RCFN Chapter 64

Chapter 64

Du Wen Jing called for everyone to have some fruits but most just grabbed a piece of watermelon before going back to their singing. 

Only Mo Di took a piece of grapefruit but having too much to eat prior to this, Mo Di could not stuff in any more food. He put it back on the plate and decided to go out for a walk to assist his digestion.

The hallway was now noisy as a few of the doors were open. Listening to the jumbled noises, it seemed Xian Yu Chao’s voice was not at the bottom yet.

Mo Di’s ears and heart were tired. He finally chose to go downstairs to have some peace and quiet outside the building.

There were no distinctive noises in the lobby on the first floor. One of the receptionists was serving a customer while the other was busying with her phone.

Mo Di walked across the hall and out the front door.

Just when he got across the street, his phone rang. It was Xian Yu Chao.

“Hello, Xiao Di, where have you been?! Du Wen Jing went to look for you and couldn’t find you anywhere!”

Xian Yu Chao’s trumpet voice blasted across the phone.

Mo Di distanced his phone from his ear: “I’m outside getting some air. You guys sing, don’t worry about me. I’ll come back later.”

“Ok! Come back quickly! Oh right, we drank the wine, it’s really good! We left you a cup!” Xian Yu Chao was still shouting into the phone.

Mo Di felt his eardrums almost destroyed and hung up quickly.

“Mo Di!”

Just as the shouts from the phone died down, Mo Di heard another one exploded from behind.

Mo Di was shaken up. He slowly turned his head to find Gu Ran Ju standing right behind him. He was wearing a black jacket and black jeans. His hair was shaved at the sides, leaving a tuft in the middle which he combed back with gel, very much like a rock and roll singer.

Mo Di was instantly annoyed.

“Gu Ran Ju, what the hell were you yelling for?”

“The first thing you do when you see me is being angry at me!” Gu Ran Ju was feeling somewhat aggrieved. He charged forward and glared at Mo Di.

“Mo Di, why do you dislike me so much?! What is your reason?!” 

Mo Di was mystified. What’s the matter with this Gu Ran Ju?

He never sought him out nor had he ever tried to harm him. The most he did was ignore him but that was nothing overboard, was it?

Were they to switch roles and Gu Ran Ju was the victim of the countless times he tried to ruin his life, would the reborned Gu ran Ju let him live? What a joke. He was not seeking revenge. All he did was ignore him and it’s not wrong to ignore people.

Gu Ran Ju seemed to think too highly of himself.

Mo Di turned and walked away, completely treating Gu ran Ju like air.

Gu Ran Ju followed behind him like a leech.

“Mo Di, stop right there! How dare you ignore me?! How dare you?!”

Gu Ran Ju was furious and also partially aggrieved.

The last time he went to look for Mo Di was to clear things up. He searched the whole Jing Da but could not find him. When his temper was at its peak and he had to go back to school, his second class for the day had already started. With his rotten luck, he was caught by the discipline master and the principal. The bullshit principal even called his parents and that was the reason he was being watched for a whole month.

Today was the day his ban was lifted and his father’s bodyguards had left him alone. To celebrate his freedom, he went to get a new hairstyle and decided to sing all night. As luck would have it, he happened to bump into none other than Mo Di, the culprit behind his misery.

Initially, he had no intention of arguing with Mo Di but even when he took a step back, Mo Di still ignored him!

Gu Ran Ju was absolutely pissed. He felt he was going to die of injustice. Even adding up all the mistreatment he ever received from everyone else in his life, it was not even close to the ones he received from Mo Di!

Gu Ran Ju caught up with Mo Di and was about to grab his arm when Mo Di pulled his arm back and pressed him on the ground.

“Ah!!” Gu Ran Ju screamed in pain. “Mo Di, you hit me?!”

“If you follow me again, I’ll not only hit you but give you a good kick!” Mo Di turned and went back into the building. He decided to round up the guys and return to school. It was almost eleven and it’ll be too late if they don’t leave soon.


When Mo Di reached the room, Du Wen Jing came out to greet him with a plate of fruits.

“Oh Xiao Di, you’re back. I was about to go look for you.” Du Wen Jing smiled, “The fruits are almost finished. I only managed to keep some for you. Lin Jun Feng’s eating speed is just too fast, it’s like he doesn’t even chew.”

“Thank you.” Mo Di said with a smile. The pieces of grapefruit were exactly the same as before he left. “I can’t finish them all, you can give them some.”

“There are only four pieces. You really can’t finish them? No wonder you’re so skinny.” Du Wen Jing smiled and continued: “I’m different, I can finish the whole fruit myself.”

“I’ve had too much to eat today.”

Mo Di had always been careful with his body, in other words, it was a form of discipline. Except for staying up late due to work, he had a very healthy lifestyle.

Oh, another bad habit was drinking scalding hot soup. This was formed due to the trauma sustained from his past life. After rebirth, he would drink soup at extreme temperatures to feel the warmth of being alive and safe.

