Chapter 46

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Ding Ding

Wu. Who is it this early in the morning?”

With messy bed hair, Wang Xiao Mie sat up with his eyes closed. He reached outside the coffin and felt for the ringing phone. Once he touched the vibrating phone, a small slit opened between his eyelids and he accurately pressed the green button.

“Hello,” Wang Xiao Mie said lazily after a long yawn, “Who is it?”

Lei Jie on the other smiled at his listlessness and said, “It’s me, Lei Jie, I …”

A pair of moist and red lips got close to the phone. To be exact, it was approaching Wang Xiao Mie’s ears. Its owner, still in a lethargic state, leaned his chin on Wang Xiao Mie’s shoulder and hugged him. His silver hair flowed down and covered them both.

“Who is it? Shixiong…” As though the husky and magnetic voice carried an electric current that could course through the phone, transferring the man’s sexiness and hormones right to the listeners’ ears and into their brains…

Even someone like Lei Jie felt a jolt and had to shift the phone from her left to her right. She rubbed her ears and her cheek turned slightly pink. 

Cough, did I disturb anything?”

“Um? No.” Wang Xiao Mie did not get her question. He took a look at his phone, “It’s already half-past six, we’ll be up in a minute.”

Wang Xiao Mie was oblivious but Wen Feng Jin was well aware. 

He slowly puckered his lips and deliberately clamped onto Wang Xiao Mie’s ears. 


Right next to the phone and earlobe, the sucking sound was infinitely amplified.

Wang Xiao Mie froze while Lei Jie rubbed the tip of her nose awkwardly. Why would you let this old lady who has been single for over thirty years hear these things? Curse you pair of male lovebirds!

“Stop messing around!” Wang Xiao Mie blushed and covered his ear. He gave the man leaning against the coffin full of smiles a warning to stay away.

The man closed his eyes and snickered. The low laughter made Wang Xiao Mie annoyed. He turned his back to him and continued to talk on the phone. Wen Feng Jin snorted and kept looking at him with hungry eyes.

It’s been quite some time since they last did it.

Wen Feng Jin rested his elbow on the edge of the coffin and placed his chin over his hand. His chest was fully exposed under the loose clothing and the silver locks were spread out over the red drabs of the coffin. A mind-numbing beauty but unfortunately, his target did not appreciate it at all.


“Lei Jie, did you want to tell us something?” Wang Xiao Mie asked.

Lei Jie took some time to digest the dog food then said, “Zhen Bei was sentenced to death and was executed yesterday.” 

Wang Xiao Mie was shocked. His sleepiness disappeared instantly. At the mention of Zhen Bei, Wang Xiao Mie could still remember his cheerful face and twisted personality.

“…En. I see.”

“The Zhen family is now a mess. Zhen Hao was killed by Zhen Bei and Zhen Bei was sent to jail. There’s only Zhen Mu left which puts everyone in a complicated mood. When Madame Zhen heard that Zhen Hao was gone, she went mad and even accused Zhen Mu of being the killer and wanted him locked up as well.”

Lei Jie remembered the scene where Zhen Mu was kneeling on the ground crying when Zhen Bei was being executed. 

Aside from raising a brainless son like Zhen Hao, they raised a vile being like Zhen Bei. And now they wanted to send away the only decent son they had.

“The Zhen family is just a bunch of idiots!” Lei Jie cursed, “Damn that stupid woman!”

Wang Xiao Mie was speechless at the news. What’s with spoiling your eldest son while suppressing your two other sons?

It’s indeed ‘the same rice that feeds all kinds of people’. 

(TN: 一样米养百样人 A proverb meaning we could eat the same thing but would turn into very different people)

“What happened next?” Wang Xiao Mie frowned and asked. 

Lei Jie sighed and said, “I’m somewhat close to Zhen Mu. When those crazy people become unscrupulous, of course I have to step in. But then everyone knew that I, Xiao Lou, and Zhen Mu were the only ones who had survived. This could be a little troublesome even for me…”

Before Wang Xiao Mie could say anything, Lei Jie laughed and said, “But don’t worry, I’m not afraid of anyone! All these years tempered by hardships, I’m not some pushover! Xiao Lou and I are resting in a friend’s resort. With the Liao Yue sword by my side, I’m now satisfied. I could always do something else to earn a living… Oh that’s right!”

“I’ve sold most of the things you had handed to me through the auctions. My lord, you don’t know how much money they have fetched. Just your teacup alone is enough for me to live in luxury for ten years.”

Wang Xiao Mie thought of the balance in his card and laughed.

I’m now a wealthy man. Heh hehehe…

Lei Jie was happy to hear his laughter. She just could not see Wang Xiao Mie as a big dumpling from a mausoleum. To her, he was almost like a child at home whom she couldn’t help but want to give his head a rub.

“One more thing, regarding the weapon you told me to research, the one that Zhen Bei used, I have some leads.”

“Ha?!” Wang Xiao Mie quickly asked, “You know who made it?”

“Yes. Weapons of that kind appeared twenty years ago. Those who went underground would equip themselves with it. The person who made it is named Bai Cheng. But then those weapons and Bai Cheng suddenly disappeared and it was there that I couldn’t find any further information.”

“Is that so…” It seemed that those weapons were specially made to work against people like Wen Feng Jin and himself. Wang Xiao Mie wasn’t sure if he was overthinking but there was always a feeling of unrest lurking in his head.

Now that the trace was lost and even Lei Jie could not find anything else.

Lei Jie comforted Wang Xiao Mie and he smiled, “I might be worried for nothing. By the way, Lei Jie, after the storm has passed, can I trouble you again?”

Lei Jie sniggered, “What’s there to trouble? Just tell me what you need!”

Wang Xiao Mie’s eyes softened, “I want to build a temple on that mountain… The cost does not matter. And the name of the temple is Xuan Feng.”

Back then, the place he transmigrated to was Xuan Feng Academy. The saplings that he planted and the children he had taught were all deeply imprinted in his memories. 

He hated the Academy but not everyone in it.

Wen Feng Jin’s anger and despair that year had made him lose all kindness and tolerance, resulting in the merciless massacre of Xuan Feng Academy…

Even though Wen Feng Jin was smiling more frequently and a lot more gentle now, Wang Xiao Mie could still see through him after he had recovered his memories. Those smiles and kindness were all a show for him, like fulfilling a task in a game.

Wang Xiao Mie did not like killing so Wen Feng Jin sheathed his sword and changed himself. Wang Xiao Mie wanted an ordinary life so Wen Feng Jin willingly stayed above ground to accompany him, whether it was for a simple meal or a daily trip to the supermarket…

But Wang Xiao Mie was certain, if he were to die, Wen Feng Jin would reveal a whole different face.

Wen Feng Jin did not change, he just got used to disguising himself. Wang Xiao Mie’s death and rejection a thousand years ago had left him in irreparable despair. Now, it had turned into an instinct for him to be the perfect person in front of Wang Xiao Mie.

I’m the flawless replica of what you want, you can only choose me.

Wen Feng Jin’s love was exclusive, possessive and lustful, multiplied by countless times.

Saving people and abiding by the law were choices Wen Feng Jin had made just to please Wang Xiao Mie, just like playing a strategy game. 

Outside the game, Wen Feng Jin was still the same cold and indifferent person whose smile was as scarce as hen’s teeth.

Wang Xiao Mie turned and looked at the man smiling at him devilishly.

It’s not that he hated it… It’s just a little tricky.

After exchanging a few more words with Lei Jie, Wang Xiao Mie hung up.

The man with the medicinal scent lunged over. Silver hair overlaid the black ones as soft lips came crashing together. The hand holding the cell phone was caught and the fingers intertwined…

After the kiss, Wen Feng Jin put the gasping Wang Xiao Mie in his embrace and kissed his hair.

“I kind of want to do it.”

“No way. There’s someone downstairs, have you forgotten?”



“…..Quickly get up.”

Wang Xiao Mie got out of the coffin and Wen Feng Jin helped him to dress before buttoning up his own clothes that he had loosened up from before.

He had heard that Wang Xiao Mie wanted to build a temple on the site of the former Xuan Feng Academy but he did not care. 

Cold fingers carefully buckled up Wang Xiao Mie’s belt…

He had no time to remember the dead.


Downstairs, Baiyu was already up. He had wrapped himself in a blanket and was sitting on the sofa.

He wanted to leave… But there was probably someone outside waiting for him.

To stay… There were two people of an unspeakable species who slept in a coffin.

‘Why is life so hard?!’ Baiyu was shedding tears internally but before he was done with his self-pity, he could hear footsteps coming from upstairs. Baiyu’s hair stood on end as he stared at the two coming down.

“Oh, you’re awake.” Wang Xiao Mie gave him a casual greeting then went straight to the bathroom. Wen Feng Jin followed right behind.

 Baiyu, who thought that they would do something to him, was staring at them wide-eyed. ‘That’s it? Don’t you want to shut me up? Not even a threat?’

Baiyu continued to stare at them even after Wang Xiao Mie came out of the bathroom and entered the kitchen.

“You…” Baiyu raised his hands warily. “You’re just gonna let me go just like that?”

Wang Xiao Mie who was preparing breakfast looked at him curiously, “Or else?”

Baiyu: “….. At least threaten me a little. What if I expose your existence?!”

Before Wang Xiao Mie could say anything, Wen Feng Jin put down the bowl in his hand. He glanced at him and sneered.

Baiyu immediately shrunk back his neck. 

“Ah, I see.” From that reaction alone, Baiyu could feel countless knives called irony stabbing at his heart.

‘Sorry, I’m such a chicken.’


Chapter 45

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“I study these crafts to find my family. My grandfather has been missing since I was a child. At that time, I did not know that my family was in this trade. After my tenth birthday, my father became the second person to disappear. He did not even return for my mother’s funeral.”

Baiyu drooped his head. The black face had a dark look, making the man seem all the more depressing. 

Wang Xiao Mie remembered a black Labrador named Briquette belonging to a girl who used to live below his floor. That Labrador was very lively and human-like. Whenever it made a mistake, it would look at its owner with a sad and pitiful expression. 

Wang Xiao Mie was about to comfort him when Wen Feng Jin said apathetically, “We only want to know why you were attacked. We’re not interested in your background.”

Wang Xiao Mie: … Someone who can stab others with his words, that’s my Xiao Wenzi, no doubt about it.

Baiyu was taken aback by his words. He looked at Wen Feng Jin with grievances in his eyes. If it wasn’t for the face that was too black for any expressions to be seen, he could’ve sold some meng.

“La, later, to find out the truth, I’ve searched for all the ancient books in my house and took on this job!” Baiyu sighed, “When I met you both, I felt that my grandfather and father’s disappearances must have something to do with the mysterious race mentioned in the books. That was why I followed you both in hopes of learning something!”

When he finished, Wen Feng Jin not only looked at him with a pair of condescending eyes but also said, “You were in way over your head.”

Even Wang Xiao Mie had wanted to give him a piece of his mind. Just a greenhorn and yet so daring. He was fortunate that the ones he met were them, hmm, to be more specific, he was lucky to have met Wang Xiao Mie. Otherwise, he would’ve been dead with a wave of Wen Feng Jin’s hand.

Baiyu too knew that he had been reckless and unwise. He reflected while glancing at them timidly.

“When I faced you for the first time, I was scared silly… And then you let me go. And when I followed you, you still did not do anything to me. You even gave me your umbrella. That’s why I thought that your kind were all friendly.” He then added a silly laugh. “Hehe.

Wang Xiao Mie: Hehe?! Is your brain empty? Have you forgotten the countless times you were kicked into the trash can?

Wang Xiao Mie took a walnut and cracked it open. He placed it in front of Baiyu and said with kindness, “Here, have some.” It’s good for your brain.

Baiyu’s eyes widened and turned tearful. He gratefully ate it and said, “Thank you, you’re a really good person!”

“Keep talking.” Wen Feng Jin closed his eyes and disregarded the man opposite. He pulled a blanket over Wang Xiao Mie’s shoulder.

“Oh oh.” Baiyu swallowed the walnuts and quickly continued with his story, “After I stopped following you, I found someone else with a scent similar to you guys and he was even living close by! I’ve been following him these past few days. I don’t think he realized it in the beginning but today, he took a longer route and I followed him all the way back…”

As he spoke, Baiyu had a deathly look of panic on his face. His hands clenched and cold sweat was pouring out from his forehead. Even his body was beginning to shiver…

“And then… And then…”


In the dark of night, the yellow street light could only illuminate feebly a small stretch of road. The man had walked into a small alley and he had followed. But once he had entered the alley, it had seemed empty. When his eyes had constricted and the pain began to invade his brain, he had heard a hoarse and grim voice from behind.

