RCFN 117

Chapter 117

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Qin Cheng Yi immediately contacted Mo Er Qian after learning about the news.

Mo Er Qian had already got wind of Mo Liu Gui’s arrest the night before. Unfortunately, he did not have any ‘acquaintances’ in the police department and was thus unaware of why Mo Liu Gui was arrested. After failing to bail her out, he called Qin Cheng Yi right away. But at the time, Qin Cheng Yi had been having a discussion with Qin Guang Jie and did not pick up his phone. When he was available, he only sent him a short text explaining what had happened and that he would make sure Mo Liu Gui was going to be fine.

When Mo Er Qian read his text, he was briefly in disbelief before becoming enraged. To think that his precious baby sister would be involved in a criminal lawsuit! And it was all because of Qin Cheng Yi!

Mo Er Qian rushed to find Qin Cheng Yi to settle scores and have him get his sister out but Qin Cheng Yi had no time for him. After knowing that Mo Di had evidence that Mo Liu Gui had entered the storeroom on her own accord, Qin Cheng Yi had contacted everyone he could think of to help her. He had been racking his brain to come up with solutions but they all came to a dead end. 

He was not afraid to take the blame for her but even if he did that, it still would not rid her of the crime completely. Mo Di’s evidence was irrefutable, Mo Liu Gui had no way out of this!

After countless calculations, Qin Cheng Yi realized that if they do not resort to using the insanity plea, he would have to confess as the mastermind behind everything. This was the best way to minimize her responsibility in all of this.

But even in this case, Mo Liu Gui would still be convicted. Even if he claimed that she had no prior knowledge of the attempted murder, her conversation with the hostage and kidnappers could still make her a willing accomplice. 

Qin Cheng Yi decided to meet with Mo Er Qian.

As soon as Mo Er Qian saw Qin Cheng Yi, he rushed over and gave him a brutal punch. Qin Cheng Yi endured the first hit but when Mo Er Qian raised his hand again, Qin Cheng Yi grabbed it and twisted it to the back.

He looked at Mo Er Qian coldly and said, “If you don’t want to save Xiao Gui then you can get lost now.”

“How dare you even mention her!” Mo Er Qian stared at Qin Cheng Yi furiously, wishing he could kill him, “Xiao Gui got into this mess because of you!”

A murder charge, even if only attmepted, would still land most prisoners more than a decade in jail. Even if Mo Liu Gui could gain some sympathy from the jury and behaved well in prison, she would still have to stay in there for at least five to six years!

It’s five to six years! How could he let his sister stay in jail for five to six years?!

Qin Cheng Yi was already self-deprecating and did not bother to bicker with Mo Er Qian. He pulled a black face and said, “I asked you to come to discuss how to save Xiao Gui, not to fight with you. If you think that venting is more important, then you can leave now.”

“Qin Cheng Yi, for my sister I’ll put up with you for now. But sooner or later, I’ll have to settle the scores with you,” Mo Er Qian suppressed his anger and took a step back.

“What is your plan?”

Qin Cheng Yi squinted at Mo Er Qian. He cast aside his dissatisfaction and told him about his plan.

The moment Mo Er Qian heard that Qin Cheng Yi wanted his sister to be labelled as a mental patient, subconsciously, he strongly disagreed.

But after he calmed down, he knew that this was the best way to save her.

Qin Cheng Yi added, “This is just to excuse Xiao Gui from the criminal charges. I’m not really sending her to a mental hospital. The most she’ll have to do is stay there a few days. I’ll buy a high-end psychiatric hospital for Xiao Gui to live in. She only has to avoid the limelight for the time being and she’ll be fine.”

“Moreover…” Qin Cheng Yi looked at Mo Er Qian, “As her brother, you’d better show your worth. When the time comes, if you can’t take care of her…”

“That’s not possible,” Mo Er Qian looked at Qin Cheng Yi with a hidden resentment, “Of course I’ll take good care of Xiao Gui. But being labelled a mental patient, what if she can’t accept it? Qin Cheng Yi, have you even thought of this aspect!?”


Mo Di did not know the details of Qin Cheng Yi and Mo Er Qian’s discussion but he could still make a guess. 

To force the Mo family and Qin Cheng Yi to use the insanity plea, Mo Di had to make sure that Mo Liu Gui would be charged with the kidnapping and attempted murder charges. And so he went to assist Sister Meng with the case and ‘lead’ her in the right direction.

Simply put, Mo Liu Gui’s crime was set in stone.

But Mo Di did not falsely accuse. Mo Liu Gui did have a ‘friendly’ conversation with the criminals and by walking away happily, it also meant that she had approved of what they were going to do. As such, she had already become one of the conspirators.

By right, the police should also have arrested Qin Cheng Yi yesterday but thanks to Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng’s under the table deals, he got a one day breathing room to prepare everything for Mo Liu Gui.

