RCFN 116

Chapter 116

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

It made sense that Qin Cheng Yi had chosen the storeroom keeper, he was easy to control and get rid of. However, when things derailed from the original plan, it was a totally different matter.

In the present situation, Zhang Long was a very important and easy to handle witness to the police.

Zhang Long not only divulged everything he knew but also described Mo Liu Gui clearly.

With his account of what happened, the nature of Mo Liu Gui’s crime had changed. 

After all, she had briskly walked into the storeroom to have a private conversation with Mo Di and then swaggered away. Moreover, Brother Huang had been very secretive and respectful when speaking to her. All that proved that she was not just an ordinary passerby. More like a mastermind or an accomplice coming to watch them deal with Mo Di or to laugh at him.

And from Mo Di and the Mo family’s enmity, she did have a motive to harm Mo Di.

Mo Liu Gui was frantic when she was taken to the interrogation room. She never would’ve thought that things would turn out this way. Mo Di’s hands and feet were tied up and his mouth was taped, how could he have escaped?!

Mo Liu Gui did not know that Brother Huang was dead. She thought that Mo Di had escaped from the storeroom and wanted his revenge by calling the police on her.

And so, Mo Liu Gui decided to be glib.

She knew that Brother Huang was Qin Cheng Yi’s confidant and would never sell her out. As long as she claimed that she only went to the storeroom by accident and ran away due to fear, she shouldn’t be convicted of any crime, right?

As for the other man, she was sure that Brother Huang would warn him not to talk nonsense. Furthermore, all they did was kidnapping, not murder. The charges would be a lot lighter and after they had obediently stayed in jail for a few years, Qin Cheng Yi would give them a sum of money as compensation. If they were smart, they would know what to do.

Mo Liu Gui stabilized her mentality and comforted herself that everything would be alright, nothing bad will happen. 

And so while being questioned, she lied and strongly insisted that she came across the kidnaping by accident and immediately ran away because she was too scared. Anyway, Mo Di had no evidence that she had entered the storeroom and said those things to him.

In truth, if Brother Huang did not die, he could easily keep the storeroom keeper in check. And if Mo Di did not have the evidence, she might indeed be exonerated. 

Too bad that Brother Huang had died and Zhang Long, the storeroom keeper, was already scared silly. He had answered every interrogation question with honesty. And Mo Di even had solid proof of her entering the room. 

Sister Meng began Mo Liu Gui’s interrogation right after Zhang Long’s. She looked at the timid and red-eyed Mo Liu Gui who was telling lies with a natural talent and sneered. Sister Meng put aside her notebook and said to the policeman next to her, “Han meng, you continue. I’m going to get to a cup of tea. Looks like we’re going to have a very long chat with Miss Mo today.”

“Understood.” Han Meng knew what Sister Meng meant. He smiled and handed her his mug, “Ma’am, I’d like a cup as well.”

Sister Meng took his cup then glanced at Mo Liu Gui. 

“Alright, wait here.”


Qin Cheng Yi was informed of Mo Liu Gui’s arrest on the same day. He did not even have time to throw a tantrum and immediately headed for the police station. On the way there, he had contacted several old acquaintances of the Qin family who were in the force.

It was unfathomable to Qin Cheng Yi that Huang Li Gong was dead and Mo Di had escaped!!!

The worst thing was that his Xiao Gui was caught up in this just because she came across the crime scene by mistake!!!

Qin Cheng Yi had an ominous feeling that things were spiraling out of control very quickly. Without Huang Li Gong, that useless old man was going to spill everything!

Not only would he be prosecuted, but his Xiao Gui could also be affected!

Qin Cheng Yi was anxious as his anger built up. But despite the rage, he still thought up a solution and did not head to the police station right away. He made a U-turn and went to the Qin Group to discuss matters with Qin Guang Jie. Although he had always been a useless father in his heart, he needed his help to get through this crisis.

Right after Qin Guang Jie heard Qin Cheng Yi’s demand, he picked up the ashtray and threw it at him.

Despite being in need of his father’s help, Qin Cheng Yi’s attitude was still cold and condescending towards him. Qin Guang Jie’s blood pressure immediately soared and he felt his heart choking.

“You… You… Get out! I don’t have a son like you!”

Qin Cheng Yi looked emotionlessly at his father breathing heavily and gasping for air. He decided to endure the anger and humiliation for now. When this was over, he would settle the scores with him.

“I’ll call you father, just tell me whether you’re willing to help or not.”

“Karma. This is my karma for having a son like you!” Qin Guang Jie took a bottle from his pocket and chucked it down his throat. “You… You have to go abroad right now. Don’t bother with Mo Liu Gui. Since they haven’t found out about you yet, we have to work fast and pin everything on Mo Liu Gui. Making her the mastermind is the best solution.”

Qin Guang Jie made a decision in his heart. While he was still in good health, it was best for him to make a test tube baby or get a surrogate. He had to think about the future of the Qin family. No matter how much he loved Qin Cheng Yi, he couldn’t let him inherit the Qin Group! Their Qin legacy would be ruined in his hands!

Qin Guang Jie was too agitated to see that the minute he said to put the blame on Mo Liu Gui, Qin Cheng Yi’s face had turned red with anger and murderous intent. He clenched his fist and swallowed his feelings then calmly said, “That’s not happening. I’d rather turn myself in than let anything happen to Xiao Gui.”

“Then you can get lost right now!”

Qin Guang Jie threw the empty medicine bottle at Qin Cheng Yi. He took deep breaths before continuing, “Go ahead and turn yourself in! Since you’re so capable, go ahead and do it!”

