Rose Beauty

Novel Recommendation

Official Title: 玫瑰美人 mei gui mei ren

Author: 微风几许 wei feng ji xu


At Gong Cheng’s age, he was no longer interested in falling in love.

Yu Nan was like a rose meticulously cared for in his garden, meant only for him to pick. After picking it once, the taste seeped in his bones and he yearned for more. After picking it again, his longing was unstoppable. After picking it for n times, Gong Cheng finally realized: F**k, so that is called love at first sight.

Little beauty Yunan: “It’s already broken. Goodbye to you!”

37 years-old ruffian business tycoon gong x 19 years-old pure and lofty shou.

Review on page two

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