RCFN Chapter 69

Chapter 69

Du Wen Jing was distraught. Why did they break his fingers? Didn’t they say that as long as she obeyed they wouldn’t hurt him?!!!

Du Wen Jing jumped hysterically at sister Meng, wanting to grab the photos. The cuffs on her wrist which were chained to the chair clattered harshly.

“What happened to my brother?! Where is he?! What happened to him?!”

Sister Meng witnessed her reaction and turned to look at the policeman there with her.

“Stop pretending. If you didn’t work with the people at the casino, how would your brother end up like this?”

“I didn’t! I didn’t! I did not want to hurt my brother! I love him the most! How could I hurt him?!!!”

Du Wen Jing’s tears flowed endlessly. “Tell me what happened to my brother?! Aren’t you the police? How can you let this happen to him?! Why didn’t you save him?! What kind of trashy police are you?!”

“You better have some respect!” The young officer snapped at her angrily.

Sister Meng was more accustomed to dealing with interrogation. She smacked two photos in front of Du Wen Jing and spoke to her calmly: “We have been working with the Myanmar police on a case and when the crimes committed in the gambling den were about to blow up, the police went after everyone in that place. But somehow they knew the police were coming and decided to use your brother as a hostage. Our hands were tied and they escaped. Now, do you still want to cover for them? Are you still willing to work with these people?!”

Du Wen Jing’s eyes were fully red: “How could they do that? They clearly said… They said…”

Sister Meng deliberately ignored her words. She told her gravely: “You’re still not willing to tell us?”

“It seems you’re trying to protect them. You’re helping each other get rid of your targets. You hated your brother because your family treated him better than you. And the person you’re working with hated Mo Di for some reason so he helped you harm your brother and you help him to deal with Mo Di. Am I right?”

“That’s nonsense!” Du Wen Jing glared at sister Meng with rage, “If something happens to my brother I won’t let you off, I won’t let them off!”

“Those people are not trustworthy! I’ll kill them! They deserve to die!”

“They gave me their word. They said if I gave Mo Di drugs and turned him into an addict, they would write off my brother’s debts and let him go. They lied to me! They should all go to hell!”

“So you worked with them to ruin Mo Di and save your brother?” Although she had expected this, sister Meng was still furious, “Do you know that what you did brought danger not only to your brother but also others?!”

“Did you know that those people set it up so your brother would turn into an addict and owed them that much debt?” The policeman next to sister Meng said in anguish: “Those people deliberately targeted your brother and you’re still willing to be used by them?!”

“Ah!!!” Du Wen Jing cried and wailed hysterically.

“Are you going to stay quiet to protect them or will you start talking?”

“If you delay us further, we won’t be able to track the people who took your brother and the longer he stayed with them, the more dangerous his situation is!”

“I… I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you!” Du Wen Jing choked up and said with tears and snot all over her face: “I’ll tell you everything…”

“You have to save my brother. Quickly save my brother!”


Du Wen Jing retold her story from the beginning.

It started a month ago when a group of men came to her door and demanded a payment of 12 million yuan. They said it was the gambling debts her brother owed and she had to pay up or his hands will become obsolete. 

Of course she had her doubts and wanted to call the cops but they showed her a picture of his toe being chopped off and threatened that if she went to the police, the next time it won’t be just a finger or a hand, it’s going to be her family’s bloodline.

Du Wen Jing was scared witless, she dared not take any reckless actions. She cried and begged them to let her brother go but they refused and kept threatening her with photos of her brother being beaten to a pulp. 

Then finally, they put up a proposal as compensation. 

She was reluctant at first. She did not want to promise them anything, definitely not to hurt people, let alone go to jail! But there was nothing she could do, her brother owed them too much money and even his life was in their hands. She had no choice but to cooperate.

She is innocent! She is also a victim!

Sister Meng could not sympathize with her willingness to harm innocent people instead of going to the police. She told Du Wen Jing to give a description of the men and how to get in touch with them. Then with a cold face, she left the interrogation room.

The police immediately launched an operation.

Unfortunately, once those people heard that Du Wen Jing was in police custody, they scattered and only two were caught after two days of pursuit. They pleaded guilty to everything and insisted that no one else was giving them instructions.

At the same time, Du Wen Long was successfully located with two fingers and two toes missing. He was rescued and was sent home from Myanmar. After knowing everything, he hated Du Wen Jing.

When they were allowed to see each other, he only threw insults at her. He was being held for so long because she did not go to the police immediately and even cooperated with the people who tortured him. He felt that Du Wen Jing did it on purpose and wanted him dead.

Seeing Du Wen Long hating herself, Du Wen Jing was devastated. She cried to the point of fainting.

It was a tragic story of retribution.

Du Wen Jing’s crime of deceiving others into taking drugs was finalized. As for how long she will be imprisoned was up to the court.

And Mo Di had put Du Wen Jing aside for the time being and focused on the Qin family alongside Mu Tian Heng.

Cases whereby victims were enticed into gambling and eventually turned into habitual gamblers like Du Wen Long’s were not rare. These schemes were usually run by underground gambling dens and in Myanmar, it was operated in a grey area which included the rich, both dirty and clean. The Myanmar police could not lay their hands on them without reasonable cause but now that a foreign nationality was harmed on their soil, the police could no longer turn a blind eye.

Mu Tian Heng cooperated with the Myanmar businessmen in his acquaintance and had them put a lot of pressure on the local law enforcement to flush out the illegal activities of the casinos. With each successful arrest, the Myanmar police had gained a lot more support and momentum.