A pair of emotionless eyes and the excruciating pain were the last things that were carved into his head. No one could have accepted such an abrupt death, especially one that had been so violent.

So when Baiyu lapsed back into that horrible scene, his breathing and body had turned alarmingly unstable. Wang Xiao Mie grabbed his hand and exclaimed, “Baiyu!”

Baiyu woke from his recollection and looked at Wang Xiao Mie in a daze.

Only after Wen Feng Jin pulled back Wang Xiao Mie’s hand grumpily did Baiyu recover. But his fear still lingered and his body was still shaking. His shoulders shrunk and Wang Xiao Mie could tell that he was in a very bad shape.

Wang Xiao Mie did not want to meddle in others’ affairs but maybe because Baiyu’s current state was too pitiful and his brain was too inoperative that Wang Xiao Mie felt sympathy towards him, “Don’t think about that anymore. And you really shouldn’t provoke strangers.”

Baiyu remained silent and nodded.

Suddenly, Wen Feng Jin stood up and squinted at the window. His movements were so abrupt that the already skittish Baiyu jumped from the sofa in fright. Wang Xiao Mie frowned and looked out the window and into the small courtyard outside.

“What is it?” Wang Xiao Mie asked Wen Feng Jin softly.

Wen Feng Jin closed his eyes and a few seconds later, looked towards Baiyu and said, “That person is here.”

The person who wanted to get rid of Baiyu had returned to the scene out of vigilance and had consequently been led there by the blood trail.

Not only did Baiyu feel a mortal fear that he would have to die a second time but Wang Xiao Mie was also shocked.

He even followed him here?!

“It’s ok.” Feeling Wang Xiao Mie’s anxiety, Wen Feng Jin raised his hand and stroked his hair. He said in a gentle voice, “I won’t let him lay one step into the courtyard… The mess, it’s too troublesome to clean.”

A suppressive and murderous aura filled the air and Wang Xiao Mie was no longer afraid. He even wanted to scream: My man rocks!

“But I have no obligation to take you in.” Wen Feng Jin said to Baiyu, “You can leave now.”

Baiyu’s eyes widened and he was on the verge of crying.

“I, I, I….”

“We can’t do that!” Wang Xiao Mie frowned, “You said it yourself that the man followed him here, if we drive him out, it’s no different from sending him to his death.”

“Why don’t we let him stay for the night?”

Baiyu’s eyes lit up as he looked towards Wen Feng Jin.

“No, I will not let any other man sleep next to you and me,” Wen Feng Jin grimaced and the mark on his forehead was creased up.

“… It’s not like he’s sleeping with us in the coffin. We’re just letting him stay in the living room for one night.”



“W, wait, what did you say that you sleep in?” Baiyu asked with his jaws shivering.

“A coffin.” Having gotten used to sleeping in the coffin, Wang Xiao Mie answered as though the whole world was sleeping in one. Only when he saw Baiyu shivering even harder did he remember..

Oh right, normal people do not sleep in coffins. Those are either for vampires or…

Baiyu also had the same thought. And as soon as it hit him, Baiyu fell straight to the ground. After almost dying, Baiyu finally fainted due to fright…

“… I told you, let’s not sleep in the coffin anymore. Look what happened?” Wang Xiao Mie complained to Wen Feng Jin, “Now we can’t kick him out even if we want to.” 

They couldn’t just throw out an unconscious person.

Wen Feng Jin stared at Baiyu lying on the ground. After a moment of thought, he said, “Let’s castrate him.” That way he’s no longer a man, heh.

Wang Xiao Mie: …


Chapter 44

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

When I told my husband to go buy a bag of salt and he brought back a wild human, the kind that was covered in blood, my inner imagination goes…

Wang Xiao Mie was wearing a blue apron and holding a wooden spatula as he stood at the door staring unblinkingly at Wen Feng Jin carrying in the large lump.

Wang Xiao Mie: ‘Um, good job, it’s still bleeding and looks fresh, should be ready to be slaughtered.’


Wang Xiao Mie held the wooden spatula and almost fainted!

H, h, h, he’s d, d, d, dead!!!!

He stared in horror as Wen Feng Jin dropped the package on the ground with a puff.

Wang Xiao Mie was even more shocked when the lump began to move.

Oh sh*t! It’s still alive!!!

Wang Xiao Mie quickly threw away the wooden spatula. He squatted down and poked at the bloody gourd-like bulge with shaking fingers.

Wu… stop poking…” The man raised his hand strenuously.

“Oh! Sorry, sorry! Does it hurt a lot? Ambulance! Ambulance! Feng Jin, call the ambulance! So much blood! … Brother, you’re quite sturdy.” Wang Xiao Mie immediately withdrew his finger and frantically reached for his cellphone in the apron pocket.

But before he made the call, he suddenly thought of something.

“Um… Feng Jin…” Wang Xiao Mie watched as Wen Feng Jin pulled out a piece of tissue and wiped his bloodstained hands with indifference. He swallowed his saliva and said, “He wasn’t beaten up by you, was he?”

“If the police were to come…” They won’t have to waste time finding the killer.

“No.” Wen Feng Jin said, “I only picked him up.” He then reached into his pocket and showed something to Wang Xiao Mie.

On a closer look, Wang Xiao Mie saw that it was a pocketbook flipped to a certain page. On it was a crooked line of words in very unsightly handwriting.

[Guide to become a good man: Help the injured]

It was Wang Xiao Mie’s handwritten ‘Samaritan Guidelines’ for Wen Feng Jin.

Wang Xiao Mie kept staring at the small pocketbook in his hand until Wen Feng Jin also squatted down to his eye level and a bitter medicinal fragrance drifted to his nose.

He said, “I listened to you and saved him.”

He could not put it into words but Wang Xiao Mie looked at Wen Feng Jin’s expressionless face and wanted to give the devil’s head a good rub.

And he did put this thought into action. 

Wang Xiao Mie placed his hand on Wen Feng Jin’s head and rubbed it back and forth. 

He even said, “Yo xi ~ yo xi ~” You’re such a good boy! En!!!”

(TN: It’s to imitate the Japanese word ‘yoshi’, not sure if that’s how it’s spelled and it’s not the dragon in Mario. The word means good job or well done, it’s pretty commonly heard in anime.)

Wang Xiao Mie’s paws froze once he realized what he had done. Did he just treat Wen Feng Jin like a puppy?!!!

Just as he thought that Wen Feng Jin would get angry and shove his hand away..

Wen Feng Jin smiled.

It was a subtle hook of the lips, like a stubborn kid who was feeling proud of being praised but did not want others to see his happiness.

As if space and time were in disarray, Wang Xiao Mie once again saw the coquettish teenager from that year who would jump into his arms after class.

The paws moved again but this time, it was stroking the sleek silver hair gently. 

He whispered softly, “Well done, Xiao Wen Zi.”

Boss Wen:  ̄へ ̄

Wen Feng Jin pursed his lips and tried to stay indifferent.

Wang Xiao Mie patted his head and tried to conceal his laughter.

After giving the wolf the reward it had anticipated, Wang Xiao Mie turned to flip the man over. He went to the kitchen and came back with a basin of water to wipe the blood off his body.

The blooming flowers above Wen Feng Jin’s head disappeared at once. He stared coldly at the man on the ground then went to pick up the bag of salt. He said in an icy tone, “Let’s ignore him first, I’ve already fed him blood. Xiao Mie, I want to drink soup.”

Wang Xiao Mie: “…”

Hearing such inhuman words, the body on the ground moaned louder and began to wiggle.

Wang Xiao Mie was startled and quickly turned to look at him.

“Make another sound and I will kick you out,” Wen Feng Jin said heartlessly.

The groans immediately turned into whimpers.

The big brother on the ground clearly demonstrated what it was like to be both scared and angry.


“Alright,” Wen Feng Jin looked at the man and nodded in satisfaction. He turned to look at Wang Xiao Mie with a smile plastered on the ice-cold face, “Xiao Mie, I want soup.”

There was a tenderness under the icy appearance, and in that tender was a slight coyness.

After failing to wipe the thick and dried blood stains on the man, Wang Xiao Mie gave up and sighed. He confirmed that the man’s wounds were healed by Wen Feng Jin’s blood before asking Wen Feng Jin to put him in a bathtub and soak him in warm water, hoping to rinse off the bloodstains.

And then?

And then Wang Xiao Mie picked up the spatula and went back to frying his vegetables and making his soup …

What about the patient? Let’s just stew him first… Ah, no, it should be let him soak in warm water first.

But after considering that the man might be too weak to support himself and to prevent a drowning accident in his bathtub, Wang Xiao Mie locked Wen Feng Jin inside the bathroom to watch over him.

“Keep an eye on him for a while, I’m going back to cook.”

As the door closed and the humming sound faded, Boss Wen’s smile disappeared. He turned and gave the man an icy stare.

The man: …. Huhuu I’m so scared!

Half an hour later, Wang Xiao Mie had finished making dinner and went to inform them. It was then that the man’s face popped out of the water and became visible after all the blood and dirt had been cleaned off.

Wang Xiao Mie’s eyes widened, “It’s you! The stalker!”

The man who had come back to life uttered a ‘thank you’ and nodded awkwardly.

Wang Xiao Mie wondered if this was actually why Wen Feng Jin was willing to save him.

Wen Feng Jin on the other hand obviously did not think much of this man. He went into the kitchen and began bringing out the dishes. Once the man saw that Wen Feng Jin was glancing his way with menacing eyes, he shivered and stood up stiffly.

“Let me help you carry that!”

At the dinner table, Wen Feng Jin was eating his soup gracefully with a spoon while the man was looking at the dishes on the table with the eyes of someone who had not eaten for eight hundred years.

From the beginning, Wen Feng Jin had no intention of letting the man stay, much less serve him food. In his opinion, he had fulfilled the guideline written in the pocketbook, there was no need to keep the man any longer.

“Those dishes were made for me,” Wen Feng Jin said. His eyes were ferocious, like a wolf protecting its food.

“We’re all acquaintances here, it’s just another pair of chopsticks…” Wang Xiao Mie scratched his head looking at the man salivating over the food on the table. His clothes were no longer wearable and Wang Xiao Mie had to lend him one of his bathrobes.

“Let’s just keep him for dinner, is that ok?”

Wen Feng Jin had his arms crossed and exhaled a puff of cold air. He then went into the kitchen and came back with a bowl. He placed the bowl on the floor and said, “Then let him eat here.”

Wang Xiao Mie: “…” What kind of monster are you?!

Blue veins were popping out from Wang Xiao Mie’s forehead. He grabbed the bowl and placed it on the table.

“He’s eating here!” See how you’ve bullied him!

At last, the three ate at the same table. Wen Feng Jin completely ignored the man while Wang Xiao Mie looked at him chomping down the food like it was some high-class delicacies, making him feel like a great chef himself.

The way he ate looked too appetizing.

While eating, Wang Xiao Mie secretly observed the man’s appearance. The times that they had met before, the man was fully cloaked or had his head in the trash. After Wen Feng Jin rescued him, he was covered in dirt and so Wang Xiao Mie had always thought that that was why he could not see the man’s face. But now he realized, that was not the case at all. It was because the man was too dark…

In order words, his skin was black, truly black. And it was not the black color of our international friends but more like a naturally born dark skin with added tanning of ten to fifteen days.

Wang Xiao Mie raised his line of sight and stared down the man’s neck. Ai ya, my god, from his neck down it was still the same color.

‘Other than our international friends, it seems we also have people who could be born with this naturally dark skin. Incredible!’ Wang Xiao Mie thought silently.

Wen Feng Jin was flaring when saw this scene. With very judgemental eyes, he scanned the man up and down.

‘En, not as good-looking as me.’

Wen Feng Jin rested his heart and continued to drink his soup. 

‘But still, even if he’s ugly, Shixiong can only look at me!’

Tasting a slight sourness in his mouth, Wen Feng Jin sneaked one hand under the table and lightly sent a force forward …

The voracious diner suddenly felt like he was being trampled by an elephant! His eyes were almost popping out and he coughed violently!

Wang Xiao Mie immediately poured him a bowl of soup. “Drink this. What’s the hurry, eat slowly. We still have plenty.”

“Thank you, thank you.” Although he did not know where the sudden pain came from, he looked at Wang Xiao Mie’s kind eyes and was moved to tears. “You’re a really good person, hix hix.

