RCFN Chapter 48

Chapter 48

Mo Di was smiling in front of the computer.

Why didn’t he know that he has a diary with those things written in it?!

Mo Si Lang was indeed capable. He even managed to produce a diary.

Using extreme fans to do his bidding is a brilliant move. A small group of people with extreme thoughts and no three views blinded by their fanaticism over someone could really do vicious things. But the lies are bound to be found out. The diary was a forgery, there has to be a way to prove it.

To make Mo Si Lang say those things with such confidence, there could only be two possibilities. One was that he wrote the entries himself with no help from anyone else. This way, he could stay certain that no one will know the truth. But the possibility of this happening was small because Mo Si Lang did not have the ability to imitate handwriting. If this got out and the diary was proven to be fake, the Mo family’s reputation will be pulled down the mud before the fans could even find him to ‘revenge.’

Therefore, the handwriting in the diary had to be convincing. When he left the Mo family in a hurry, many of his things were left behind including his notes and books which Mo Si Lang could easily use to forge his handwriting. But the person he sought out must be someone he trusted completely. 

There were only two that could gain Mo Si Lang’s trust other than the Mo family members. One was Qin Cheng Yi, and the other was Mo Si Lang’s assistant.

Qin Cheng Yi loved Mo Liu Gui above all else. He could brutally assault the second aunt just because of Mo Liu Gui’s tears. In the second aunt’s eyes, he was a cruel man but to Mo Si Lang, this proved his love for Mo Liu Gui. If they were to cooperate, with Qin Cheng Yi’s resources, the fake diary could easily be made and even after the crazed fans attack him, Qin Cheng Yi could still find a way to prevent Mo Si Lang from being implemented. All he had to do was find someone to admit to the crime.

As for Mo Si Lang’s assistant, she was also one of his diehard fans who loved him to the point of discarding her three views and sense of self.

In his previous life, Mo Di remembered clearly that after he was admitted to the asylum, Mo Si Lang came to see him. With a gentle and graceful face, the words he spit out were evil and poisonous. At that time, Mo Si Lang’s assistant was right by his side, gazing at him with an intense look of love and worship even after she witnessed his hypocrisy. And when Mo Si Lang satisfied his ego and left, she turned and gave Mo Di a look of disgust like he should not have been born to annoy her idol.

But the female assistant did not have a good ending either. According to the book, Mo Si Lang would later marry a famous mixed-race singer, causing the assistant’s love for him to turn dark and she poured her hatred onto his fiancee. She tried to poison the singer but was discovered in time and sentenced to jail.

As such, both Qin Cheng Yi and the female assistant were equally suspicious. But it would take a lot of work to monitor their footsteps.

Mo Di sighed. It seemed like the first thing to do was to make sure he was well protected. Finding out Mo Si Lang’s misstep was not something he could accomplish in a short time.

For now, he could only monitor Mo Si Lang’s fan base and have his programmes sort out the search terms ‘Mo Di diary cyber hunt’. This way he would be informed if they decided to act and make protective preparations.

At the same time, he also had to investigate the underground activities of Qin Cheng Yi and Mo Si Lang’s female assistant. This was going to cost him time and energy. The Mo family was just the perfect stumbling block to his life and career.

Mo Di closed his eyes and exhaled. He calmed himself and began with the countermeasures.

By the time Mo Di had finished bugging Mo Si Lang’s every fan base, it was already three midnight. Mo Di shut down his computer and went to bed.


The next day, there was no notification from his app. It seemed Mo Si Lang had not made his move.

There was also no movement on the following day.

It was on the Saturday morning which was the start of the holidays that the notifications came in.

Mo Di was packing his things to return to the villa when he received the alert. He boarded a taxi and looked through the post on his trip back.

There were all sorts of responses stirred up by the post. Some were distressed, some were spiteful, some subtly tried to fuel the flame. Only a very small group were rational and asked questions.

All kinds of comments were going back and forth and Mo Di was reading them with a keen sense of interest. 

But so far, there was no talk of locating him for revenge. It was estimated that Mo Si Lang was waiting for things to ferment before sending out his ‘guidance’.

The taxi arrived near the villa. Mo Di turned off his phone, paid and got off.

As he was about to open the gate with a passcode, there was a sudden hoot from a car horn behind him. 

Mo Di turned around to see Mu Tian Heng’s car. He quickly ran towards him in pleasant surprise.

“Brother, why are you back so early?”

Mu Tian Heng lowered the window and smiled at Mo Di: “I just transferred some programmers from the head office here. I have to hold a reception for them. How about you come with me later?”

“A banquet?”

“Something like that. The company has been busy for several months now and we were not able to organize a get-together until now. Coming with me?”

Mo Di recalled the party Mu Tian Heng attended in American where he had attracted the attention of countless good-looking men and women. He promptly nodded: “Ok, I’ll go. But I’m dressed like this, isn’t it inappropriate for the reception?”

Mo Di sat on the co-pilot seat.

