RCFN Chapter 47

Chapter 47

A standard game company would require an approved License To Operate to be eligible for registration. And one of the criteria to get this license was to have a seven-figure capital.

Mo Di did not have that amount at this time.

Mo Di thought twice and finally decided to either borrow the money from Mu Tian Heng or ask him to directly invest in his company as a shareholder and they could form the company together. The majority of the shares would go to Mu Tian Heng.

His only concern was that Mu Tian Heng would not agree.

Mo Di had thought over this many times and felt that he had to take advantage of the upcoming national holidays to mold Mu Tian Heng into accepting the offer. The best would be if he agreed to at least take thirty percent of the shares.

But with Mu Tian Heng’s character, this might be a little challenging.

Xian Yu Chao and the others were excited for a while but after seeing Mo Di’s indifference, they simmered down and began chatting about their plans for the holidays, and once again, their enthusiasm was doused by Mo Di.

“There is a lot of work to be completed during the vacation. If our team wants to be ahead in the competition, we have to firmly make use of these nine days. I suggest you don’t make the plans yet because you won’t have the time.”

Xian Yu Chao and the gang eyed each other and gave out a howl: “No!”

The next second, the bell rang and their teacher arrived. They could only cry in silence.

But if they were to ignore Mo Di’s words and left him to work alone while they went to play, they would be too guilty to have any fun.

After all, they had received too many favors from Mo Di starting with him teaching them programming and allowing them to join his team, then on to giving them a one percent dividend for the game. They have to work hard to be worthy of this golden thigh.


Xian Yu Chao and the other two looked at each other and slumped their heads, admitting their fate.

There were only two days left before the holidays. Mo Di was in a jubilant mood as he looked forward to returning to the villa and able to see Mu Tian Heng every day.

He also wanted to ask Mu Tian Heng if he could bring Chen Zhao and the others back to the villa to work. This would give them a more relaxing environment to work in and partially compensate for making them toil through the holidays.

At the same time, Mo Di continued to monitor Mo Si Lang.

On Thursday night, after completing a portion of his coding, he switched to the surveillance on the Mo family to check what they were up to. Unexpectedly, he found that the second aunt and her husband were having a big fight. They did not enter the frame but their angry voices could be heard clearly, showing how heated their argument was.

“Mo Shi Qiang, you’re an asshole! I want you to visit San Zhi but you kept ignoring it. All you care about is Xiao Gui! Do you even know which one is your actual flesh and blood?! We agreed to go see San Zhi today and now you’re making up excuses not to go?!”

“Are you crazy?! What does this have to do with Xiao Gui? Can you stop looking for trouble?! Can’t you see how crazy you’re becoming?”

“Mo Shi Qiang, you’re a heartless man! You even dare to push me?! And what I said was not wrong! Ever since Xiao Gui was born, you’ve given her all your care. When she just started primary school, you who never attended any of Er Qian, San Zhi, and Wu Hang’s meetings, would go with her father and big brother’s family to attend Xiao Gui’s parent’s meeting. You never cared for your three sons! Am I wrong?!”

“Every year on Xiao Gui’s birthday, you would prepare outlandish gifts for her, none of which was less than six figures, and sometimes it would exceed that. But what about your sons? All you did was tell me to give them some money at most. Are you their father or Xiao Gui’s?! Could Xiao Gui be your illegitimate daughter?!”

“Shut up! The more you talk the more outrageous it sounds. Er Qian and San Zhi were good students, there was no need to attend whatever parents’ meeting! As for Wu Hang, weren’t you always around, what’s the point of me going?! And what’s wrong with just giving money as birthday gifts. Why don’t you look at that animal Mo Di, what did he ever get for his birthday? I gave the children at least ten thousand each, don’t you dare say that I’m unfit as a father!”

“How can you compare your sons with that animal?! Are they of the same status?!”

“Mo Shi Qiang, let me tell you, if you refuse to see San Zhi, then I’m getting a divorce! I refuse to live with you anymore…”


Mo Di looked at the screen and sneered.

These people are so sick, they even have to involve him in their marital dispute.

But it was true, there was no present for him on his birthday, not even once. The only chance he got to receive money was during the New Year. Because the Mo family was superstitious and treasured their face, they would reluctantly give him some money. But the amount was far less than one percent of Mo Liu Gui’s and far less than ten percent of the other cousins.

However, the little money that he saved was then spent on hospital fees due to the various abuses. In a way, the Mos were able to successfully take back the money they had given him.


Mo Liu Gui was not home at the moment so he did not get to see her dramatic cries and argument. Mo Si Lang and Mo Wu Hang were around yet none of them stepped in to stop the fight.

Mo Si Lang from the start was already antagonistic towards the second aunt because she had been targeting Mo Liu Gui.

