RCFN Chapter 73

Chapter 73

A flash of enmity crossed Ye Cheng Feng’s eyes the moment he saw Mo Di. Ye Cheng Feng quickly retrieved his gaze and showed a gentlemanly smile: “Hello, you are…”

“Mo Di.” Mo Di pointed to his nameplate.

“Oh, so you’re Mo Di. I’ve heard so much about you. You ranked first in the College Entrance Exam, and a dark horse at that.” Ye Cheng Feng smiled and continued: “I heard that your scores from before were vastly different though. It’s quite unbelievable that you excel at the last minute.”

Cough …that… shall we go out to wait for the other teams’ captains? It’s getting boring here.” Li Qingqing deliberately broke off the conversation. Something seemed off about the way Ye Cheng Feng talked, it was obviously different from when they were chatting previously.

“Fine by me.” Ye Cheng Feng responded politely but in fact, was very displeased.

Seeing Mo Di reminded him of the pain he had caused Xiao Gui and Ye Cheng Feng lost himself for a moment. But he refused to display his aggression as it will taint his public image.

The same goes for Mo Di, he remained indifferent and smiled at Li Qingqing: “I have to use the bathroom first, you guys go ahead.”

“Alright, alright.” Li Qingqing pointed: “It’s on the left corridor.”

“Thank you.”

After exiting the break room, Mo Di hurried to the bathroom. He sent Mu Tian Heng a text then took out a miniature recorder in the form of a cufflink and placed it in his pocket.


When Mo Di returned, there were three new arrivals in the room. All of them were men and one of them was a bald man of about thirty in age. Mo Di unconsciously touched his hair and decided to stay up late as little as possible. The occupational hazard of a programmer was quite devastating in the long run.

When Mo Di came in, everyone was chatting lively.

“Oh me? I’m the captain of Puppet Games.” Li Qingqing introduced herself, “There are ten girls and ten boys in our team. Very well balanced.”

“That’s hard to come by. I’m envious.”

Talking to Li Qingqing was Hua Tian who was wearing a black shirt with suit pants, “I’m the captain of Four Seasons. We have seventeen dudes and only three girls. The gender ratio is just too different.”

“I’m the captain of Poison Kiss.” Shao Changkang, a chubby man in the plaid shirt interjected: “We’re all men but our team mainly makes shojo games that are more appealing to females. It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? Hahaha.” 

Mo Di was not at all surprised by the reveal since he knew all these facts beforehand. However, the others were thoroughly shocked. Li Qingqing exclaimed: “You guys are the creators of Love Cards?!!”

“That’s right.” Shao Changkang raised his eyebrows with pride.

The camera crew circled them enthusiastically, making sure to capture the first explosive news.

A group of men making popular games for girls, the revelation was quite unexpected.

The other top game was Legend, also created by a team entirely made up of males and several of them were foreigners.

Oddly enough, the game made by Ye Cheng Feng was an unimpressive sports game currently in the eighth position.

However, Mo Di was fully aware that that was not Ye Cheng Feng’s highest potential, surely he had an ace up his sleeve. And he had to bring it out soon since only six teams could advance to the next round.

Mo Di would have to wait and see.

If he guessed right, Ye Cheng Feng’s trump card would be the game he used to win the championship in his last life. According to his acceptance speech at that time, it was a game three years in the making.

And now that he had one less year, what would the result be?

By eleven, the rest of the team leaders had arrived. The staff then proceeded to guide them towards the several villas, allowing the captains to choose their residence of choice.

And the order they get to choose went according to their game’s ranking.

Clearly, Ye Cheng Feng did not anticipate such a regulation. His face turned dark for a moment.

If he had known, he would have used his ace card instead of having to be put in such a passive situation.

Villa one had four floors, two and three had three floors each. Villa three was the most secluded.

The team ranked first with the game Legend chose the top floor of villa #3. It seemed everyone recognized that the top floors would provide the most privacy.

Mo Di chose the top floor of villa #2.

Next was Shao Changkang’s team. He chose the last top floor of villa #1.

The fourth team picked the second floor of villa #3 and the fifth and only team with a female captain, Li Qingqing’s team, picked the second floor of villa #2.

