Chapter 90

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“Ok.” Mo Di responded casually. 

They both conversed for over an hour before hanging up.

Mo Di put away his dormant phone and went to brush his teeth.

From the start, Mo Di had not been too concerned about this. Mo Liu Gui’s main focus had been to whitewash herself and discrediting him was deemed secondary. Compared to the others in the Mo family and Qin Cheng Yi, this had been a lot more ‘gentle’ and hadn’t posed a threat to others. And having discussed a complete plan with Mu Tian Heng, Mo Di could now put his mind to rest.

By the time Mo Di tucked into bed, it was twelve midnight. 

He turned off the light and the moment he opened his phone, he saw that the group chat had been flooded with messages. 

Those guys… Were they planning to skip sleep over this?

“Stop chatting, go to sleep.”


The moment he sent the text, Zhao Chun had also sent over several lines of gossip: [Ahhhh let me say this– Mo Liu Gui claiming depression is sucking the blood from other patients with actual depression. Despicable! But then it seems her plan is failing. I didn’t expect someone to actually attack her claim so swiftly. Nicely done!]

Zhang Jie Meng: [I saw her fans insisting that the person is her rival and had wanted to slander her. Many were viciously attacking the poster.] 

Xian Yu Chao: [I saw that too! The words were really harsh! This is just playing out as Sister Chun said. And there’s a bunch of words I don’t understand. It’s not pinyin… Is that some kind of secret code?]

Zhao Chun: [Let your sister explain it to you. NMSL (你妈死了ni ma si le) means your mom is dead and QJSQ (全家死光 quan jia si guang) is your whole family is dead. There are some others even I can’t decipher and I’m not too familiar with this group. These terms are quite popular, there’s a whole word base for them.]

Han Chao: [Is cursing someone else’s parents the new trend in scolding?]

Zhao Chun: [Who knows? Most of them have moral problems anyway.]

Mo Di swept through the last few messages before switching over to Weibo.

And sure enough, a new topic had climbed into the top five spots and was only below Mo Liu Gui’s by two places.

‘Mo Liu Gui’s depression is fake’

The post directly aimed at Mo Liu Gui, leaving no room for second-guessing.

It was so straightforward, Mo Di was somewhat surprised.

This rival company was quite brazen.

But this was a good move. Only by going straight for her would it break the momentum she had created and force her to cover up her lies with more lies.

Mo Di entered the link to briefly survey the public opinion.

Currently, the netizens were clearly divided into two camps and were arguing all-out…

‘Her depression is fake? Mo Liu Gui got slapped so soon? This is exciting!’

‘Who’s Mo Liu Gui? Any outstanding work?’

‘There are a lot of people with depression and it’s sad. Using them to gain hype is disgusting! Are you happy now?’

‘The trolls sent by our Little Rose’s rivals, you listen well, how dare you accept money to slander our Liu Gui?!! Have your parents bought their coffins yet?’

‘Looks like our Little Rose has stepped on some bigshot’s tail that they were so quick to blacken her. Aren’t you afraid of retribution? I curse those bad-mouthing Little Rose to have your whole family dead!’

‘Can’t afford to provoke brain-dead fans or they will curse your family to hell. I think the ones who should be worried about retribution are you guys.’

‘If her depression is fake then everything else she said also needs to be overturned. She deliberately mentioned Mo Di, saying how her illness caused her to neglect him and made him leave their family. She was very sad and guilty etc… And since all those are lies, then her intentions are insidious and selfish. She just poured dirty water onto Mo Di so she could show what a kind and wonderful person she is. Turns out, it’s all fake! What a white lotus. Hats off to her!’

‘Damn! If things are as you analyzed… She’s very cunning!!!’

‘It is because of ruthless haters like you that people get depression! You’re jealous of our Little Rose who is born with virtue and grace as well as having talent and wealth! You’re trying to get her depression to relapse!’

‘You claim that Little Rose’s depression is fake, do you have any proof? Anti-fans die die die!’

‘Then is there evidence to prove that she has had depression? She just said she had it so it must be real? The white lotus was just trying to get some hype and slander Mo Di at the same time.’


The debate had gotten lively. Even at 12am the internet world seemed to have reached its highest traffic compared to the last few days.

Since depression was on the rise, people tended to be sensitive with the term and many would not delve deeper into such claims. But with the right cause and reasonable doubt, this hole could be dug and it would only get bigger.


When even the internet was actively discussing this matter, how could the Mo family members not have been aware?

At the wee hours, the whole Mo family, except Mo Er Qian who had departed earlier that day, was gathered into the living room by the patriarch.

Mo Liu Gui’s eyes were red as she dabbed a piece of tissue drenched with tears over her eyes.

