RCFN Chapter 46

Chapter 46

“Xiao Gui, you shouldn’t ask about this. But you don’t have to worry, I won’t go overboard. I just want him to know his mistakes.”

Mo Si Lang did not want the kind and innocent Mo Liu Gui to know about his means so he did not disclose his plans to her.

Mo Liu Gui gave up after failing to get any more information from him. She said: “Brother, I think it’s better you don’t do anything else. If anything goes wrong, we not only couldn’t fix our relationship with Xiao Di but we’ll get more severe scoldings. Our family cannot take another hit.”

“It’ll be fine. Don’t worry, Xiao Gui.”

Mo Si Lang assured Mo Liu Gui, then went on to console her: “Xiao Gui, let me give you some advice. You don’t have to care too much about public opinion on the internet. In the entertainment industry, there is always dirty water being splashed and abuses being thrown. But Xiao Gui, brother believes that you’re born to rise above! You don’t have to be bothered with those who coveted beauty, talent, and personality but could not obtain it. They are only jealous of you. You will eventually shine and discredit those anti-fans.”

“But… but now, there are too many people denouncing me. I’m really upset about it.”


Bang! A loud noise suddenly came from the next room and startled Mo Liu Gui.

Seeing Mo Liu Gui in shock, Mo Si Lang immediately turned black and rushed out of the room where he saw Mo Wu Hang kicking the door of his bedroom.

“Mo Wu Hang, what’s wrong with you? You just startled Xiao Gui, did you know that!?”

Mo Wu Hang was about to give the door another kick when he heard Mo Si Lang’s words and stopped on the spot.

Mo Liu Gui had also come out and asked Mo Wu Hang with a worried expression: “Brother, what’s wrong? Are you ok?”

Mo Wu Hang was moved when he saw that Mo Liu Gui was concerned about him even after she was frightened. His anger was slightly reduced, “Sorry Xiao Gui, brother gave you a scare.”

“It’s nothing. Brother, what’s the matter? Why are you so angry?” Mo Liu Gui walked towards him and said: “Who made you unhappy?”

Mo Wu Hang was trying hard to suppress his anger but after being questioned by Mo Liu Gui, he lashed out his grievances: “It’s that jerk Du Si Hua. He… he gave all the resources he had promised me to a newcomer. Even my jobs are getting reduced. I went to the top management and complained but they say that they trusted Du Si Hua’s abilities! I think they’re just trying to shelve me!”

“You’re being shelved?” Mo Liu Gui’s expression paled. “Why? Hasn’t that broker always been good to you?”

“He said that my nose was a little crooked in the pictures and unless they photoshopped it, it won’t be presentable. So why not let the newcomers do it. He also said that my reputation is not looking good and that the clients would mind! F**k!”

Mo Wu Hang hit the door in anger, making a loud bang.

When he entered the modeling world half a year ago, everything was smooth sailing and progressing upwards. He became popular within the circle in under three months and was given A level contracts and represented by a gold broker. Many famous brands even sought him to be their spokesperson. How did this turn out like this in just a few months!?

Things should not be like this. He should have been doing really well. In two years, he should become the top model in Hua Xia….if not the world! Things should not be as it was now: the company stopped giving him resources, his agent hated him, the major brands revoked their contracts with him on grounds that his reputation was seriously flawed. He was now reduced to a part-time model and could not even be considered a third-tier model!

Mo Wu Hang was teeming with anger and grievances that he refused to accept. In fact with careful thought, one could actually understand the reason for his intense rage. After all, he was the only grandchild in the Mo family whose only redeeming feature was his face.

But now that he couldn’t even be a model, being an online celebrity was all the more out of the question as he was not bestowed with Mo Liu Gui’s skills. And even Mo Liu Gui was now unable to stir up any heat not to mention a crooked nose Mo Wu Hang.

After Mo Wu Hang kicked once more against the door, the accumulated damage caused it to open with a few cracks on the lock. 

Mo Wu Hang went straight into his room followed by Mo Liu Gui who wanted to console him. Mo Si Lang who was behind them also entered the room. 

The figures disappeared from the frame and all Mo Di could hear were muffled voices and nothing else useful.

He turned off his computer.

Mo Wu Hang’s career was almost over. For the time being, he could ignore this person. As for Mo Si Lang, he had to pay close attention. 

Mo Si Lang mentioned that he had a way to trap him without implementing himself.

To be honest, Mo Di was doubtful, but he still had to be vigilant.

Mo Di looked at his cell and realized it was already two-thirty in the morning. He gave it some thought before putting everything away and lying down to sleep.

It’s fine. He could still take things slowly, he was not in any hurry.

The next day, Mo Di got up at six-thirty as usual.

Xian Yu Chao on the opposite bed raised his eyes and looked at Mo Di lazily before going back to sleep.

Chen Zhao, on the other hand, issued a half-awake reminder: “Xiao Di, today I want to eat Maotai cakes (soy-sauce flavored fried pancake) and meat bun…. No more rou jia mo (Chinese hamburgers)”

“En.” Mo Di responded and quietly went to wash up.


