IHSC Chapter 35

Chapter 35

“Looks like you’re afraid I’ll reveal something. Ha ha. Let me guess why.” Under the strike from the sword filled with murderous intent, the man dodged an attack meant to cut his head off. In a malicious voice so loud everyone present could hear, he said: “Because he doesn’t have his memories, isn’t it? Ha ha, I’m too familiar with the power of the elixir. You used blood and the concoction to sustain him and at the same time, gained control over him. Otherwise, how could the man who hated you to the bones back then have such a submissive attitude towards you?”

Control? Hate? Weren’t they a harmonious pair of Shixiong and Shidi? 

Wang Xiao Mie felt a loss for words looking at Wen Feng Jin.

And Wen Feng Jin kept up with his attacks calmly as though the small talk did not affect him.

Seeing his words were ignored, the man endured several blows to his body and retaliated with a barrage of relentless sword dance and was finally able to immobilize Liao Yue sword. Were Wen Feng Jin a second later to dodge, his fingers holding the sword would have been cut off!

“Haha! Wen Feng Jin, you pitiful man! I stole the concoction that should have belonged to your beloved Shixiong! You want it back? Alright! Kill me and take my heart, then you’ll have the other half of the concoction!”

“But… If I killed you instead, I can get rid of this ugly appearance and restore my looks.”

“You need my heart to fully revive your Shixiong and I need your heart to be normal again.”

The two men once again distanced themselves from each other.

Because both had accelerated healing, the damage sustained could only be judged through their clothes. The man’s attire was now tattered all over while Wen Feng Jin had cuts on his right arm, shoulder, and waist.

“Feng Jing!” Wang Xiao Mie anxiously took out his Kai Ming.

“Don’t worry.” Wen Feng Jin looked at him and comforted. He then turned to the man in front: “You won’t be able to defeat me. Yan Chun, you came here for me to kill you!”

“Ha ha. You think so? Wen Feng Jin, back then you deceived me and gave away the immortality elixir. These thousand years, do you know what I had to go through before I could endure the power of the concoction and stay alive? What kind of monster have I turned into?”

Tut tut tut, you finally remember my name.” Yan Chun touched his disfigured face and sneered: “How could you be so cold to your former ‘wife’? Oh? Did you not tell your Shixiong what our relationship was?”


Wang Xiao Mie’s eyes were wide apart: “What wife?! Ha?”

He took a closer look at the facial features of the man named Yan Chun: a square shaped face, the stiff corpse-like expression, the lines of wrinkles that appeared along with the years, the little mustache…..

“Shixiong, I can explain, I…..” Wen Feng Jin frantically turned back to appease Wang Xiao Mie but he found that Wang Xiao Mie did not have the look of jealousy, anger, or even a trace of disappointment that he had expected. 

Instead, in a tone filled with disgust, he said: “Woah, you have weird tastes….”

Even the mentor and her apprentice watching by the sidelines showed the same icky expression.



Wen Feng Jin: “…..”

Wen Feng Jin remained speechless. He then rushed straight at Yan Chun with a savage look in his eyes: “I will kill you!”

After that, they continued the sword fight.

This time round, Wen Feng Jin was mercilessly aggressive, very soon, the man would not be able to withstand any more of his attacks.


As the deadly duel was being played out, Lei Jie had a secret discussion with Xiao Luo.

The details are as follows:

“Wow! Liao Yue sword!!! Liao Yue sword!!! Oh f**k! Kai Ming!!! Kai Ming!!! Divine weapon Kai Ming! F**k! F**k! F**k!”

“Shibo, calm down! Stop staring at the weapons. Look at how powerful that big dumpling is. Let’s not watch anymore and quickly get out of here!”

“No way! You can leave without me. Even if I die, I have to at least touch Kai Ming’s face~~tut tut tut, I have to touch it!”

“…..Shibo, we could lose our lives at any minute. Let’s run while they are still fighting…”

“Yes yes yes! While they are still fighting let’s go around to the back. I sensed a clean aura from the zombie in the coffin. I don’t think he’s sick in the head like the other two! Let’s go grope!!!”

“Even if I die I have to die under Kai Ming!”


You’re just saying that because that zombie looks like a pushover.

My Shibo’s obsession with legendary weapons is incurable.

Back to the other side, everything seemed to have been settled.

Yan Chung fell to the ground with Liao Yue deep in his chest and a red liquid stained his lips. His sword was also cut in half. As though he could not feel the pain and his impending death, he stared repulsively at Wen Feng Jin who was looking down at him.

His hand reached for something but because he was nailed to the ground and the man standing over him showed a complete lack of compassion, the hand was cut and fell motionlessly.

“Ha, hahaha.”

“Wen Feng Jin, when I was young, I was ordered to search for the elixir. And you, for your Shixiong, you baited me. You gave me the right to stay with you… because there were too many who worshipped you, do crazy things for you, so I thought I was the special one. I thought disobeying the emperor’s order and joining you was the best way to make you like me. I thought I made the right choice.”

“But you took the elixir from me and gave it to your dying Shixiong. When I knew the truth the hatred almost killed me! But who knew, after that day, he still died…”


Yan Chun coughed violently as blood spilled from his mouth. The heart was the lifeblood for those who took the concoction. Being wounded in the chest, his strength was long gone and he was approaching his death.

