IHSC Chapter 32

Chapter 32

What’s it like being watched by a group of drooling monsters as one marched towards someone else’s tomb?

It’s like a student sitting in the last row being called to the podium for a speech. 

The bitterness in their heart was hard to put into words. After all, no tomb master would let just about anyone enter his tomb freely.

They had planned for heavy casualties but never thought it would end like this.

If it weren’t for the row of monsters to the sides eyeing them hungrily, they might actually feel like standing on the red carpet.

The man surnamed Yan strode forward. Xiao Li was turning pale right behind him. He used his peripheral vision to stay on guard.

Xiao Luo was sweating bullets as he tightened his grip on the item in his hand. He finally pulled out the secret weapon from his backpack and muttered: “I currently have the urge to turn tail and run.”

Zhen Bei was walking behind him and looked up when he heard his words. But the second he saw the weapon Xiao Luo was cradling like a baby in his arms, he pointed at it with a stiff expression.

“What is that?”

Xiao Luo gave the slender weapon a wave: “Oh this? It’s my Physical Holy Sword!”

Zhen Bei: “…..” Physical Holy Sword?

“Isn’t it just a crowbar…..”

Xiao Luo’s expression changed and in a serious tone, he said: “No, its name is Physical Holy Sword. It’d been blessed by the temple.”

“…..” Even the double-faced Zhen Bei was at a loss for words.

Right behind them, a boney and cocooned palm slapped on Xiao Luo’s head with a pa! Lei Jie moved in between them and said to Zhen Bei: “Don’t pay attention to this chuuni. This thing can even get drunk with fake wine.”

“Shibo! That’s not true!”

“Huh? How dare you yell at me? Want me to use the physical sword to separate you and your genitalia?”



Zhen Bei discreetly hastened his steps towards Zhen Mu, hiding his disdain from Lei Jie.

“Please, wait, a moment.”

A shrill voice echoed from the group of motionless monsters, sending a chill in everyone’s spine. A long-haired female ghost was staring at them with her gruesome eyes wide open. She dragged her feet and stood in front of the group.

The frosty air and moldy scent were giving the man surnamed Yan extreme discomfort.

Xiao Li’s pupils shrank and the fickle brain that was already in chaos ordered for an attack!


“Ahhhh! My hand! Ah! Boss!” Xiao Li clutched his right hand which was corroding into his wrist. He knelt down and howled in agony. In a flash, his right hand was completely dissolved and melted onto the ground.

And the perpetrator behind this was one of the monsters that had now gathered around them: a giant mushroom-like creature that disintegrated Xiao Li’s hand with its spit!

The group quickly had their backs against each other in a small circular formation. The hands holding on to their weapons were clamming wet. No one could afford to avert their attention to Xiao Li who was squirming on the floor and whose scream was overshadowed by the fear that was causing their hearts to beat like thunder!

This is it. Is this going to be where they die? Was all that before just a trap so they could be killed here?!

So many monsters… why did we come here?! This is not a place for the living!

“You people, so rude…. Hi hi hi…Our master said only four can enter. Decide amongst yourself, who can enter, who is to stay…” The female ghost gave a screeching laugh and announced: “But those who stay will become our food.”

“Food~ Food~ ha ha ha~” The two jellyfish monsters which left them with only the skin of their companions were cheering like children: “The ten of us will eat you first~ We want the viscera! Internal organs are delicious!”

“Then I’ll have the head…”

“Gu gu…..” I want the hands.

“I… want… eyeballs.”

“Click click click!” Don’t have to argue, everyone will get a share!

The group of monsters now had a distorted look on their faces. Their scarlet eyes depicted a thirst for blood like a famished predator.

Even without understanding their language, one could tell the excitement in their tone and the longing to tear up the ones chosen to stay behind.

“Only four?” Mr. Yan looked at Xiao Li curled up on the ground without a hint of emotion. In a swift motion, he kicked Xiao Li into the monsters’ reach and said gently: “You can have that one first.”

His tone and attitude were like talking about an object rather than a human being, furthermore, that man was his subordinate!

Zhen Mu and Lei Jie were flushed of color. They shifted their guard towards the man behind them instead of the monsters. Although Xiao Luo was young and green, he still felt the irony looking at Xiao Li’s angry and frightened expression.

The man surnamed Yan and his men were birds of a feather, stone-cold and notorious. Any one of them could betray everyone else in the blink of an eye. It’s better that they die off, saving him the trouble of having to look over his shoulder.

As for Zhen Bei, he grabbed on to Zhen Mu’s coat in horror as a guise to prevent Zhen Mu from getting in the way.

“What are you doing?! Yan, you animal! I’m going to kill you!”

Xiao Li helped himself up. Rage filled his face as he swore like a ferocious beast. He picked up the dagger with his good hand and rushed at Mr. Yan with every intention to share his peril!

But before his attack could land on Mr. Yan, his entire body was pulled back by the tomb keepers…

The sounds of chewing and screaming were intermittent and only lasted for a minute but it could never be unheard. 

Even the silence from the aftermath chilled them to the bones.

Zhen Mu’s Adam’s apple kept sliding as the smell of blood filled the air. Lei Jie and Xiao Luo had their eyes shut and Mr. Yan was keeping a straight face with a tint of smug. 

“Ou…” Zhen Bei squatted down retching. 


Maybe the noises from before had woken Zhen Hao up. And the moment he took in his surroundings, he let out another barrage of deafening screams!


It had to be said that the scream was too sudden that even Mr. Yan was slightly startled.

