RCFN Chapter 68

Chapter 68

Du Wen Jing watched Mo Di rushed out of the room and heard his footsteps heading for the public toilet on the east corridor.

She surveyed the room. Seeing that the others were busy celebrating, walked to the bedroom and closed the door.

Du Wen Jing took off her hairband decorated with shiny cubes, each filled with a white powder.

Du Wen Jing had a hesitant look but thinking of her brother, she kept at it after all.

She quickly uncorked the sparkling wine and emptied three cubes of powder into it.

Mo Di was watching the surveillance on his phone in the men’s room.

The hidden camera was placed inconspicuously between the sofa cushion, facing the table where his school bag and the two bottles of wine were.

Du Wen Jing’s every action was caught on camera and it was all her own “initiative”.

There are two situations whereby recording from a hidden camera is unsubmissive in court. The first is that there were no illegal activities such as violence, coercion, illegal restraining, etc. The second is that it violates legal rights which includes privacy and the maintenance of the individual’s daily lives. Without infringing these two laws, the video can be used as evidence in court.

And Mo Di was well within these guidelines.

The camera angle he set was to monitor his own school bag and wine, it was to secure his own personal property. After all, there was valuable data in his bag and this was not a private space, what if someone sneaked in without his knowledge.

As for Du Wen Jing, she just happened to enter the frame on her own volition.

Mo Di had no intention to play the confronting game with Du Wen Jing. Without any delay, he reported to Mu Tian Heng, and eventually, the police were called in.

The police’s arrival was swift, in less than fifteen minutes, they were already at the hotel gate.

Even with the police at their door, Xian Yu Chao and the others were still in the dark. Only when they barged in amidst their high jinks that the group was shocked silly and stood frozen in place.

Wha… wha… What just happened?!

They had just ordered food, why did the police come instead?!!!

Du Wen Jing panicked. She pretended to be in need of the toilet in order to leave but was stopped by a policewoman who then handcuffed her.

“You’re Du Wen Jing right? Why don’t you come with us?”

“What are you doing? Why are you arresting me?!” Du Wen Jing struggled to break free and escape.

“That’s because you broke the law of course.” The policewoman was very much accustomed to apprehending criminals who tried to act innocent. She grabbed Du Wen Jing with force and pinned her on the ground.

“Ah!” Du Wen Jing screamed with pain.

“What’s going on? Why are you arresting my friend?” Seeing Du Wen Jing’s predicament, Zhao Chun stepped forward briskly, “Officer, is there a misunderstanding? My friend did not commit any crime, why are you arresting her?”

“We suspect she has drugs in her possession with the intention to intoxicate others. We’re taking her back for questioning.” The policewoman passed him her card, “If you have any doubt about our arrest, you can file a complaint at the station.”

“No, no… I certainly don’t mean any offense but…” Zhao Chun was full of disbelief looking at Du Wen Jing on the ground. “It’s just that there’s no way my friend has any drugs on her.”

Xian Yu Chao and the others also came out of their shock and started asking questions: “Who was she planning to intoxicate?!”

That’s the most important point!!!

“It’s me, I reported.” Mo Di’s voice faded in.

“Xiao Di?!!!”

Everyone’s had a change in their expression. Chen Zhao ran to Mo Di and asked him frantically: “Du Wen Jing tried to drug you? Xiao Di, please don’t scare me, this is serious!”

“Xiao Di, how are you feeling? Do you need to go to the hospital?” Pang Qiang Lang and Han Chao immediately shifted their attention to Mo Di. Han Chao insisted that Mo Di leave for the hospital right away.

“Can we get rid of the drugs by gastric lavage?”

Mo Di smiled sincerely looking at the group who were concerned for his safety even in their confusion, “It’s ok, I’m fine now.”

“The caller also has to come with us to the station.” Two male policemen who had collected the evidence and placed them in the evidence bag said to Mo Di: “You’re Mo Di, right?”

“En.” Mo Di nodded. He looked at Du Wen Jing on the ground and she was looking up at him with bright red eyes.

“You framed me!” Du Wen Jing had started the waterworks. “Why did you frame me?! I have never been exposed to drugs! I never drugged anyone! You’re the one trying to trick me into taking drugs!”

Mo Di was quite surprised at Du Wen Jing’s last-ditch effort. He could only laugh. He expected her to resist and deny but he never thought she would turn around and blame him.

Him tricking her to take drugs? 

This could get interesting.

“What rubbish?! Xiao Di has been with us all this time, don’t you dare accuse him of anything!” Lin Jun Feng was fuming. He could not imagine that the Du Wen Jing they had been feeling sorry for was such a person! She tried to drug Xiao Di and when that failed, she tried to slander him instead!

“Your accusation is invalid.” Mo Di pointed to the evidence in the hand of the police, “Everything has to be based on evidence.”

“I do not possess drugs, I don’t use drugs, and I definitely was not trying to make anyone take drugs! It’s you, you framed me! You want me to take the fall. You know I’m poor and powerless so you used me, I ….ummm!”

“Stop making a scene! It won’t help your case. I’ve seen this many times.” The policewoman gagged her with a napkin, “Stay still! Do you think you can get away with this by causing a ruckus? Dream on. Take her back.”

“Yes, sister Meng.” A young policeman immediately received her order and took Du Wen Jing away.

It was apparent that the policewoman was of a higher rank.

“Can you come to the station to make a statement?” the policewoman clapped her hands and said to the Xian Yu Chao and the others, “It won’t take long.”

