Chapter 91

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

 Yang Qi Quan, who had dabbled in the frivolous society for many years, was not only a weathercock but also a greedy and selfish man. He could be described as someone who would go to any lengths for self-preservation. His personal motto was ‘every man for himself’ and he had never strayed from it.

At least he was neither a rapist or murderer nor was he aiding someone to curb their sentence. He was acquainted with others who were willing to help a killer or convicted rapist go scot-free, so in retrospect, what was faking a medical record for depression? It was nothing serious. 

And even if someone else were to suffer because of this fake report, it was not his direct doing and hence, there was no need for him to have any guilt over it. He knew this twisted moral compass of his would be reviled so he had always kept it to himself and only associated with like-minded people.

And the man who came to have him fabricate a medical report for depression was very much to his liking, but not as much as the rewards he promised. 

Yang Qi Quan’s pay as a physician was high but it was not enough for him to afford a big house in the capital. His wife with her head nurse salary and his own salary saved up over a decade only amounted to four million yuan. It was with their parents’ help that they could afford the six million yuan down payment for the well-located house in an expensive school district.

He had two children who were about to start elementary school and he couldn’t have them live in a small house and go to a regular school. He had a reputation to uphold. But to repay the remaining loans, it would have taken him another twenty to thirty years and by then he would have already been sixty!

Now that he could be rid of this debt by faking a little medical report, how perfect was that?!

What’s more…

From what he could tell, the man had every intention to hire him as his family’s doctor; even the contract had been prepared in advance. To be able to work for such a generous and like-minded ‘thigh’, what more could he have asked for? 


The topic regarding Mo Liu Gui’s depression had been on the Internet for two whole days.

From the beginning, the news erupted to the top three places, then to the top ten, and currently, it stood within the top forty places. 

However, this was not because her supporters were diminishing or the water army not doing their job but because her popularity was dwindling fast amongst the regular masses.

But that did not stay long…

On the morning of the third day, two new hot-searches about Mo Liu Gui shot straight to the top and second spot. 

‘Mo Liu Gui’s Depression Was Real’

‘Everyone Owes Mo Liu Gui an Apology’

Several websites began posting essays about the whole event from whence she claimed to have depression to her having had to endure the accusations from the public in the past two days, and finally having the truth come out. They sighed for her fate and praised her to the moon.

And of course, these articles were accompanied with the decisive photo – 

Mo Liu Gui’s medical record.


The sudden reversal started a whole new wave of comments. Mo Liu Gui’s fans and water army began their dance on the major online platforms to blow this matter to the sky.

‘Just as I thought, it’s not like you can just casually claim to have depression without any proof.’

‘Oh I’m feeling heartache for Mo Liu Gui, to think that she actually had depression.’

‘I’m feeling so bad for her. Those who had slandered her should all die, die, die! Such a poor innocent girl was abused by your thoughtless and jealous words. She’s from a prestigious family ok?!’

‘Upstairs, are you actually praising the Mo family as prestigious? Aren’t a bunch of them sitting in prison now and the rest are just as twisted. What’s there to boast about? Their poor morals?’

‘Sour grapes! You’re just jealous because the Mo family is rich.’

‘So it’s true? Mo Liu Gui really had depression? As a passerby, I’d like to say a word of justice. Mo Liu Gui is indeed kind and sensible, understanding and soft-hearted. She was sick and yet she still had to care for her selfish brother and think for her family.’

‘Damn, this reversal is … Too powerful.’

‘Those who berated out Little Rose before, come out and make sure you apologize to her!’

‘That’s right, those who dared to accuse her of fraud come out and apologize, you thrash!!!’


Public opinion was raging and Mo Liu Gui’s popularity was raised sky-high. People flocked to her Weibo to comfort her and sent her their wishes and love. Her number of fans surged through the roof and in an hour, it had reached eight million!

Mo Liu Gui’s camp was already blowing their victory trumpet!!

Everyone in the Mo family had been paying close attention to this. They all had a smile on their face having received the news. Even the bad-tempered Mo Wu Hang couldn’t help but laugh and scoff when he read the comments regarding Mo Di.

“Go on, scold that animal to death!”


Of course Mo Di was aware of this ‘reversal’.

After he had finished his work for the morning, Mo Di opened Weibo during lunch break and read the curses people were throwing at him online.

“Xiao Di, don’t read anymore.” Xian Yu Chao and the others were rarely this quiet. They were worried about accidentally making Mo Di upset so none of them dared to say much.

“Those people don’t know the truth. You’ll only get angrier the more you read, so it’s better to ignore it.”

“That’s right Xiao Di, don’t read that,” Zhao Chun was furious but she still comforted Mo Di with patience, “Xiao Di, you really shouldn’t pay attention to what they wrote on the internet.”

However, Mo Di was cool as a cucumber and continued to browse the comments while stuffing his mouth with rice.

‘Mo Liu Gui’s younger brother is just disgusting and selfish!’

‘So this is the reason Mo Di is so hated! Disgusting! Previously, Little Rose’s reputation was tarnished because of the video, I suspect there’s something wrong with that video!’

‘Exactly! Maybe Mo Di really did cheat at that time! How could someone improve so much in such a short time?!’

‘In other words, could the Mo family be wrongly blamed as well? If what Mo Liu Gui said was true then Mo Di is just selfish and ignorant of his sister’s kindness. And the claim that he mistreated his sister could totally be true!’

‘That’s right, maybe what the people from the Mo family said was all true. Mo Di was jealous of his sister since young and had always schemed against her. This was why they all hated him!’

‘OMG, so does that mean that everyone was fooled all this time and that Mo Di was really the rotten one?!’

Even when there were some that spoke up for Mo Di, their voices were just drowned out by the fans and water army.

‘Mo Di’s fans, stop trying to whitewash him. Mo Di is selfish and disgusting. He tried to harm such a pure and kind sister, what a rotten personality!’

‘He didn’t even know that his sister had depression and even intentionally created conflict! He’s rotten to the core! Be careful of retribution!!!’

‘Die Mo Di! Let’s all curse him to have a horrible death with his limbs ripped off and tongue cut out!’



A notification chimed in and a message popped up on WeChat.

Mo Di opened it and found that it was from Mu Tian Heng:

[Don’t worry about the news on the internet. Yang Qi Quan’s account has been traced and the evidence is mostly in hand. Don’t bother yourself with what they posted online either. Call me back whenever you’re free, let’s discuss how to play out the final step beautifully.]

[I know, brother, I’m fine.] Mo Di immediately sent him a reply with a smile pasted on his face.

Zhao Chun saw his expression and eyed Xian Yu Chao anxiously. She whispered, “What to do? Did Xiao Di read those nasty comments online and.. And go bonkers? Why is he still smiling?”

Xian Yu Chao, “No, no, that can’t be…”

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  1. In this life Mo Di is lucky to have good friends who genuinely care for him 🙂 They can look a little dorky at times, but their hearts are in the right place.
    Thank you for the chapter ❤

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