“Heh heh.” Wang Xiao Mie rubbed his nose tip with embarrassment, “It’s nothing, go on, drink it.”


“…” Wen Feng Jin took his hand back and stared at the bowl of soup the man was holding. Since then, the blacklisted cellphone in his heart had finally welcomed another friend


After dinner, the dark-skinned man took the initiative to wash and wipe dry the dishes and also cleaned the table.

He then cautiously sat on the sofa holding a cup of tea that Wang Xiao Mie had brewed. He timidly glanced at Wen Feng Jin who was giving him a disturbingly cold look.

“Tell us,” Wang Xiao Mie was sitting opposite of him, “What happened to you? How did you end up in the alleyway like that?”

The dark-skinned man blinked and showed the sharp contrast between black and white with his eyes. He spoke softly, “Thank you for your help. I, I’m… my name is Baiyu.” 

(TN: Baiyu (白玉) means white jade)


Wang Xiao Mie covered his mouth and tried to suppress his laughter so hard that his whole body was shaking, “S, sorry, please continue…”

Baiyu: ‘I know my skin and name are like antonyms but please give me some respect!’

The black ball Baiyu widened his eyes but shrunk back after he caught a glimpse of Wen Feng Jin staring at him.

“Actually, I’m just a fresh graduate… What I said last time about being a disciple and all that was just a bluff… I learned those from a picture book left behind by my grandfather. I’ve only started delving into these strange crafts and facing you that day was also my very first time putting it into practice…”

‘Did we happen to be his first opponent?’ Wang Xiao Mie was not sure who the more unfortunate one was.


Chapter 43

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

After the kick, boss Wen patted Wang Xiao Mie on the head and gently said, “Did you see that? That’s all you have to do,”


Wang Xiao Mie stared speechlessly at the struggling man with his two legs sticking out of the garbage can.

The funny part was the word ‘non-recyclable trash’ was written on it.

Though it was a boss battle, it turned out to be just a lackey.

Thanks to him, Wang Xiao Mie had been panicking all day. 

“How are we going to deal with him? He knows about our identity.”

“Inconsequential. He’s just an ordinary man, he doesn’t really know what we are. The item in his hand is nothing but a toy.” Wen Feng Jin had a smile on but his eyes were cold as he stared at the noisy man still struggling to break free.

“With skills as inferior as his, he still dared to provoke us. It seemed that these are indeed peaceful times.”

“So we just leave him like this?” Wang Xiao Mie looked at the legs pointing skyward with an indescribable feeling.


“Let’s go.” With his hand over Wang Xiao Mie’s shoulder, Wen Feng Jin led him away from the trash can and out of the alley.

As their footsteps got closer to the garbage can, the legs stiffened and stopped its air-pedaling. Once they left the alley, it dropped down and the vivid sound of exhaling could be heard.


The pair washed up once they got home. Wang Xiao Mie put a thick mattress and pillow into the coffin and laid leisurely inside. He patted his belly and let out a long sigh, “This is so nice~”

A low laugh came from above his head. Wen Feng Jin had a book in his hand as he bent over the edge of the coffin to look at Wang Xiao Mie. Part of his long silver hair fell into the coffin and formed a curve. Wang Xiao Mie grabbed his hair and placed it close to his nose. 

The hooligan took a whiff and said, “Hehe, pretty lady, come here and accompany this lord to bed!”

“You…” Wen Feng Jin was not at all mad at his teasing. He indulged him by putting away the book and laid in the coffin with him.

The frollicking Wang Xiao Mie rolled into Wen Feng Jin’s embrace. He used his body as a nest and shuffled back and forth till he was in a comfortable position. When he finally snuggled into place, his round and bloated stomach let out a burp.

Wen Feng Jin lightly kissed his hair and held him close.

“By the way, what’s up with that man today?” Wang Xiao Mie placed his chin on Wen Feng Jin’s chest, “Does he have anything to do with the craftsmen you mentioned before?”

“Um.” Wen Feng Jin’s hand swept through Wang Xiao Mie’s hair, “I’ve met a group of people in the Northern Kingdom who specialized in making tools. They used mysterious methods and materials to create things incomprehensible to the common minds. They’re few in number and were highly valued for their talent. But… Most of them were dull and simple-minded.”

Wang Xiao Mie thought of the person they met. 

How was that dull and simple-minded? He’s clearly an idiot!

While listening to Wen Feng Jin’s explanation, Wang Xiao Mie was getting drowsy. Maybe because the person had left such a hilarious impression of himself that Wang Xiao Mie was no longer anxious. He soon fell asleep in Wen Feng Jin’s arms.

However, Wang Xiao Mie soon realized that he had been too optimistic once again. He may have gotten him out of his head but it was not true vice versa.

The following day, when they left the house, the man could be seen sneaking behind them. In this scorching weather and yet he had covered himself from head to toe; even his face was hidden by a big mask and sunglasses. The way he had wrapped himself made him more of a dumpling than they were. Wang Xiao Mie pondered if he would get a heatstroke.

Wang Xiao Mie was speechless as he looked at the man trying to be inconspicuous when he was only standing three meters away, holding a phone and pretending to be a passerby.

Wen Feng Jin’s face was blackened and he was already scanning the area, probably searching for a trash can.

“Leave him be.” Wang Xiao Mie grabbed hold of him, “There are people around and there’s also surveillance. He can’t touch us anyway. If he wants to follow us then just let him, it’s not like he can get through the villa’s security.”

Wen Feng Jin pressed down the blue vein popping up from his forehead and ignored the man. He then gave him a death stare as a final warning when they reached the villa gate.

The tightly wrapped stalker turned tail and fled.

They thought that that would be the end of their encounters but the man appeared in front of them again and again like a next-door neighbour. And each time, Wen Feng Jin had kicked him straight into a trash can. This happened several times a day but the frequent visitor of the trash can was still relentlessly following them.

Wang Xiao Mie: ‘In him, I seem to be able to see a certain light called perseverance, it’s so touching, Amen. This must be what they call ‘not turning back until you hit the north wall 

(TN: The proverb means that one does not give up until they hit a dead end)

But the ‘little relentless’ was seriously testing Wen Feng Jin’s patience. He had wanted to give him a more severe warning but was always held back by Wang Xiao Mie.

Wang Xiao Mie just wanted a normal life with Wen Feng Jin. He wanted them to live the life of a regular couple, eat together, shop together, buy groceries together, go traveling to different places, etc. 

And once they were bored, they would return to the underground palace.

After all, they have all the time in the world to be together.

Their lives were too chaotic and hopeless back then. This time, Wang Xiao Mie wanted a simple life with Wen Feng Jin not as the immortal and undead but as a couple of good and normal people.

Wang Xiao Mie was not stupid. He had been on his own from a young age and he could tell, beneath the silliness was a strong and resilient heart.

He did not feel any malice from the man and he knew Wen Feng Jin felt the same because even when he hated being followed, he did not seriously injure him. 

But why would the man consistently tail them? Could it be out of curiosity?

A few days later, Wang Xiao Mie and Wen Feng Jin were returning home from the supermarket when it started to rain. Wang Xiao Mie had checked the weather forecast beforehand and had prepared two umbrellas for them. Halfway back, he suddenly remembered about their tenacious stalker.

He turned back and sure enough, there was a soaked through man following behind them. When he saw Wang Xiao Mie looking over, he frantically took out his phone and acted like a lost tourist.

… Oh please, how many times have you used this method!!!

Wang Xiao Mie continued to watch as the man panicked and wiped the screen of his phone.

It should be because of the rain and also that his phone was quite old (Wang Xiao Mie happened to have seen it close up and found that it had a lot of scratch marks). After wiping for a long time, the man’s phone remained unresponsive and eventually shut down.

This time, he no longer cared if Wang Xiao Mie had recognized him. He hung his head low, looking at the departed phone in sadness.

The rain got heavier and thunder was roaring.

Wang Xiao Mie: … Why the hell does this scene look so heart-wrenching?!!

Wen Feng Jin only gave the man a cold stare. He held up the umbrella for Wang Xiao Mie and when he found that Wang Xiao Mie’s toe had gotten wet, he frowned and said, “We should go now.”

“I know. Wait for me here.”

Wang Xiao Mie opened up his umbrella and ran over to the man whose only visible features were his eyes filled with bewilderment. He tried to scurry away but Wang Xiao Mie grabbed him and handed him the umbrella.

“Take it. You don’t have to return it to me. You should go home for the day or you’ll catch a cold in this weather.”

Wang Xiao Mie flashed him a smile and before he could say thank you, he covered his head and ran back under Wen Feng Jin’s umbrella. 

“Ok, let’s go.” Wang Xiao Mie said with a smile.

“Why did you give him the umbrella?”

“Because he looks too miserable. And I don’t like rainy days one bit.”

It was in this heavy rain centuries ago that one person had been carrying another on his back, climbing up a long long mountain trail…

At that time, the person on his back had wished: If only I had an umbrella to cover him.

But in the end, no one came to help them from the piercing rain…

Since then, Wang Xiao Mie had hated the rain.

Wen Feng Jin lowered his head to look at Wang Xiao Mie. A pair of kind and caring eyes met that of a cold and dark one. They looked at each other in silence and Wen Feng Jin subtly tilted the umbrella towards Wang Xiao Mie…


The man watched as both of them walked away. He clenched the handle of the umbrella and looked at their backs with complicated thoughts. He stayed silent for a while before walking into the heavy rain in the opposite direction…

Since then, Wang Xiao Mie had stopped seeing the man following behind them.


A month later…

Wang Xiao Mie was wearing a sky blue apron, cooking in the kitchen with a wooden spatula. 

Wen Feng Jin did not like the heavy taste of the take-outs and they couldn’t always dine at restaurants so Wang Xiao Mie, who had some cooking skills from his time of living alone would whip up something for the both of them.

While preparing the stew, Wang Xiao Mie picked up the salt container and realized that it was empty.

“Feng Jin! Feng Jin!” Wang Xiao Mie called out from the kitchen. 

Soon, Wen Feng Jin strode into the kitchen in a loose nightgown.

“What is it? Did you burn it again?” The pretty face grimaced. In the next second, he bent down to gather Wang Xiao Mie’s long hair and neatly tied it back. He then proceeded to check it carefully for burn marks.

“It didn’t happen again. Last time was only because I wasn’t paying attention.” Wang Xiao Mie stepped back and showed him the empty jar, “We’re out of salt.” 

Wen Feng Jin’s brows eased and he let the long black strands go, “I’ll go buy it.”

“Ok, make it quick. I still have to prepare the soup.”

Wen Feng Jin nodded and left to get changed. 

Wang Xiao Mie was no longer worried about letting Wen Feng Jin go out by himself. They had stayed here for almost two months and Wen Feng Jin’s learning ability was extraordinary. He had now mastered the basic Chinese characters and was fully proficient with the cellphone. Furthermore, with Wen Feng Jin’s speed, a round trip to the nearest supermarket would only take twenty minutes.

And so, in the same black jacket and jeans with matching boots, Wen Feng Jin left the house with his hand in his pocket.

The close-fitted clothes perfectly outlined the man’s sexiness. From the shoulder to his waist, from his waist to his calf, the outlines could only make onlookers stare in reverence.

With each step, the silver hair tied into a ponytail behind his back would sway lightly.

However, the sharp and handsome face was gradually scowling as more people gathered to take his picture. His brows creased and his eyes darkened, an expression that clearly stated ‘if you dare disturb this lord again, I’ll show you!’. If Wen Feng Jin had this look on a thousand years ago, countless people would’ve been paralyzed with fear.

But now…

“Wow! He’s so handsome!!!”

“Woah! That’s a really cool cosplay!!!”

Wen Feng Jin:  ̄へ ̄

The dark lord, who once upon a time could even make babies stop crying with the mention of his name, angrily picked up a bag of salt and quickly checked out.

Outside, the street lights had been lit. Wen Feng Jin stopped on his track and turned to look at an alleyway slightly protruding out into the road. A familiar fishy smell wafted towards him with the cool night breeze.

Wen Feng Jin stood and stared in that direction for a long time.

A minute later, he placed his hand into his pocket. His lips curve into a smile. The long silver hair rustled as the wind blew and the mark between his brows glowed red. He stood under the night sky like the devil.

He lifted his boots and stepped into the pool of red liquid. Slowly, he dragged something out of the alleyway, forming a long bloodstain on the ground.

