RCFN Chapter 74

Chapter 74

Ye Cheng Feng stayed silent. When Uncle Zhang on the other end did not hear a response, he said: “Young master, if you don’t have the heart to do it then leave it to Zhu Chenglang.”

Zhu Chenglang was one of the many confidants fostered by the Ye family since childhood. He was the son of an old driver and had been put to work for Ye Cheng Feng. When Ye Cheng Feng picked computer science as his major, he did the same and was now a programmer on the team.

He was trained to be tactful and sly, characteristics needed to do the dirty work his gentle and refined master could not do.

Ye Cheng Feng’s eyes converged slightly. He contemplated and said: “It’s fine. I’m representing justice by teaching him a lesson. It is time I stop being merciful.”

“Uncle Zhang, in another two weeks, the teams will be allowed to leave for half a day. I’ll go back to get the stuff from you.”

“Yes, young master. I’ll have it ready.”

Uncle Zhang hung up the phone after receiving Ye Cheng Feng’s order. He then gave Zhu Chenglang a call.

Even though the young master decided to personally deal with the person, they just could not let him dirty his hands. If this matter was badly executed and leaked, it would be disastrous. The lesser the young master’s involvement, the better.


Meanwhile, Mo Di had walked everyone through tidying their rooms. Thanks to the cleaning staff, they did not have to clean the corridor. By dinner time, the whole floor was in order.

Chen Zhao was texting with Xian Yu Chao and Lin Jun Feng in the group chat: your room was cleaned by Xiao Di and me, I expect a treat when you guys come back. Or you can bring me some of your local snacks, the especially delicious kind.

Xian Yu Chao: [you don’t even have to mention it] sticker

Lin Jun Feng sent a voice message: We’ll be flying back tomorrow, what do you want specifically, tell me now.

Xian Yu Chao: Fatso, have you seen the stuff I’m taking back? My mom was overjoyed when she knew that I got to be Xiao Di’s roommate. She was even happier knowing that Xiao Di taught me how to code. She prepared a large hamper of New Year’s products for Xiao Di and told me to take it back. It’s gigantic! If she wasn’t too busy, she would’ve flown there with me!

Lin Jun Feng: ….. Your mom is so cool.


The next day, Xian Yu Chao came in carrying a large suitcase. There were all kinds of dried goods and uniquely flavored ice cream. There was even a whole box of ginseng at the bottom.

Mo Di was at a loss. Her gift was too extravagant.

“You have to accept it. Do you know how much work it took me to carry it here? Plus she had this prepared a long time ago, she’ll be hurt if you declined!” Xian Yu Chao pushed the stuff to Mo Di, “I have to take a bath now. There are so many sisters downstairs, I have to look presentable.”

Xian Yu Chao left the items there and went back to his room with Lin Jun Feng, preparing to revitalize his hope for finding a girlfriend.

Mo Di was a little perplexed but he was appreciative.

Her goodwill he was thankful for but this was a little overboard.

In the end, Mo Di had to accept the gifts and decided to properly send his thanks to Xian Yu Chao’s mother. He made a list of specialties to be purchased from the capital and had Mu Tian Heng send one bacth to them and another to Xian Yu Chao’s home.

By Friday, the team members had fully gathered and adapted themselves to living in the villa. It was also then that they officially resumed their busy schedule.

The camera crew was only allowed to film the workplace with the captain’s approval, therefore, most of the footage was of the team’s daily activities.

After two days, everyone had smoothly transitioned into the new working environment. Mo Di had also formed a friendship with other teams’ leaders. 

Even though they were competitors, at the same time, they had the same passion and most likely would still meet up in the future, hence, it was better to have a good relationship. Furthermore, neither team was working under a company, this would work in his favor should he decide to headhunt them for his company.

And Xian Yu Chao was all the happier to play gentleman with the ladies downstairs, helping them with their baggage and shopping. The women from the other teams were very pleased with him and they would regularly chat. Nonetheless, they only saw him as a little brother. Even if he added two years to his age, most of them were already twenty-five and a few were over thirty. 

