Chapter 89

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

“Xiao Di, what plan do you have in mind?” Zhao Chun was the most enthusiastic. She pulled off the dried face mask and said, “This is very difficult to disprove. Why do you think all those celebrities kept claiming to have depression whenever their scandals were leaked?”

“That’s right. Depression is a difficult illness to refute…” Zhang Jie Meng advised him with care, “And if you don’t have ironclad proof when discrediting her claim, it could come back to bite you. Even if there are those who believe you, the majority will still side with her. Depression is quite controversial and claiming to have it is almost equivalent to winning.”

The others also cast Mo Di a worried look.

They were not very smart and all they could do was show some concern.

“It’ll be ok. Don’t worry. Although I don’t have a plan in mind yet, I still believe that the truth will always prevail.” Mo Di smiled, “Alright, if there’s nothing else, you all should wash up and get some rest. It’s late and we’ll officially be resuming work again tomorrow.”

They looked at each other and said nothing. 

Mo Di waved at them then retreated back to his room and locked the door.


Turning around, his face completely changed. 

Mo Liu Gui’s move this time was indeed troublesome and to be frank, it was quite distasteful.

It seemed Mo Liu Gui was prepared to deal with him head-on.

Before, when she approached Ye Cheng Feng to have the rules of the game competition changed, Mo Di suspected that she was also reborn. And later when she accidentally let slip a few more clues, his suspicion only grew. But then she was inadequate in dealing with a lot of things for someone with the knowledge of rebirth, and so Mo Di conjectured that Mo Liu Gui was not reborn but for some reason, she was gradually getting back the memories of their previous life.

But regardless of whether she was reborn or was getting her memories back, it was unquestionable that she knew he had taken a different path in this life.

Mo Liu Gui probably deduced that he was the same as her, either reborn or was remembering things from their previous life.

And her response to this? 

There was no guilt, no intent to compensate nor seek peace but to once again stigmatize him and make him suffer?

He really wanted to know what she was thinking.

Was she unhappy that he dared to go against his original fate? Or, that by doing so, he changed the trajectory of the world, sending her goons to prison and gravely altering her perfect life? Was this why she resented him and decided to destroy him after all?

But what did she expect? Him to stay as her brother so she can display her kindness while letting her admirers destroy him? Was he supposed to obediently wait and relive everything that happened? Did he have to be ignored, abused, tortured, and eventually die in a place where no one cared just so she could use him as the stepping stone to perfect her life?

What a joke. Mo Di sneered.

He went to turn on the faucet and washed his face.

Truthfully, this was actually nothing. In his previous life, even when she did not directly jab at him, he would still be abused. So now that she had shown her true colors, he could easily accept it.

After washing his face, he was more clear-headed. He took out his phone to call Mu Tian Heng.

Beep beep

The line was engaged.

Mo Di hung up and dialed again after waiting for a minute.

Beep beep

It was still busy.

Mo Di sulked. He put the phone aside and decided to wash up first but as soon as he reached for the toothbrush, the phone rang.

It was from Mu Tian Heng.

“Hello?” Mo Di immediately answered the call, “Brother.”

Mu Tian Heng’s voice was heard through the phone, “I just called you but the phone was busy. Who were you talking to this late?” 

“I wasn’t talking to anyone. I was calling you earlier but your line was also busy so I hung up.”

Mu Tian Heng’s voice warmed up but his tone was somewhat tense, “You’re calling me for a reason, right?”

“En… You’re right.” Mo Di hesitated slightly, not knowing what to say.

Before he could say anything else, Mu Tian Heng started, “Is it regarding the interview with Mo Liu Gui?”

“Brother, you know about that?!” Mo Di was genuinely surprised.

“I do. I have a solution for this, you don’t have to worry.”

Mu Tian Heng’s voice was soothing as he comforted him but Mo Di could still hear that he was unhappy. He considered his words and said, “Brother, this matter currently has no effect on me. There’s nothing they can do to me offline either so you don’t have to worry about me.”

“And I believe that the truth will always surface eventually. Mo Liu Gui dared to claim that she had depression; I’m sure there are those who would dare to question her.” Mo Di calmly deduced, “This would then force her to find ways to counter their accusations. And the more she lies, the more likely her lies would eventually fall apart.”

Mo Di spoke as he exited the bathroom and pulled down the window curtain.

Mo Di could tell Mu Tian Heng not to worry about him but he would never say that he was ok with this; even more unlikely so that he would forgive Mo Liu Gui. 

