Chapter 92

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

After Mo Di was done with his lunch, he went back to his room and called Mu Tian Heng.

The others thought that Mo Di was upset having read those comments so he went back to his room to be alone.

Zhao Chun nudged Xian Yu Chao while arguing with the netizens online, “Aren’t you boys going to talk to Xiao Di and cheer him up?”

“I’m dumb and not good with words. What if I say something stupid and make things worst?” Xian Yu Chao scratched his head, “Shouldn’t you and sister Meng do it since girls are more thoughtful and sensitive?”

“But now Xiao Di is in his room, we girls can’t just barge in. Why don’t you guys call him out and we’ll talk to him?”

Zhang Jie Meng nodded. 

“Alright. Fatso, come with me,” Xian Yun Chao looked at Lin Jun Feng and said.

“I think we better not,” Han Chao stopped them, “I’m sure Xiao Di doesn’t want to talk about this matter with us. Let him be alone for a while, after all, he had been in the Mo family since he was a child, it’s hard for him to not feel upset. Maybe letting him calm down will help him think of a way to deal with this. Let’s not make trouble.”


Mo Di did not know that his teammates were busy outside his room trying to fight off the negative remarks on the internet and make him feel better.

He was currently on the phone with Mu Tian Heng.


Following Mo Di’s leads, Mu Tian Heng had his men monitor Yang Qi Quan and Sun Cheng Xing while also having their backgrounds checked. In fact, it was quite easily done as both men’s recent activities could easily be found through their internet history.

And yesterday, at lunch break, Yang Qi Quan had sneaked out to a cafe three streets away from his hospital to meet a mysterious man.

That man was none other than Qin Cheng Yi in disguise.

When Mu Tian Heng saw the photo of Qin Cheng Yi in a hat and mask that his subordinate sent over, he was quite surprised that Qin Cheng Yi would do this personally. But considering the significance of this matter, he could understand why Qin Cheng Yi chose to trust no one but himself.

The fabrication of this medical report not only determined Mo Liu Gui’s future endeavors but also whether or not she could whitewash everything that had happened before. 

Additionally, it would also allow the Mo family to rise back up, though Mu Tian Heng knew Qin Cheng Yi could care less about them. If he couldn’t, he would not have mercilessly pinned everything onto Mo Si Lang for their previous crime. What he really cared about was how the Mo family’s image would directly affect Mo Liu Gui’s career in the entertainment industry, and so, it was inevitable that he helped revive them.

And hence, this task of obtaining the fake medical report was of grave importance, so much so that he could not entrust it to his remaining two confidants and had to take care of it himself. This was all well as he could also personally judge who he was dealing with.

Mu Tian Heng immediately ordered his men to steer clear of the cafe and observe from a distance in case Qin Cheng Yi discovered them. He then told Li Cheng to trace any online interactions between Yang Qi Quan and Qin Cheng Yi.

But this time, there was nothing to be found.

It seemed Qin Cheng Yi had learned his lesson. The previous few incidents with the Mo, Ye, and Qin families, they were all brought down due to the traces they had left behind on the web. This time he was cautious and decided to meet face to face for the exchange, with no chance of leaving behind any evidence online.

After Qin Cheng Yi contacted Yang Qi Quan on a burner cell, they agreed on a secret code and venue. In order to not attract attention, Qin Cheng Yi did not choose a high-end place lest someone noticed them.

And so, at the appointed time, they met up at an inconspicuous place like that small cafe near Yang Qi Quan’s hospital. Ironically, it was a place Qin Cheng Yi would have previously considered a ‘peasant’s hangout’ and would never have stepped foot in it.

Despite being as meticulous as he could be, Qin Cheng Yi could not completely control Yang Qi Quan’s behavior.

The truth was, Yang Qi Quan had followed Qin Cheng Yi’s instructions to the t and had even kept this matter from his wife. The most he did was boast a little anonymously on an online forum. If Mo Di hadn’t not come into contact with him in his previous life, that little post would not have rung any bells.

But after Mo Di had identified him as a possible suspect, these little actions could be used to prove a lot.

And so, by putting a trace on Yang Qi Quan, any interaction he had with Qin Cheng Yi would ultimately be exposed. 

The same went for when he had secretly sneaked into the hospital’s archives to steal a medical file. And also when he had illegally changed the information on a medical report – everything had been recorded by Mu Tian Heng’s men.

With that, they already had the conclusive evidence.

What’s left, was to wait for the right time…

And that would be when Mo Liu Gui and Qin Cheng Yi personally delivered their own fate.

Looking at the rave that they had orchestrated, wasn’t this a perfect time to upheave them when they were on their high horses?

Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng exchanged the information they had gathered over the past two days and decided to wait some more. When the time came, they would present everything to Commissioner Wang and he would finally have something against Qin Cheng Yi.

After all, Yang Qi Quan was no honorable thief. Under threat, he would surely give up Qin Cheng Yi to save his own skin.

In fact, Mu Tian Heng did not want to push this back any longer. The more they delayed, the more his Mo Di would have to be abused online. There were no limits to how malicious those comments were. But considering their opponent this time was Qin Cheng Yi, who dangerously lacked a sense of morals, Mu Tian Heng grit his teeth and agreed to Mo Di’s request of postponing their retaliation by one day.

At the same time, he had also gotten in touch with Commissioner Wang and let him personally handle this case so Qin Cheng Yi would not be able to escape justice this time.


After having made the arrangements, Mo Di was in an unshakable bliss thinking that Qin Cheng Yi would finally be out of the way. He hummed happily to the tunes of the New Year song on television.

Not knowing Mu Tian Heng and Mo Di’s plan, Xian Yu Chao and the others were growing increasingly worried. 

This ain’t right! Even if Xiao Di wasn’t angry, he shouldn’t be this …Happy!

“Xiao Di, are you…” Zhao Chun hesitated.

“I’m fine. You really don’t have to worry about me.” Seeing them eying him with concern, Mo Di smiled sincerely and said, “I believe that the truth will always come out. You should have some optimism.”

“We do but thinking positively is useless. The public opinion online is messed up. They’re all aimed at you and…”

“Just let them say whatever they want. Sooner or later they will be hit by the truth. They’re announcing the top eight for the quarter-finals tomorrow, why don’t you shift your thoughts to this instead?” Mo Di interrupted Zhao Chun, “An awards ceremony would be conducted and the top eight teams would be presented to the public, aren’t you guys nervous?”

“Yes but this is nothing compared to your problem,” Chen Zhao hugged his stomach, “I’m so worried and nervous that my stomach hurts. Now that you mentioned it, didn’t the staff say that they would be posting the edited video of the ten teams on Weibo tonight? Is it up yet?”

“Dunno, let me check.” Xian Yu Chao took his phone and opened Weibo. He entered the competition website and was stumped, “Huh?! It’s been posted for half an hour. The videos are being uploaded one by one and our team’s video is the second to be posted. Now it’s on to the fifth team.”

Xian Yu Chao then screeched, “Why am I so dark and skinny in the video?! I’m like a monkey! So ugly!”

The others began to check their phones as well.

Zhao Chun: “I’m not that fat! Why did the camera turn me so fat?!”

Chen Zhao: “I look so short! I’m 1.83 meters tall! Why did they have to shoot me standing next to Lin Jun Feng? Now I look like 1.7 meters! Damn!”

Han Chao: “I look even paler on camera, like I’m coated with a layer of flour.”

Zhang Jie Meng: “I… I was filmed next to Xiao Di, and it made my face look so big compared to his. I don’t want to be in the same frame as him next time…”

Mo Di also clicked on the video and took a look. He thought he looked quite presentable with a little style. 

But the comment section below was filled with insults and curses.


‘What?!!! The captain of this team is Mo Di?! That selfish ingrate who bullied his sister into depression?!’

‘F*ck! Why is my favorite game Infinite Life made by such a scumbag?! Damn it! I want to die! I feel pity for myself…’

‘Snub the games made by Mo Di! Snub Infinity Life and ban this team!!!’

‘I just wanted to say that I really sympathize with Little Rose. Mo Di, do you remember the sister who suffered from depression and still cared for you while you mistreated her? You even heartlessly cut off all ties with your family!’

‘Mo Liu Gui’s brain-dead fans are here again. Shameless and idiotic. Have you forgotten how Mo Di was abused by the Mo family when he was young?! I can’t believe some people still take their side!’

‘Boycott the games made by Mo Di! Remove him from the competition! Ban him and his team!’

‘Heartache for Mo Liu Gui. Heartache for Mo Liu Gui. Heartache for Mo Liu Gui’

‘Mo Di, apologize to Mo Liu Gui!’


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    1. Her head has a massive hole in it and her brain leaked out. Now she only knows how to be a white lotus with no real sense of reason.


  1. Well, the higher Mo Liu Gui climbs, the more spectacular her fall will be. I guess the netizens’ tune will change in the next chapter.
    Thank you for the translation ❤

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  2. This halo is simply ridiculous. Granted there is a water army at work, but there are still true believers in this bunch of rabid MLG fans. Never a better time to rip this white lotus mask off! I believe in you MTH!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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