The large black pupils looked at the hideous mess of a man on the ground and the blood that was surging out from him…

“You’re about to die,” Wen Feng Jin said.

The darkness helped to conceal the sight of the now shapeless body. Only minute movements could be seen as his chest undulated. He reached for Wen Feng Jin’s ankle.

Blood gushed out as he opened his mouth. 

“Save me…”

But the words were inaudible as it cluttered in his throat.

Wen Feng Jin stood with his hand in his pocket and watched a life nearing its end like a god from high above. However, there was no sympathy in his eyes towards the dying man, only a certain sense of satisfaction in thinking that he would soon be praised…

Moments later, the desolate man saw through his gradually disappearing vision the devil taking something out from his pocket. 

Wen Feng Jin looked at him and said, “Alright. I will save you.”


Chapter 42

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

The next day, Wang Xiao Mie, who had thought that things would only get better from here, realized that he was being too optimistic.

The reasons were as follows: 

Wang Xiao Mie: “Today, we’ll be learning how to integrate into modern society. The times now are not like what it was back in the Northern Empire. We have peace and security. We don’t have to worry that something will happen, the most would be someone stepping on your feet on a crowded bus or getting into a fight with a drunkard on the roadside.”

Wen Feng Jin:  ̄へ ̄

Wang Xiao Mie: “Of course there would be occasional emergencies like your handphone being snatched. When that happens, Feng Jin, promise me to stay out of it. One slap from you can split his skull and give the bystander a view of his brain.”

Wen Feng Jin:  ̄へ ̄

Wang Xiao Mie: “Also, we have to keep our abilities hidden! And we have to do good deeds! In order to prevent something like the system from appearing again, we must not kill people. En, if we see someone in trouble, the right thing to do is call the police.

Wen Feng Jin:  ̄へ ̄

“What’s that look you have? What exactly do you want to say?!!” Wang Xiao Mie, who could no longer tolerate him, slammed his fists on the table in anger.

Wen Feng Jin thought a while then said, “No killing. When there’s trouble, call the police. I understand.”

Wang Xiao Mie twitched his eyebrows in suspicion, “You really understood?”


And hence…

At the mall…

Donning a black coat with a pair of jeans, a man with sharp and handsome features and long silver hair tied into a ponytail was standing in the center of a screaming crowd and snapping photos of him. 

He frowned and pulled a handphone from his pocket.

“Hello, is this the police?”

Wang Xiao Mie: “…..”

“Brother, are you cosplaying? Brother, do you have Weibo? AH so handsome!”

“Is that your real hair? Oh my god, it’s too pretty!”

“Brother, where are you from? What are you both cosplaying as? Wah! They’re holding hands!!!!”

Wen Feng Jin was very displeased but when he was about to make a move, he remembered Wang Xiao Mie’s words and endured. He was about to grab him and leave when the crowd began to scream loudly again.

Wang Xiao Mie: “…..”

A few girls were staring at Wen Feng Jin and sipping back their saliva.

The man’s face and white hair were just too attractive!

And when the group of girls saw them holding hands, a certain ‘I’ll pay money to see them get married’ thought started creeping into their heads.

They kept taking photos of the pair and followed behind them. Even people who were there for a celebrity’s event joined the group of girls and some even took videos.

As the crowd got larger, Wang Xiao Mie had to give up his shopping plan and walked a long way with Wen Feng Jin to throw off the crowd.

Passersby who saw them wanted to snap a photo as well but one look at Wen Feng Jin’s ‘I will split your skull open’ expression, they restrained themselves.

When they reached home, Wen Feng Jin still had a scowl on his face. He asked, “Why did those women attack me?”

Wang Xiao Mie laughed at his distorted expression and said, “Hahah, that’s not attacking you. They just think that you’re super good-looking and wanted to know more about you. Being photographed and asking for your WeChat are all expressions of admiration. You should be happy about it, ordinary people don’t get that treatment.” 

If you were stopped by a girl trying to get your number, you could brag about it for the whole of your college years!

However, the failure to do any shopping also made Wang Xiao Mie realize one thing – 

Even in regular clothing, they were still too eye-catching.

They could cover their faces with sunglasses but someone who could even make a black coat and jeans look classy like Wen Feng Jin would only get a boost in appearance by putting on sunglasses.

And so, in the evening, Wang Xiao Mie took out a pair of scissors and said to Wen Feng Jin, “Let’s cut our hair short!”

“Our body is given to us by our parents. Cutting off our hair is akin to decapitation. I’m not cutting and I won’t allow you to either.”


Never had Wang Xiao Mie seen Wen Feng Jin as an ancient person more than at this moment. In ancient times, cutting off one’s hair was an act of humiliation towards that person. No one did that even in death.

“Unless I die, I won’t let anyone cut your hair, that includes yourself.” The dark black pupils burned with a fiery dominance. Wen Feng Jin locked his eyes onto Wang Xiao Mie and grabbed vigorously at the pair of scissors in his hand.

Wang Xiao Mie had no choice but to let Wen Feng Jin take the scissors away and let this strangely stubborn man hug him and stroke his long dark hair. 

Wen Feng Jin then kissed the top of his head.

“Getting a haircut is a very common thing. Didn’t you see all the men on the street have short hair…” Wang Xiao Mie mumbled.

“I don’t agree. Furthermore, they are not the person I care about.” Wen Feng Jin repeated in a threatening tone, “You’re not allowed to cut your hair or let anyone else touch it. Otherwise, I won’t hesitate to do something to them.”

“….” Wang Xiao Mie was still unconvinced but there was a small sense of joy, seeing how the man said he cared for him.

Wang Xiao Mie condemned himself for being soft-hearted even as he snuggled his nose into the man’s neck, taking in the bitter fragrance emitted by him.

“Do you understand?” Wen Feng Jin frowned as he continued stroking his hair.

“I got it!” Wang Xiao Mie exclaimed, “Tyrant!”

Wen Feng Jin stayed silent even after being called a tyrant.

And so, their first outing was a complete failure. They stayed at home for the next two days. During which, Wen Feng Jin studied modern Chinese, traffic rules, how to use money, etc.

Lei Jie called and asked how they were adapting and also informed them that the items had been auctioned and the money would be transferred to them in the afternoon.

To celebrate, Wang Xiao Mie searched for the best restaurant on his phone and planned to take Wen Feng Jin there.

Before leaving, he had also written down the important phone numbers in a pocketbook for Wen Feng Jin to take with him.

When everything was ready, they left with masks covering their faces.


With Wen Feng Jin’s distinctive eyebrows and long silver locks, they were still being photographed by passersby thinking that they were some famous celebrities or cosplayers.

Fortunately, this time their destination was a high-end restaurant rather than the mall. The crowd behind them scattered as soon as they entered the building.

This restaurant had private cubicles for each table and the service was exceptional. Even Wen Feng Jin’s appearance did not attract unnecessary looks from the waiters.

A young waitress in uniform came to greet them, “Welcome. Would you like a table for two? Do you have a reservation?”

“Yes.” Wang Xiao Mie showed her his reservation on his mobile.

The waitress confirmed his reservation and brought them to a private room upstairs where Wang Xiao Mie ordered the dishes with great enthusiasm. 

After the waitress left, Wang Xiao Mie pulled off his mask and breathed.

Wen Feng Jin did the same and although he was still silent, his mood had improved a lot.

“It is said on the internet that the food here is light and the ingredients are always fresh. Their vegetable and meatball soup is a must-try! And the bass is also recommended by many!”

“As long as you like it.”

After the scuffle with Yan Chun, Wang Xiao Mie’s body had become more alive, just like Wen Feng Jin’s. As the weather had gotten hotter, he was even sweating.

Wen Feng Jin saw the droplets on his nose and gently wiped them off for him. 

“Is it very hot?”

“En. It is in the beginning. After all, I’m keeping this long hair in such weather.” Wang Xiao Mie used his sleeve to wipe his forehead. He looked up and said, “This room has air-conditioning, it should get cooler in a bit.” 

“I’m going to the washroom, you coming?”

Wen Feng Jin shook his head.

Wang Xiao Mie went to the toilet alone. He washed his hands and face with cool water and when he was trying to pull out a tissue from the dispenser, someone patted him on the back.

Wang Xiao Mie had water in his eyes and could only squint while turning back to look at the person. He saw a blurry silhouette of a man waving to him apologetically, “I’m so sorry. I saw you have long hair and thought it was a girl who had entered the wrong toilet. Haha, my apologies.”

“Oh, it’s alright.” Wang Xiao Mie wiped his face and did not think much of it. Men with such long hair were rare and easily mistaken.

After returning to the table, he sat lazily next to Wen Feng Jin and began to dig in. He picked up the chopsticks and grabbed at the food.

Wen Feng Jin suddenly pinched at a small piece of his clothes on the shoulder. He frowned and said, “Who did you meet just now?”

“What?” Wang Xiao Mie had just bitten into a piece of fried shrimp and the tail was sticking out his mouth as he talked.

Wen Feng Jin looked at the funny picture and smiled. He loosened his clothes and flicked the spot with his fingers like sweeping away dust.

“It’s nothing, we’ll talk about it when you’re done eating.”

The ignorant Wang Xiao Mie continued stuffing his mouth with food but he did not forget to serve Wen Feng Jin as well.


After they were done with the meal, Wen Feng Jin picked up the teapot and poured it into a cup. He handed it to Wang Xiao Mie and said, “Someone wants to keep track of you.”

Wang Xiao Mie was stunned.

“Ha? Track me? Why?!”

“I’m not sure. This is not done by someone ordinary, but he’s also not difficult to deal with.” Wen Feng Jin sipped his tea, “He probably sensed something different about you and wanted to make sure.”

Wang Xiao Mie widened his eyes, “Is it a demon hunter? Did he discover that I’m a big dumpling?!”

“No, there’s no such thing as a demon hunter.” Wen Feng Jin laughed, “They’re all craftsmen with peculiar skills. I’ve already broken his tool. When we leave tonight, he will definitely follow.”

Wang Xiao Mie’s fear was increasing, “They all do this?”

Wen Feng Jin smirked, “Yes. They all lack intelligence.”


Wang Xiao Mie did not expect that they would be discovered so soon. His butt couldn’t stay seated on the chair and his fingers were curled up. The word ‘scared’ was clearly labeled over his face.

Like a scaredy-cat, Wang Xiao Mie just wanted to nestle into Wen Feng Jin’s arms.

And hence, Wang Xiao Mie was in a cold sweat all the way till night time. When they left the restaurant, he had held tightly onto Wen Feng Jin’s hand and kept turning his head like an owl to see if anyone was following them.

Seeing his frightened appearance, Wen Feng Jin was secretly smiling.

Once they entered a small alley, Wen Feng Jin patted Wang Xiao Mie’s head and turned around.

“Alright, here he comes.”

“W, What?” Wang Xiao Mie stared unblinkingly at the alley entrance.

Just as his words landed, a silhouette appeared against the light. Wang Xiao Mie realized that he was the man he had met at the washroom. 

The man narrowed his eyes and he had something in his hand. 

He suddenly laughed, “Hmph! A strange scent emits from you two, I’m sure you’re not simple humans. I’m a true disciple of the Zheng Jing Ba Ben, you’d better surrender obediently!”

Wang Xiao Mie who had never been exposed to such things was shivering while Wen Feng Jin only sneered.

When the man heard his sarcastic smile, he turned red and took out a small black iron pestle and began to perform a ritual.

“Ho! Shining White Crane’s Wings!”

“Ho! Black Tiger’s Heart!”

“Ho! Great Hawk Wings Spreading!”

He made a final pose and yelled, “Hah! Die!”

The man charged at them. Wen Feng Jin pushed Wang Xiao Mie to one side and slightly lifted his leg.


The moment his leg moved, the man coming at them screamed as he was tossed into the air. After spinning 360 degrees, he landed straight into the trash can.

Wang Xiao Mie: “…”

Wen Feng Jin: “All bark and no bite.”

IHSC Chapter 41

Chapter 41

Editor & Proofreader: KitKat

“This is a mobile phone. It can be used to communicate with people thousands of miles away and also order takeout. Oh right, ‘takeout’ is having someone deliver food to you…”

“These are instruction manuals to the home appliances. Well, I also bought several children’s books from the mall. I think you’ll need them. Here’s a poster of one hundred Chinese characters. You probably won’t be able to understand modern Chinese, do you…”

“Here are some clothes Xiao Luo and I bought. These are canned food and snacks.”

