RCFN Chapter 80

Chapter 80

Editor & Proofreader: KitKat

Guo Dejiang was astounded by the document Sister Meng showed him.

Sun Qinghu witnessed this in the next room and quietly left the police station. He immediately reported it to Ye Guosheng.

The policeman who came with Sister Meng spotted Sun Qinghu slipping away. Feeling suspicious, he leaned in to whisper to her: “Sister Meng, a man just came out from the next room. He doesn’t look like a police officer.”

“Hmm.” Sister Meng nodded. She turned to Bai Wenwen, “Are you alright?”

“I want to use the bathroom…” Bai Wenwen used the last of her willpower to squeeze out the words.

“Xiao Tian, take her to the bathroom,” Sister Meng said to the policeman behind her.

“Yes, Sister Meng,” The policeman called Xiao Tian quickly uncuffed Bai Wenwen.


In the meantime, the Ye family was in turmoil once again.

Ye Cheng Feng’s ‘tragic end’ was no longer a secret and because someone in the base had confirmed the news’ authenticity, the internet was bustling over this topic.

In a short time, Ye Cheng Feng’s family background, educational background, photos, etc were all dug up and raised a lot of lively discussions.

Some sympathized with Ye Cheng Feng, some berated Bai Wenwen for being vicious, and many believed that Bai Wenwen must have drugged him. After all, with Ye Cheng Feng’s superior qualities, he could have had anyone he wanted. 

Although rare, there were a few that called him disgusting. Madame Ye read these comments and cried her eyes out. Ye Guosheng’s face also turned ink-black. Uncle Zhang then advised that they get a water army to control public opinion. 

Ye Guosheng was not familiar with such things and thus, ordered Uncle Zhang to handle it. Uncle Zhang immediately reached out to a reliable contact and hired a large water army. 

Needless to say, the direction in which the water army should focus on had to be approved by Ye Guosheng. 

Once Ye Guosheng had planned out what he wanted to publicize, the water army began their work.


Soon, a new wave of comments emerged. Some were praising Ye Cheng Feng for being a kind-hearted gentleman, some were claiming that injustice had been done to him, and some were about the Ye family and how it had served the country.

Gradually, everyone was swayed to believe that Ye Cheng Feng was set up as there was no need for him to force anyone. And those who said otherwise were accused of being the water army of the competitors trying to sabotage Ye Cheng Feng’s team.

Finally, a small testimony popped up about how Bai Wenwen was infatuated with Ye Cheng Feng followed by the speculation of her drugging him to have a handle on him. The commenter even stated that he had evidence to back his claims…

Although spreading this was not the water army’s main focus, the netizens’ urge to spread gossip should never be underestimated. This comment was forwarded with great enthusiasm and turned many against Bai Wenwen. Only a few demanded the evidence.

Uncle Zhang was surprised when he saw the unexpected phenomenon. Since Sun Qinghu had already been sent to the police station and the witnesses were under their control, it was only a matter of time before Bai Wenwen confessed to the crime.

Just as Uncle Zhang was feeling positive about the situation, he heard Ye Guosheng angrily smashing a cup in the living room.

Uncle Zhang was anxious and fearful. He quickly rushed to Ye Guosheng’s side.

“Sir, what’s the matter? Who angered you?”

“Those imbeciles! Useless!”

Ye Guosheng was erratic. He turned around and broke another cup. 

“Guo Dejiang that trash! He was replaced by some girl before he could get anything done.”

“Sir, how could this happen?”

“It’s some policewoman called Meng Jie. She took over the case and Guo Dejiang was not able to do anything about it…” Madame Ye’s eyes were swollen from crying. “Someone is definitely trying to ruin my son. Someone has a grudge against the Ye family!”

“Meng Jie?!”

Uncle Zhang had a bad feeling. Meng Jie was the officer who worked on the Qin family casino case. She was very diligent and impossible to bribe!

Since even Uncle Zhang realized this, how could Ye Guosheng not feel the same? He had on a dreary look while dialing an old friend to see if he could get Meng Jie removed from the case.

