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Chapter 43 After the kick, boss Wen patted Wang Xiao Mie on the head and gently said, “Did you see that? That’s all you have to do,” “…” Wang Xiao Mie stared speechlessly at the struggling man with his two legs sticking out of the garbage can. The funny part was the word ‘non-recyclable trash’ … Continue reading IHSC 43


Chapter 42 (Unedited) The next day, Wang Xiao Mie who had thought that things would only get better from here realized that he was being too optimistic. The reasons were as follow:  Wang Xiao Mie: “Today, we’ll be learning how to integrate into modern society. The times now are not like what it was back … Continue reading IHSC 42

RCFN 104

Chapter 104 Edited and Proofread twice by KitKat 😀 The second day after his death, the Mo family had sent someone to have his body cremated. No one from the Mo family had showed up. Only Mo Wu Hang had used a disgusted tone to tell the crematorium staff to dump Mo Di’s ashes into … Continue reading RCFN 104

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