Xiao Luo’s reaction after the shock was to give Zhen Hao a kick, “The hell are you screaming for?!”

“You dare to kick me?!” With his initial panic subsided, Zhao Hao got up from the ground to settle the scores with Xiao Luo. His hand was almost to Xiao Luo’s neck when the crowbar got in his way.

Xiao Luo flashed him a sarcastic smile as he raised his weapon. He had long been dreading this fool’s presence and since only four could live, he could not wait to throw him to the monsters!

Lei Jie smacked her forehead and cursed: “Does that thing have any brains? Does he still think that he is in charge?”

“Big brother, what are you doing…” Zhen Mu’s sharp brows were kneaded together. He came between them and tried to stop Xiao Luo from hurting Zhen Hao.


A merciless slap whipped across Zhen Mu’s face!

Zhen Mu was dumbfounded and Zhen Bei’s eyes narrowed as he clenched his fist.

Zhen Hao sneered at him: “You traitorous dog. How dare you try to stop me instead of helping me deal with him? You’re supposed to protect me and now look at this. Zhen Mu you better get me out of here safely!”


The satiated monsters stood and watched like they were some kind of show.

Mr. Yan, Lei Jie, and Xiao Luo fell silent after he was done talking. After a while, they couldn’t help but laughed. Lei Jie looked at Zhen Mu: “Tell me why are you still tolerating him? Let’s just decide on him.”

“… No.” No matter how outrageous and stupid Zhen Hao was, he was still his brother. They had a blood bond. And despite the urge to give him a beating, he was still unable to watch him torn up by the group of monsters.

“Tsk! This personality of yours… But let me be blunt.” Lei Jie chuckled: “If we can’t meet the monsters’ demand, we’ll all die. We have to choose two more from the six of us… Zhen Mu, who do you think should stay behind?”

“You couldn’t possibly think to pick from the three of us, do you? Haha.”

Of the six, only the two Zhen sons, Zhen Hao and Zhen Bei, were the most powerless. It was an obvious choice to leave them behind.

Zhen Mu’s frown deepened. He looked at Zhen Bei and quickly pointed his Chang Feng at the others, fending Zhen Bei behind him.

“No one is allowed to touch my younger brother! Or else… or else you’ll have to stay behind with me!”

Zhen Bei cringed and looked at everyone in bewilderment: “Brother…”

Zhen Hao was getting agitated: “What are you talking about? Why aren’t you all worried about the monsters? Zhen Mu, Zhen Bei, answer me.”

At this point, no one paid him any heed. After all, Zhen Mu had made his choice very clear through his actions…

Zhen Hao was destined to die.

“Second brother…” While Zhen Mu was keeping guard against the others, Zhen Bei suddenly called out to him.

“What is it…”

Without warning, Zhen Mu crouched down in astonishment and coughed. He saw a fist pummeled into his chest as his breathing strained and his eyes began to blur. Just before his consciousness faded, he was staring at Zhen Bei in disbelief.


“Second brother, you’re such a nuisance~”

Zhen Bei had a broad smile across his face: “You better keep your eyes shut or I’ll have to hurt you even more…”

“Zhen Mu…”

The skittish tone that called out his name was followed by devilish laughter.

With a thunk, Zhen Mu fell to the ground. Zhen Bei smirked and with little effort, he put the man over his shoulder. He turned to grin at the Lei Jie who was also smiling sarcastically.

“You already knew, didn’t you? I hate smart women the most. Disgusting.”

Lei Jie patted her stunned disciple to comfort him and responded to Zhen Bei: “A twisted monster wearing human skin like you is even more disgusting. Your entire body reeked!”

“Haha haha ha!” Zhen Bei’s bright face was splashed with a sunny smile as if it was basked in sunlight, making the man appear kind and warm but when he glared at them with his peach blossom eyes, the words he said were disturbingly heinous.

“You three should go ahead. We brothers are going to have to settle the scores. Especially with my big brother. I just can’t wait to see him torn into chunks of meat. Ahh ha ha.”



“Let’s go.” Mr. Yan turned around and left indifferently. Lei Jie did the same.

“Where are you going?! Wait!! Zhen Bei you dumbass, don’t you dare touch me! What are you doing?! —Ah!”

Zhen Bei spread his palm and grabbed Zhen Hao by the hair. Under Zhen Hao’s ear-piercing screams and desperate struggle was Zhen Bei’s sweet and gentle smile.

He slammed Zhen Hao’s head into the ground and took out a butterfly knife…

Xiao Luo curiously looked back at the scene and witnessed Zhen Bei’s sadistic smile widening the more Zhen Hao screamed. He even licked his lips in excitement…

The Zhens are such a twisted family!

Xiao Luo shook off the numbness in his scalp and hurried after his mentor.

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  1. If not for FWJ then we wouldn’t know for sure or have an inkling of ZB’s psychotic tendencies.. hahaha from 0 to 100 real quick xD

    Thank you so much for the chapter!!!~ 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

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  2. Oof Wen Feng Jin has a good radar on twisted and bad people. Lol. Should’ve known that Zhen Bei wasn’t normal if Wen Feng Jin didn’t like him, especially with the traumatic past. Mian Deng is like a little cabbage compared to this raddish. Can’t wait to see our main couple and Zhen Hao’s retribution~ Thank you for the update~! ;]

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  3. I just realized the main cast did not show up this chapter. Well they’ll be there next chap.

    Did anyone have fun with Zhen Bei’s true personality? One of the things I love about this novel is how unexpected the characters can be

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