“Oh right, there’s also this card! It’s under my name and there’s half a million yuan in it. I know it’s a drop in the bucket compared to Liao Yue but just take it first. The pin is …”

Lei Jie was teaching Wang Xiao Mie about the household items with motherly care and patience while Xiao Luo was showing Wen Feng Jin how to use the TV, refrigerator, washing machine, etc.

Wen Feng Jin half-closed his eyes and folded his arms, ignoring him in disinterest.

Of course, if it was Wang Xiao Mie doing the explanation, he would be happy to listen about all these strange items while cuddling with him.

But now?

The Dark Lord was staring at a sweating Xiao Luo who thought that his explanation was not good enough and had begun to redo the whole presentation.

Wen Feng Jin: Hmph.

Xiao Luo: ……. Is he looking down on me? Sob! It must be so!


On the other side.

Wang Xiao Mie was nodding to Lei Jie, “Ok, I got it.” He took over the card and phones which he switched on with ease. Lei Jie watched in astonishment as he began downloading apps.

‘Yo! He’s even having pesticides and chicken!’

(TN: I did not know this but strangely, these are slangs referring to when one plays the mobile games Honor of Kings and Battlegrounds respectively. And explained to me by awolfinsheep, a Thai translator for the novel, that reason why the game Honor of Kings is being called as such was because of how toxic the game is.)

If Lei Jie wasn’t looking, Wang Xiao Mie would’ve already logged on to his account and gone on a spending spree!

“You’re a quick learner!” Lei Jie praised him earnestly.

Wang Xiao Mie, who was originally from the modern era, smiled gleefully with pride, making Lei Jie forget the fact that he was actually a big dumpling and gave his head a gentle pat.

Although Wang Xiao Mie had a calm and mature appearance, his high spirited ways tended to make him seem like a silly little puppy, earning the trust and pampering of others.

“You don’t have to worry about us. We’ll get used to it soon, don’t underestimate the wisdom of the ancients,” Wang Xiao Mie said and Lei Jie smiled at him.

“Alright, you guys should rest up for today. As for those…” She pointed to the parcel on the floor, “I will quickly deal with the treasures from the tomb. Once I receive the money, I will transfer everything to your card.”

Wang Xiao Mie was stunned. “Why?”

Lei Jie shrugged. “You’ve already given me the Liao Yue Sword. To me, it’s the greatest treasure of all. I’m a swordsmith and would even be willing to give my life to find legendary weapons in underground tombs. Now, not only did I get to see the treasure, but I also get to keep it. It’s not good to be greedy lest you risk losing yourself.”

“Anyway, it’s never enough no matter how much I repay you,” Lei Jie patted Wang Xiao Mie on the shoulder, “To tell you the truth, I don’t think of you two as zombies or monsters. I think we can be friends. By the way, send my thanks to that guy over there regarding the sword.”

“Ok.” Wang Xiao Mie nodded. Facing Lei Jie’s smile, Wang Xiao Mie could feel that there was still goodness in this world. 

There are good and bad people. If fate permits, even if you live deep in darkness, these rays of light will still reach you.

Seeing his master gesturing to him, Xiao Luo, who was on the verge of tears having to talk to Wen Feng Jin, dashed out like he was running away from a fire. Lei Jie grabbed the bag of treasures and waved goodbye to Wang Xiao Mie.

“We’ll be going then. Call us if you need anything. It’s that button. And remember to charge your phone,” Lei Jie pointed at the charging cable and Wang Xiao Mie nodded. 

Before leaving with Xiao Luo, she looked at Wen Feng Jin standing behind Wang Xiao Mie and gave a humble nod to the tomb master who had maintained his noble demeanor from the moment they first met.

When the front gate closed, Wang Xiao Mie could finally loosen up.

His eyes twinkled as he jumped into Wen Feng Jin’s arms. 

“Weee! I finally have a phone! Ha ha ha. I finally have the internet!!! I’m gonna play all the games I missed, watch all the anime I haven’t watched!”

“And I’ll order lots and lots of milk tea, hamburgers, Coke, fried chicken, shrimps, and there’s more! We have so much money now, we can travel all over the world, to places we’ve never seen before!”

The jubilant Wang Xiao Mie laid in Wen Feng Jin’s arms, chirping away excitedly with his arms around Wen Feng Jin’s neck and his legs swinging up and down.

Wen Feng Jin was holding on to his butt, smiling with him.

“Oh but wait, I almost forgot to ask, can I even eat those?” Wang Xiao Mie lowered his head and asked Wen Feng Jin, looking like a puppy waiting for a snack. And Wen Feng Jin felt like he could even see the imaginary pair of ears drooping, were he to say ‘no’.

“You can,” said Wen Feng Jin.

Instantly, the pair of expectant eyes sparkled and the non-existent ears stood up. If he had a tail, it would have shook like a propeller and carried him off into the sky. 

Wang Xiao Mie let go of Wen Feng Jin’s neck and shook his hips in a hysterical laugh then went back to his phone and frenziedly tapped the screen to order his food.

“Milk tea, fried chicken, Coke, shrimps, burger! Miee heh heh heh— Wan wan wan!”

Carrying Wang Xiao Mie in this position, Wen Feng Jin had full access to his sprightly little butt. He did not know what those dishes were but seeing Wang Xiao Mie’s joy, he couldn’t help but smile with him.

“Xiao Mie, no barking.”

“Wan wan wan.”

“Hm hm…” Wen Feng Jin let out a hoarse and sexy chuckle. 

He looked at his surroundings– the buildings, the cars, the weird appliances, they were largely different from where he came from. 

But having this little mad man in his arms, everything was a lot easier to adapt to.

And of course, there was no way Wen Feng Jin could get used to all this at once. Even Captain America felt out of place after sleeping for seventy years, what’s that compared to Wen Feng Jin staying underground for over a thousand years?

On the way here, Wang Xiao Mie looked at the flow of traffic and referred to themselves as two ancient relics that were just unearthed. That sentence could not have been more apt!


That night, Wang Xiao Mie took a bath with Wen Feng Jin simply because he was worried Wen Feng Jin would not know how to turn on the hot water. When they were together in the bathroom, Wen Feng Jin saw his butt naked little dumpling and was tempted to do something. Just as he reached out…

A purple shower gel was squeezed into his palm.

Wen Feng Jin: “……What is this?”

Wang Xiao Mie: “Hm? Didn’t you want some soap? Or did you want shampoo?”

Wen Feng Jin: “…..”

“Oh, I get it!” Thinking that he knew what his hubby wanted, Wang Xiao Mie changed their position. He sat behind Wen Feng Jin and had him lean back against his chest. He then chucked half a bottle of shampoo onto his head. “You don’t know how to use shampoo, do you? It’s very easy to use, I’ll show you this time.”

With that, he held down Wen Feng Jin’s head and scrubbed vigorously.

Wen Feng Jin sighed as foam covered up his face.

“Ai! Don’t lower your head. The foam will get in your eyes,” as soon as he said that, Wen Feng Jin felt a stabbing pain in his left eye. The fragrance and irritation made him close his left eye.

With his right eye, he saw Wang Xiao Mie frantically go to take a towel and gently wipe his left eye. 

In the steamy atmosphere, Wang Xiao Mie became flustered after he cleaned off the white foam because there was not a trace of displeasure on that beautiful yet domineering face. The one eye that could open was looking up at him with immeasurable adoration.

Despite how much it hurt, he believed this person would always look at him the same way.


Wang Xiao Mie lowered his head, puckered his lips, and placed them on Wen Feng Jin’s.

Under the hazy and aromatic vapor, they nibbled as the plump and soft lips touched and when they separated, it left an enchanting aftertaste… 

And …

Wondrous sweetness.

Wang Xiao Mie raised his head and covered his face but he was not able to hide his flushing red ears. Wen Feng Jin hooked his lips and closed his eyes. He leaned on his lover’s belly and let go of his guard, showing his vulnerability.

This is already a dream fulfilled. If I can be by his side, this is satisfactory…… But I can’t help but be greedy,’ Wen Feng Jin thought as his hands reached into the water, causing a splash along the edge of the bathtub.


After washing, Wang Xiao Mie made Wen Feng Jin change into nightgowns before he excitedly brought him to the table full of his favorite food that he had ordered.

Wen Feng Jin frowned at the excessive and overbearing smell.

In fact, since ancient times, people were already health-conscious about what they ate. Wen Feng Jin normally had a very light diet with no oil and minimal salt. Luckily, he did not require food to survive and hence, put down his chopsticks after only a few bites.

Wang Xiao Mie who was immersed in his little world of delicious food did not notice. After filling his stomach, he shifted his attention to his phone. He wanted to listen to music, play games, watch movies, etc.

He just wished he could split himself up and plunge into these addictions.

Time passed and Wang Xiao Mie who was still deeply engrossed in his game suddenly had his eyes covered. He screamed in surprise. When he turned back, he saw Wen Feng Jin looking at him with a gloomy expression.

Initially, he had an urge to lash out. But when he saw Wen Feng Jin’s ice-cold stare, he completely erased that thought and asked in a softer tone, “What, what is it?”

“It’s late.”

Boss Wen was looking at him with a stern face.

Wang Xiao Mie sobered up and looked out the window. The sky was pitch black and the room had turned dark. He was lying in the coffin not knowing how or when he got in. He looked at the time and gosh, it was almost morning! Only then did he realize that his phone was hot and almost out of battery.

And worst of all, he was so addicted to the game that he had completely ignored Wen Feng Jin…

He looked at the man carrying the scary expression on his face and felt somewhat guilty. He went back to society and, like a fish in water, got carried away doing his own things while leaving out Wen Feng Jin who had come here for the first time. And he even patiently sat by his side all this time…

Thinking back, Wen Feng Jin did not eat much at dinner either. The taste was probably not to his liking…

Wang Xiao Mie’s guilt was multiplying.

He placed the phone on the floor outside the coffin– which they had decided to put inside a study with a spacious balcony and french windows.

“I was wrong…” Wang Xiao Mie pursed his lips. He lowered his head but kept his puppy eyes looking up at Wen Feng Jin, doing his best to sell meng, “Are you angry with mieee?”

Wen Feng Jin was still sulking and refused to speak, clearly indicating that he was angry. He glared at the thing called ‘phone’ and his likeability of it was now a perfect zero!

Wang Xiao Mie bumped his head into Wen Feng Jin’s chest and lightly rubbed back and forth.

“I was wrong. I was wrong, I was wrong…”

Wen Feng Jin’s wooden face did not last even a minute before he finally smiled.

The little dumpling caught it and giggled back at him. His hair now resembled a chicken coop due to the rubbing which he continued to shamelessly do against Wen Feng Jin’s neck and face.

Eventually, the misbehaving head was held down by Wen Feng Jin. He curled his finger and gave his forehead a knock. Smiling, he said, “Alright, it’s time to sleep.”


Wang Xiao Mie settled down in the coffin and clung to Wen Feng Jin like a bug. As he took in the bitter medicinal fragrance from his body, his perverse hands slipped into his clothes and nestled on Wen Feng Jin’s chest.

With his memories restored, the invisible barrier between them had disappeared completely. The two of them now shared a mutual understanding like that of an old couple.

They hugged each other and fell into a dreamless slumber.

IHSC Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Editor & Proofreader: KitKat

Lei Jie went mad by just hugging the sword. 

Beep beep beep!!! Liao Yue! F**k! It’s really you! Give it to me!!! Beep beep beep!!! Liao Yue!!! Ahhhh!!!”

Xiao Luo looked at his master’s maniacal laughter and smacked his forehead.

Have you ever seen someone winning the five million yuan lottery? His master’s craziness was like someone winning a hundred million yuan!

“Liao Yue AHHHH! I can’t take it anymore!!! I need some heart medicine! It’s mine! Liao Yue, you’re mine!!! Ohhhh god, I can’t take it anymore! Ahhh! I’m willing to be your slave!!! Ah ha haha!!!”

Lei Jie hugged the sword and continued to moan and rave ecstatically. Like a bride on her wedding day (and night), she was bursting with enthusiasm and fulfillment!

For the sword, let alone help them to live on the surface, she was willing to help even if they wanted to live in the sky!


Wen Feng Jin and Wang Xiao Mie ordered Muji (#7), a monster who could consume minerals and produce a liquid that would form a sturdy stone wall, to reinforce the damaged areas. He was also ordered to forage for Zhen Bei’s strange weapon.

Wen Feng Jin said that this weapon was very special. This was how Zhen Bei could injure Mu Yi and the others to break into their chamber. That’s right, Zhen Bei did not just sneak back in, he charged right through and almost killed Mu Yi to Mu Shi. It was thanks to Wen Feng Jin giving them his blood in time that they could survive.