He was not a saint. In fact, he was someone that would bear a grudge. He believed in ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.’ As long as Mo Liu Gui and her followers tried to cause him harm, he would retaliate mercilessly, and many times more brutal than they would have been.

Since his rebirth, the words ‘innocent and forgiving’ were long lost to him. His ultimate goal was to make sure that those people got what they deserved.

His only concern was Mu Tian Heng’s opinion of him. He once feared that Mu Tian Heng would find him too heartless but now, he could tell that Mu Tian Heng was obviously not that kind of person. And so, he had cast this thought aside and concentrated on being his true self.


Sure enough, Mu Tian Heng never felt that Mo Di was being heartless for wanting to exact revenge on those who harmed him. 

The term ‘repaying grievances with virtues’ had always been a remote concept to him. He had never shown mercy to those who dared to harm the ones he cared for.

In fact, before calling Mo Di, he had already ordered Assistant Gao to make certain arrangements.

“You’re absolutely right. The crucial first step is to have someone question the authenticity of her claim.” Mu Tian Heng began to discuss with Mo Di, “But this question has to be done at the right time and in an irrefutable manner. It also has to be loud enough to break off Mo Liu Gui’s momentum.”

“…En, is that so?” Mo Di unknowingly nodded to the phone, “That means it would be unreliable to wait for public opinion to turn by itself. I’m considering contacting Mo Liu Gui’s rival anonymously or personally ‘manipulate’ the public opinion…”

“You don’t have to worry about this,” Mu Tian Heng said, “I’ve asked Assistant Gao to contact Pang Shi Entertainment Group. They are rivals with Mo Liu Gui’s current management company. A few of their newcomers debuted at the same time as Mo Liu Gui. They won’t hold back once they get wind of Mo Liu Gui’s made up depression.”

“You’ve done that?!” Mo Di did not expect Mu Tian Heng to move so promptly.

“En, we’ll be able to see the results soon enough.” Mu Tian Heng deepened his voice and asked, “Little one, what do you think they will do next?”

“They? You mean Mo Liu Gui and Qin Cheng Yi?” Mo Di analyzed and said, “According to Mo Liu Gui’s character, she would cry first, then act all miserable. When those two routines do not work, she would then run to the Mo family and Qin Cheng Yi for help. So the person we’ll actually be dealing with next would be Qin Cheng Yi… As for Mo Liu Gui, she would sit back and watch them solve the problem for her while she continues to manipulate them and act innocent.”

“And with Qin Cheng Yi’s rotten personality…” Mo Di snorted unfeelingly, “I’m eighty percent certain he will find a way to produce a medical report for her. And to further strengthen her lie, he would bribe a few of her high school classmates to be her witnesses, all while having the water army control public opinion from the shadows.”

“If this is how he plans to play it out, Qin Cheng Yi will have to find a doctor he has control over to prove Mo Liu Gui’s depression.” Mu Tian Heng raised his eyebrows delightfully and said, “Let me handle the Qin family. I’ll have someone monitor their movements.”

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  1. Mental illness is not a joke, a get out of jail free card or something to be played for sympathy. It’s a struggle, a trauma, and makes life 100x harder to get through. I have no sympathy for anyone falsely claiming to be mentally ill or flaunting it as some guilt free excuse for bad behavior unrelated to the illness. It shouldn’t be a stigma or shame, but something to take pride in treating and the mental strength to keep moving forward. This is a low path to take, though I expect nothing better from MLG.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. In the previous life Mo Liu Gui stuffed Mo Di into a psychiatric hospital, now she herself claims to have suffered from a mental disorder. I wonder how she’s not afraid that it’ll affect her career.
    Thank you for the chapter ❤

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  3. ah the colors is showing and its rotten mlg (not the fault of the colors though)
    aish, even now i am still scared and worried whenever those mo’s do stuffs
    i’m always like, ah will this be too much for modi too handle?
    but then i will always hear ah heng’s assurance voice ‘it will be okay, let me handle this’

    thanks for the update and all the work
    looking forward for future chapter where mlg’s depression got ‘treated’ hahaha

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  4. Wouldn’t the brother who is a professor abroad easily fake the medical records for BitchABoutToDie? MLG seriously annoys me. QCY will probably collab with him and make a professional record for MLG. Sucks that I don’t think this depression whitewashing will fail.

    Thanks so much for the chapter!

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