RCFN Chapter 79

Chapter 79

Editor & proofreader: KitKat

Bai Wenwen was handcuffed and mercilessly dragged to the police car. She couldn’t help but feel distressed and shouted out a few words in her defense.

The policemen immediately shut her up and shoved her into the car but it was too late, many had heard what she said.

There was a lot to digest and everyone was shocked after hearing it.

Ye Cheng Feng attempted rape but was kicked and might become ‘useless’?!!

There was also the piece that Bai Wenwen attacked him because of self-defense or was it as the Ye family said, she intentionally caused harm to Ye Cheng Feng? Regarding this, the public had no definite evidence but one thing they were certain about: Ye Cheng Feng had most likely turned impotent!


The men held their breaths and flinched at an imaginary pain somewhere.

The competition committee put up a regulation restricting everyone from spreading this news but there was no airtight wall in this world and gossips were always quick to spread. There were so many who had witnessed what had happened and it wasn’t just the competition’s participants, there were also the cleaning staff and ordinary employees of the villa.

Zhu Chenglang immediately reported everything to the Ye family.


Meanwhile, another one of Ye Guosheng’s confidants, Sun Qinghu, had now arrived at the police station.

For two generations, the Ye family’s heads had been high-ranking officials in the government. Whether it was the court or the police, there would always be people trying to butter up to them. Even if that wasn’t the case, most would not dare to refuse their request.

And so, in the lawsuit against Bai Wenwen, it was not difficult for them to manipulate things in their favor.

From the start, it had already been determined that Bai Wenwen deliberately caused Ye Cheng Feng serious harm and she had no evidence to prove that it was self-defense. The three witnesses had also been intimidated into silence. They would probably state that they did not know or worse, lie that Bai Wenwen attacked Ye Cheng Feng on purpose.


This was how the world operated since ancient times. People with power and wealth could easily trample on those below them. It was best if you didn’t get on their wrong side, but if you did, surviving it would all depend on karma. 

Fortunately for Bai Wenwen, she probably had done good deeds in her previous life because right after she was locked inside the police station…

Mu Tian Heng had already contacted Commissioner Wang.

Nonetheless, Bai Wenwen did not know that someone was helping her from afar. Her fingers trembled and her strength was sinking fast. She only felt fear and anger. She did not understand how the Ye family could do this to her.

The crime they were accusing her of was serious, and if convicted, she would be jailed for a long time and her reputation sullied. She refused to admit to these charges but she couldn’t help herself from feeling hopeless. 

The police presented her with a medical certificate stating the severity of Ye Cheng Feng’s injury. If she wanted to clear her name and claim self-defense, she needed evidence…

But she had none.

She could not prove that Ye Cheng Feng was sexually assaulting her in public and in a panic, she had to kick him away. Her chances of fighting this case were slim unless the three witnesses stood up for her.

But thinking back, Zhuang He and the others just stood and watched her being taken away without stepping in to say anything. They probably would not be willing to be her witness on the stand. 

Bai Wenwen was deeply afraid.

The interrogation room she was in was oppressive and cold. It was nearly the end of the Lunar Year and the Spring Festival was just a week away. She did not want to spend the New Year in a cell.

Bai Wenwen had been locked in the interrogation for three hours and even when night fell, no one came to question her. Her hands turned purple under the cold temperature and the helplessness in her heart was increasing gradually. Bai Wenwen wanted to cry but she held back her tears.

In another room, Sun Qinghu stood with two police officers, observing Bai Wenwen through the one-way mirror.

“Captain Guo, why haven’t you interrogated her?” Sun Qinghu looked at the potbellied middle-aged policeman standing next to him. 

“Brother Sun, you don’t understand. It gets cold in the evening, so the longer we leave her hanging, the easier we’ll get the results we want,” He then asked a policewoman: “Has she been to the toilet since her arrival?”

“Not yet.”

“Go get her a large glass of warm water. Don’t let her suffer from the cold. We’re officers of the law, it’s not right to abuse our prisoner.”

“Yes Sir.”

Observing his interrogation tactics, Sun Qinghu was very pleased. Guo Dejiang was indeed good at his job.

When her body could no longer take it, her resolve would break. At that point, making her confess was just a matter of time.

Bai Wenwen did not know that the big glass of warm water was the catalyst to accelerate her confession. The cold was causing soreness in her knuckles. Now that she was offered that nice cup of warm water, she held the cup tightly and poured it down her throat without second thoughts.

The policewoman frowned when she saw her gulp down the whole glass.

No matter how bad she felt for her, she was just a low-ranking officer. Bai Wenwen was not of money nor power, and most importantly, she had no evidence to turn this case around. There was nothing she could do to help her.

Therefore, Bai Wenwen had better not blame her.

After she drank the water, it only took ten minutes for her to require the bathroom.

It had been three hours from when she was apprehended, and during this time, she had not been allowed to leave the room. Adding in the time she was still in the villa, it was over four hours since she had last used a toilet.

Bai Wenwen’s wrist was cuffed to the chair. She could not knock on the door and hence, had to use her voice for attention. But even after calling out several times, no one answered her.

Bai Wenwen was in agony. The water just now only elevated the cold briefly. Now that it was gone, she was feeling even worse than before. Her ears were numb and her hands were shivering. She could feel the chills spreading all over her body. 

With the tormenting need to use the bathroom coupled with the depressing air of the interrogation room, Bai Wenwen felt that she had never been this miserable. Her resolve was collapsing fast.

She raised her voice into a scream, shouting for someone to come but it was futile.

Just when she was about to drag the chair towards the door, it suddenly opened. A fat policeman came in with the policewoman who had given her the water.

