RCFN Chapter 81

Chapter 81

Editor & Proofreader: KitKat

That night, Ye Guosheng was taken away and the Ye Patriarch was invited to have tea at the police station.

Everyone in the system knew that the Ye family was done for.

Madame Ye cried till she fainted and had to be hospitalized.

Ye Guosheng’s sister was all over the place trying to transfer properties and reaching out to anyone who would help them.

As for Ye Cheng Feng…

There was no one left in the family to take care of him.

His aunt had hired a caretaker to look after him. Unfortunately, she was a noisy sleeper and Ye Cheng Feng was woken up at dawn.


As soon as he left his ward, he could hear the enthusiastic chatter from everywhere discussing the hot topic ‘Ye Cheng Feng is crippled’ and ‘the whole network shocked by the truth’.

Ye Cheng Feng turned pale.

One should know that the Ye family had been hiding his disability from him as they were worried that he could not accept it, and also on the off-chance that it could be cured. And at the time, Ye Cheng Feng was still woozy under the influence of the drug and allowed his mother to keep all his electronic devices away. 

That was how he had spent his days recuperating without knowing anything.

As soon as he was hit with the ugly truth, his head buzzed with piercing pain. His sight faded for a moment and he had to support himself against the wall. 

He could not accept this at all. For the several days he had stayed here, he had felt a slight discomfort there but he just attributed it to the side effect of the medicine; he never imagined it to be this serious!!!

Ye Cheng Feng could no longer maintain his gentle and elegant demeanor. There was a distorted look on his face and he just wanted to give the nurses gossiping on the stairway a kick. 

How could this happen?!!

He refused to believe it! He refused to believe it!

Ye Cheng Feng forced himself to calm down. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath… He returned to his room and then, as though venting his anger, he slammed his fist violently on the calling bell. 

Almost immediately, a young nurse came running in. There was no unusual expression on her face. She asked, “Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

With all the sudden noises, the caretaker, who was supposed to look after Ye Cheng Feng, woke up as well. She quickly rose and attended to Ye Cheng Feng. “Young master, you’re awake. Please tell me if you need anything. Do you want breakfast? I’ll go buy you something to eat.”

Ye Cheng Feng could not care for anything else. He even had the urge to strangle her. To keep her from being a sore sight, he nodded and said, “Go! And buy me several different kinds.”

“Yes, I’ll go now,” The caretaker answered with a smile. “Is there anything else you want to eat?”

“Whatever. Make sure to buy more varieties,” Ye Cheng Feng closed his eyes. He just wanted her to leave.

When she finally left the room, Ye Cheng Feng said to the nurse, “I can’t find my phone and my family is not here. Can you lend me your phone so I can give them a call?”

He knew that it was useless for him to ask for his medical chart because once his father gave the order, the doctors would not dare to disobey.

This was what he hated about the Ye family.

He hated his father’s tyranny, hated the way people kissed up to him but would ultimately only obey his father!

The nurse looked at Ye Cheng Feng and hesitated. She said, “This is against the rules…”

Ye Cheng Feng frowned. “I’ll make it quick. I’ll even call in front of you.”

“This…” The nurse was still reluctant. She averted the question, “Are you feeling any discomfort?”

Ye Cheng Feng turned grim at the nurse’s refusal. He took a breath and said, “No. I just want to make a phone call. If you’re not happy about it, I can borrow it from someone else.”

Ye Cheng Feng was currently staying in a luxury ward of a private hospital because two days ago, Madame Ye cried hysterically and demanded him to be transferred here from a public hospital. There were only six rooms on one floor and each was almost like a hotel suite. There was comfortable furnishing, separate bathrooms and a large balcony. But at the same time, the other inpatients also demanded a certain level of privacy. Most of the time, these wards’ doors would be closed. It was unlikely for Ye Cheng Feng to be able to get what he wanted.

Considering this aspect, the nurse answered, “Then… please borrow from someone else. I dare not disobey the rules here. I’m sorry. Since you’re feeling fine, I’ll take my leave then.”

Ye Cheng Feng was very eye-catching but the nurse had already labeled him as scum. The evidence online was conclusive of his crimes and there was no way she would risk anything, no matter how small, for him. 

Ye Cheng Feng clenched his fist. 

The nurse left and Ye Cheng Feng stayed in the room, suppressing his anger. He then got out of bed and went to ask for a phone. Sadly, none of the nurses or doctors were willing to lend it to him. And when he went to knock on the door of other wards, he would only receive an awkward stare followed by a polite refusal. 

After all, patients who could afford to stay in this hospital were all from the upper class. The media did not state that the Ye family was in deep water but within their circle, everyone was already aware that they were under investigation. Now was a bad time to associate with them.

Ye Cheng Feng was both mystified and furious with the treatment he had received. From the time he was a little boy, he had never faced such disrespect!

Having to repeatedly suppress his anger, Ye Cheng Feng had reached his limit. His eyes were red and he punched at the wall.

“Xiao Feng?!”

A woman’s voice called out to him and footsteps were heard running towards him. “Xiao Feng, what are you doing here?”

Ye Cheng Feng turned around and saw his mother in the same hospital gown hurrying over. She anxiously took his hand and sobbed, “What are you doing? Silly boy, why did you hit the wall like that, you’re only hurting yourself.”

