created. This also greatly influenced the market value of both Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng’s companies which the fans also called the Heaven and Earth shares. Acquiring these means that you’ll most probably never go hungry.

Ultimately, this phenomenon spread to countries abroad, and now, every country had fans of the Heaven and Earth couple.

In the beginning, Mo Di was a little embarrassed but under the frequent exposure, he succumbed and sometimes would secretly browse the web reading fanfictions about them.

Eating his own dog food, he thought he was quite incredible this way.

Zhao Chun was a Heaven and Earth cp fan. Everytime she happened to find good ‘food’, she would dedicatedly send them to Mo Di with a giggling face.

What Mo Di did not know was that Mu Tian Heng would also sometimes flip through the stories that he helped create whenever he was away from him. As of now, the exclusive Heaven and Earth CP website had already posted several of his stories. Even the writing competition with the monetary top prize of several tens of thousands of yuan was sponsored by him. Compared to this old beast, Mo Di was still considerably naive.


When Mo Di had graduated for three years, at the age of twenty four, his company, Di Yi Mu, had been established for six years and is currently christened as the dragon of the Hua Xia game industry. But Di Yi Mu was not only popular in Hua Xia, its influence had spread across the globe with Infinite Life’s elements being the basis for new infinite flow games but none of them were able to shake it off its throne.

Needless to say that Infinite Life was not Di Yi Mu’s only world-famous game. Over the years, it produced the MOBA game, Battle, the open-world role-playing game, Path of the Immortal, the dating sim game, Secret Summer, and the horror survival game, The Survivor is King

Although these games could not boost Mo Di’s assets to the point where they surpassed Mu Tian Heng’s, he was still on the list of the world’s twenty richest. Many analysts said that if Di Yi Mu had shifted its games towards pay-to-win mechanics, Mo Di could easily surpass Mu Tian Heng in terms of earnings.

Reading this, the cp fans all exclaimed that Mo Di simply did not want to overtake his gong too early!

Sometimes, there would be posts online that mentioned the Mo family and wondered if they had regretted how they had treated Mo Di.

The answer was definitely a yes.

Six years had passed since the Mo family got on that fateful cruise ship. By right, they should’ve been able to pay off their debts in five years but not everyone was able to take the initiative as Mo San Zhi did. Although failure to complete the quota would result in more severe punishment, some people would still prefer to procrastinate. 

As such, the Mo family’s stay was extended for another year. It was until June of this year that they were able to pay back all their gambling debts. However, when they were released (which also included Mo Si Lang who was sent straight to the ship after his release from prison), they had all seemed less human. They had lost their previous temperament but had become a little neurotic.

Mu Tian Heng had provided them with a large piece of land in a rural foreign country where they could sustain themselves through farming. He had people watching over them to ensure that they stayed put. On top of that, he had also sent Mo Liu Gui, who had been kept in the mental hospital for six years to reunite with them.

In the second year of her confinement in the mental hospital, Mo Liu Gui’s mental state had become somewhat disarrayed. 

After knowing the truth, she still firmly believed that the world revolved around her. She was the epicenter of this universe and that everyone should adore and worship her, love her unconditionally and devote their lives to her.

Too bad the reality was just the opposite. 

This cruel contrast had almost made her go insane. Especially after she was transferred to the ward with actual mental patients. Every day, she was surrounded by the horrid wails and strange behaviors of these eccentric inpatients. Her sanity gradually collapsed and she began to hide in her own fantasy.

She deluded herself into thinking that the system still existed and Mo Di had been killed by her followers. Countless men would kneel at her feet, the public was infatuated with her and the world would treat her as a goddess.

And so even without being tortured, Mo Liu Gui had managed to go nuts using her own delusion.

By the time she was sent to reunite with the Mos, she had degenerated completely into a mental patient with a serious case of day-dreaming. Even at first glance, one could tell by looking at her eyes that she was abnormal.

When she finally saw the Mo family members, she had told them to serve her tea.

To the now deranged Mo family, seeing Mo Liu Gui had ignited the anger from all the tortures they had to endure. To think she still had the nerve to provoke them. Unable to control their anger, the two aunts-in-law gave Mo Liu Gui a barrage of slaps across her face while pulling at her hair.

As for Mo Liu Gui’s mother, Ruan Qing Dan, not laying a hand on her was the greatest ‘love’ she could give her daughter. In fact, Ruan Qing Duan was never a selfless mother. In the six years that she had to suffer, she hated Mo Di every minute and her love for Mo Liu Gui had also disappeared.

It goes without saying that the rest of the Mo family all hated Mo Liu Gui to the bone. 

Even after giving her a good whacking, the aunts were still unsatisfied. They had to endure countless tortures because of Mo Liu Gui while she was given a much lesser punishment?! They refused to let Mo Liu Gui off so easily. 

Whatever that they were made to endure, why don’t they let her have a taste?


With such an eventful reunion, the Mo family’s days were bound to get exciting. They were indeed meant to be a family.

7 thoughts on “RCFN 128

  1. But what happened to that high schooler who always wanted to fight Mo Di? I suspect he had a crush on him. Maybe he might even had been a second lead in the true original story

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No second male lead, maybe a little brother!
      Not only is he too young (I think he was in middle school) MD won’t be attracted to anyone else!


  2. Translator, I think you missed something! QAQ “Drooling fujoshis”? I think the author rather meant “beautiful, admirable, and oh so endearing angels who will forever support the two male gods”! (◕ω< )~♥

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  3. One of the main issues I do have with this novel is that the main characters’ response to Mo Di being trapped in a mental institution and dying because of the horrible conditions there was, “we should have Mo Liu Gui institutionalized there instead,” and not, “this institution is horrible; we should have it closed down, prosecute the people who run it for the atrocities they have committed, and make sure that the ‘actual mental patients’ there get the care and respect they deserve as human beings.”

    It’s pretty disturbing how it’s apparently OK for someone to live in inhumane conditions as long as they have a mental illness.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. If I remember correctly, Mo Di was tortured under ‘orders’ not because the institution had such practices in the first place. Tho, checking that institution (or more) and ensuring such things wouldn’t happen to anyone else (not deserving it, I’m still spiteful right now) is great. Mental institutions are made to help and heal people with mental illnesses so they can live well, after all.

      Liked by 3 people

  4. The Mo family are forced to work to survive but that’s no more than the majority of people have to do. As long as they can no longer harm Mo Di, they can be left alone.
    Thank you for the translation 💞

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