Bai Wenwen quickly appealed to the policewoman: “I need to use the bathroom. Sister, please, can you take off the cuffs? I can’t hold on much longer.”

The policewoman looked at the fat man and asked: “Sir, what do you think?”

“We’re starting the interrogation now. You can take her to the bathroom after,” Guo Dejiang went to sit opposite Bai Wenwen. He widened his eyes and started questioning her: “Tell me your name and how old are you?”

“Bai Wenwen, 24. Officers, I beg you, please let me go to the bathroom first. I can’t take it anymore. I really have to go,” Bai Wenwen clamped her legs and leaned forward. She was about to go mad. “I need the bathroom, I really need to go now…”

Guo Dejiang looked at Bai Wenwen emotionlessly. He took out a pen and wrote down a few words. “Tell me, what is your motive for attacking Ye Cheng Feng?”

“There’s no motive! I didn’t do it on purpose! It was self-defense!” Bai Wenwen had her hands on her knees, she was at her limit. “Can’t you do this later? I can’t hold back anymore!”


Desperate as she was, Guo Dejiang continued without hesitation: “I advise you to stop denying and quickly tell the truth. What is your motive for harming Ye Cheng Feng? Was it because someone gave you the orders? Or did you drug him because you liked him but the drug was too strong and things got out of hand? When you realized that people were coming, you panicked and attacked him instead.”

“I didn’t!” Bai Wenwen was baffled by the accusation. “That’s not true! I did not drug the captain!”

With that exclamation, she almost had a leak. She grit her teeth and wiggled down, “You did this on purpose. You’re refusing to let me use the bathroom on purpose.” 

“Still not willing to confess?”

Guo Dejiang coldly ignored her words: “According to the other members of the team, you have a crush on Ye Cheng Feng but he already had someone else in mind. You didn’t stand a chance so you drugged him to sleep with you, I’m right, ain’t I?”

“But you did not expect the drug to be this powerful. You failed to prevent Ye Cheng Feng from doing it outside and when you knew someone was coming, you had to act as though he was the one attacking you. You acted as the victim and ruined him to claim self-defense. This was what happened, wasn’t it?”

“No! I told you– I, did, not, do, it!”

Bai Wenwen’s eyes turned red. She was losing her grip and about to explode!

“If you still refuse to confess, we’ll just have to grind it out of you. We have plenty of time,” Guo Dejiang snorted and put his pen down. “We’ve dealt with tougher heads than yours. You’re not even worth mentioning.”

The facts finally sunk in. The two police officers did not allow her to use the bathroom because they wanted to force a confession out of her!

“You did this on purpose! You’re torturing me to get a confession to something I didn’t do!” Bai Wenwen stared at the person in front of her with bloodshot eyes.

“Careful with your mouth. We didn’t even touch you! How dare you slander an officer of the law!” the policewoman slammed her palm on the table and said: “Stop with your tricks. You want to delay the interrogation by going to the bathroom.”

“Quickly come clean,” Guo Dejiang chimed in: “Tell me, where did you get the medicine. And after drugging Ye Cheng Feng, why did you kick him? Is anyone giving you instructions from behind?!”

“No! That’s not what happened!”

Bai Wenwen had now surpassed her limits. Suppressing the thought of just letting it go directly in front of these two officers was getting excruciatingly difficult. 

“What you’re doing is forcing a confession. I didn’t do it! I didn’t do it!”

A voice spoke through Guo Dejiang’s earpiece and he turned to question Bai Wenwen immediately: “What is your relationship with Mo Di?” 

Bai Wenwen did not answer. Her entirety was only focused on one thing, blocking out her other senses. She hunched over and gnawed her teeth as her tears fell. 

She was losing it.

There would be no dignity left…

Guo Dejiang knew that interrogating a simple girl like Bai Wenwen was a piece of cake. In three days, he would be able to get everything he wanted from her.

In fact, it might not even take three days. With the rate at which she was collapsing, two days were sufficient.

Guo Dejiang was all set to report back to Sun Qinghu that he would have everything done in two days and at the same time, exchange a little benefit for himself. Just recently, a Deputy Commissioner position had opened up and he wanted that job. He had been a low-ranking captain for too long. He hoped that with the Ye family’s help, the position would surely be his.

Guo Dejiang did not hide his greedy smile as it stretched across his face, adding more wrinkles to it.

“Still not talking?” the policewoman said.

Bai Wenwen’s psyche was becoming unstable.

Guo Dejiang, on the other hand, was leisurely sipping tea as the thought of exchanging favors with the Ye family filled his head. 

Too bad for him, in the next second, the interrogation door was sprung open again.

Guo Dejiang’s mood sank the moment he saw Sister Meng at the door. He stood up and yelled: “Captain Meng, what are you doing?!”

Sister Meng walked in and glanced at the state of the interrogation room.

“Captain Meng! You can’t just enter an interrogation like this! It’s against the rules!” Guo Dejiang quickly approached Sister Meng. “What are you doing here? You’re not in charge of this place.”

“What’s going on?” Sister Meng ignored Guo Dejiang. She looked directly at Bai Wenwen and sternly reprimanded: “Captain Guo, are you torturing the suspect under the guise of an interrogation? I remember that that’s against the law.”

“Captain Meng, you’ve misunderstood. We’ve never tortured our suspects. Furthermore, this is not your precinct, you have no authority here.”

“Is that so?”

Sister Meng squinted at Guo Dejiang and the policewoman behind him. She flashed them a document: “This is a document issued by Commissioner Wang. I am now in charge of this case.”

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