Ye Cheng Feng did not speak. 

Madame Ye saw Ye Cheng Feng’s reluctance to speak just as he had been ever since this happened. She thought he was still depressed and wanting to cheer him up, she mentioned Mo Liu Gui.

“Xiao Feng, you like that Mo Liu Gui girl, don’t you? Yesterday, she said that she would come to visit you today. Now look at what you’ve done with your hand, it’s all bloody. Are you trying to scare her off?”

Hearing that Mo Liu Gui was coming to visit him, Ye Cheng Feng felt his heart ache. He was deeply moved but at the same time, he thought of his disability and was filled with shame and humiliation. 

He shut his eyes and lowered his head. He leaned back and tightly clenched his fist.

Xiao Gui must have known what had happened to him. It was impossible for them to be together now…


No one would be willing to marry an impotent man. Even if Xiao Gui agreed, her brothers, father, grandfather… they would never approve.

Besides, Xiao Gui had never lacked a suitor!

Ye Cheng Feng was burning with hatred. It was even more intense than when he decided to avenge Mo Liu Gui. 

This was all Mo Di’s fault!

He was cunning enough to swap the wine and caused him to end up like this! Not only did he not avenge Xiao Gui, but now he had also lost any chance of being with her!

“I’ll go get some bandages and medicine for your hand. You should go back to your room.” Ye Cheng Feng’s mother was heartbroken to see him this way. She slowly helped him back to the ward. “I’m going to get the nurse. You should lie down and rest.”

Ye Cheng Feng did not move. He stood at the door and stared at the room listlessly until a voice brought him back.

“Young master… are you ok?”

Ye Cheng Feng inhaled sharply and put aside his budding plans for revenge. He turned and saw the caretaker carrying several take-out bags from different breakfast stores. Behind her were two people in police uniform. 

The caretaker shrunk her neck and said timidly, “Young master, I only saw them when I came back. I did not bring them here…”

She did not commit any crime and was not afraid of the police but she was still intimidated by the esteemed Ye family!

“What is the meaning of this?” Ye Cheng Feng’s face darkened by the minute. “Are you officers here for me?” 


The caretaker went straight into the room and placed the bags on the table. She quietly remained inside.

Sister Meng pushed the door wide open. She looked at the room and said, “Nice place,” She then turned to Ye Cheng Feng, “And it seems you’ve recovered nicely, unlike what your parents claimed. They said you were too weak and wanted us to postpone your interrogation.”

Ye Cheng Feng’s eyelids twitched as a bad feeling emerged. “What is that supposed to mean?!”

“It means you’re under arrest.” Sister Meng flashed him an arrest warrant then proceeded to handcuff him.

“Ye Cheng Feng, you’re obliged to come with us for investigation.”

“What are you doing?!” Ye Cheng Feng’s heart was racing. He was enraged and started to struggle. “What crime have I committed? You’re abusing the law!” 

“Behave yourself!” The male policeman grabbed him by the neck and pushed him down. He cuffed his hands behind his back. “If it wasn’t for your father’s crooked means when he tried to cover for you, you would’ve been caught a long time ago!”

Half an hour later, news of Ye Cheng Feng’s arrest was broadcasted on major media websites.

Mo Di saw it at breakfast and an uncontrollable smile sprung across his face.

The police were indeed diligent, working this early in the morning.

Mo Di put his phone aside after browsing through the news. The news did make him happy but he would be more interested in Ye Cheng Feng’s sentence and the Ye family’s fate.

Now, it was time he got back to working a hundred percent on his game and studying. And so, after breakfast, Mo Di went back to his workplace and continued coding.

He did not manage to get much done when a staff member informed him that an investor came and wanted to meet him in the conference room.

Mo Di ceased his work and looked at the staff, “Thank you. Can you tell me the name of the investor?”

“About this… the investor wanted to keep it a secret for now,” The staff smiled and continued, “But don’t worry. He’s a prominent figure. Our screening criteria is very reliable, you can rest assured that you will not be scammed.”

“Of course I’m not worried about that,” Mo Di said in an easygoing yet serious tone. “I just wanted to know who it is so I can better prepare myself.”

“You’ll know once you get to the conference room. This person’s identity is incredible and he has a good temper too. You don’t have to worry about anything,” The staff explained attentively, “But he likes to keep a low profile and rarely appears publicly. Captain Mo, please do not make things difficult for me. You’ll know who he is once you see him. Let’s go.”

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  1. I bet it’s that mysterious, apparently also a genius, another fek white lotus, scientist, disgusting Mu brother. It could only be him if it’s not QCY

    Thanks for the chapter~

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  2. All this secrecy doesn’t bode well, imo. Wasn’t Mo Di thinking about a scheming investor (forgot his name) several chapters back?
    Thank you for the translation ❤
    P.S. I think Ye Cheng Feng's going to learn the truth about his beloved Mo Liu Gui the hard way – the girl will ditch him in a trice now that his family's now longer powerful and his… ahh, equipment down there is broken.

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  3. Because there are only good surprise encounters in Mo Di’s life! I second that this is probably QCY. MTH wouldn’t have bothered to hide his identity like this.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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