“Little brother, we’re going to be neighbors.” Li Qingqing beamed at Mo Di.

Mo Di returned with a smile: “We’re a small team and don’t usually make a lot of noise. I guarantee we won’t disturb you.”

“Small team?” Li Qingqing’s interest was piqued, “How many are there in your team?”

“About half of yours.”

“That few?!” Li Qingqing was amazed. “With so few in the team, how did you manage to meet the deadlines? We have twenty members and only barely made it every time.”

The other leaders also eyed Mo Di with admiration. If their members were any fewer, they were eighty percent certain they would fail the task.

“Well, we’re all very determined.” Mo Di smiled.

The leader of the sixth team struggled for a while and finally picked the second floor of villa #1.

The leader of the seventh team was in an even bigger dilemma. He was only left with the third floors but which villa should he pick? Villa #1 had four floors so they would not be at the bottom but the place would accommodate eighty people. Villa #2 would only have at most fifty occupants and a lot more girls which meant the place would be much cleaner.

With that, he picked the same villa as Mo Di, villa #2.

After the seventh team had taken its pick, Ye Cheng Feng was starting to feel his rage accumulating.

He had been planning to choose the first floor of villa #2 where Mo Di was to facilitate his plans…. to think someone beat him to it.

Ye Cheng Feng pushed down his agitation and decided on the first floor of villa #3.

The ninth and tenth team moved to the second and first floors of villa #1.

Finally, the staff handed each captain their corresponding access card.

There were only three to four teams to a villa, but appropriate privacy and protection were provided in the form of access gates with key cards to get through. Although the gate was quite short and could be easily breached, it still provided a small sense of security.


Pang Qiang Lang and the others arrived in the afternoon and were guided to the villa by the staff. It was then that they were elated for ranking second.

There were seven rooms available on their floor. Mo Di picked out a room to use as a public space and the remaining six should be enough for everyone to live in.

After the teams settled in, they were required to allocate the members to their room in order for the staff to install extra beds.

Mo Di and the others decided to let the girls have one room each and the guys would have to split the remaining four rooms. They used a dice game to decide who got to have a room to himself. 

Mo Di and Chen Zhao were the lucky two while Lin Jun Feng, Xian Yu Chao, Pang Qiang Lang, and Han Chao had to bunk together two to a room.

Mo Di’s group had it easy compared to the other teams. Their teams consisted of twenty people meaning there would be three or four to a room. Li Qingqing complained that she felt as though she had returned to her university days living in the dorm.

When Xian Yu Chao knew that the group below them had ten girls in their mix, he excitedly tried to form friendships with them but instead was asked to scram by his own teammates.


As Mo Di was settling in with ease, Ye Cheng Feng’s team was getting a little tense.

They had seven rooms and one was left to be used as a living room. The three girls in the team would share a room and Ye Cheng Feng would have a room to himself, leaving four rooms left for the sixteen men to pack in.

Of course Ye Cheng Feng would not allow others to think badly of him. The several members he had on his side would help him say a few superficial words and no one would think any less of him.

Nonetheless, dissatisfaction arose when the members had to set up their tiny room for four. Some couldn’t help but complain that they should have brought out their ace in the previous evaluation but Ye Cheng Feng refused to listen, saying that he wanted to lower the other teams’ guard and take them by surprise.

Now, they only hope that it was really worth the sacrifice.

At present, Ye Cheng Feng was in his bedroom talking on the phone with his father’s confidant. The other party was proposing several solutions for the problem he wanted to be solved.

One of them he knew would effectively yield the result he wanted…

To make Mo Di infamous throughout the whole country and ultimately, his participation in this competition will be affected.

It’s just that this method was a little too vicious for his taste, quite a contradiction with his gentle and elegant self.

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  1. You know you can tell the villain of the week is simply cannon fodder when they barely get screen time and their plans easily guarded against! I’d say RIP in advance, but no one associated with MLG is deserving of even that. Keep being clever Mo Di!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. So, my question from the previous chapter is now answered – that Ye Cheng Feng IS a jerk pretending to be elegant and refined!
    Thank you for the translation ❤

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