Ever since he taught them some coding and gave them a few simple tasks to complete, Xian Yu Chao and the others were kept busy every day until at least one a.m. This was why they were always sleeping like a log in the morning.

Hence, buying breakfast became Mo Di’s job. 

Every day, Mo Di would wake up at six-thirty and clean up, then went for breakfast. He finished his meal at roughly seven and delivered the breakfast directly to the classroom.

This way, the others could sleep till eight and after washing up, could just have their breakfast in the classroom.

Chen Zhao and the rest would always sing his praises over breakfast to express their admiration for Mo Di’s amazing perseverance in waking on time no matter how busy or tired he was.

“This father is very fortunate and happy to have such a considerate Xiao Di.” Lin Jun Feng took a bite of his bun and drank a sip of jujube soup, “Satisfied. It was enough just to meet Xiao Di in this life.”

“Shut up.” Xian Yu Chao gave Lin Jun Feng a disgusted look, “Even food can’t keep your mouth shut. Stop trying to take advantage of Xiao Di. ”

Chen Zhao who would usually make a jab at this time was keeping his eyes peeled on the phone, then all of a sudden, he screamed and gave everyone shock.

“Chen Zhao are you crazy!” Xian Yu Chao was so taken aback that he dropped the meat stuffing of his bun. His face was twisted as he mourned his loss, “My meat!!! Chen Zhao I’m gonna get you! You …”

“Xin Wei Dao is on the hot search!” Chen Zhao did not seem to hear Xian Yu Chao’s roar as he raised his head excitedly and said: “Xin Wei Dao is on the top eleventh on the list!”

Mo Di who was typing his codes paused momentarily before taking his time to open Weibo. 

Indeed, the game titled Xin Wei Dao was in the eleventh position of the hot search.

Mo Di clicked on it.

It turned out that the boss of one of Hua Xia’s biggest gaming companies forwarded the game’s trailer and commented on it: “Not bad. The basic gameplay is very well optimized. The special features and skills are also very interesting. I hope to have an opportunity to cooperate.”

After his message was posted, several other media outlets were piqued and further reposted the trailer, pushing the game title up the hot search list. As a result, Xin Wei Dao gradually climbed to the eleventh position.

However, Mo Di was not overly thrilled.

Of course, he was happy that Xin Wei Dao was able to get all this attention but he was not appreciative towards the Niu You game company’s boss, Zhao Ling Zhi, buttering up the game and handing out his olive branch to them.

In his last life, Zhao Ling Zhi who had a warm and kind demeanor on the surface but a traitorous mind underneath schemed together with Ye Cheng Feng and almost toppled his company. Zhao Ling Zhi even wanted to claim Mo Di’s games as his own by buying out half of his staff and releasing the game before he could, then turned around and accused him of plagiarism.

If he had not kept his hands, his company’s reputation would have gone up in flames.

“Xiao Di, how can you stay calm! That’s the boss of Niu You, Zhao Ling Zhi!”

Chen Zhao waved his hands over Mo Di’s eyes when he saw his unfazed look. “Are you too excited that you’re spacing out?!”

“That’s right, Xiao Di. Since he said that, he must be wanting to cooperate with you to promote Xin Wei Dao!” Xian Yu Chao ignored his dropped food and said eagerly: “When the time comes, you’ll definitely be famous. And you’ll get a lot of money for it! Xiao Di, you’re going to be rich!”

“Don’t forget us when you’re rich.” Lin Jun Feng swallowed a bite of his bun and looked at Mo Di profoundly: “Xiao Di, when you have your own company, remember to leave a small… small place for this father.”

“You guys are overthinking this. The time is not right yet.”

Mo Di smiled and turned off his computer. “Didn’t the boss of the Blue Cat game company also praise three other games in the competition yesterday? It’s not possible for him to develop three in a row. Maybe they just simply found the games interesting.”

“But I really think they want to cooperate and develop these games. The Blue Cat’s boss might already be contacting the developing teams. Xiao Di, you should be prepared.”

Xian Yu Chao looked at Mo Di with a rarely serious face: “Xin Wei Dao is a unique game. Its every aspect can outshine other online games and will definitely get popular. Sooner or later, it will be introduced to the market. You have to consider who you want to work with and seek them out now.”

“Ok, I will think about it.” Mo Di smiled but did not put Xian Yu Chao’s advice to cooperate with others to heart.

But Xian Yu Chao had a good point. Now that the game was gaining so much popularity, developing it for the public was an imminent solution and this should be done within the next half a year or so.

It’s just that he did not want to work under a company as a team leader. What he wanted was to set up his own company and let it promote his games to the peak in Hua Xia, and eventually the world!

It seems the registration for his company had to be put on the agenda.

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  1. I guess that that Mo Silang got a connection with that whatever gaming company President.
    Instead of the Ye whatever boi , it is Mo Silang who’s gonna cooperate with that Game company to steal if not ruined Mo Di’s game.


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