As for Mo Wu Hang, he did not interfere because if he did, his mother would talk about how Mo Liu Gui was the cause of his crooked nose. And once he spoke up for her, his mother then began to cry and called him a white-eyed wolf. The constant mention of his nose was making him feel inferior and creating a small sense of estrangement towards his beloved sister. He hated himself for feeling as such towards the kindest and most caring sister in the world. This was just too disgusting!

Mo Wu Hang wanted to return to his room and shut the door but saw Mo Si Lang entered Mo Di’s room with a spare key. He frowned and followed behind.

“Fourth brother, what are you doing in Mo Di’s room.”

Because the camera on Mo Di’s door was facing towards the corridor, he was not able to see what was happening inside but could still hear a faint rummaging sound.

“Nothing. I’m just looking for something.”

“What does that animal have that’s worth finding?” This was Mo Wu Hang’s voice.

“A diary.” Mo Si Lang suddenly laughed. “Look, this is it.”

“Fourth brother, you….” Mo Wu Hang suddenly paused. Then as if he had thought of something, exclaimed loudly: “I got it! Fourth brother, your plan could work!”

“If we publicize the diary that he had written, denouncing our family or exposing his disgusting thoughts, then we could earn back a lot of sympathy and support from the public.”

“Little brother, your limbs are so much more well developed than your simple brain.” Mo Si Lang shook his head. “How can we post this thing online directly?”

“What do you mean?”

“The animal had already left the Mo family. In addition to the incriminating video, what the third Uncle and brother San Zhi did will only make everyone suspicious of the authenticity of this diary. We will not be able to gain much support.”

“Then what can we do?!”

“Fifth brother, did you forget what my profession is?”

“Brother, you’re a singer. But what does this have to do with this diary?”

“Because I have a lot of fans.”

Mo Si Lang sneered: “Despite the things that happened to our family, my fan base still remained. And those that stayed were all loyal ones. You don’t have to look at me with those eyes. This is normal in the entertainment industry. Whatever the Mo family did, what the third uncle and third brother did, I did not have a hand in that. Even with those comments that I made online, at most, it would only cause me to seem biased. And what is that compared to other celebrities who had cheated, abused substances, and committed domestic violence? If they can still have loyal fans, how can I not have any?”

“Then why don’t I…”

“Because you weren’t big enough before your fame was extinguished and even your nose is crooked. A broken image is very hard to fix.”

Mo Wu Hang was gloomy for a while before asking: “So how are you planning to use your fans? You want them to spread the contents of the diary for you!?”

“Of course not. Your thoughts are still too simple.”

“Think about it this way. There are some fans who are loyal to the extreme that their logic is distorted. What will happen when they find out that someone is abusing their idol and even planning to cause him harm? Won’t they get angry and try to do something?”

“Brother you…!” Mo Wu Hang finally understood. “You plan to use your deranged fans to kill Mo Di?”

“Deranged fans? That doesn’t sound nice.” Mo Si Lang smirked. “Call them diehard extremists.”

“When the time comes, I just have to release these on the internet and spread them to my fans. With a little guidance, we’ll have a good show to see. With all the malice and intentions to pour acid on me, stab me to death, and curse me to fall off the stage and be paralyzed written in this diary, I’m sure my fans would want to do the same to Mo Di.”

“But will this kind of instigation be discovered?” there was an obvious excitement in Mo Wu Hang’s voice.

“Of course I will not let them trace back to me. But in case that happened, they still can’t acquit me for deliberate abetting. Firstly, all I did was find the diary in Mo Di’s room and posted it online out of anger. I’m a victim in this. And secondly, I never said anything to them about causing Mo Di harm. It’s the fans who tried to teach Mo Di ‘do unto others as you would have others do unto you.’ And so I’m still the innocent one in all this.”

“Brother, this plan of yours is top-notch!”

Mo Wu Hang’s excited footsteps could be heard pacing back and forth, “When are you planning to start? And where at? Don’t do it near our house. Do it somewhere far. Even if they traced back to you, we’ll still be ok. But it’s still best if they don’t.”

“You don’t have to worry about this. I’ve already planned this out.”

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  1. They are only digging their graves deeper by publishing that diary. They’ll end up exposing the horrendous acts they’ve committed and let the general public know more about what really happens in the Mo family by doing this. This plan is probably the last nail in the Mo Family coffin.
    And good riddance too, I want less Mo family drama and more MDxMTH action.
    thanks for the chapter btw.

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  2. oh god the mo’s family are just plain disgusting, even the aunt, i dont even feel an ounce pity for her. she might be finally hating mlg now but mainly because she adores her kids slightly more, even then, if given chance she would do anything to harm modi still
    these people are just plain pathetic

    i wonder what kind of backlash mo si lang will be facing, i hope it would be involving his so call diehard fans turning their back on him and be disgusted of him

    thanks for this and all the work
    on to the next chapter ^__^

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