But this habit was critically reprimanded by Mu Tian Heng and he had since kicked it. Now he would pay attention and only have the soup at the appropriate temperature.

“Ai, alright. I know we ate a lot tonight but it’s not easy to resist the food you like.” Du Wen Jing passed the fruits tray to Mo Di, “I’ll leave this to you. Remember to eat it soon or it won’t be fresh anymore.”

“En, thank you.”

Thinking that it was just a few pieces of fruit, Mo Di decided to eat it anyway. As he picked up a piece, a series of heavy footsteps came into earshot and before Mo Di could react, the fruit tray in his hand was knocked on the floor with a bang.

“No eating!!!” 

It was Gu Ran Ju gnashing his teeth.

Mo Di dared to hit him and then just walked away! How could he eat like nothing even happened!

He must’ve owed Mo Di something in his last life! Otherwise, why would Mo Di mistreat him as such!!!

If Mo Di knew what he was thinking, he would definitely nod his head in agreement.

At present, all Mo Di wanted was to beat the crap out of him.

“Gu Ran Ju, are you crazy?!”

“You’re the crazy one! Mo Di, why did you ignore me?! You not only ignored me, you even hit me. And when you’re done with abusing me, you just wiped your hands and left. How could you do that to me?!”

Gu Ran Ju roared.

Mo Di laughed in anger. He rolled up his sleeves: “What did I do to you? Have you ever thought that the unreasonable one is you? Gu Ran Ju, are you a child still drinking your mother’s milk?!”

Not to mention his last life, even in this life, Gu Ran Ju seemed to be infected with rabies.

“From the start, you were mad because I did not call the ambulance for you and you tried to beat me up. After I graduated and we met outside, you still wanted to fight me. I refused to fight you and you got angry. I ignored you and you claimed that I wronged you. All of this, you’re the one who started it?”

“You, you… I….” Gu Ran Ju was dumbfounded.

“What’s going on? What’s going on? Who’s making trouble…” Xian Yu Chao and the others came to the door and shouted when they saw Gu Ran Ju.

“Hey! It’s the little rascal again! Is the school giving you too little homework that you have the time to go around causing trouble?!”

Gu Ran Ju ignored them and only looked at Mo Di. “I… know I’m wrong, ok. I’m not looking for a fight with you but you’re still not socializing with me!”

The last time he broke into Mo Di’s dorm, he was given a good scolding. Since then he had reflected and found that what he did was indeed a little …odd and unfair towards Mo Di. All he wanted now was to be friends with him but Mo Di kept ignoring him!

“Kid, you’re really childish.” Zhao Chun and Zhang Jie Meng who came out to watch the commotion laughed and said: “If you keep making trouble, no one will want to be friends with you. And being friends is a mutual act, you can’t force others to be your friend, that’s just selfish.”

“You, you….” Gu Ran Ju was teeming with anger. He stared at Mo Di and asked: “Tell me, tell me what to do so you’ll forgive me.”

Mo Di simply wanted him to leave him alone but he knew this won’t be solved by ignoring him any longer. 

“If you stop looking for me and giving me trouble for half a year, I’ll consider it.” Mo Di replied.

“Half a year? I can’t come to find you for half a year?!” Gu Ran Ju widened his eyes.

“I don’t want to see your face for at least three months. Of course it’s up to you if you don’t agree. I don’t particularly want to be your friend anyway.” Mo Di sneered.

Gu Ran Ju was agitated. He could feel he was being jabbed at but he endured and finally took a deep breath.

Mo Di no longer paid him any heed. He turned to Xian Yu Chao and said: “It’s past eleven, let’s go back. It’s late.”

“Ok. My throat’s a little dry, I don’t want to sing anymore.” Chen Zhao said.

“Um, let’s go. Staying up late is not good for my skin.” Zhao Chun said as she touched her face.

There was no objection from anyone so Mo Di prepared for the checkout. He took a glance around and found that Du Wen Jing was missing. “Where’s Du Wen Jing? Did she go somewhere?”

“I’ll give her a call. Let’s go down first.” Zhao Chun said.

The group arrived on the first floor and Mo Di went to settle the bill. It was then that Du Wen Jing returned with two big bags in hand.

Zhao Chun immediately went over to her, “Wen Jing, where did you go? You didn’t answer your phone.” 

“I went to buy drinks. I bet everyone is thirsty after singing but the beverages here are overpriced so I went to buy from the vendors outside.” Du Wen Jing handed Zhao Chun a bottle of snow pear juice: “Here you go, your favorite.”

“Thank you, Wen Jing.” Zhao Chun smiled, “You’re the most considerate. None of this ever crossed my mind.”

Du Wen Jing laughed. She began to pass everyone their drinks. Lin Jun Feng, Xian Yu Chao, and Chen Zhao’s were coke, Pang Qiang Lang and Han Chao’s were Sprite and Fanta, Zhang Jie Meng’s was green tea. Everyone thanked her for the drinks.

