RCFN Chapter 70

Chapter 70

“En.” Mo Di knew that Mu Tian Heng was only concerned for health so he nodded and accepted his preaching.

“Good boy.” Mu Tian Heng smiled. Mu Tian Heng wanted to touch Mo Di’s head but realized that he was too high up on the bed and reaching up would turn out to be awkward.

Mu Tian Heng clenched his hand to diminish the desire and reminded him tenderly: “Have a good rest and quickly go to bed, it’s already late. I’ll be leaving now.”

He was here for a surprise inspection and did not intend to stay for too long. Furthermore, the dorm would be locked at twelve midnight and he won’t be able to leave afterward.

“Brother, let me see you off.” 

“There’s no need. It’s cold outside, you’d better rest up and go to bed.” Seeing Mo Di about to get out of bed, Mu Tian Heng had to accentuate his tone: “Are you not listening to your brother’s words anymore?”

Mo Di stopped his movement and looked at Mu Tian Heng in aggrievedness.

Mu Tian Heng turned soft immediately. He said in a gentle tone: “You’re badly affected by the cold, going back and forth might give you a fever. Listen to me, alright?”

In his need to dissuade Mo Di, Mu Tian Heng spoke to him in an indulgently coaxing tone that he usually used when they were alone. Xian Yu Chao and the others had their eyes wide open, gawking in awe.

The big man was just too doting on their Xiao Di. This tone was like coaxing a child.

Mo Di detected the reactions of his roommates and his face turned red. He stopped what he was going and said: “Then, then brother, I won’t be seeing you off.”

“Um. You all should rest up as well.” Mu Tian Heng also felt the change and coughed: “I’m going now.”

After Mu Tian Heng left, Xian Yu Chao and Chen Zhao immediately stared at Mo Di while Lin Jun Feng looked curiously at Mu Tian Heng’s back as he closed the door.

“Xiao Di, isn’t Boss Mu a little too kind to you? And … and also…” Xian Yu Chao was unable to describe his exact thought on the matter. After stuttering briefly, he was just concluded with: “It’s nothing like how one would treat a younger brother.”

“Exactly! It was more like how a husband coaxes his wife.” Chen Zhao suddenly burst into laughter.

His uncle liked men and therefore, he felt there was nothing wrong with it.

“You shut up. That’s crazy.” Lin Jun Feng walked back to the bed and patted Chen Zhao’s shoulder, “Boss Mu is obviously a bro-con!” 

The group continued to discuss this topic, causing Mo Di terrible embarrassment. He covered his blanket and said to them: “If you’re not going to sleep then I’ll send you guys the work for the next chapter of Infinite Life. Do you want to do it now?”

“!!!” And then there was silence in the room as the rowdy three looked at each other in dismay.


With the precise review topics to work on and the exams taking place one after the other, time flew by quickly.

A week went by and so did several of Mo Di’s exams. Jing Da had begun the self-study week and also compulsory revision classes.

Mo Di would return home every weekend. And on the weekdays when he stayed at the dorm, he would make sure to go to bed on time since Mu Tian Heng had three informants by his side, there was no way for him to cheat!

Every bedtime, Mo Di would sigh in a complicated way before sleeping.

The next stage of the competition would be to fight for the top ten spots and everyone was baffled why Mo Di was working himself to the bone. Even if they only managed to upload one or two chapters, they were pretty much guaranteed to be promoted.

Mo Di had words that he could not divulge.

Only he knew how things would change as the competition ushered into the next stage. After the top ten was selected, which was also when the hype for the competition reached its peak, all the teams would have to cohabitate in a base provided by the committee. Like popular variety shows, a camera crew would film their game making progress day by day.

However, as this was the first-ever game competition in Hua Xia, sponsorship was not adequate for every team to have their own villa. The choice of living quarters was very limited and it all came down to the rankings. The higher up they were on the list, the more probable they would be able to pick a place to their liking. This would change in later years when the competition had garnered enough popularity and investors were willing to pour capital into it.

But in this premier competition, things were not as perfect. From what he could remember watching the episodes in his last life, there were only three villas available: One with three floors and the other two with four floors each. Just enough for the ten teams.

He had to stay in the top three positions to ensure that he could pick one of the top floors. In regard to privacy, comfort, and safety, the highest floor was always a good choice.


Life is not easy, Mo Di sighed.

Time zipped by as Mo Di busied with his studies and work. When he realized it, the last day of the exams was here and he had only one subject left to hurdle.

Not only the dorm but the whole class was filled with a festive mood.

Early this morning, Mo Di did not have to call and everyone was already out of bed.

The last exam would commence at 10:30 but the room would be occupied till 10:00 for an earlier class. 