Mu Tian Heng looked at Mo Di with gentle eyes: “Of course it’s fine. It’s just a relaxing get-together. There’s no dress code and most of the employees will be in casual clothes. Even if everyone wears formal suits, I’ll accompany you to wear sportswear.”

Mo Di felt soft and warm as he blushed slightly: “You don’t have to do that.”

Mu Tian Heng only smiled in response and said: “After the reception is over, I’ll take you to a place.”


“It’ll be a secret for now.” Mu Tian Heng rubbed Mo Di’s hair and smiled. He then steered the car and left the villa.

The little guy was turning eighteen soon. He had to give him a coming-of-age ceremony no matter what. A formal suit was also essential because he wanted his little one to look just like a little prince, dazzling under everyone’s focus, unlike those days living in the Mo family.

With Mu Tian Heng being tight-lipped, Mo Di did not question him anymore.

He hesitated, then said: “Brother, there’s something I want to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“I want… to establish a game company.” Mo Di looked at Mu Tian Heng’s well-defined side face, “brother, do you think it’s feasible?”

“Of course.”

Mu Tian Heng was not at all surprised. He could not imagine Mo Di who could make such a wonderful game at the age of seventeen would be willing to work under someone else. With such talent and motivation, naturally he would want to create his own empire.

What was a little unexpected was that Mo Di began this phase this early. He thought that Mo Di would wait at least until they entered the finals to upgrade his team into a formal company. 

“But if you want to form a company, there are some permits that you have to get. I heard that the condition to obtain one of them is a capital of at least one million.” After Mo Di passed the first audition round, Mu Tian Heng had particularly looked up the information on establishing a game company.

“So if you don’t have enough, just tell me. Brother has plenty.”

Mo Di was stumped. He looked at Mu Tian Heng’s gentle eyes and swallowed the speech he prepared about borrowing money from him.

He said: “Brother, let’s start a game company together. You put in a million as a shareholder and I promise to help you make a profit. Brother please cooperate with me, we’ll split the profit fifty-fifty, how is that?”

Mu Tian Heng was slightly stunned momentarily before laughing: “Little one, aren’t you silly.”

Mo Di: “…..what?”

Mu Tian Heng: “I only have to invest one million and you’re giving me that many shares? With the quality of games you’re making, in less than a year, your company’s value will grow exponentially. By then my investment would only be a drop in the bucket of what you’ll be earning.”

“And even if you don’t take into account the sizeable future profit, with the present assessment, my one million is just a measly sum compared to the skill and talent that you put into making these games. You alone are worth eighty to ninety percent of the shares. Giving me ten percent is already very generous of you. I suggest you also leave aside a bit for your team members. This will be conducive in motivating them.”

Mo Di pursed his lips.

Mu Tian Heng as always was making considerations for him. Even as a businessman, he refused to take advantage of him and even gave him advice.

Why was Mu Tian Heng this good to him? How could there be such a good person in this world?

Mo Di felt like his heart was submerged in warm water. He was somewhat certain that Mu Tian Heng liked him. Maybe …maybe there was an eighty percent chance that his confession would not be rejected.

“Brother…please accept my proposal.” Mo Di put aside his relationship woes and looked at Mu Tian Heng: “You put in the capital and I’ll put in my skills. When the company is formed, I’ll transfer some of my shares to the team members. Is that alright?”

It was just nice that ahead was a red light. Mu Tian Heng stepped on the brake and the car slowly came to a stop. He turned and looked at Mo Di: “Little one, you’re that insistent on working with me?”


Mu Tian Heng showed a deep smile as he looked at Mo Di and said: “I do understand your thinking and also know that you want to give me a profit but I just can’t take advantage of you. I’m older than you by eleven years, it’s not right of me to profit from your hard work.”

Mu Tian Heng then chuckled, “In fact, according to the age difference, you should be calling me ‘uncle’. By you calling me brother is already a benefit for me.”

Mo Di blushed. He said: “Brother, regarding the company, I’ve already thought it over. I just want to cooperate with you. Brother, are you willing or not?!”

The light turned green and the car began to move slowly.

Mu Tian Heng did not expect Mo Di to be this insistent regarding this matter. He thought and said: “Little one, you should think about this again. You can’t just divide the shares this way. I don’t want you to …”

“I will never regret this. And there will never be an estrangement between us over this. Brother if you don’t promise me then this will become a knot in my heart because it means that you don’t believe in my character, that you still treat me as an outsider.” Mo Di looked straight at Mu Tian Heng: “Brother, I’ve already decided on this a long time ago, really! But at that time I have not earned any achievements so I didn’t dare to mention it to you.”

Mo Di was serious and refused to budge and Mu Tian Heng was at a loss for words. Someone else might have already agreed with Mo Di, and if it wasn’t Mo Di that he was dealing with, Mu Tian Heng would have already agreed to his terms. After all, it was a real bargain. Unless the person was an idiot, he would never give out this large amount of shares.

Mu Tian Heng sighed and finally gave in.

His little one was definitely not an idiot. How could he not see that Mo Di was trying to repay him.