Wang Xiao Mie frowned, “One person against the ten of them, Zhen Bei is really something.”

Wen Feng Jin shook his head. He took the long hammer-like weapon and clutched its handle. Aiming at one of Mu Liu’s broken tentacles, he gave it a quick slash. It was just a normal attack but the tentacle made a sizzling sound and instantly turned to ashes!

Wang Xiao Mie: ….. ‘Something that could turn physical attacks into magical attacks really exists!! I couldn’t have transmigrated into some weird world, could I?!’

“This is a mysterious weapon that has been customized. According to my memories, only that old man was capable of creating this. Although I don’t know how he got this, whoever he got it from is no ordinary human,” said Wen Feng Jin.

But very soon, this issue was cast to the back of Wang Xiao Mie’s brain to accommodate something more disturbing. After they had packed a few items for the road, Wen Feng Jin told Mu San to carry their coffin to the surface.

The act not only baffled the eccentric Lei Jie who was acting as their guide but Wang Xiao Mie was also shocked silly.

“Wait! Why are you moving the coffin?! We don’t have space for that where we’re going!! Besides, it’s not like they don’t have beds on the surface.”

“No.” Wen Feng Jin was unexpectedly stubborn.

“Shixiong and I have been sleeping in this coffin for a thousand years, we can’t give that up.”


“It’s not like we’re not coming back…” Wang Xiao Mie looked at the coffin and made one final struggle.

But Wen Feng Jin only shook his head and said, “…..No, this coffin is the best.”


If there was ever a need, Wang Xiao Mie felt that Wen Feng Jin would be the most suitable spokesperson for people who could not sleep in an unfamiliar bed with the slogan: ‘Wherever you go, just bring along your favorite coffin (bed).’

It seemed like in this life he would not be able to escape the fate of having to sleep in a coffin. 

A tear fell silently.


With no other choice, Lei Jie had to switch the Land Rover she drove to a mini truck to fit the queen size coffin. 

…And this brings us back to where the story left off.

After dropping Zhen Bei at this place to be sentenced, they left the town. In order to avoid unwanted attention, they traveled non-stop along the countryside for two days and finally reached Lei Jie’s house in city B.

Trucks were not uncommon in these parts. After all, this was not a place of commerce. More often than not, there would be online deliveries of furniture for the residents. Most importantly, the reason why someone like Lei Jie would choose to live here was that the neighbors were also people of shady background. No one would be bothered about another’s business.

The only rule here was mutual non-interference.

The security guard recognized Lei Jie and nimbly opened the gate. Lei Jie could finally relax once they arrived at the villa. She said to her fellow passengers of three days, “Here we are. Let’s get unpacked quickly.”

She then jumped out of the truck and opened the door for Wang Xiao Mie and Wen Feng Jin.

“Don’t worry, it’s absolutely safe here. This house will be left to you for future use. There’s a lot of privacy here, no one will ask you anything personal. But that coffin of yours…”

“If I’m not wrong, it was made with a type of precious wood. It’s heavier than steel, we can’t lift it by ourselves. Do you want me to have someone move it for you?” Lei Jie asked attentively.

Wang Xiao Mie heard her and excitedly crossed his fingers and began chanting in his head, ‘I want to sleep on a bed. I want to sleep on a bed. I want to sleep on a bed.’

To his dismay, Wen Feng Jin shook his head and said, “There’s no need.” 

He then went to the back and opened the door like how Xiao Luo had shown him before, exposing the coffin covered with a white cloth.

Wen Feng Jin raised his hand and a roar blasted through the air as his sleeves began to flap under a non-existent wind!

Wen Feng Jin placed his palm on the coffin and, like a magnet, the one-ton coffin was attached to his hand and lifted off as though it was weightless styrofoam! 

Despite having his hope squashed, Wang Xiao Mie was amazed at what Wen Feng Jin did. It was like those martial artists using their internal force in those movies he used to watch!

Wen Feng Jin who was carrying the queen-sized coffin like a plastic bag looked at the petrified three and frowned. “Stop standing there. Move aside, it’s quite heavy.”



They ran to the door and opened it for him. Wang Xiao Mie followed behind Wen Feng Jin and carefully guided him up the steps. They had to be careful since their ‘bed’ was so heavy it might destroy the marble floor.

Xiao Luo lagged behind them and quietly tugged at his master’s shoulder, “Shibo.”

Lei Jie looked back at him, “What?”

Xiao Luo secretly whispered to her, “Shibo, should we be doing this? Look at how powerful he is. They’re thousand-year-old zombies. What if they have a sudden craving for blood and human flesh? And then those they bite will turn into zombies which will then infect others… Eventually, in just one night, everyone in this city will turn into zombies!!! What will we do then?!!! We will become the sinners that doomed humanity!!!”

After listening to him, Lei Jie replied in a whisper, “Xiao Luo…”

“Did you… watch ‘Train to Busan’ behind my back?! I told you to stop watching those zombies movies! Now look at you what you’ve become! Sigh… it’s hopeless, just hopeless.”

Xiao Luo: ‘I’m not the one overthinking this! My Shibo has already been brainwashed by them! This must be it!!’ 

*Sob sob.*

IHSC Chapter 39

Chapter 39

Editor & Proofreader: KitKat

At three in the morning, a commonly seen white van stopped in front of a police station in a small town. The trunk at the back was opened and, as if kicked by something, a large object flew straight through the station door.

The van then sped off into the dawn and only a stream of exhaust fumes was left in its track.

Wang Xiao Mie was sitting in the back of the van playing with a polaroid while leaning on Wen Feng Jin.

“The photos of his crime and the weapons with his fingerprints were all included.”

“Robbing graves, killing, illegal gun possession… I think we’ll be able to see him on the news tomorrow or so.”

For someone who loved to wear a mask, what’s better than exposing his true color in public, and at the same time, keeping him locked up and making him pay for his crimes?

 The people in this profession were not afraid of death but they were afraid of entering a place more terrifying than death: a place of no return.

Xiao Luo who was sitting in the passenger seat turned and looked back at the giggling Xiao Mie with a bit of a chill.

Although he was mystified as to why a thousand years old dumpling would know of the modern-day means, his master and him were saved by them. Now he could only fear them in silence.

Only his Shibo could happily sing while driving with a pair of zombies in the back of their van!


As for why they had become this strange band of four, it all started two days ago–

That day, they woke up in the underground palace and found out that the psycho Zhen Bei was beaten into a pig’s head and wrapped up like a mummy and Yan Chun had turned to ashes. They stood dumbfounded and stared at the big dumpling behaving like an ordinary family who had just been burglarized, guiding the monsters to clean up the grave.

Those bloodthirsty creatures were like the distorted version of Santa’s elves, rearranging the rocks, repairing the traps, and even wiping the footprints off the floor.

The scene was eerily ordinary.

And as they watched Wen Feng Jin frowning when he stared at the footprints on the floor of his glorious palace, Lei Jie and Xiao Luo felt a little guilty.

‘Sorry… If we knew the tomb owner was so particular about cleanliness, we would’ve brought our own slippers. But… how were we supposed to know that they cleaned the floor after chasing the tomb robbers away?!!!’

On top of that, the man in charge, named Wen Feng Jin, who had changed his attire and tidied up his silver hair into a crown only cared about the stains on the floor and not the two out-of-place intruders.

They felt like two vases collecting dust and the homeowner could not care less.

Lei Jie and Xiao Luo: “…..” ‘Why do I get a feeling we’re a disgrace to the tomb-robbing industry?’

The two ignored souls shrunk into a corner, watching the monsters do their chores and Wen Feng Jin with the ‘do not talk to this Lord’ look. They dared not ask or say anything.

After they spent their idle time checking the fully healed wounds on their bodies, the other tomb owner appeared.

Wang Xiao Mie was dressed in a new red gown and his hair was slightly drenched. He was carrying a teapot and walking towards them.

“Fantastic! You guys are awake! Thank you for helping me and my family’s Xiao Wenzi. Have some hot water. Ha ha, there are no tea leaves in this underground palace. I just brewed some petals, I hope you don’t mind. Here, have a try!”

Wang Xiao Mie gave them a gentle look and a warm smile. He even poured them two cups of hot water…

‘A zombie is serving us tea??? He’s also smiling at us???’ 

‘Disciple, where are we? It feels more like a visit to a relative.’

‘Shibo, wake up. We don’t have relatives who would serve us tea in beautiful thousand years old porcelain!!!’

Lei Jie and Xiao gawked at the museum exhibit in their hands and remained speechless.

Wang Xiao Mie did not understand the reason for their silence. He said, “Drink it. You’ve been asleep for so long, you should have some water and eat something.”

Seeing Wang Xiao Mie’s pure and harmless jade-like eyes, Lei Jie bravely took a sip first. Seeing his master drinking the hot water, Xiao Luo did the same.

The hot water slid from their mouths to their stomach, warming up their whole body and reducing their tension.

‘Disciple, this zombie is very kind.’

‘Yes yes, he’s more human-like than Zhen Bei.’

Right at the moment they mentioned him, Zhen Bei, who was still alive and tied up uttered a soft hum. It seemed he was about to wake up.

Before they could react, Wang Xiao Mie stood up. With the smile remaining on his face, he lifted the hem of his gown and gave Zhen Bei a kick to the head!

Zhen Bei’s eyes rolled over and he fainted again…

Seeing this scene, Lei Jie and Xiao Luo almost burst out laughing.

And then, like an angry housewife complaining to her husband that the water pipe was leaking again, he stepped on Zhen Bei and said to Wen Feng Jin, “Feng Jin, why is he awake again? His healing power is quite strong. How annoying.”

Wen Feng Jin left behind the cleaning supervision job and walked away. The indifference on his face immediately disappeared and a loving smile was formed.

“He must’ve taken some of Yan Chun’s blood but the effect should disappear soon… Xiao Mie, don’t lift your clothes up like that. And dry your hair properly.”

He then told Mu Yi to hand him a towel which he personally wrapped around Wang Xiao Mie’s hair to dry it for him.

“Ok~~~,” Wang Xiao Mie responded in a dragged out lazy voice. He then leaned back on Wen Feng Jin and rubbed his wet hair against Wen Feng Jin’s chin.

Wen Feng Jin picked up Wang Xiao Mie’s hair and rubbed gently with the towel. He was somewhat itchy but his eyes showed boundless indulgence.



Lei Jie put her cup down and thought, ‘I don’t want to eat this dog food.’

Xiao Luo finished his drink and nodded.

When the two zombies were bored with flirting, only then did Wang Xiao Mie remember his house guests. 

He went back to them and asked, “By the way, why did you help us?” 

Lei Jie thought for a second while playing with the teacup. “Because I’m not good with orders. I do what I want to on a whim. Simply put, I don’t use my brains much.”

Xiao Luo, with his arms folded, nodded wildly. As a result, Lei Jie gave him a slap on the head without even looking at him.

Xiao Luo, ‘You see, my Shibo has a third eye!’

“My intuition is very accurate. It saved my life many times. That’s why I did not hesitate to save you. Compared to Zhen Bei who I knew was off from the start, my chances are better with you two.”

Lei Jie smiled with a sense of maturity and feminine toughness. “It seems that my intuition has saved me once again.”

Wang Xiao Mie smiled with her. He was fond of her strength and independence. Someone who could always shrug her shoulders and move on.

“Let’s have an exchange,” Wang Xiao Mie said to Lei Jie.

And so, he went into the details about their deal. The main idea was that they wanted to go to the surface but Wen Feng Jin and he had no identification. Furthermore, they had been removed from society for so long, they had no place to go.

What they did have was a mountain of treasures and gold. Therefore, he wanted Lei Jie to help him find a place to live and get them some form of identification so that they wouldn’t get deported accidentally. In return, Wen Feng Jin would let Lei Jie choose an item from their pile of treasures. And at the same time, she could also help them sell the gold in exchange for cash.


Lei Jie was considering Wang Xiao Mie’s deal while Wen Feng Jin was staring at the two humans with severely menacing eyes. To outsiders, he did not show any trace of gentleness or consideration as he did with Wang Xiao Mie.

‘If they refused Xiao Mie’s proposal, I’ll just make them stay here forever,’ Wen Feng Jin thought to himself.

“Oh right!” Wang Xiao Mie exclaimed out of the blue, jolting the others out of their thoughts. 

They watched as he pulled up his pants and took big strides to a corner of the room and picked something up.