Ruan Qing Dan hugged her caringly.

“My silly girl, why didn’t you tell us about this before? Do you want to break my heart?! This is not a minor illness. How could you bear it alone? What if something had gone wrong?!”

“Xiao Gui, are you sure you’ve completely recovered? Do you want grandpa to get you a more qualified doctor?” The Mo Patriarch was heartbroken. He clutched his cane and said, “Don’t think about hiding this matter anymore. If something happens to you, I won’t be able to live with myself.”

The second aunt listened and rolled her eyes.

‘Your son and grandsons were sent to jail and you were fine. Mo Liu Gui only revealed that she used to have depression and you can’t live with yourself? What kind of bias was this?!’

Besides, whether this depression was real nor not, it had yet to be revealed.

“I really did not want to tell you but the host suddenly mentioned about the past, and I … I don’t know what came over me, I just told him everything.” Mo Liu Gui’s eyes flickered with tears. She bit her lower lips and sobbed, “Maybe it was because I couldn’t forgive myself for ignoring Xiao Di. This caused so many misunderstandings between him and everyone, turning our family into this state.”

“Sorry, it was all my fault…” Mo Liu Gui tried to explain while holding in her sobs, “I’m sorry, if I didn’t ignore Xiao Di, he wouldn’t have changed like that. Father, third and fourth brother would still be fine. I’m sorry…”

The eldest aunt twitched her lips but said nothing.

The Mo Patriarch and the other men in the family were distressed upon hearing this. Ruan Qing Dan hugged Mo Liu Gui and cried with her.

“It’s not your fault. My dear daughter, this is really not your fault. You were sick, you shouldn’t have had to care about anything else. He was born selfish, shameless, and unfilial. This is the reason he broke away from us. It was his malicious nature that caused the Mo family to fall apart. This has nothing to do with you not caring about him. And how could you even say that you did not care for him? You’ve always been kind to him and treated him right!”

“If someone has to be blamed, it should be me. I shouldn’t have given birth to him. I should have gotten rid of him the moment he was born.” Ruan Qing Dan broke down and cried softly- a split image of a middle-aged Mo Liu Gui. “It’s my fault, I’m to blame…”

“In the beginning, your father wanted to throw him away because he robbed you of nutrients even before you were born. It was an omen that he was a bad seed. I didn’t agree at the time and now, I’ve helped to raise a rotten being. Grandpa is to be blamed.”

The Mo Patriarch sighed, “Xiao Gui, don’t blame yourself. This is not your fault at all. If you’re depressed because of this then it’s all my fault. I’ve sinned!”

“That’s right Xiao Gui. You were sick, why should you even care about that Mo Di?” Mo Wu Hang punched the sofa in anger.

Lately, nothing had been going his way and he had been holding in a lot of anger. The company he signed with was determined to shelve him, leaving him with no work for two months. When he went to ask the upper management to give him justice, they said that he breached the contract first by sullying his reputation. Currently, no company would want to hire him!

Whenever he saw his own face in the reflection, he couldn’t help but feel resentment. There were times when he remembered that he had ended up this way because of Xiao Gui and a certain sense of dislike sprouted in his heart. This had further caused him to feel guilty for blaming his kind and beautiful sister!

But the feeling kept surging whenever he thought of his ruined future. Going back and forth with his guilt became a heavy burden on his psyche. He was a bomb waiting to explode.

“That animal is a scourge. We should’ve killed him a long time ago. Burned him and thrown his ashes in the dump. Mu Tian Heng is the same! They’re all trash! And all those people on the internet! They should go to hell!”

Mo Wu Hang cursed to elevate the built-up frustration in his heart.

“Those people dared to question Xiao Gui’s depression. A bunch of black-hearted lowlives. Wretched bunch of people!”

Mo Wu Hang then smashed the cup in his hand and it made a loud shattering noise.

“Xiao Hang?!” Seeing Mo Wu Hang’s depraved expression, the second aunt skittishly asked, “Xiao Hang, are you alright? Don’t scare me like that!”

“… I, I’m fine!”

“Fifth brother… Don’t be angry. I’m fine, I’m really fine,” Mo Liu Gui sobbed while raising her hand to wipe her eyes brimming with tears.

Suddenly, a ringing tone disturbed their interaction. 

It was Mo Liu Gui’s phone. 

She looked at it and shed more tears but did not answer.

Ruan Qing Dan saw the caller ID and said, “Xiao Gui, why didn’t you answer Cheng Yi’s call? He’s a good person and treats you well. Did you guys have a fight?”