He should just agree to it and then treat the company as part of his career and not just an investment. At least this way, he won’t be taking advantage of his little one and also be a more useful old beast.

The thought of not only taking advantage of Mo Di’s body but also his money and career, Mu Tian Heng felt that he had reached another level of being a beast…..

“Alright, I agree.” Mu Tian Heng gave Mo Di a quick glance and said: “But, how the shares are divided is up to me.”

Mo Di beamed with delight: “Ok!” 

And he quickly added: “But you can’t take less than twenty percent of the shares!”

Mu Tian Heng was about to say that he would take ten percent but was immediately blocked. He said helplessly: “Then I’ll take twenty percent and you’re left with eighty. When the company is established, you can distribute ten to twenty percent to the other members of the team.” 

“Um.” Mo Di smiled and agreed.

He wanted to say something else when his phone sent out an alert. This was the signal when his app detected the mention of ‘cyber hunt’ and ‘do unto others’ within Mo Si Lang’s fan group.

Mo Di’s expression turned heavy.

Mu Tian Heng saw that Mo Di’s mood was not right. He asked: “What’s wrong? Something happened?”

Mo Di unlocked the phone and sifted through the posts that had triggered the alert and his eyes grew cold.

“Brother, I have something important to tell you.”

“What is it?” Mu Tian Heng felt the unrest in Mo Di’s tone and pulled over to the side of the road. He turned to look at him with seriousness: “What happened?”

“Brother, do you remember Mo Si Lang who used to be a very popular singer? Even now he was quite hot.” Mo Di took a deep breath and exhaled the negative emotions rising in his heart. “Some time ago, didn’t I ask Uncle Song to help me place surveillance cameras in the Mo villa? I looked at the recoding a few days ago and saw that Mo Si Lang was planning to use his diehard fans to ‘teach’ me a lesson. He made a fake diary and said that it was mine. Inside were malicious things written about the Mo family and also cursing Mo Si Lang to meet with various mishaps like being parayzed and dying. He wanted to use this to instigate some of his extreme fans to harm me.”

“I’ve been searching for evidence of his forgery these last few days but I still couldn’t find it. And because I had misgivings towards his fans, I set up a program to monitor their activities online. And I just received an alert for a level-three threat which showed them trying to find my location.”

Mo Di then slightly smiled all of a sudden: “Actually it was a good thing that Mo Si Lang made his move so I could track his side account that was so elusive before. Maybe we can find some clues there. Brother, what do you think?”

However, all Mu Tian Heng showed was a severely gloomy face: “Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?”

“I…. I planned to gather a bit more information before telling you.” Mo Di dared not look at Mu Tian Heng as he was somewhat guilty.

And so, he decided to act pitiful instead: “Brother, I’m scared.”

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  1. I can’t help but cry over the shares Mo Di is giving out so casually, like, DOES HE KNOW HOW MUCH THOSE ARE WORTH?!?!? I mean, obviously he does he literally had his own company in his last life but that just makes it even more questionable I get it that he wants to repay MTH but how is he not even the least bit reluctant I’m literally the one sobbing over such a huge amount over here and I’m not even involved with any of these I’m just a spectator *BREATH* MO DI DEAR WHY

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    1. He will become the wife how can he be reluctant haha. Kidding Aside he also wants to please him and he mentioned that compared to his last life that his company was taken by MLG he prefer to give it to MTH

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      1. Yes, from this one can see that Mo Di still hasn’t got over his past. In every one of his plans he took into account that he might get caught in one of those sh**s plans and die. Thus, he made a back-up plan so that even in the event that he dies, none of his hard work would be snatched by those sh**s. And who else but MTH to be that candidate? He’s the only one who’s resourceful, powerful, clear headed and resilient enough to contend the power of that b!tch’s force (equipped with money, underground forces and politician power). That and he likes him, it was also a way for him to show his feelings and thankfulness as the first person who showed him kindness after rebirth plus his guilt. After all, among all the things he had, that is the most valuable thing he had.


  2. Author mention about the camera being wireless charging? Dunno how that work or if thats real thing XD so yeah, its undetected and have unlimited battery. Its a OP camera

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    1. yea, I really want to tease Mo Di ..I’ve no money.. many times lol
      He throw his money away at 2 long lived battery camera, and 1 pocket wifi with yearly internet subscription. Author forget he need it, he can’t hack “offline” item lol


  3. Thank you for the hard work.

    Just when is it, Xiao Di’s birthday? From around he’s in university, it always said “soon he’ll be 18″… But, from these chapters, I felt it already long enough to make it one year.

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  4. It suddenly occurred to me when Mo Di said its the camera Song put in.

    That means its like a portable camera right? Not a camera installed into the building. So it shouldn’t be connected to the house wiring…so how is it still working? Its a god like battery!! Hahahahahahahaha

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  5. I kind of want Mu Tian Heng to protect Mo Di more 😉 You can’t ask for a better occasion for MTH to flaunt his power and impress his little one.
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    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  7. scared mo di is kinda cute hahaha
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