Perhaps due to its length, Wang Xiao Mie had to drag it back while struggling with his long attire. It was like a puppy dragging its oversized toy and could topple at any moment.

The item clanked against the ground several times all the way till he reached them. 

Seeing Wang Xiao Mie’s bright face and sweet smile, Wen Feng Jin could not hold back his affection and reached out to touch his cheek.

He’s too cute!

Wang Xiao Mie tilted his head in confusion. This only encouraged Wen Feng Jin to do more. He raised both his hands and pinched his cheeks.

Sorry, but I can’t stop. Maybe a little more…

In between their weird interaction, Lei Jie suddenly screamed like a fangirl at the thing that Wang Xiao Mie brought over. She looked at the item as though her eyes could shoot lasers!

Wang Xiao Mie who was having his cheeks pulled out of shape said, “About that, I saw that you like Kai Ming a lot, but I can’t give Kai Ming to you. This sword was scratched after the fight with Zhen Bei. I’ll give it to you.. Hehe, feel free to take it.” 

“Xiao Wenzi, shop pulling my mouth. My.. faliva fi flowing out. Iss.. dripping out! Suck suck! It’s dripping out!!!”

Wang Xiao Mie sipped back his saliva and pushed Wen Feng Jin’s hands away. His moist lips were pouting and his cheeks were glowing with a pinkish blush.

Wen Feng Jin: ….. 

That seductive look was not helping at all. Wen Feng Jin was getting more clingy towards Wang Xiao Mie. All he wanted was to hide his precious and cuddle with him.

Wen Feng Jin covered Wang Xiao Mie’s mouth and gazed deep into his eyes

This time, there was nothing between them– no secrets, no lies, and no life-threatening nemesis.

IHSC Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Editor & Proofreader: KitKat

“Alright, alright. I’ll stop with all this rubbish talk. It’s time to send you off!!!” 

Zhen Bei, who was in a similar dilapidated state, had to struggle to lift his weapon. He pointed it at Wen Feng Jin whose hair had turned white due to blood loss. Too weak to move, Wen Feng Jin could only let himself be mocked by Zhen Bei.

Everything slowed down at that moment…

Smiling like a maniac, Zhen Bei raised the unique weapon and pressed it against Wen Feng Jin. His skin that was in contact with the weapon turned gray as blood spilled from the new wound.

The wind was still raging, stirring up the petals of the peach blossom tree. The intoxicating fragrance from the flowers was mixed with a nauseating smell of blood.

‘Ah ~ all this blood on him. This miserable appearance is making me so happy~’

Zhen Bei was snickering away when all of sudden, a hand pressed on his shoulder.

“Young man, have you ever watched a basketball match?”

A ghastly voice rang through his ears. Zhen Bei turned stiff with the big grin frozen on his face. ‘Impossible! How could someone be behind him? He was sure that he had eliminated every threat!!’

Just as he turned around, the person behind him said, “If you have, then you must know of something called a Buzzer Beater!”


A powerful fist flung across Zhen Bei’s face.

The overwhelming force instantly twisted Zhen Bei’s face and a crisp sound of bones breaking could be heard! He was lifted off the ground and plummeted a few meters away.

The weapon that fell from his hand was kicked far away and dropped off the platform!

As he was receiving the punch, Zhen Bei saw his attacker…

The person was cloaked in a crimson red gown with long pitch-black hair. He stood like a soaring fire within a whirling gust of dancing petals.

It was Wang Xiao Mie.


The second owner of the tomb had been revived.

Wang Xiao Mie scoffed. He looked at Wen Feng Jin being nailed to the tree and his fingers curled into a fist. He turned and spit out some blood that belonged to someone else.

Again. This, again. Why does everyone want them dead? Can’t they live their lives in this underground palace in peace? Don’t they deserve it?!

Wang Xiao Mie briskly walked up to Zhen Bei and gave his waist two kicks. He then rested one foot on his body and stared down at him.

After the fight with Wen Feng Jin, Zhen Bei’s strength was greatly depleted and with the unexpected blow just now, he was almost at the end of his tether. His face was now swollen with bruises that made it difficult for him to open his eyes. The worst part was that he no longer had his weapon, the key to his victory.

“Xiao Mie… listen to me. It’s not how it looks… When I arrived, Mr. Yan had already turned into ashes. You, you were injured and Wen Feng Jin was protecting you from behind. It was then that he changed! Lei Jie and Xiao Luo tried to fend him off…”

Zhen Bei frowned and had a mournful look. He looked at Wang Xiao Mie and said earnestly, “Lei Jie told me to run. She said because of your injury, Wen Feng Jin went crazy. He wanted to kill everyone!”

“Lei Jie and Xiao Luo risked their lives to nail him to the tree… I, I have no choice, Xiao Mie,” Zhen Bei’s eyes turned red with sadness. “I’m fatally wounded as well. I have to do it! When he recovers, we’ll all be killed by him…”

Wang Xiao Mie only looked at him with cold eyes.

At this moment, Wen Feng Jin was able to regain a bit of his strength. He feebly raised his head and fixed his scarlet eyes on them.

“Shi… Xiong……Kill……him….” ‘He’s not a good person. Shixiong, don’t trust him, he’ll kill you…

Unfortunately, Wen Feng Jin’s speech was impeded by the nasty wound on his neck. Those were the only words he managed to force out.

“Look! He’s crazy! He will kill anyone!” Zhen Bei cried in fear.

Wen Feng Jin stared at the deceitful Zhen Bei and struggled to twist off his wrist. He would not let anything happen to his Shixiong… He was willing to tear off his hand to break free. 

The bulging red pupils and hoarse groans coming from him were like that of an agitated wild beast.

But when Wang Xiao Mie frowned and said, “I’ve recovered my memories”, Wen Feng Jin ceased his movements and the light in his eyes disappeared…

Shixiong, he remembered everything? He remembered the past that I desperately wanted to bury…

Shixiong, he will never believe me again…

Like a sudden rain that doused a dying fire, Wen Feng Jin slumped into a state of desolation.

Although he did not know what Wang Xiao Mie was talking about, Zhen Bei was relieved to see Wen Feng Jin turn lifeless and seceding into sorrow.

He looked up at Wang Xiao Mie with innocent eyes like those of a wounded stray dog.

“Xiao Mie, I wasn’t lying to you. I know you don’t want to believe it but it’s all true. Why don’t we do this? Since you’re already up, if you’re not willing to kill him, then let’s just take Lei Jie and Xiao Luo and get out of here!”

If he could get out and had time to recuperate, this disgusting monster would die at his hands!

Zhen Bei looked at Wang Xiao Mie and pleaded.

Wang Xiao Mie sighed. He spread his legs and squatted. He grabbed his collar with one hand and under the bewildered look on Zhen Bei’s face, Wang Xiao Mie pulled out something and pasted it on his face.

He said with a dead expression, “Even if everyone else lied, this thing won’t. Buddy, feeling burned yet?”

Zhen Bei moved his head away as he felt scorching pain on his cheek. The divine dagger Kai Ming was plastered to his face!

“Honestly, Zhen Bei, you’re really good at acting.” Wang Xiao Mie put the dagger away. With a grin, he raised his fist and aimed it at the deceitful face!

“Your father, I, will have to teach you how to show some sincerity!”

Smack! Left hook!

“F**k you! How dare you hit my family’s Xiao Wenzi!”

Smack! Right hook!

“F**k you! How dare you attack him so dishonorably!”

Triple strike with both left and right hooks!

“How dare you deceive me! Your mother doesn’t know what kind of man you are but your father Kai Ming does!!!”

“I’m gonna kill you, you jerk!”

Countless fists were struck at a rapid rate.

Have you ever seen your cat punches? It was just like that.

When Wang Xiao Mie staggered to stand up as he was out of breath and his hands were worn out, Zhen Bei was already lying motionless on the ground. 

“Damn his face is strong,” Wang Xiao Mie muttered as he shook his numb and aching hands. He then strode towards Wen Feng Jin who had lost the will to live. He reached for the nails and pulled.

With the nails removed, Wen Feng Jin leaned against the tree and slid into a sitting position with his still head hanging down.

“Alright, alright.” Wang Xiao Mie patted him on the face. “Don’t look so dead. Because I’ve recovered my memories, that’s why I’m certain of one thing.”


Wen Feng Jin’s heart was in ashes. He raised his head and looked at Wang Xiao Mie.

Wang Xiao Mie crouched in front of him. He held his chin with one hand and the other was placed on Wen Feng Jin’s side face. His eyes curved and his lips stretched into a brilliant smile. 

He said, “I’m certain now. I’ve already forgiven you a long time ago. And whether it was me from a thousand years ago or the present me, I’ve always liked you. Xiao Wenzi, let’s stay together from now on. This time, we’ll never be separated!”

At that time, we had kept each other warm through the bitterness. And now we’ll do the same for the unseeable future.’

Under the giant tree where peach blossoms fluttered by, Wang Xiao Mie spread his arms and held Wen Feng Jin tightly. The vibrant petals fell on their wedding garments and also on the black and white hair.

Leaning his head on Wang Xiao Mie’s shoulder, Wen Feng Jin’s eyes were opened wide. Then he closed them and clamped on to Wang Xiao Mie’s back with his wound-filled hands.

The two hugged each other in silence for a long time.

With the nails removed, Wen Feng Jin’s wounds were healing at a speed a hundred times faster than that of ordinary humans.

When he was fully healed, Wang Xiao Mie let go and rubbed his nose in embarrassment. Wen Feng Jin’s eyes were brimming with too much emotion that Wang Xiao Mie had goosebumps the longer they stared at each other.

Wen Feng Jin suddenly frowned and said, “Shixiong, don’t look at my hair.” 

“Why? It looks good, not ugly at all.” ‘I have a silver hair fetish! This is the perfect look, ok!

Wang Xiao Mie was drooling as he touched the lock of hair. ‘Woah, it’s silver~’

“As long as you like it,” Wen Feng Jin hugged him again. He rubbed his chin on his hair. After all the ups and downs, he finally knew his Shixiong had never hated him. 

Wen Feng Jin just wanted to wrap himself around Wang Xiao Mie and never let go. He was like a big wolf that suddenly grew out from Wang Xiao Mie’s body. As for Wang Xiao Mie, he did want to indulge his family’s wolf with love.


The woman on the ground suddenly coughed. She reached out her hand and looked at both of them. She said, “Cough cough…… You, whoever you are…. I think…. I think I still …..can be saved.”

And with that, she fainted again.

Wang Xiao Mie: “Wow, she’s still alive…..”

Wen Feng Jin: “En…..”

Wang Xiao Mie: “She’s quite persistent…..”

Wen Feng Jin: “En…..”

There was a brief silence before Wang Xiao Mie jumped up abruptly!

“En my ass! Quickly go save her!”


Wang Xiao Mie pulled Wen Feng Jin over to help the woman and the young man who was with her. At the same time, he also took out a rope from their backpack to tie up the whackjob– Zhen Bei.

He still remembered that when Zhen Bei shot him, this woman had used her weapon to block the bullet for him. Otherwise, he would have died.

Wen Feng Jin added, “When Zhen Bei came, she and the person next to her held him back for a while.”

“She’s our savior then. I can’t believe she helped us. And…” Wang Xiao Mie was not dumb, he took Kai Ming and tried it on her. It did not turn hot.

“Save her!” Wang Xiao Mie decided promptly.

Wen Feng Jin was now in a superb mood. If not, he wouldn’t be bothered with the life and death of others. He took a cloth and wiped the bloodstain on Wang Xiao Mie’s chest then smeared it on the woman and the young man’s mouth.


What kind of treatment is that? Wang Xiao Mie stared wide-eyed at Wen Feng Jin.

Wen Feng Jin explained, “Our blood carries the rejuvenating power of the elixir. For ordinary humans, even a small amount is enough to help them recover.”

Indeed, their blood had a medicinal fragrance but he did not think that it was this OP!

Wang Xiao Mie looked at the red dye on their clothes due to the painful flesh wounds they had to endure. He wanted to strip them and preserve these garments for future use.

The two who were injured consciously licked the blood on their lips and began to recover. Wang Xiao Mie sighed with relief.

“Alright, they are saved and we’re still alive. Next is to deal with him…”

Wang Xiao Mie walked up to the corpse-like Zhen Bei and asked, “What are we going to do with him?”

“Of course we’re not letting him leave the tomb palace alive.” Wen Feng Jin was filled with disgust looking at Zhen Bei. He was about to turn his heart cold when Wang Xiao Mie held him back.