However, his friend indicated that since it was Commissioner Wang who gave the order, there was nothing he could do since they were both equal in rank.

Ye Guosheng almost smashed his phone.

“Wang De En! You bastard!”

As Ye Guosheng was reaching out to all his contacts, Uncle Zhang remembered the viral comments spread by the water army. Since they could not get Bai Wenwen’s confession, spreading that news would only bring trouble. He went out to the corridor and called for the water army to delete all articles on Bai Wenwen’s alleged crime. 

Unfortunately, the person in charge replied, “It’s already on top of the hot search, we can’t pull it down anymore. I thought you guys were the ones who bought the hot search. You didn’t?”

Uncle Zhang’s heart was thumping fast with sweat dripping off his forehead. He had a bad feeling.

With his hands shivering, he opened Weibo and found that at the top of the hot search was indeed the topic created by the water army: ‘Bai Wenwen Dosed Ye Cheng Feng.’

The topic accused Bai Wenwen of spiking Ye Cheng Feng’s drink and then brutally kicking him which in turn caused his impotence. Below it were comments criticizing her which he had asked the water army to post.

[This Bai Wenwen is making me sick. How could she drug someone to sleep with her? Even her name makes her seem low.]

[Ye Cheng Feng is just pitiful. He’s so handsome and gentle. Like the male god from a manga. Why did he have to fall for her tricks?!]

[Ye Cheng Feng was a great student. He was my senior and one time, I boarded the bus without my wallet and he paid for me. He is such a gentleman, there is no way he is short of suitors. If he wanted to sleep with anyone, there would be a line of women queuing up! It’s a joke to say that he tried to rape someone! This type of woman, no one is willing to sleep with her even if she offered herself!]

[Let me tell you something, Ye Cheng Feng is from a family of high-ranking officials. His father and grandfather both had positions in the government. He grew up under strict teachings and has high moral values. It’s impossible for him to break the law. Bai Wenwen must have drugged him. Ye Cheng Feng is just pitiful.]

[Such a pity!! A perfect male god is ruined just like that!]

[Hey wait a minute, there is no evidence yet! Stop abusing the girl. Unbelievable.]

[I’m just a passer-by but I do feel bad for Ye Cheng Feng…]

[Ah, I think I know his father and grandfather. I’ve seen them on TV. They look super righteous. Someone who grew up under them must have excellent virtues!]

Although the general consensus was supportive of the Ye family, Uncle Zhang could not help but feel a chill in his heart.

He did not buy this hot search and neither did the Ye family. The reason why they hired the water army was to protect Ye Cheng Feng’s reputation by swaying public opinion; they had no intention for this scandal to spread nationwide!

Furthermore, the comments were obviously dissing Bai Wenwen but they also discussed the Ye family in detail. The sweat on Uncle Zhang’s forehead disappeared as he felt a cold wind blowing. He staggered back to the room to inform Ye Guosheng of the situation.

Having heard Uncle Zhang’s report, Ye Guosheng had another bout of anger but this time, he was also worried. His blood pressure rose and there was a faint moment of darkness before his eyes.

“Sir, Sir?!” Uncle Zhang saw him staggering back and hurried over to support him. “Sir, are you alright?!!”


What the Ye family discovered, Mo Di also soon found out.

He was quite curious. He did not buy the hot search and he also knew that the Ye family was even more out of the question.

Even if they intended to slander Bai Wenwen to protect Ye Cheng Feng, they would not want the news of him being crippled to be publicly known and much less on the top of the hot search.

Mo Di thought it over and gave Mu Tian Heng a call.

Cough … Brother, do you know that Ye Cheng Feng and Bai Wenwen’s case is on the hot search?”

“I do,” Mu Tian Heng was very calm.

“… Was that your doing?”

“That’s about right,” Mu Tian Heng was gentle as ever. “Do you think I went a little overboard?”

“Of course not!” Mo Di was not ignorant and he would never think badly of Mu Tian Heng over this.

Mu Tian Heng smiled and said, “That was somewhat my doing. I want to teach Ye Cheng Feng a lesson about harming others and how it will come back to bite him.”


