IHSC Chapter 36

Chapter 36

It had all been a big lie. From the beginning, those beautiful things he heard were all made up…..

Wang Xiao Mie looked down from above with indifference at the assassins lying on the ground, and also a certain Shidi of his. The child he doted on and treated like a little brother as he watched him grow was holding a sword dripping with blood. There was extreme panic in his eyes as he looked at the frozen smile of his Shixiong who happened to pass by the scene.

That was the year Wen Feng Jin came of age. It was also then that he discovered the disappearing students were spies sent by the emperor and the filthy truth behind the happy facade of the Academy. 

Everyone was hiding secrets…

He watched as Wen Feng Jin dropped his sword and rushed to him, holding him while desperately trying to explain. The men tasked with cleaning up the bodies retreated to the shadows humbly and skillfully. Clearly, they had done this many times.

“Shixiong, I, I did not want to kill them. It’s the treacherous emperor who wants to kill me! It’s the truth, it’s the truth…. Don’t ignore me…..Shixiong.”

Looking at the fear and desperation in the teenager’s eyes and the tears that flowed from it, Wang Xiao Mie turned softhearted again. He hugged the killer and looked at the corpses on the ground in fear. Like any ordinary person after knowing their loved one was a murderer, Wang Xiao Mie was in disbelief and torment.

His mind was blank but deep down, he was telling himself: he’s a good kid, he didn’t want to do this. 

He made all kinds of excuses and forced himself to forget.

“It’s ok….. I know they are all assassins. Don’t be scared, I won’t tell.”

This is ancient times, the child was just protecting himself. He’s already terrified… I have to help him, I have to protect him…

The young Wang Xiao Mie was scared himself but he felt that as the older one, he had to be brave. He hugged the shivering youth in hope of comforting him with his warmth.

But this was where he made his mistake.

The youth hugging the past Wang Xiao Mie rested his head against his shoulder. His face was void of tears and panic. What remained was a smile and darkness deep as the abyss in those peculiar pupils.

And all this was just the beginning. The year was 1328.


Maybe because the supreme emperor was still not satisfied with just killing Wen Feng Jin’s entire clan and sending him to the Academy to be tortured, he decided to revoke his hypocritical kindness and wipe Wen Feng Jin from this earth.

Naturally, Wen Feng Jin was not a feeble little pitiful who would tolerate this. He had gathered his father’s troops a long time ago. It was this year that Wen Feng Jin left the Academy and entered jianghu, establishing his covert military.

The two who were separated for the first exchanged letters through pigeons. The system continued urging Wang Xiao Mie to complete his task or it would kill him.

Wang Xiao Mie had always been a simpleton but he was not that stupid. He knew all along that Wen Feng Jin left to kill for revenge. On his back were more than two hundred lives that perished. The child had to watch his parents and relatives killed and then sent to be bullied by the children and teachers in the Academy. 

Why did his little Feng Jin have to endure all of these tortures and humiliation? And even so, this did not mean that he would be a mass murderer when he grows up!

At such a tender age, Wen Feng Jin had to live in hatred and nightmares…

He often dreamt of returning to that blood-drenched scene.

So until he was ten, Wang Xiao Mie would carry the skinny to the bones child with the fire in his eyes to his room and soothed him into slumber. At that time, he had learned a nursery tune of the Northern Kingdom to sing to him.

Later when Wen Feng Jin was older, he could still occasionally hear him humming the song …

So how could Wang Xiao Mie not love the little guy? His heart is made of flesh and blood after all. From the moment he started to care for the child, from the moment Wen Feng Jin looked at him with sentimental and trusting eyes…

Wang Xiao Mie’s heart was already on his side.

He would constantly persuade Wen Feng Jin not to kill and not be cruel but he knew deep down that the violent hatred in his heart had turned him into a demon.

With his father, the regent’s legacy, Wen Feng Jin quickly grew in power. In just a few years, he changed the world to his favor and killed the officials responsible for revenge. It was then that he was given the title of Dark Lord.

The ill-favored revenge was met with a formidable counterattack. Mighty as Wen Feng Jin was with his inherited legacies and world-shifting talents, the emperor and members of jianghu had their own accumulation of power.

Wang Xiao Mie who was awaiting his death back in the Academy overheard that Wen Feng Jin had been stabbed and heavily wounded. His current whereabouts were unknown.

And hence, Wang Xiao Mie left the Academy in a hurry.

For that, the dean looked at him and said: “Mian Deng, you were my favorite student but you have disappointed me. How could you even think of leaving to help that beast? If you leave now, do not ever come back! Once you stepped out of this door, you’re no longer my disciple!”

“Teacher, he’s not a beast, he’s a human being.” Wang Xiao Mie took one last look at the Academy and the angry face of his mentor then departed with resolve.

How did he manage to find Wen Feng Jin after that?

It all came down to the system which had been with him all these years, consistently imploring him to do his task. How it wished it could give him wings to get there faster.

With the guidance system, Wang Xiao Mie quickly located Wen Feng Jin at a brothel.

