RCFN 120

Chapter 120

Edited and proofread by KitKat

“Still asleep? It’s ok, don’t bother. She can get up whenever she wants. You can bring the food to her by then,” Zhao Chuan Ling put on his glasses and typed something on his laptop before closing it.

“Also if she throws a tantrum, you can just ignore her. If she comes at you then you can leave the room.”

“Alright, I’ll keep it in mind,” Liu Cui nodded.

“You can go out now, I’ll call you if something comes up.”

“Yes, director,” Liu Cui went out and closed the door.

Liu Cui was someone who owed Mu Tian Heng a debt. Some time ago, he had paid for her son’s medical fees and offered her a job. The greatest wish in her life was that her son would get well and repay Mu Tian Heng’s kindness. 

After Liu Cui left, Zhao Chuan Ling dialed a number on his phone.

“Hello, Chairman Mu.”

“Director Zhao, I was just about to call you, what a coincidence,” Mu Tian Heng’s voice came from the other end. 

“It’s about time I report to you,” Zhao Chuan Ling smiled broadly, “Mo Liu Gui had stayed with us for one night. She hasn’t gotten up yet.” 

“Is that so? It seems she’s sleeping pretty well,” Mu Tian Heng thought of how his Mo Di was tortured day and night till he went mad and couldn’t hold back the enmity in his tone.

“Director Zhao, please do not forget to give her a check-up soon. Since she was already admitted to your hospital, you’ll have to treat her illness with care, otherwise, it’ll be a waste of the Mo family’s money.”

“Of course, of course. Now that she’s a patient of our hospital, we have to give her proper treatment,” Zhao Chuan Ling answered without any qualms. “In a few days, I’ll give her a diagnosis and prepare her for treatment. But…”

Zhao Chuan Ling was still queasy. The Qin family was still around and even though the Mo family was in shambles, Mo Er Qian was still someone with a strong voice; in case one of them caused any trouble…

How could Mu Tian Heng not understand his concerns? He said with a smile, “Director Zhao, you don’t have to worry. Whether it’s the Qin or Mo family, I will clean them up one by one. As for you… All you have to do is to give out treatments.”

“Of course I believe in your capabilities,” Zhao Chuan Ling chuckled and showed his loyalty, “Chairman Mu, have a look at the diagnosis I gave her. Should I start her treatment or move her to a different ward?”

“After you’ve issued her medical report, I will tell you what to do next.”


After hanging up the phone, Mu Tian Heng saw Mo Di yawning beside him. He rubbed his head and said, “Sleepy? Why don’t you go back to bed?”

“No need, brother, I’m fine.” Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng got up at 4:30 a.m. when they got a certain message and had to revise their plans.

Mo Di said so but he yawned again. To avoid being pestered about going to bed by Mu Tian Heng, he changed the topic, “Brother, Qin Cheng Yi’s sentence will be announced in a few days. Although Qin Guang Jie couldn’t help him, I’m sure he’ll want to give him a comfortable life in prison. So regarding that matter, what should we do?”

“You won’t have to worry about this. I’ve already made arrangements.” Mu Tian Heng saw through Mo Di but did not point it out. He put a cup of milk in his hand and continued, “Qin Cheng Yi can only dream about living his life like before. It’s a murder charge, with the kind of convicts he is going to live with, it can only be hell.”

Hearing this, Mo Di knew that Mu Tian Heng had already been in touch with the warden and people involved to ensure that Qin Cheng Yi would ‘enjoy’ his prison life. Mo Di then talked about something else, “The Mo family should not be a problem now. Without Qin Cheng Yi, they’re particularly easy to deal with.”

Those that remained in the Mo family, other than the three housewives, only Mo Er Qian and Mo Shi Qiang were still somewhat difficult to suppress. 

“That’s why we should put Mo Wu Hang, that blockhead, to good use.”

Mu Tian Heng closed his laptop and gave Mo Di a kiss on the forehead, “Trust me, it’ll be done soon.”

Mo Di hugged Mu Tian Heng and his heart was never more at peace. He nudged the tip of his head at Mu Tian Heng and said, “Brother, do you think I’ve grown taller? I should be about 1.8 meters tall now! Maybe even 1.81!”

“Yes, you’ve grown taller. My Mo Di is growing fast.” Mu Tian Heng sounded supportive but his tone was that of coaxing a child. He then picked Mo Di up and put him on the bed, “Which is why you have to sleep more. Now, go to bed and you’re not allowed to argue.”


This day, another ‘acquaintance’ of Qin Cheng Yi’s came to the Mo family.

The person called himself Bai Duan and claimed that he was sent by Qin Cheng Yi to take care of the Mo family. He had been in contact with Mo Er Qian before and helped him with Mo Liu Gui’s case, as such, the Mo family naturally trusted him.

Bai Duan told them in confidence that because Qin Cheng Yi knew that the funds he had transferred to Mo Er Qian to help Miss Mo were almost emptied, he had prepared another hefty sum for them to better serve Miss Mo. It was in a private account and couldn’t be transferred, they would have to personally withdraw it.

The moment they heard his words, Mo Shi Hong and the others were immediately excited. They insisted on going to get the money with him. Even the ladies of the family fully supported the idea, only Mo Er Qian remained silent.

