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RCFN Chapter 73

Chapter 73 A flash of enmity crossed Ye Cheng Feng’s eyes the moment he saw Mo Di. Ye Cheng Feng quickly retrieved his gaze and showed a gentlemanly smile: “Hello, you are…” “Mo Di.” Mo Di pointed to his nameplate. “Oh, so you’re Mo Di. I’ve heard so much about you. You ranked first in … Continue reading RCFN Chapter 73

RCFN Chapter 72

Chapter 72 Ye Cheng Feng had a change in mood when he heard Mo Liu Gui’s request. He couldn’t bear for her to be treated as the bad person even when she tried to show concern for that ingrate. Ye Cheng Feng hesitated: “Xiao Gui, why do you even care about Mo Di? He’s a … Continue reading RCFN Chapter 72

RCFN Chapter 71

Chapter 71 When they reached home, Suan Suan, who had not seen Mo Di in days, jumped at him excitedly. The tail attached to its back was shaking non-stop. Mo Di picked Suan Suan up and gave it a kiss. “Suan Suan, did you miss me that much?” “This little guy is too snobbish. I’m … Continue reading RCFN Chapter 71

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