With the additional help of the Hua Xia police force and the information provided by Mu Tian Heng and Mo Di, Commissioner Wang had managed to put the Qin family onto the dissecting table. 

Amongst the people the Qin family sent to overlook their casinos, two were Qin Cheng Yi’s closest confidants and they were arrested, sending Qin Cheng Yin into a spiraling rage.

But his anger was useless. The most he could do now was send them a message, warning them not to say anything stupid.

With them under police custody, he could not simply make them disappear and cut off any ties they had with the Qin family.

Mu Tian Heng and Mo Di worked with several I.T. officers to trace the connection between the Qin Group and the gambling dens. Their ceaseless work eventually led to finding clues one after the other, even the malpractices committed in Du Wen Long’s case.

Even with his utmost effort, Qin Cheng Yi could only remove himself from the case while several of his confidants and an important right-hand man were put in custody and awaiting their sentences.

The Qin’s casinos in Myanmar were sealed off and they were put under serious surveillance.

Commissioner Wang’s interest in the case naturally did not allow him to give them any breathing room. He directly gave the report to his superiors and with the glaring evidence, the central government had to get involved.

Ultimately, the government made a swift decision to directly manage and control resources coming in and out of the Qin Group. The two major projects currently under their development had been banned indefinitely.

The news that their funds were being investigated spread like wildfire and even though the Qin Group was able to block outgoing news to the public, many in the circle had already caught wind of it. The Qins’ share immediately saw a four percent drop, meaning their market value had shrunk by nearly a hundred billion yuan. Many of their affiliated projects had also been shelved.

Qin Guang Jie had to fly back from Europe overnight.


Mo Di heaved a sigh of relief when the government decided to make their move.

However, he was not overly surprised. This was bound to happen one day and it was only the beginning. His goal was to doom Qin Cheng Yi eternally.


After their crack on Qin Cheng Yi, Mo Di went back to his busy days working on his games and reviewing for the finals.

The air was getting frosty as mid-December arrived. Due to the experience from his previous life, Mo Di was particularly averse to the cold. He would wrap himself up like a bun every day.

Even the girls could not help but tease him. It was only seven or eight degrees, what would he do when the temperature got any lower.

Mo Di could only smile and continued to cover himself in layers.

Their classes had come to an end; they were now entering the final review week. The exams would commence at the end of December all the way to the eleventh of January.

In a bad case of coincidence, the deadline to upload their game for the next part of the competition was January twelfth.

With that, Mo Di’s time was squeezed dry. He was juggling between school and work which diminished his sleep to only three hours a day.

Xian Yu Chao and the others could not bear to see Mo Di go on like this but their persuasion was just falling on deaf ears. Without any other choice, they secretly gave Mu Tian Heng a call.

On that same night, Mu Tian Heng came straight to his school.

When Mo Di was busy coding while drinking water in bed, Mu Tian Heng was being smuggled in by several traitors.

“I’ve heard from somewhere that someone has been lying to me. He promised to go to bed at twelve but as it turned out, he would only sleep at three in the morning.”

Suddenly hearing Mu Tian Heng’s voice, Mo Di received quite a shock.

He looked up in a daze and was stupefied at the sight of Mu Tian Heng standing in his dorm.


Mo Di’s face that was revealed through the little opening in the blanket was blushing red. Mu Tian Heng’s anger was partly soothed at the humorous sight. “Isn’t today Friday? Why didn’t you come home? Don’t tell me you have class because I know that your classes are over.”

“But there’s an exam tomorrow morning for elective courses.” Mo Di replied in a timid little voice.

“Then I’ll come to pick you up tomorrow at noon.” Mu Tian Heng said: “There shouldn’t be any exam tomorrow afternoon and Sunday, is there?”

“No exam, no exam.” Xian Yu Chao and the others said in unison. “And the next week is for review so there are no classes, only a few exams on Saturday.” 

Mo Di was planning to ambiguously say that he had exams next week but was cleanly exposed by the others. 

The group of traitors!

“Well then, I’ll be bringing you back home tomorrow. You can review or work on your games at home.” Having said this, Mu Tian Heng looked straight at Mo Di and smiled, “Little one, do you have any objection?”


Mo Di answered like a good boy. With Mu Tian Heng supervising, he could only sleep on time. If so, then he could only produce up to chapter seven of Infinite Life. Chapter eight would have to wait.

Hopefully, the judge that claimed he would give them a bad review if they did not let him play another four chapters was only joking.

Looking at Mo Di’s cute and submissive look, Mu Tian Heng soon turned soft and wanted to hold his hand but seeing where they were, he took back the thought.

“I know you’re very busy with reviewing for the exams and working on the game but your health is more important than anything else, got it?”

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  1. If they could publish that the Gui crap was acquainted with Qin’s heir, her popularity could’ve taken another plunge.. What a pity !!!


    1. That’s chapter 103 and 104. I really liked that two chapters so back then I translated it first and released it ahead of time. Sorry for the confusion 😅


  2. You know… those cops are protective and good at their job when it comes to Mo Di… and his friends back him up with no explanation on his part. They just act concerned when it comes to him… is Mo Di growing his own halo?

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    1. Well spotted. It is mentioned very briefly somewhere in an early chapter that a small force was helping MD. So with MLG’s halo getting weaker, it’s safe to say that force is getting stronger

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  7. The adversary this time was quite easily dealt with but the importantly point of this arc is that they managed to weaken the Qin family. If you read the extra chapter, you’ll know how powerful the Qins eventually got and how difficult it was to bring them down.

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