“Wait, wait!” Wang Xiao Mie stopped Wen Feng Jin. “Xiao Wenzi, promise me you’ll never kill anyone again!”

Even if the person was Zhen Bei.

Wen Feng Jin sulked and withdrew his hand, dissatisfied with the fact that he could not kill his enemy. “Then what do you suggest we do?”

“Well, I have a plan for this…”

It was not because he was kind but he realized that the reason why the system and protagonist halos existed back then was because of Wen Feng Jin’s rise to power and no one was powerful enough to stop his killing spree.

And now that they were in modern times, if they wanted to live on the surface, Wen Feng Jin couldn’t kill just anyone that annoyed him!

Wang Xiao Mie looked at Zhen Bei on the ground. He patted his pig head and cackled. “It’s just nice that I want to set a good example for my Xiao Wenzi. I’ll use you as practice!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to give you a perfect arrangement!”

IHSC Chapter 37

Chapter 37

It was a boy who opened the door. He looked at the two men soaked in rainwater and blood like monsters that just crawled out from the grave and screamed. Wen Feng Jin grabbed the boy and his blood dripped onto his body.

“Call the physician! My Shixiong….. Mian Deng Shixiong, he’s heavily wounded…..”

“Mian Deng Shixiong?!” The boy knew of the Academy’s Mian Deng Shixiong. Although afraid, he took a peek at Wang Xiao Mie lying on the ground. When he recognized the face covered with dried blood and wet hair, he exclaimed: “Ah! It’s Mian Deng Shixiong!”

“Wait for me, I’ll go get help!”

The boy frantically ran inside.

Wen Feng Jin leaned against the gate to sit down. He pulled Wang Xiao Mie into his arms. The eaves of the door screened out the rain.

His fingers were rigid but with the most gentle movement, he cleared the strands of wet hair on Wang Xiao Mie’s face then held his head to his chest. He lightly pressed his cheek against his forehead. 

“You’ll be better soon, bear with it a little longer. Those people hate me but they will still help you…”

…..what about you?

…..can this body still withstand the persecution from the dark guards and leave this mountain?

…..clearly you intended to die alone!

Wang Xiao Mie struggled to tug at Wen Feng Jin’s clothes but he did not even have the strength to keep his eyes open. Wen Feng Jin held him and said: “As long as you can live, I’m willing to do anything…..”

No! Wang Xiao Mie only managed to shake his head slightly with the last of his strength. Tears rolled down his cheeks as his senses began to fade. Feeling powerless, he finally closed his eyes.

But they were both wrong. That day, neither of them received any help from the Academy. 

The boy did go to get help but the person he called was the dean. He looked heartlessly at Wen Feng Jin and the disciple he once favored.

“I said before, once you step out of this door, you’re no longer my disciple!”

The opened door was closing again. Wen Feng Jin went berserk and banged erratically at the door with his fists. Each strike left the door with a stamp of blood.

“Save him! Isn’t he your Shixiong?! Save him, I beg you ….”

Wen Feng Jin looked desperately at the closing door and knelt down…..

“Save him.”

As the dignified head slammed against the muddy ground, the door stopped.

The dean slowly raised the corner of his lips. The boy behind him couldn’t bear to look any longer. 

“Teacher, Shixiong, he’s already….”

“Hmph.” The dean waved his hand. He turned and left with a sneer.

The door between them slammed shut with a bang!

The frigid rain continued its boundless downpour. 

The wounds strewed across his body, the immense pain, the humiliation along the way, and the hope that was heartlessly denied from him…

Wen Feng Jin kept his head down. His fingers clawed into the hard ground, leaving scratch marks of blood! In his destitute state, a twisted and psychotic smile appeared on his face as the black peculiar pupils turned bloodshot!

It was on that day that he completely lost his humanity. What remained was a twisted soul pushed to the brink.

“I will not let any of you off…” Wen Feng Jin hugged Wang Xiao Mie. He looked straight at the door with a sinister smile: “I will absolutely show you no mercy!”

“Ah Ah Ha ha ha! Even if I die, I will remember the humiliations my Shixiong and I received today! I will kill all of you! — everyone single one!!!”

“I want you all to be buried with my Shixiong and me!”

Deep-seated desperation materialized in his eyes which had now turned scarlet. Tears fell as it stared fixated at the door, yearning to break it open.

He said word by word: “Were I to live, I will decimate every one of you here! I will never show any mercy again. I want the whole country to experience my pain!”


Wang Xiao Mie hovering from above looked at the roaring Wen Feng Jin. His lips trembled but words were unable to come out. In its place were irrepressible tears that flowed from his eyes…

These are his memories. The ruthless truths.

Those years were too bitter. Even when they had each other to rely on, they could not survive the hostility of the world and the fickleness of the human heart.

That year, the lone Wang Xiao Mie who was abandoned and forgotten by all went back to ancient times. Fate had him meet up with Wen Feng Jin who was also despised and isolated by the world. The two sad souls licked each other’s wounds and exchanged their warmths. Tragically, they could not overcome one last time of having their hope shattered…


The memories before him then shifted further along. 

Wang Xiao Mie woke up in a room filled with a bitter fragrance.

They survived after all.

Later, Wen Feng Jin told him that they were supposed to die that day but maybe fate had other plans. Mu Yi, Mu Er, and Mu San managed to reach them in time. They killed off the emperor’s dark guards and used the best medicine to treat them.

Wen Feng Jin and himself had their roots damaged but Wen Feng Jin had a sturdy foundation, so he was only unconscious for some time. The same could not be said for Wang Xiao Mie. He was of sub-par health and a feeble chicken to begin with. Even if he woke up, which he did after a month of coma, there was no saving him.

The day he woke up, Wen Feng Jin silently placed his hand on his face. At that moment, Wang Xiao Mie knew Wen Feng Jin had changed.

He had bandages around his neck, head, and fingers. He smiled sweetly and said to Wang Xiao Mie: “Shixiong, let me avenge you…”


Six months thereafter, Wen Feng Jin carefully escorted Wang Xiao Mie up the stone steps to the Academy once again. But this time, their positions were swapped. They were high above on sedan chairs looking down on the countless lives waiting to be hanged.

That day, they were the ones listening to the helpless cries of those in the Academy.

The dean was personally tortured by Wen Feng Jin until his last breath.

In a horrified state, Wang Xiao Mie shivered as he covered his ears and closed his eyes. He could not bear to look at the desperate faces condemned to die. Only Wen Feng Jin was laughing, appreciating the purgatory.

His fear of Wen Feng Jin hence began.

He did hate those who mistreated them but this was an indiscriminate massacre, more was the number of innocents killed. And what about the ignorant children of the Academy? Wang Xiao Mie just could not accept it.

Very soon, Wen Feng Jin was aware of his resistance and fear. 

At this point, Wen Feng Jin was no longer gentle and obedient towards him. He was radical, domineering, and ruthless on his quest for revenge where countless innocent lives were taken. Blinded by hatred, Wang Xiao Mie’s words could no longer dissuade him.

And because of Wang Xiao Mie’s defiance and decision to leave, Wen Feng Jin resorted to keeping him locked up.

Wang Xiao Mie did not have much longer. He was fed with medicine every day but with each dose, the drug’s efficiency decreased. Eventually, the physicians were at a loss. It was time for him to go…

And yet Wen Feng Jin still dared to do that to him…

Wang Xiao Mie who was watching his memories pass by was red with anger, he gritted his teeth and exclaimed: “The shameless!”

Now that that was behind him, Wang Xiao Mie did not mind it as much. But back then, to the two who were already in disharmony, Wen Feng Jin’s domineering compulsion was the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

What happened after that was a blur to him because he was bedridden with his death looming.

Then came another memory and he finally remembered that he had met Yan Chun before. But the Yan Chun he met did not look like this at all.

He was a gorgeous man, alluring and dignified. He had an arrogant look in his eyes as he stared at Wang Xiao Mie on his deathbed, whispering something Wang Xiao Mie could not make out. He was then led away by Wen Feng Jin. 

And after that meeting, Wen Feng Jin came to possess the immortality elixir.

Maybe it was a common trait of people who were awaiting their deaths. As Wang Xiao Mie stayed idle in bed, he thought back to all the times he spent with Wen Feng Jin and what they had gone through together. In fact, even back then, he did not hate Wen Feng Jin.

Death was coming and his heart was clearer than ever.

The crucial point was that the system had long determined that failing to accomplish the mission would result in his death.

Hence, when Wen Feng Jin fed him the elixir, he passed it back to him.

When Wen Feng Jin had that desperate look again, Wang Xiao Mie tried to explain his ordeal but in the next second, the system had erased his memories and ejected him from that world…

The scenery had now faded into darkness. 

The floating Wang Xiao Mie thought to himself: After my death, Xiao Wenzi probably thought that I gave him back the elixir as a punishment.


Wang Xiao Mie stretched out in midair then closed his eyes and waited for his second death.

The lights had been snuffed out, it seemed his death was imminent.

Some time later…

The floating Wang Xiao Mie frowned in the dark.

Some more time later…..

Wang Xiao Mie couldn’t help giving his head a scratch.

Some more time later….

Wang Xiao Mie: What the hell?! The death god this year is not doing a very good job! I’ve been floating here forever! Why aren’t you taking me away?! Just because I was resurrected and became a zombie I don’t deserve your service?!!

Negative review!!!

Hm? Why is there a medicinal scent? It smells familiar.

Wang Xiao Mie’s consciousness faded as he took in the familiar fragrance.


Tut tut tut, how affectionate.” Zhen Bei looked at the man whose hands were riveted through by a sharp weapon, pinning him to the giant tree. 

Within his proximity were Lei Jie and Xiao Luo, both of whom were laying flat on the ground. A pool of blood fanned out under them, their fate was uncertain. 

What remained where Yan Chun once laid was a pile of rags and something that looked like white sand.

Wang Xiao Mie was leaning against the coffin with his eyes closed and his lips smudged with blood. On his chest was a bullet wound whereby the disrupted skin tissues were now regrouping.

“If it wasn’t for that nosy b*tch, between these two bullets, one would have cracked his skull, and the other turn his insides into mush.”

“But you’re indeed worthy to be called an undead. Even with Yan Chun’s attack and that blood transfusion, you still managed to injure me.”

Zhen Bei laughed and spit out a mouthful of blood surging from his chest. He had a broken leg and a large indented wound on his left chest but he was still very much alive, leaning against his weapon.

This weapon was a long instrument with a bronze coating. The barrel was as long as that of a rifle and one end had a palm-size cylindrical metal piece attached, making it resemble a disproportionate hammer with an elongated handle.

It was thanks to this unique weapon and the fool Yan Chun that he could successfully inflict serious damage to the two disgusting monsters. 

“I know~ ha~ I know the fatal weakness of your kind. The heart is most vital to monsters like yourselves. But I’m surprised. Even having to endure my attacks, you’d still risk your life to feed him your blood and Yan Chun’s heart. Lucky for me you’re dumb, otherwise winning against you is almost impossible…”

He swayed his uninjured leg and stood upright, pressing the weapon on the chest of the man nailed to the tree.

“Am I right, Wen Feng Jin…..”


Wen Feng Jin’s hands were hammered to the tree by two thick nails. The red crown was broken and his clothes were in a mess. His long hair dark as coal had now turned white as snow!!!

Wen Feng Jin raised his head feebly and his blanched hair fell over his paled cheek. The only color left on him was from his red eyes and glowing scarlet mark on his forehead.

A large self-inflicted incision over his trachea had impeded his speech. 

“Humans are meant to be greedy. The world is filled with people like me, hypocritic, selfish, and will not hesitate to hurt others for their own gain.” With unblinking eyes, Zhen Bei stared down at him. The corners of his mouth spread out in a malicious grin, almost reaching his ears. He bent down and said with an evil tone: “Rest in peace, everything in this tomb palace will belong to me. And you both?”

“You’re going to turn to dust just like Yan Chun. And so will your Shixiong!”

Here’s the author’s clarification as to what happened: Wang Xiao Mie was shot twice. The attack to his brain was blocked by Lei Jie or else he would really have been snuffed out. Another shot was to his chest where his heart was. At this point, Yan Chun’s heart alone cannot save him so Wen Feng Jin had to cut his neck open to give him his blood. He did all this while having to endure attacks from the shameless Zhen Bei. When that’s done, they both fought it out but Wen Feng Jin had lost too much blood and sustained too many injuries, Zhen Bei managed to gain the upper hand and nailed him to the tree.