Wen Feng Jin lowered his head.

“Such beautiful eyes, like looking at ants from above.” Yan Chun laughed: “But I don’t want to be an ant, I want to be just like your Shixiong, someone who can stand beside you.”

“…. when he died that year, I was overjoyed he passed the elixir to you. He must’ve wanted to punish you. After all, you not only imprisoned him but you also killed everyone he cared about.”

“Seeing you go crazy in self-punishment, my heart ached but I was also happy.”

“You finally get to taste the pain of yearning for a love you can’t have! To him, you’re even worse than me!”

He made several waves of maniacal laughter. At the same time, Wen Feng Jin had already kneeled down. He removed the sword and opened up the wound on Yan Chun’s chest. Yan Chun’s throat was making gasping noises but he used the last of his strength to convey a millennium of obsession and madness…

“…..then you found the old man and a way to preserve the body. Nothing changed, your eyes, your heart, your feelings, your everything was poured into resurrecting your Shixiong.”

“But I heard his word….. Ha ha ha! I heard it all! The old man’s words.”

The old man said before: “a corpse without a soul is fragile and cannot be cultivated. Even if it can move, it will still rot. It’s possible if you simply want to keep the body from decaying, but the Corpse Beads and Sacred Tree can only maintain his appearance, once he leaves…. If the tree managed to call back his soul and placed it in this body, with luck, he might be able to wake up but won’t be able to move, but if luck forbids, his body and the Corpse Bead will turn into ashes along with his soul…”

“How to make this body ‘alive’ again?”

“You need a certain medicine.”

“Tell me.”


“It’s your heart!” Yan Chun used the last of his strength to clutch Wen Feng Jin’s hand which was now at his chest, breaking off the veins to his heart in order to retrieve it. 

“That concoction requires half of your heart which was fused with the immortal elixir! And yet you were willing to give it without hesitation!”

“What is so good about him? Why could you go to such lengths for him? Why?!”

“Ha ha ha, but so what if you’re willing to give, I still stole half of it. After taking it I turned into half a corpse, neither am I a man nor a monster! I was buried in the earth like a dead body and when I lost my appearance, I swore that I would make you and your Shixiong pay!”

“I can’t make you love me, I won’t allow anyone else to have you!”

“How can I let you guys off so easily? I’ve been searching for you all these years. Wen Feng Jin, I have to witness you losing the only thing you ever love once again!”

Wen Feng Jin frowned and shook off Yan Chun’s hand. After he finally had the complete heart in his hand, he heard Yan Chun shouting towards a certain place: “What are you waiting for?! Kill them! Kill them all!”

Two ear-piercing sounds broke the air!

Wen Feng Jin’s eyes widened in panic as he quickly looked back. Under Yan Chun’s triumphant laughter, he screamed: “Shixiong—”


A minute prior.

Wang Xiao Mie was holding on to Kai Ming while Yan Chun’s words echoed in his head. The story he told was completely different from what Wen Feng Jin said.

Head… too painful.

Wang Xiao Mie grabbed his head and gave it a shake. As his head turned, behind him were two shady figures about to sneak up on him.

The three of them locked eyes!

“What are you doing?!” The scared Wang Little Puppy shivered as he pointed Kai Ming at the tomb robbers, shouting: “Honey! Our coffin is being hijacked!”

But at this time, Wen Feng Jin was separated too far from him by Yan Chun. Wang Xiao Mie picked up his courage and raised the weapon in his hand. He tried to toughen up with the hooligan-like speech he learned from TV: “Don’t come any closer or I won’t be polite with you!”

The delicate face in the cumbersome costume only made his movement seemed all the less threatening. 

Xiao Luo: “….” Not only was he not scared but also felt humorous.

As for Lei Jie, her eyes were fixed on the dagger, almost drooling over it.

“Hey Hey ~ Little precious ~ Let me touch you ~~” She rushed over with her large sword in hand!

Wang Xiao Mie: “…..” 

…… Xiao Wenzi! There’s a pervert here! Ya Mie Die—! (TN: It’s to replicate the Japanese word yamete which means stop it)

It was then that two gunshots erupted in the circular space which amplified the explosive sounds like that of thunder.

At that moment, he heard Wen Feng Jin’s panicked call!


That howl was the very picture of someone crying tears of blood. Before this, Wang Xiao Mie could never imagine someone with so much arrogance and pride like Wen Feng Jin could make this desperate trembling voice filled with despair…

Wang Xiao Mie looked at him in a daze. As though time had stood still, all he could focus on were the two bullets riveting through the air and Wen Feng Jin’s face…

Lei Jie who was closest to him reacted immediately. She rushed over and raised her sword over Wang Xiao Mie’s forehead.



A bullet that should have shattered his skull was embedded into the sword Lei Jie used to block him with while another bullet went to his chest, leaving behind an irregularly shaped hole.

The tremendous impact caused him to stagger back where he was supported by someone behind.

Time seemed to flow again. The bleeding that was delayed now had blood gushing out from the wound on his chest as the pain entailed.

He fell into the arms of the person behind who was shouting something he could not make out. There was a deafening ringing in his ears. 

As he was losing consciousness, he could clearly feel being pulled frenziedly into someone’s embrace, and a series of heart-wrenching cries followed.

“No, nooo—!”

“Please don’t — Shixiong—!”

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