However, it was only one day.

After the case details were all in order and the bureau was ready, Qin Cheng Yi was a sitting duck waiting to be arrested.

Qin Cheng Yi and Mo Er Qian finished their discussion in the afternoon. Qin Cheng Yi had also transferred a large sum of money to Mo Er Qian so he could take care of Mo Liu Gui. 

Mo Er Qian went to the bank and before he could complete the withdrawal, Qin Cheng Yi had already been arrested.

In fact, Qin Cheng Yi had long made up his mind to turn himself in. The case needed someone as the mastermind for Mo Liu Gui’s insanity plea to work. He knew that he could not use his ‘acquaintances’ to get out of this because he was dealing with Mu Tian Heng whose resources were boundless compared to his. In order to save his Xiao Gui, he had to sacrifice himself.

Mo Er Qian used the connection Qin Cheng Yi provided and through the ‘acquaintance’, he was able to visit Mo Liu Gui.

When she saw Mo Er Qian, Mo Liu Gui immediately burst into tears and threw herself into his arms.

“Second Brother, wuu… Second Brother, you finally came. I’m so scared. I didn’t want to kill Xiao Di. The police did not believe me and refused to let me go. Second Brother, you have to help me… You have to talk to the police and find me a lawyer to prove my innocence!”

“I know, I know…” Mo Er Qian’s heart ached looking at Mo Liu Gui. He wiped her tears and said, “I know you definitely did not want to kill Mo Di but at the moment, things are not looking too good.”

“What do you mean?” Mo Liu Gui looked at Mo Er Qian with eyes brimming with tears.

The one minute timer on his phone rang. Mo Er Qian’s expression changed a little. He turned off the timer and forced himself to keep talking, “Xiao Gui, listen to me. We don’t have a lot of time to talk. I have to leave in five minutes. You have to listen very carefully to what I have to say next.”

“Second Brother?!”

Mo Liu Gui thought that Mo Er Qian was going to abandon her. Her eyes turned red and she raised her head to look at him in disbelief and also a hidden hint of resentment.

Mo Er Qian did not notice the hidden emotion, he only saw her pitiful face filled with tears. He held her shoulder and said, “Xiao Gui, do not have foolish thoughts. I will not abandon you.”

“Brother will save you. I won’t let anything happen to you! But everything that happened in that storeroom had been secretly recorded by Mo Di. The evidence is too strong and you’ll most likely be charged with conspiracy to murder. Qin Cheng Yi and I have consulted the top lawyer Lin Bo An and he deduced that if you’re convicted, you’ll have to spend at least five years in prison.”

“How could that be?! I didn’t kill him! I didn’t commit any crime! I didn’t kill him!”

Hearing Mo Er Qian’s words, Mo Liu Gui was shocked. She collapsed and her tears flowed continuously, “Second Brother, you’re lying to me! You have no intention of saving me. You don’t want to help me!”

“That’s not possible. Xiao Gui, how could you think that?! Brother didn’t lie to you. An attempted murder sentence is likely to be more than ten years. Although you’re not the mastermind, but as the accomplice…”

“I’m not an accomplice!”

Mo Liu Gui interrupted Mo Er Qian. Her fingers were now shaking. She couldn’t even imagine living in prison for ten years! She couldn’t take it, she couldn’t take it at all!!!

Mo Liu Gui suddenly developed a sense of hatred towards Mo Er Qian. She hated him for not being able to save her. Wasn’t he doting and caring towards her, why was he so incompetent?!

She also hated Mo Di for not dying! If only he’d died, everything would be fine and she’ll have a bright future ahead!

Seeing her keeping her head down in a daze, Mo Er Qian said worriedly, “Xiao Gui, I believe you but you have to trust me as well. I will surely save you. Now there’s something I want to ask you. When you were in the storeroom with Mo Di, did you mention anything with regard to rebirth or past lives?”

When Mo Er Qian said this, he was also wondering if his sister did indeed have some mental complications. This was not something a normal person would discuss in such a dire situation.

Mo Liu Gui looked up at Mo Er Qian.

“Second brother, what do you mean?”

“I’m trying to exonerate you. As long as I can prove that you’re mentally ill, I can…”

“What?!” Mo Liu Gui was in disbelief, “Second Brother, you want me to pretend to be crazy?!”

Mo Er Qian quickly glanced at the door then lowered his voice and said, “Xiao Gui, be good. I know this will be hard on you but it’s the only way to keep you from going to prison. I promise I won’t send you to a mental hospital. We will have you stay in an exclusive hospital just so the police will not question us. Qin Cheng Yi has already bought over the place. You can just take it as a vacation and stay there for a few days and wait for the matter to die down. After that, everything will be fine, you’re free to do whatever you want. Alright?”

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  1. seriously?! This Mo Liu is crazy😓
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