As for Mo Di, it was a bottle of grapefruit juice.

“The grapefruit was knocked over just now so I bought you a bottle of juice instead.” Du Wen Jing smiled at Mo Di.

“Thank you.” Mo Di was surprised at Du Wen Jing’s attentiveness. He warmed up to her, “We came here to relax yet you have to run here and there, sorry about that.”

“It’s nothing. I just like doing this.” Du Wen Jing looked around, “Where’s that wild kid? Did he leave?”

“Um, we chased him away.” Zhao Chun said, “Just a kid with too much time on his hand.”

The gentlemen watched the ladies safely boarded the taxi before saying goodbye and going their separate ways, either by taxi or the train.

Mo Di and the gang used bike-sharing.

Back at the dorm, the four took turns to shower. Mo Di sat on his chair. Feeling thirsty, he took a sip from the bottle Du Wen Jing gave him.

Chen Zhao observed him and a wry smile appeared on his face. “Xiao Di, why do I feel that Du Wen Jing was especially nice to you? Just now, she not only ordered grapefruit for you but even went out of her way to buy you a bottle of grapefruit juice. Do you think she likes you?”

“She was also nice to you. You should wash your thoughts.” Mo Di was speechless.

“Get lost with your filthy brain. Don’t sully our Xiao Di.” Lin Jun Feng hit gave Chen Zhao a hit, “Besides, Du Wen Jing is twenty-four, we’re only eighteen.”

Chen Zhao: “Ai, Lin Jun Feng, why are you so old-fashioned. It’s only six years older.”

“That’s not how it is. What you saw was how Du Wen Jing was brought up. I heard from Zhao Chun that she has a younger brother. Her family is really backward and they’re the patriarchal kind, they treasure boys over girls.” Explained Xian Yu Chao as he walked out of the bathroom in his baggy pants. “The women of this type of family are usually very meticulous and courteous towards the people around them. This is probably the trait we saw in Du Wen Jing.”

“Hey Salted Fish, don’t tell me you like Du Wen Jing!” Chen Zhao teased the rarely serious Xian Yu Chao.

“Stupid Chen Zhao, don’t talk nonsense.” Xian Yu Chao flicked his towel at Chen Zhao. “I just thought that she probably had a tough life, seeing her simple clothes and such.”

Mo Di drank half the bottle of grapefruit juice and left it on the table.

Du Wen Jing indeed was dressed plainly for a girl going out for fun. Her family probably did not treat her very well. Living in a family filled with prejudice, Mo Di could sympathize with her.

He felt he might be able to give her some help.

“After we passed this round of the competition, I’ll give everyone a big bonus.” Mo Di said all of a sudden.

“What? A bonus?!!” Xian Yu Chao froze on the spot. He was no longer bothered with Chen Zhao and rushed at Mo Di with excitement, “Are you serious?!!”

“Of course.” Mo Di smiled sincerely, showing his shallow dimple.

He would be paying each member a bonus of ten thousand yuan. One was to boost morale and the other was to help out the ones in need.

“Ahhhh! That’s fantastic! Xiao Di, this father loves you!” the group began to sing Mo Di’s praises.

Mo Di smiled and went to the bathroom. He had not taken his bath yet.

However, he was not sure if the water was too hot or there was another reason, Mo Di had a particularly unpleasant bath. His heart was pacing quickly and there was an overpowering sense of excitement that was suffocating.

Mo Di reduced the water temperature drastically.

The cold water poured down on him but it did not elevate his discomfort. He only felt cold on his skin while his breath was still hot and heavy. His heartbeat was loud, almost deafening to his eardrum. There was also dizziness and nauseousness…

Mo Di took a long breath but still felt uncomfortable.

He turned off the showerhead and took a seat on the toilet. This did not help much and panic began to set in.

Although… although he was feeling dizzy and flustered, his brain was highly active.

Mo Di’s face was now looking incredibly pale.

What’s going on, this is not normal.

Xian Yu Chao was outside discussing how he would be spending his bonus saw Mo Di coming out of the bathroom just after seven or eight minutes. “Xiao Di, your bath was quick today.”

But Mo Di could not afford to avert his attention towards them. He went directly to his bed with a calm face and grabbed his phone. 

He dialed a number: “Brother, brother, can you take me to the hospital?”

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  1. Gu Ran Ju is unintentional hero. Too bad the girl still manage to drug mc. It’s good that Mo Di is teetotal (atm? lol) so he still have consciousness and directly went to hospital ‘in time'(I knew it :D).
    Poor Gu Ran Ju, you can become my friend. This’s story for the old beast, not younger hot-head as most novel. You born in wrong novel lol

    I doubt will he addict even with one use except Heroin. But more importantly, he don’t even know what he addict to. What’s this Qin ‘smart’? plan. At most, the news is someone drug him once or he die.


  2. Something that I learned from the past events is that if a new character isn’t close to Mo Di but can still get a decent amount of screen time they’re sus.

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