That year, Wang Xiao Mie stood in front of a bevy of seductive girls turning green from anger!

F**k you! Here I was worried sick while you’re having fun at a brothel?!

But when he showed his token and was brought to the basement, his anger vanished instantly after seeing Wen Feng Jin with a bandage over his chest. There was a bitter medicinal smell in the air. 

When Wen Feng Jin saw him, his eyes lit up brightly. Then his mood changed from joy to anger.

“Shixiong, what are you doing here?! Do you know how dangerous it is!”

“You still realize that I’m your Shixiong? Why didn’t you tell me that you’re badly injured?! Do you know how f**king worried I was?!”

“But I don’t want you to be in danger!”

“But I don’t want you to die somewhere without me even knowing. If so, I would rather be by your side! We’ll die together if that’s what to come!”

Wen Feng Jin and Wang Xiao Mie both refused to step back.

After some time, Wen Feng Jin softened and his eyes were filled with a gentleness which then flashed with a darkness that made Wang Xiao Mie jump.

“I’m not going to let you die.”

“En….. I know!”

This was where it started.

The two treasured each other with the budding feelings of first love. Wen Feng Jin’s crush for Wang Xiao Mie was transparent to the point that even the dull-minded Shixiong was aware of how his Shidi felt for him.

For Wang Xiao Mie who only recently discovered his sexuality, there were still reservations in his heart. While he was still going back and forth in indecisiveness, the emperor had sent his dark guards to pursue them.

Their hideout in the brothel was discovered.

What happened after was just as Wen Feng Jin had told him. They were being hunted like prey. One by one, Wen Feng Jin’s subordinates died, and eventually, only the two of them were left alive.

Perhaps it was the emperor’s sadistic tastes, every time they were at death’s door, those assassins would let them live.

Not a patch of skin on Wen Feng Jin that did not have a wound. The internal injuries and fractures turned his breathing laborious. Half of his arm had its flesh cut off, exposing the dense white bone. Even if it was treated, a terrible scar would still remain. The gash on his stomach was getting bigger with each step he took carrying Wang Xiao Mie on his back. No amount of cloth could block the blood gushing from it.

Wang Xiao Mie was no better. Other than its navigational function, the garbage system had only one other used which was to repeatedly threaten him with his death.

Wang Xiao Mie blocked an oncoming attack from a dark guard for Wen Feng Jin. The weapon injured his lung. With both his legs broken and his internals badly ruptured…

He did not have long to live.


At the same time, the system also quietened down, most likely it had given up on him.

Only Wen Feng Jin endured the humiliation of being played with by the dark guards and carried him back to the Academy.

The blood dripping from their bodies were like rain droplets, staining each stone step they passed by.

The dazzling sun focused its rays on them and the condensed air was preparing for a downpour. Wen Feng Jin had long reached his limits. The will to save Wang Xiao Mie was the only thing sustaining him.

He carried Wang Xiao Mie and the two were like miserable walking corpses.

“…..Shixiong, it’ll be fine…..we’re almost at the Academy. It doesn’t matter if they don’t welcome me, as long as you are saved…..”

“Shixiong, don’t sleep….. Don’t sleep….. Fen Jin is begging you……”

Not hearing a response from him, Wen Feng Jin cried.

The prideful Wen Feng Jin who was bent on revenge and never accepted defeat no matter how the heavens and earth oppressed him, tortured him, and forced him to his death, was shedding with tears.

He said: “Please, I beg you, please don’t sleep, Shixiong…..”

The bitter drops flowed down his bloodstained face, leaving a clean trail.

Wang Xiao Mie longed to raise his hand and pat his head but he was too weak. He decided to make a joke to stop his crying and tell him that he had not closed his eyes yet.

But when he spoke, blood gushed out and sprayed on Wen Feng Jin’s shoulder.



He could only respond using a soft nasal tone but it was this sound that became all of Wen Feng Jin’s strength. He sped up his steps even with the agonizing pain that could drive a person crazy and the pouring of blood that rained on the stone floor.

Halfway through, the brewing rain finally poured down like frost added to the snow and fuel to the fire. It was as though even the heavens wanted them dead.

Wang Xiao Mie’s eyelids were drooping due to the cold rain, his pupils were losing focus.

He couldn’t hold on much longer…..

Wen Feng Jin could also feel his lifeforce waning. He wanted to put Wang Xiao Mie down and hold him in his arms but his hands were injured to the point his bones were visible as the blood was being washed by the rain.

Wen Feng Jin dared not stop. Now he only depended on his own perseverance to go on, stopping here would mean that he may never stand up again.

Against the imposing mountain rain piercing through them, Wen Feng Jin finally carried him to the Academy on the mountain top.

“Shixiong, we made it! You’re saved. Don’t be afraid, you’ll be saved soon!”

Wen Feng Jin carefully placed him on the ground and struggled to stand up. He pounded desperately on the door.

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  1. Gaaaaaah that was sad D: this chapter really gave us the light we all yearned but really.. too sad for our WFJ, no wonder his personality came out that way.. to hell with the dean and emperor aaaaahhh!!!

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