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Chapter 84 Editor & Proofreader: KitKat Mo Di called Mu Tian Heng and the latter said he didn’t mind. Mo Di relayed the message to Chen Zhao who gleefully said, “Alright, I’ll call my uncle and have him book a table for four to five people.” “En, It might really be five,” Mo Di thought … Continue reading RCFN 84


Chapter 83 Editor & Proofreader: KitKat Fearing that Mu Tian Heng was taking this too lightly, Mo Di warned him, “Brother, something’s up with Qin Guang Jie wanting to meet you. I don’t think you should see him. If you really have to meet him, you have to be extra careful. He’s a vicious old … Continue reading RCFN 83


Chapter 82 Editor & Proofreader: KitKat Mo Di swept the room and said, “I want to bring a team member with me, this should be fine, right?” “That…” The staff hesitated, “The investor did not mention anyone else, but … I suppose it’s fine.” “Alright,” Mo Di said to Lin Jun Feng who just happened … Continue reading RCFN 82

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