Ignorant to the fact that he was being treated like a little brother, Xian Yu Chao was pumped and tried to show his good side through his work, thinking that he would soon get a girlfriend. Mo Di was conflicted about whether he should clear things up for Xian Yu Chao but seeing his work efficiency, he decided otherwise. Who knows his hard work might pay off.

Sunday came and after completing the work for the day, Mo Di left the compound.

Other than Mo Di, no one else was ever able to complete their work within half a day so they decided to stay. Moreover, the living condition was too cozy that most preferred to linger in for the weekend. 

After Mo Di left, the group decided to further explore the base and its nearby vicinities, searching for eating places that might suit their tastes.

On the other end, Ye Cheng Feng also left the base.

Having received Uncle Zhang’s order, Zhu Chenglang had to tag along as well.

Uncle Zhang was waiting for them at a French restaurant under the Ye family’s ownership. When he saw them come in, he ordered Zhu Chenglang to close the door to the private room.

“Uncle Zhang.” Ye Cheng Feng greeted.

“Young master, are you used to living there? I heard the living conditions are unsightly.” Uncle Zhang looked concerned at Ye Cheng Feng, “Should I tell your father to have someone deal with it?”

“There’s no need.” Ye Cheng Feng frowned, “My father and grandfather, how are they doing?”

“They’re fine. Didn’t they give you a call yesterday?”

“They always tell me the good news and not the bad. My grandfather has high blood pressure but he still loves to eat soy-braised pork. Uncle Zhang, please keep an eye on him for me.”

“Yes, yes, of course. Young master is most filial.” Uncle Zhang praised Ye Cheng Feng endlessly. “In this age, filial piety is rare in the younger generation. Just take a look at Mo Di, he willingly broke ties with his family. You can tell at a glance he’s a poisonous one. An ungrateful white-eyed wolf.”

“He is unfilial but his biggest sin is hurting his sister.” Ye Cheng Feng turned cold, “Uncle Zhang, is the medicine ready?”

“It’s done, it’s done.” Uncle Zhang took a quick glance around and decided to close the curtain just in case. He came back to his seat and pulled out a small bag from his pocket.

“Young master, this is a very powerful aphrodisiac brewed from abroad. It has a unique and rarely seen composition. A strong hallucinogenic drug is mixed in which works particularly well with the medicine. With just one gram of this, it could drive anyone to their limits.”

Uncle Zhang handed the bag to Ye Cheng Feng, “Young master, keep it well hidden.”

“It’s very effective?” Ye Cheng Feng accepted the bag and asked: “What should the dosage be?”

“One-tenth should be enough. Furthermore, this medicine is quite harmful to the body.” Uncle Zhang whispered: “Because of its effects, it’s no longer considered a stimulant. And with the hallucinogenic properties, it can make the person lose control of their inhibition. Even if it’s a public place, they would still indulge themselves in lustful fantasy.”

“It only takes three minutes for the effects to kick in. After that, no amount of willpower can prevent him from fulfilling his desires. He will forget his surroundings as the medicine enchants him into seeing his person of desire … be it in another person or even objects like pillows or pillars.”

Ye Cheng Feng’s face flashed with disgust.

“It’ll indeed be an ugly sight. To what extent does it harm the body?”

“It’s actually not that bad, he’ll most likely take a long time to vent. With heavier doses though, it could cause some mental complications and in more serious cases, a heart attack is also possible.”

“Mo Di is quite healthy. I don’t think he’ll get a heart attack.” Zhu Chenglang interjected, “Young master, if you don’t have the heart to do it, allow me. In the past two days, I have established a good relationship with the Ruyi Team staying on the first floor of his building. I’ll visit them in a couple of days and sneak out to dose him. I’m sure it will not attract too much attention.”