Qin Cheng Yi had never been this tolerant in his life. He kept enduring until Qin Guang Jie finally calmed down and they both discussed a countermeasure to this.

The two discussed the whole night while constantly calling in favors from their acquaintances inside the police force. Finally, they came up with a solution that could benefit both Qin Cheng Yi and Mo Liu Gui. But before they could even proceed with the plan, it had already been shattered.

Because the very next day, the Qin family learned of another piece of news.

Mo Di actually had evidence that Mo Liu Gui was acquiesced to enter the storeroom by the two kidnappers. According to that evidence, Mo Liu Gui had every intention to let Mo Di die, or rather she was quite happy to see him in such a state.

The person who was reporting to Qin Cheng Yi spoke solemnly, “Mr. Qin, it’s not that I don’t want to help, but this is a difficult situation. The most I can help is to relay this information to you. I really want to help you but I can’t. Forgive me.”

Qin Cheng Yi’s face was dark and his fist was clenched to the point it almost crushed his fingers.

Not hearing Qin Cheng Yi’s response, the man continued timidly, “Mr. Qin, ai… I really want to help you so I’ll tell you one more thing. There was something very strange in the evidence that was presented. Miss Mo… She was saying something about rebirth and past lives. I think she might have a powerful imagination or… cough Mr. Qin, please don’t get mad but I think Miss Mo is delusional and could have some sort of mental disorder. A normal person would not insist that they have knowledge of past lives or rebirth. You can actually… Actually use this to help her case. What do you think?”

Qin Cheng Yi’s eyes changed, “You’re certain that that’s in the evidence?”

“Of course I am!” The person lowered his voice and with a hint of greed in his tone, he said, “Mr. Qin, only to you do I dare leak this confidential information. This is not my case, by right, I shouldn’t be allowed to see the files. So… As you know, civil servants like us do not make a lot of money. My son is not as capable as you. He can’t even afford a small loft in this city even if he worked all his life, so my wife and I…”

“I understand. How can I not be grateful to Lieutenant Zhang’s help?” Qin Cheng Yi interrupted. His mood was wrathful but he maintained a good attitude, “I have a villa in Er Huan Road that’s been empty for years. If Lieutenant Zhang is happy with it, I can transfer all the property rights to you.”

“Aiya aiya… Then I can only respectfully accept.” The person laughed heartily, “Mr. Qin, is there anything else you wish to know? I’ll risk my hide to be of service to you.”


The phone call lasted for another ten minutes before cutting off.


Lieutenant Zhang hung up the phone with cold sweat dripping from his forehead. He looked at Mu Tian Heng who had been sitting behind him all this time and showed a forced smile, “Chairman Mu, I’ve done what you wanted.”

“Quite an impressive performance. With a talent for acting such as yours, it’s a waste for you to be in law-enforcement,” Mu Tian Heng said to Lieutenant Zhang with indifference, “Don’t you agree, Lieutenant?”

“Chairman Mu! I really am a changed man. I did not receive any benefits from Qin Cheng Yi before nor did I disclose any important information to him. In exchange for what I did just now, please let me off this once. Please don’t tell Commissioner Wang about me, I’m begging you. It took me so many years to get to this position. My son is taking the College Exams soon, I cannot ruin his future! Please, Chairman Mu…”

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  1. Mo Di!! Share that recording! Let’s see what kind of trash they spew to protect their pitiful Little Rose 🙄 The end is in sight!!!

    Thanks for the chapter 😄😄😄

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    I would love to see her experiencing all the suffering of Mo Di at the asylum. But I guess she honestly needs to see a psychologist, not for the rebirth but for her skewed mindset. Her family needs that too, probably away from the source (if it actually is the effect of the halo).

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  3. I feel bad for QGJ. All he wants to do is love his son and give him his empire but his son is so disrespectful and hateful towards him. It’s funny that everyone paints Mo Di to be the “white eyed wolf” but that’s really QCY.

    Is QCY the one who originally marries MLG in the previous timeline? I feel like she had three suitors over the years but I am only counting two.

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    1. if I remember correctly, (ب_ب)there was two others, the actor who was meant to help her with her acting career, and the guy who invited her to his team in the game-making competition. ತ_ʖತ ??

      I might have mixed this one up with another novel with a somewhat similar setting… (ꏿ﹏ꏿ;)

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    2. Nahhhh QGJ is not innocent dont feel bad about him. Its like when one compares two bad things together but one of them is way way worse so you start to think the lesser of the two eviks is better. In reality the father and son duo have gotten away with too much, this is just karma 😆😆


  4. Geez, what kind of son is that?? I feel slightly sorry for him, but all the inhumane things he has kept covered up for his son was bound to explode someday.
    Karma is a bee honestly.

    Thanks for translating this chapter btw.

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  5. Each time he, by himself, chooses to ask his father for help after messing up to an incredible point, he swears in his heart to humilate his father afterwards… That guy is MLG’s ML alright, they are so so suited for each other! White-eyed wolves.
    Thank you for the chapter!

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  6. It’s all a halo effect. There’s no other explanation for how brainless they are. MLG had to have either came with one because of the set up for the story being so much like Mary Sue fanfiction or she bought a very powerful one somehow. The people surrounding her are such negative IQ extras it has to be manipulation. Let’s see if she can wiggle put of this one though! If people can be made to think it’s in her best interest to be institutionalized, even willing slaves might be willing to disobey her verbal orders to protect what they think is her best interest!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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