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Chapter 17 Edited and Proofread by KitKat After acquiring the house under Mount Qingyun, An Chang Qing hired a craftsman to renovate and clean up the place. By the time the house was ready to be occupied, it was already the twelfth lunar month. As the Laba Festival approaches, the Palace sent out a summon, … Continue reading TTBE 17


Chapter 16 Edited and Proofread by KitKat Zhou He Lan came from a humble background and although he was later inaugurated as the National Chaplain, he was still ostracized by many due to the fact that his mother was from the Xi Wei Empire. Currently, the Da Ye, Yuze, and Xi Wei Empires were three … Continue reading TTBE 16


Chapter 15 Edited and Proofread by KitKat The teahouse in Yejing has been quite prosperous these past few days. The ground floor was filled with guests and the upper floor was occupied by a storyteller running out of saliva as he spread his tale. As his listeners increased, the storyteller knocked on the table with … Continue reading TTBE 15

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Many thanks for translating TTBE…love the the story….i am just wondering will you keep translating it since the last post was a month ago…many thanks and looking forwardπŸ˜ΆπŸ˜™πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜™πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜™

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    1. Yes I will definitely continue to work on it. I’ll probably have a chapter or two out next week. Stay tuned and stay safe! 😊😊😊


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