“Of course, no problem.” They nodded repeatedly.

And so, everyone got in the police car.

After some time, Xian Yu Chao could not hold his curiosity and asked: “Xiao Di, what the hell is going on? How did Du Wen Jing trick you into taking drugs? Are you sure you’re alright?”

“That’s right, Xiao Di, are you now…” Han Chao looked at Mo Di: “feeling any discomfort?”

“I’m fine.” Mo Di replied calmly.

“I discovered something was wrong with her and after she spiked my drink, I have not eaten anything from her since. It was the last time we went to karaoke that I found out that she drugged me. I was not able to confirm back then but today I’m certain.”

“Last time?!” Pang Qiang Lang was flabbergasted

“En. I don’t want to talk about the details but it was pure luck that I discovered it.”

The group wanted to know more but seeing Mo Di keeping it short, they no longer asked.

Zhao Chun was still in disbelief: “But why would Wen Jing drug you? Could she have drugged us too?”

“No. She has another motive.”

“Ha?! What motive?”

“That’s the truth behind this case, we better not discuss it now.”

(TN: in case anyone was confused with the names like I was, Zhao Chun is the girl who introduced Du Wen Jing to Mo Di. Chen Zhao is one of Mo Di’s dorm mates and Song Yu’s nephew. Han Chao is one the first members of the team who joined with Pang Qiang Lang.)


As Mo Di was driven to the police station, Mu Tian Heng had also made his move.

He brought everything he found on Du Wen Long to Commissioner Wang, the upright officer who had worked with them on the College Entrance Exam fraud case.

In fact, Commissioner Wang had been paying close attention to the Qin family for some time now but he just could not find any critical evidence of their crimes. With the evidence provided by Mu Tian Heng in the College Entrance Exam fraud case and Mo Si Lang’s case, his interest in the Qin family deepened and he had been keeping an eye on them. However, there was no strong evidence to topple the Qin family and so he had to be passive for now.

For this reason, Commissioner Wang was more reliable than any other government official and most suitable to exchange information with.

This time Mu Tian Heng contacted Commissioner Wang in the hope that he could use De Wen Long to make Du Wen Jing reveal everything that she knew.

However, Mu Tian Heng acknowledged that even if she spilled everything, the most they could prove was that Du Wen Long was kept in the Qins’ gambling den in Myanmar. The thread that tied the drugs to the Qins were fickle and would be unable to put garbage like Qin Cheng Yi in prison. And even if they found more incriminating evidence, there were plenty of people who were willing to be his sacrificial lamb.

In the beginning, Mu Tian Heng was reluctant to use underhanded means against the Qin family but their ruthlessness disgusted him to no end. Qin Cheng Yi cannot be left to inherit the Qin Group, he should be in a prison cell instead.


At the station, the locked up Du Wen Jing gradually calmed down as she remembered the words of the person she had been in contact with.

It’ll be fine, as long as she stays strong and sticks to her claim that Mo Di was the one who framed her, she’ll be fine.

Even if… even if there was evidence against her, it’s not that bad. She did some research, the crime of coaxing others to take drugs only has up to three years sentence unless it was serious to the point of life-threatening. She only spiked his drink twice and Mo Di was not affected at all, her sentence should be light.

At most, it would cost her three years of her life. She would be thirty by the time she got out but that was acceptable. As for now, she must not tell them anything or her brother’s hands and legs would be chopped off by those in the gambling den!

How could her brother live a normal life after that? And her parents and her, how could they live with themselves for letting this happen?!!

Du Wen Jing was determined to stick to her story unless there was concrete evidence to convict her. But even so, she would claim that she did it out of jealousy for Mo Di’s talent and wealth. That would be all she was willing to say.

Du Wen Jing had everything mapped out in her head. Just as she braced herself for what to come, no one came to interrogate her even after three hours.

After an unknown amount of time passed when she slowly drifted into sleep, the door to the interrogation room opened.

The policewoman who had handcuffed her came in with her colleague.

When Du Wen Jing was about to open her mouth to claim her innocence, the police officer’s words stumped her first, then turned her complexion pale.

“Is Du Wen Long your brother?”

Sister Meng then went on to show Du Wen Jing photos of Du Wen Long with broken fingers: “He was lured into gambling and had turned into an addict. His enabler tricked him into going to Myanmar, to an underground gambling den where he almost had his limbs amputated. And you, you were working with the people who were trying to hurt him, why? Tell me!”

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  1. As expected, this kind of weak mind people like a bless to Mo Di or ML. They can even lie her to expose that Qin or at least his gang.


  2. This woman is seriously sick in the head thinking that it’s OK to ruin an innocent person’s life! And even if she’s terribly callous and unfeeling, to think that it’s no big deal to spend years in prison – what kind of brain circuits does she have? An appointment with a psychiatrist would definitely be in order.
    Thank you for the translation ❤

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  3. Omg! Finally! I was so worried about this girl and how Mo Di was going to escape. I’m so thankful the police force is on his side and that the commissioner is getting more interested in QCY and his illegal BS. I hope they catch him soon!

    Also, MTH is finally having ENOUGH of QCY’s bs as well. Hopefully he can step in with his dad and put him down.

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  4. It’s a very fitting punishment for one so focused on her brother to be blamed for her brother’s (deserved) suffering! Drag her!

    QCY is a cockroach. What’s finally going to be the thing to take him down, I wonder?

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