Before ten, everyone was waiting outside the exam room discussing their plans for the holidays: when were they leaving for home, by rail or plane, where would they spend their vacation etc.

Xian Yu Chao and the others already had this discussion last night. They would be going home for the time being and when the game results were announced, they would then plan the next part of their winter holiday.

….but they knew they could plan all they want, Mo Di was not going to let them have it easy.


As Mo Di entered his last exam, a hot search popped up on the internet out of the blue.

“Release Date For The Film ‘Silence’ Is Set”

Silence is a film directed by renowned director Sun Yi Lun starring Mo Liu Gui and another actor on the rise. It told the story of first love and unrequited love.

Due to Sun Yi Lun’s reputation, the film attracted a lot of publicity once it had been announced. However, because of the Mo family’s scandals being exposed one after the other, Mo Liu Gui was in no position to buy any hot search and even when she did, more serious articles would drown out her own. Without these obstacles, the movie would have been top of the search list.

Recently, the Mo family had quietened down and when Mo Liu Gui stepped on Mo Si Lang to wash white, although it did not fully recover her image, proper publicity and marketing could now be carried out.

And so, in the sixth and eighth position of the hot search were “Mo Liu Gui, the newcomer in the lead role of Silence” and “Mo Liu Gui, the school goddess”. Several other buildups were also started. Most sounded objective on the surface but they were all a publicity stunt.

In it, Mo Liu Gui was described as a gifted and beautiful actress with great potential. She had flexible acting skills, captivating beauty, and on top of that, an academic achiever currently studying at Jing Da.

In the past, Mo Liu Gui’s reputation was nothing commendable. Coupled with the Mo family’s soiled reputation and the video confrontation between her and Mo Di, the netizens were skeptical at first with all the news involving her.

However, the water army was not there for nothing. Collaborating with Mo Liu Gui’s fans, they began a massive spread of propaganda on Weibo and major entertainment websites, aiming to help her wipe away all the previous rumors.

The so-called rumor-wiping was a common viral marketing method in the entertainment industry. Fans and water armies organized a large number of fabricated materials to refute anti-fans and whitewash their idols.

With their help, Mo Liu Gui was painted in a wholly different light: a rich, talented, intelligent, and innocent girl who had been misunderstood and bullied by the common people. When someone refuted them with evidence from the video, the water army would shut them out with claims that it was just a misunderstanding and deflect all the bad rumors. As long as the fans were shameless enough, they could go along with anything.

Under the forceful indoctrination, the truths and lies about Mo Liu Gui became a highly discussed topic for a while but with the water armies on her side, any opposers were immediately discredited. Eventually, Mo Liu Gui was promoted to the good side and managed to gain some popularity on Weibo.

Mu Tian Heng had just left his company on the way to pick someone up from Jing Da…. when news about her was notified on his phone. 

He immediately knew the farce behind all this.

After reading a few manuscripts written by the water army lying through their teeth, Mu Tian Heng’s mood was dampened. Needless to say, he did not waste time on meaningless anger. He immediately gave his PR department a temporary task and promised them a bonus were they to do a good job.

And so, by the time Mo Di came out of the examination hall and found the numerous absurd articles regarding Mo Liu Gui going viral, the whole hype was actually beginning to die down.

Not only that, the tables were now turned against Mo Liu Gui. 

The acts of the Mo family were dug up once again and were documented throughout the net along with the analysis of Mo Liu Gui’s caught on camera moments with Mo Di. The netizens were sarcastically praising her outstanding acting in that footage. 

The general masses were not idiots. Even with the fake articles circulating, Mo Liu Gui was still getting the cold shoulders.

With that, the publicity of the film Silence was once again affected.

Director Sun Yi Lun was a fuse ready to explode. He never paid attention to his casts’ personal life and only cared about their performance on the set but Mo Liu Gui had time and again hindered the publicity of his film, it was inevitable that he was getting dissatisfied with her.

He had planned for her to be the female lead in his next film but he seriously needed to reconsider that.

With just a quick browse of the internet, how could Mo Di not know what had transpired. He turned and gave Mu Tian Heng a smile.

“Brother, your countermove is too timely. Did you give the sisters and brothers who helped out drumsticks?”

“I did. I gave them a bonus big enough to buy thousands of drumsticks.” Mu Tian Heng rubbed Mo Di’s hair, “Congratulations on getting through all your exams. You’re finally free, anywhere particular you want to go?”

“Hmm…” Thinking of Mo Er Qian coming back in January, Mo Di hesitated: “I want to have a look at the Mo house.”

“The Mo house?” Mu Tian Heng instantly frowned. “And what would your purpose be?”

“That…” Mo Di was drawing a blank, “I’ll tell you when we get home. I can’t give a clear explanation at the moment.”

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