“How will you do it?” Ye Cheng Feng glanced at Zhu Chenglang, “Do you know how to use this medicine to its full potential?”

“Young master, what do you have in mind?”

Ye Cheng Feng’s brows were raised. It was unbecoming of him to resort to such a method which was very inconsistent with his usual code of conduct. 

In the end, he suppressed his misgivings.

“If we want to make this a big deal, we can’t simply have him attack a pillow in his room, that’s not enough. Understood?”

Zhu Chenglang was enlightened. He quickly responded: “I understand. Young master, you’re saying that we could take it a step further and make him do it on another person.”

If a video of him harassing another female member or even rape someone, such obscenity was sure to cause an uproar. His reputation would be washed down the drain. Everyone would be disgusted by him.

Ye Cheng Feng did not elaborate further. He looked at Uncle Zhang: “What about the micro camera?”

“It’s all here.” Uncle Zhang took out a small box and handed it to Ye Cheng Feng.

“Young master, when recording is done, you have to inform me right away. Such a big scandal happening inside the premises will give the competition a bad name. It is bound to be investigated. Should they find out that the video was leaked through your team, I will have the master put some pressure on them to look the other way.”

Uncle Zhang then looked at Zhu Chenglang sternly: “Do not let the young master dirty his hands, understood?”

“Yes, I understand.” Zhu Chenglang nodded.


Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng had dinner together and by the time Mo Di returned to the base, it was already nightfall.

He returned to the team villa and realized no one was in. 

A member of the Ruyi team saw Mo Di and explained: “Team leader Mo, your team members have all gone to a party. If you want to go, it’s at villa #1. It should still be ongoing.”

“Thank you.” Mo Di smiled and said.

He knew that Xian Yu Chao and the others were at the party as they had texted him beforehand, saying that someone organized an outdoor bbq event. The officials approved it and several tents were set up in front of the villa.

“Why didn’t you go?” Mo Di asked.

“I went but it’s too noisy and cold, plus I can’t drink so I came back. Two more members from the Puppet team also came back. If you’re not going to the party, why don’t we start a game of mahjong?” The team member laughed.

“I’ll go have a look at my team then come back and have a good game with you.” Mo Di smiled and waved his hand. He wrapped his scarf and left.

Villa #1 is not far from villa #2, only about three hundred meters apart.

Mo Di texted the others asking for their whereabouts. 

Several replies pointed him to the northwest corner of the first floor.

“Has your captain returned?” Zhu Chenglang in a long windbreaker asked Zhang Jie Meng with a smile: “The party is almost over.”

Zhu Chenglang has decent looks and when he smiled at her, Zhang Jie Meng was feeling a bit shy. She said: “Our captain will be here soon. The party should last at least another half an hour.”

“That’s true. Oh right, there are sparkling juice handed out, does your captain have any?”

Zhu Chenglang took out a bottle from the beverage box under the table and gave it to Zhang Jie Meng. “Those guys are too stingy. They only gave us these few boxes and it’s almost out. There are three bottles left, take one to your captain, or else they’ll be gone in a few minutes.”

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  1. “Ye Cheng Feng’s brows were raised. It was unbecoming of him to resort to such a method which was very inconsistent with his usual code of conduct.”


    *does it anyway*

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  2. This novel gives me life when I’m lifeless. Thanks for updating!!

    I can’t wait to see how Mo Di gets out of this and out that Gui-Stan in their place!

    Also, it kinda felt like her halo effect wasn’t working 100% on him? Like he had a bit of hesitancy? But only 2% of it. I wonder if her halo isn’t working well with her Love Interests now.

    THANK YOU!!! I am forever grateful for your updates.

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  3. I’d think by now Mo Di knows not to take drinks from anyone other than MTH. These methods are getting more despicable though! Is there no sense of irony in declaring Mo Di a terrible person but also being willing to have some innocent person be raped to drag Mo Di down? This white lotus halo is hateful in its effects, but also exposes how disgusting these people are too.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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