If his Mo Di had let his guard down, the one being fooled would not have been Ye Cheng Feng. And if Mo Di did all that under the influence of the medicine, Ye Cheng Feng would surely have had this scandal spread nationwide, ruining him for life. All he did was pay for a hot search which he felt was already too lenient.

Mo Di caught something interesting in Mu Tian Heng’s words. He asked, “Brother, what do you mean by ‘somewhat’?”

“Because Commissioner Wang was part of this plan.”

“Ha?” Mo Di was briefly stunned but he quickly understood something. “So the higher-ups are ready to deal with the Ye family?”

“That’s right. They have been eyeing the Ye family for a long time now. This family… they’ve been steeped in corruption for many years. They colluded with people of all kinds and there’s nothing they dare not do. It’s just that their standing in the government is too strong and with the many years that they had to spread their roots within the system, it wouldn’t have been easy to bring them down.”

“So this case… It’s like an opening?” Mo Di finally understood. “When the truth behind this case is exposed, everyone will know what they did to Bai Wenwen which will ruin their reputation. And with them reaching out to their ‘acquaintances’ in the judicial and police departments, we can lure out the mice and catch them red-handed!”

“That’s right. Including the evidence from the crimes they’ve committed before, I’m sure the Ye family will be uprooted.”

“That would be worth celebrating,” Mo Di sneered.

If the Ye family falls… Ye Cheng Feng, is also finished.

By then, would Mo Liu Gui still be interested in playing the love game with him?

“But I think the public opinion is already ripe, you should put out the truth soon,” Mo Di added.

“Soon the police will issue a statement. Little one, be patient,” Mu Tian Heng gently continued,“The weekend is coming in a few days, will you be coming back?”

“I…” Mo Di’s eyes softened and he smiled. In an enticing voice, he said, “Brother, do you miss me? If you miss me then I’ll go back.” 

“Of course I miss you every day. I keep wishing the weekends would come sooner,” Mu Tian Heng’s voice was deep and gentle. “Then… I’ll pick you up on Sunday?”

“Ok!” Mo Di’s could feel his cheeks heating up as he pressed it against the phone.

Two hours later, when the whole network was sympathizing with the Ye family and particularly Ye Cheng Feng, the Public Security Department’s official Weibo released a statement:

After a thorough investigation, the rumors being spread on the net are proven to be false. We have definitive evidence that Bai Wenwen was sexually assaulted and her attacking Ye Cheng Feng was justified self-defense. Furthermore, the drug in question was found to be under Ye Cheng Feng’s possession and not Bai Wenwen’s. We hope the netizens will stop spreading false information and rest assured that the guilty party will be brought to justice.

The revelation was a big slap to the whole network. It brought about a complete reversal of public opinion.

The Ye family was at the end of its rope. They were helpless when the police came to the Ye house not just for questioning…

They came to take Ye Guosheng away. 

The Ye family’s downfall was impending.

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  1. I feel like in rape/SA cases most would side with the victim? (usually the ones berating the victim are men too). Maybe thats not how it is in China? I’m just so angry @ the comments calling her that !!! But Mo Di is coming with the proooooof so gogo !!

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    1. Unfortunately, you’re wrong. A large number of rapes/assaults go unreported due to the problem that while people may criticize the assailant, there is also a reliable history of the victim being either blamed in the manner of ‘s/he must have done something to instigate the person’, or shunned for being ‘dirty’ afterwards. The reaction is even more negative if the victim is a man. I can’t speak for China, but this is an ongoing cultural problem in the US, and has been for a very long time. As soon as it described her pants as being very tight-fitting, it reminded me of cases where the victim was accused of ‘instigating’ the rape by wearing tight clothing or short skirts. People said the victim was ‘asking for it’ and that the attacker ‘couldn’t help themself’. Women and men both have displayed this attitude toward victims.


  2. It’s like in this fictional world Mo Di is a catalyst setting some major changes in motion. Hopefully, the world will become better for it.
    Thank you for the translation ❤

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