RCFN 119

Chapter 119

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If things were like in the past, the Mo family would have already sent this ‘acquaintance’ off with a brutal beating. But now, no matter how agitated they were, they dared not do anything rash.

Because they were scared. Scared that the man would turn himself in to alleviate his crime.

In fact, this was a little scheme set up by Mo Di.

If they refused to send Mo Liu Gui to a mental hospital, then he would reveal her falsified diagnosis and increase her sentence to at least seven to eight years. All in all, the curtain was closing and Mo Di would never give Mo Liu Gui the chance to escape.

Mo Liu Gui was terrified. She saw that the rest of the family were in silence and panicked. Tears filled her eyes and in her unstable mood, she cursed at the ‘acquaintance’ and tried to chase him out.

Ruan Qing Dan hated the man as well but she knew where they stood and dared not offend him. She held Mo Liu Gui back and said, “Oh daughter, my good daughter, please calm down, alright? Mom will not send you to the mental hospital so stop making a scene…”

The eldest and second aunts did not accompany the others to pick Mo Liu Gui up. They had stayed at home but hearing the conversation, they could easily tell what had happened. They both carried dark thoughts towards Mo Liu Gui, especially the second aunt. She knew that Mo Liu Gui’s diagnosis would definitely have her son’s handiwork work in it. If this matter were to be exposed…

Wouldn’t her son be implicated as well?!

The second aunt began to fret.


She looked at Mo Liu Gui and said in a deliberately ambiguous tone, “Xiao Gui, I know you’ve always been a smart girl since you were little. You should know which is the better choice for you, right? Either be convicted of attempted murder and get an eight years sentence or go live in a hospital Qin Cheng Yi had arranged for you as a vacation. You know what to choose, don’t you?”

“And I also know that you’re very sensible and kind. You won’t knowingly cause your family any troubles, right? Furthermore, there are people who took great risks to get you out. If you’re selfish and refused to go to the mental hospital, aren’t you just repaying their kindness with malice? And Er Qian had been toiling away these past few days for you, you can’t just let his efforts go to waste. If this matter comes to light, you’ll bring down a lot of people with you!”

“Mom, what are you saying?” Mo Er Qian saw Mo Liu Gui’s tears falling and with annoyance, said to the second aunt, “Stop causing anymore trouble, will you?”

The second aunt was flabbergasted. Fearing that her son would refuse to send Mo Liu Gui away, she could no longer maintain the superfluous courtesy and bluntly said, “Are you stupid, huh?! Xiao Gui has already been suspected, if you don’t send her there, what else can you do? You’d rather drag everyone down with you when this matter is exposed?!”

With that, the second aunt looked at Mo Liu Gui again and said, “Xiao Gui, whether it’s for your own good or your brother’s, the right choice is to avoid the limelight. Do you really want to go to jail and destroy the people who cared for you? Xiao Gui, as a human, you must have a conscience.”

“Sister-in-law, what are you saying? Why are you harassing my daughter?! Do you think we’re all dead?” Ruan Qing Dan glared at the second aunt with angry eyes.

“Harassing your daughter? Let me ask you, how many times has your daughter brought trouble to this family? This time, if you don’t send her to the hospital, she’s going to get my son into trouble. If she’s imprisoned and my son is also caught, no one can help her anymore! When that happens, the most miserable one will be your daughter!”

Seeing the situation, the eldest aunt chimed in, “Sister-in-law, I know you’re not happy about this but Xiao Gui should really be kept out of sight for now. There’s still Er Qian to take care of her and the place has been prepared for by Cheng Yi, it’ll be just like a holiday. She can come back when things are fine. Otherwise, she will receive a heavier sentence and there will be no one to support her from the outside, isn’t that just worse off? You have to think carefully!”

Ruan Qing Dan hugged Mo Liu Gui and cried, “Oh my daughter, why is your life so tragic? My Xiao Gui…” 

Mo Liu Gui was also crying her eyes out but she was not dumb, she too knew which was the better choice.

But she’s not willing at all!

Mo Liu Gui was indignant and resentful from the bottom of her heart. She hated the incompetent Mo family but the one she hated the most was Mo Di. She really regretted not stabbing him to death when he was still tied up in the storeroom!

Why didn’t she just kill him herself and place the blame on the storeroom keeper?! If so, she wouldn’t have to face so much misery!!!


No matter how unwilling they were to send her away, the Mo family still decided to do so.

The hospital Mo Liu Gui would be staying in was a private hospital that Qin Cheng Yi had already contacted.

This exclusive hospital was located in the suburbs and had luxurious rooms connected to beautiful courtyards. There were two types of patients living in this place. One was the actual mental cases whose families wanted a peaceful environment for them and the other was like Mo Liu Gui who had to stay here due to the insanity plea.