When Bai Duan saw his attitude, he focused his attention on the other members. He elaborated how large the sum of money was and how they would be able to move away from this dump and live in a better place. He then took out a ‘keepsake’ from Qin Cheng Yi and gave it to Mo Wu Hang.

How could the Mo family ever doubt him now? This was someone sent by Qin Cheng Yi and had helped them a lot before. 

Everyone tried to persuade Mo Er Qian to agree, proposing that the money was for Mo Liu Gui to have a better life and to prepare lest something happened to the falsified medical report. 

After considering their arguments, Mo Er Qian finally agreed. When it came to Mo Liu Gui, he was easily swayed. 

The next evening, Bai Duan took the Mo family members to a certain city in the southernmost region.

At first, only Mo Wu Hang, Mo Shi Hong, and Mo Shi Qian were required to go but Mo Er Qian was not at ease so he went with them. As for the ladies, it had been a long time since they entered a high-class venue and were tempted at the prospect that they’ll be living on a cruise ship. They couldn’t help but want to return to the days when they could still afford all those luxuries.

And since everyone was going, Mo San Zhi couldn’t just stay at home by himself. So in the end, Bai Duan succeeded in taking everyone to the plane.

When Mu Tian Heng heard this, he sneered. It seems even heaven was helping him.

After getting off the plane, they then boarded a steamship and set off into the sea…

It was then that the Mo family realized that they had been offered to board the Dong Fang Ge Hao, the most famous luxury gambling cruise ship that was only available to the most distinguished people. Other than to refill their supplies, this ship hardly ever docked.

The Mo family members showed off their invitation and excitedly followed Bai Duan.

Although the Qin family’s fortune was common knowledge to them, with local and overseas casinos, they did not know that even this grand establishment was under Qin Cheng Yi’s control!!!

This was too much of an eye-opener.

The lowest bet in this place was ten million and the highest could exceed hundreds of millions. And it seemed this was how Qin Cheng Yi was planning to transfer the money to them!

Mo Wu Hang was so excited that his hands were trembling.

The ladies changed into branded cheongsams and dressed up elegantly. With graceful steps, they strode to the diner and got themselves a glass of premium champagne.

Mo Shi Qiang, Mo Shi Hong, and Mo Wu Hang also changed into classic suits and followed Bai Duan to get chips from the dealer.

Bai Duan took out thirty million worth of chips and passed them to Mo Wu Hang and the others. He then whispered, “Master Qin has already arranged everything. This thirty million will surely multiply into a lot more. Master Qin had intended for you to earn over two hundred million…”

“I got it, I got it,” Mo Wu Hang was getting impatient, “So shall we start gambling now?”

“My friend, what’s the hurry?” Bai Duan patted him on the shoulder, “Why don’t you enjoy what this place has to offer now that you’re here?”

Mo Wu Hang was about to nod his head when Mo Er Qian interrupted, “No, get the money first.”

“Haha, alright, alright,” Bai Duan smiled and nodded, “Let’s start with this table first. Make about fifty million then we’ll move on to the next one.”


Once they started, the gambling went on for six days and seven nights.

At first, the Mo family felt as though they had landed in heaven. Not only were there good food and wine, but the service was also excellent. On top of that, they were on a winning streak. They had made more than twice of what Qin Cheng Yi had given them!

The Mo family had now fully trusted this reliable person that Qin Cheng Yi sent to help them out.

They were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery, listen to live music, watch skillful performances, and have good food and wine whenever they wanted. Mo Wu Hang felt that such a life was even more enjoyable than the one he had before the Mo family fell.

He did not want to go back at all! No one would shun such pleasures in life!


After enjoying their lives to the fullest, what awaited them was not the money Qin Cheng Yi promised but a devastating bolt from the blue!

On the seventh day, it was almost like the world had turned its back against them, causing them to owe a hundred and eighty million in gambling debt!!!

The Mo family refused to believe it. They thought there was some sort of mistake but Bai Duan was nowhere to be found and what greeted them was a group of bodyguards carrying wooden sticks. They did not give the Mos any chance to state their case before tying them up and demanding a payment!

The other gamblers present were no strangers to such a scene. Paying for losing bets was an unalterable principle of gambling. As for what methods the casino used to extract the debts was not their concern. They couldn’t see or rather, they couldn’t care less.

The eight Mo family members were throwing abuses in the beginning but when they were locked up in a storeroom at the bottom of the ship with knives pointed at their throats, they quietened down and began to shiver. Mo Wu Hang was frozen with fear.

Only Mo Er Qian could maintain a certain degree of calmness but his back was drenched with cold sweat. He realized that they were most likely tricked, that Bai Duan was not the person Qin Cheng Yi had arranged to help them!

Or rather… He was Qin Cheng Yi’s underling in the beginning but was later bought over by someone else!!!

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  1. I think these were worthwhile chapters to read (even with a sorely lacking main couple) if only because my raging desire for vengeance can be unleashed! Truly glorious! Everyone deserves this ending. Can’t wait to see MLG fall from grace as well!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Good Monday! There’s not a lot of MD and MTH in these few chapters so I wasn’t too enthusiastic and that’s why releases are slow 😅

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    1. It’s like tidying one’s home – not exactly thrilling, but still necessary and it can even bring a sense of accomplishment XDDDDDD
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      P.S. And we do get a glimpse of Mo Di and Mu Tain Heng's sweet interactions to tide us over 😉

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