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Chapter 56 Edited and Proofread by KitKat After Ji Xue left, Xue Wuyi stood by the window and pondered. Xue Wuyi made this undercover trip to Liangzhou based on the premise that with Chang Zai Cang’s relationship with the Northern Warlord, he would definitely ask for Xiao Zhige’s help. He had personally come to Liangzhou … Continue reading TTBE 56


Chapter 55 Edited and Proofread by KitKat The gushing wind howled by his ears and the scenery flashed by quickly as Ta Xue carried them across the desert. The only thing An Chang Qing could discern with his eyes were the shining stars above. They traveled for quite a distance before Ta Xue brought them … Continue reading TTBE 55


Chapter 54 Edited and Proofread by KitKat The youth hung his head low. He was filled with regrets for not remembering the past. He kept his eyes down and explained dejectedly, “I fell into the water when I was ten and had a high fever. After that, I lost part of my memories. I didn’t … Continue reading TTBE 54

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Many thanks for translating TTBE…love the the story….i am just wondering will you keep translating it since the last post was a month ago…many thanks and looking forward😶😙😶😙😶😙

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I will definitely continue to work on it. I’ll probably have a chapter or two out next week. Stay tuned and stay safe! 😊😊😊


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