The day Mo Liu Gui was sent off, she had cried profusely and so did Ruan Qing Dan. Mo Shi Hong was both heartbroken for her and outraged at Mo Di, cursing and swearing at him.

The hospital director, Zhao Chuan Ling, personally went to greet them. He had ensured Mo Er Qian and Qin Cheng Yi that Mo Liu Gui would be living in the best environment and receive the best services. Seeing his hospitality, Mo Er Qian was relieved to leave Mo Liu Gui in his care. She would only need to stay there for about a week and then they could take her home.

Zhao Chuan Ling was an elderly man over sixty years old. He nodded and smiled at them, “Don’t worry, don’t worry. Mr. Qin has arranged everything. I know what to do. You can pick her up whenever you want.”

“Of course we trust you,” Mo Er Qian said politely, “Please look after our family’s Xiao Gui. She’s a little timid and there are real mental patients here, they will scare her.”

“That is not a problem at all. I’ve arranged for Miss Mo to stay on the top floor of building #6. It is the most secluded place in the entire hospital, there are no mental patients nearby. As you know, our hospital only houses a few of those and they are non-violent patients, you can rest assured, Miss Mo’s safety will not be compromised.”

“You should also have someone to cater to her needs,” Ruan Qing Dan sobbed and demanded as though Mo Liu Gui was really going on a vacation.

Zhao Chuan Lin did not mind and smiled, “Of course, of course. I have arranged for a specialized nurse to take care of Miss Mo. Her lips are very tight and she has already been paid off. I also have a handle on her so there will not be a problem.”

“That’s the way,” Mo Shi Hong looked at Mo Liu Gui and said with heartache, “Xiao Gui, Dad will pick you up in a few days. You just relax in here, don’t worry about anything else. It’s like taking a vacation. If you’re bored, just listen to music or play some games. After this, everything’ll be alright. Ok?”

“That’s right. We can always say that you need a homely environment for your illness and bring you home. And after a year or so, you can go back to doing whatever you want,” Ruan Qing Dan touched her hair and said.

Mo Liu Gui heard these words and her fear subsided. She looked at Mo Er Qian with red eyes and said, “Brother, can you stay here with me till noon?”

“Certainly,” Mo Er Qian naturally would not refuse. However, he knew he was in quite a bind. Ever since he was invited to teach at Jing Da, he had taken too many off days and did too little work. He neither participated in any research nor gave the students enough lectures. He had been given a warning and if he didn’t return to make up for his hours, he might soon be out of a job.


The Mo family members accompanied Mo Liu Gui for a whole afternoon before leaving. It was a mental hospital, after all, they could not stay for too long.

But after that day, the Mo family was at ease knowing that Qin Cheng Yi’s arrangements for Mo Liu Gui were exceptionally good. She got to stay in a peaceful environment and a deluxe room all to herself. She was also provided with everything she wanted including the internet and room service. 

After everyone left, Mo Liu Gui laid alone in bed and wept. 

She was still unable to accept this. Mo Liu Gui couldn’t help directing the blame at Mo Di. She simply wanted him dead. If it wasn’t for him, she would never end up in such a place!!!

She regretted deeply for not killing him when she had had umptien number of chances before. Why did she let it go?! Why?!

It was all because she was too innocent and simple. She wanted to be called a good sister so she was tolerant towards him and now look how things turned out!

The regret was so maddening that Mo Liu Gui grit her teeth till it hurt and screamed till her face turned pale that she had to gasp for air before recovering.

After throwing a tantrum, she took out her phone to surf the web, watch videos, and play games, trying to divert her attention. She would rather die with Mo Di than being bored in this hospital!

Mo Liu Gui played with her phone all night and only fell asleep in the morning.

The nurse who was to look after her was called Liu Cui, a fifty-six years old veteran nurse with experience and tactfulness.

She had come to give Mo Liu Gui her breakfast but seeing that she was still asleep, turned away and headed for the director’s office.

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  1. So wait, if the hospital only has a few actual patients, doesn’t that mean that most of the “patients” are criminals who used the insanity plea to get out of going to jail?

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    1. Sad to inform you, such place and people actually exist for rich and powerful. With money, you can get away with everything. Everyone’s moral collapse once they have money and resources in their hands.


  2. The Mos have become the most pitiful cannon fodders – Mo Liu Gui has taken great pains to ensure this outcome.
    Thank you for the chapter ❤

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  3. OMG, she still believes that she innocent and simple?
    of what? not being evil enough? or mainly because she never directly did anything to harm people that she believes she is a good person
    just because others did horrible thing for her
    then she is not guilty?

    thanks for the update and all the work

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