“No, we’re not fighting. It’s just … it’s just I don’t want to talk to him at the moment. I don’t know what to say to him.” Mo Liu Gui started choking up again, “Cheng Yi must’ve seen what they were saying on the internet. I don’t know how to explain to him because I really don’t have the medical record. I didn’t think too much at that time and also, I was afraid that everyone would be worried if you happened to find it, so I kept it in my school locker. Later when I got well, I just threw it out. What if Cheng Yi also thinks that I …”

“How’s that possible, silly girl. Cheng Yi that boy had always liked you very much and he always dotes on you, how could he not trust you?” Ruan Qing Dan picked up the phone, “Go on, talk to him.”

“I don’t want to. I don’t know what to say and I don’t want to get him involved in this.” Mo Liu Gui grabbed the phone from Ruan Qing Dan but ended up accepting the call instead.

“Xiao Gui,” Qin Cheng Yi’s voice was heard over the phone.

Mo Liu Gui was startled and seemed to be at a loss for words. She stood up and ran out of the living room crying.

“Xiao Gui, Xiao Gui?!!” Ruan Qing Dan saw her baby girl run out of the room and called after her but to no avail. She could only answer the phone on her behalf, “Oh Cheng Yi, Xiao Gui already left.”

“Auntie?” Qin Cheng Yi changed his tone, “What happened to Xiao Gui? Did she refuse to talk to me?”

“No, no, of course not. Xiao Gui, she’s just…” Ruan Qing Dan sighed, “Xiao Gui, she doesn’t know how to face you. This child is just too simple and proud, she doesn’t want to ask anyone for favors. Have you seen how they slandered her on the internet?”

“I’ve seen it,” Qin Cheng Yi replied in a low voice. He was obviously suppressing his anger.

Ai, Xiao Gui, she always thinks of others first. She wholeheartedly dedicated herself to her family members. She did not want us to worry so she hid her illness from us. And fearing that we would find out, she threw away her medical record. She always put her family and that Mo Di first and now she was being ostracized for it.”

Ruan Qing Dan partly sobbed and said, “Xiao Gui, she doesn’t know how to face you so she ran away. Cheng Yi, don’t blame her, she’s too naive and not good with words. Seeing her having to endure that harsh slandering on the internet, I, as her mother couldn’t help but feel distressed…”

“Auntie, how could I blame her? I’m fully aware of Xiao Gui’s personality. You don’t have to worry about those accusations on the internet either. I will find a way to solve it. Those who dare harm Xiao Gui- from Mo Di to those internet peasants, I won’t let them off.”

Ai, that’s good. With your help, I can rest assured. Xiao Gui is just too forgiving and kind, I’m just worried that she was going to have to bear the brunt without fighting back.” Ruan Qing Dan sighed with relief, “She also said that she did not want to drag you into this.”

“Auntie, in the future, you can call me if anything happens to Xiao Gui,” Qin Cheng Yi said gravely, “Xiao Gui is too kind, she refuses to deal with those scums but I’m not, I will teach them a lesson on her behalf.”



The internet was still discussing heatedly. Mo Di observed it for a while before going to bed.

The next day, Mo Di continued to code according to the work schedule. At noon break, he took some time off to sneak into the dark web.

He had discussed this with Mu Tian Heng– they would split up the work monitoring Qin Cheng Yi and Mo Liu Gui for higher efficiency.

Mo Di first checked on Qin Cheng Yi’s confidants, especially the family doctors he knew who had been working for them in his previous life.

There were three doctors who would eventually gain the Qin family’s trust in several years.

If Qin Cheng Yi wanted to produce a fake medical report for Mo Liu Gui, the doctor he would choose had to be an expert in the field, and most importantly, someone he could control. Additionally, the person wouldn’t have to be under the Qin family’s employment, otherwise, when this matter was dug up, they could be charged with fraud.

So the perfect candidate had to be someone not currently working for the Qin family but had some sort of affiliation with them and a weakness Qin Cheng Yi could take advantage of.

In his previous life, the three people who certified him as a mental case were Mo Er Qian and two other doctors, Yang Qi Quan and Sun Cheng Xing.

And according to his investigation today, both these doctors were not currently employed by the Qin family. One was working in The First Hospital and the other in Harmony Hospital. Qin Cheng Yi would most likely select one of them to do his bidding.

Mo Di sent what he found to Mu Tian Heng but only told him that he thought they were suspicious due to their connections with the Qin family.

Mu Tian Heng then immediately ordered someone to tail them. At the same time, he also had Li Cheng and the others do a thorough background check on those two.

A day later, Mu Tian Heng received an important tip from one of his subordinates monitoring Yang Qi Quan– The Qin family had sent someone to meet with Yang Qi Quan and after that, Yang Qi Quan had posted anonymously on an online forum boasting that the four bedrooms and two living rooms house that he had been paying the loan for for the past two years had already been paid off.

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