IHSC Chapter 29

Chapter 29

At night, the dozen or so tomb raiders prepared to enter the previously excavated passage to the underground tomb.

After letting down the rope, Zhen Mu and Xiao Li who were in the front threw in several flares. The weak light fell straight down and a faint sound could only be heard after a relatively long time. The people above ground looked down and saw a tiny dot of light.

“My god, how deep is this?”

“Under here is a thousand-year-old palace that spans this entire mountain range. Imagine the depths of such a magnificent building.”

For easy access, the hold was not dug vertically down and hence the view below was mostly blocked. Peeking into the deep tunnel, Zhen Hao’s excitement was unrestrained.

He urged the two men squatting beside him: “What are we still doing here?! Get down there quick!”

Xiao Li smiled at him and remained in place until Mr. Yan gave him a nod. He said: “Alright! I’m going.” He then strapped himself and slowly slid down the rope.

When it was Zhen Mu’s turn, Zhen Bei grabbed him and put something in his hand: “Brother, this is for you.”

Zhen Mu was briefly surprised as he looked at the small sachet in his hand: “What is this?”

“Lucky amulet.” Zhen Bei said with a smile: “I especially went to have it blessed.” 

Zhen Mu was touched with the small lucky charm and his eyes were filled with warmth. He rubbed Zhen Bei’s head, “Thank you Xiao Bei.”

“You’re welcome!”

When Zhen Mu began his descent, Zhen Bei squatted at the entrance with a worried look.

“Hey, you gave Zhen Mu an amulet but not to your big brother?” Zhen Hao looked down at Zhen Bei and asked with a smirk.

Zhen Bei raised his head and anxiously said: “No, no. I brought one for you too! Look!” He took out several small bags from his pocket, “I worry for both of you. Big brother, you also have to come back safely.”

He held the straps sewn to the sachet and intended to attach it on Zhen Hao.

As Zhen Hao looked at the grey sachet and Zhen Bei closing in with his idiotic smile, he slapped his hand away in disgust.

With a pa sound, Zhen Bei’s backhand was reddish and the sachet fell to the ground. Mr. Yan glanced at the scene coldly and turned back to stare at the cave while his subordinates scoffed with malice.

“This thing, it’s better for you to keep it.” It’s grey and dirty with unknown origins!

“Oh…” Zhen Bei lowered his head sadly like a kicked golden retriever. He bent to pick up the sachet but another hand picked it up for him.

It was Xiao Luo who could not standby and look any longer. He handed the sachet to Zhen Bei and whispered: “Don’t be upset by your stupid big brother. You should keep it for yourself.”

“Thank you,” Zhen Bei shyly smiled, and instead of taking it back, he pushed it to Xiao Luo, “You take it, it’ll definitely keep you safe!”

Xiao Luo laughed and nodded. He placed the item into his chest pocket and gave it a tap.

“Thank you, I’ll keep it with me.”

“En!” Zhen Bei nodded happily.

Zhen Hao stared at them coldly and rolled his eyes, “Idiots.”

The small incident was quickly cast aside when two high pitched whistles were heard from the ground. 

The man with the facial paralysis smiled awkwardly. “It’s ready! Let’s go.” His group dropped what they were doing and one by one, slipped down the rope promptly, leaving Zhen Hao behind. 

After Zhen Hao finally made it down, only then did Lei Jia signaled Xiao Luo to follow suit and she after. The last person to leave was Zhen Bei.

He stood at the entrance and looked down with cold eyes as a ghastly smile filled his face. Ashui who was made to stay above ground inadvertently saw this sinister look but in the blink of an eye, it was switched back to the airheaded face!

Thinking he was somewhat unnerved by the big fool, Ashui kicked Zhen Bei’s ass angrily, “What are you standing there for?! Get down there you big fool!”

Zhen Bei staggered and looked back at him with a scared and silly smile: “Sorry, I’m still a little scared. Ha ha. I’ll go now.”

Seeing Zhen Bei’s hesitation and his anxious look, Ashui eased up a little and murmured a few dirty words while he checked the rope. After assuring everything was fine, he went back to the tent and took a nap.


Deep inside the large expanse where looking up would give a feeling of being in another world, a giant stone gate stood in front of the group, seemingly connecting heaven and earth.

They gawked in front of the majestic gateway as if it was the Wailing Wall, unable to see the top even with their necks stretched upwards. A sense of awe and unease crept in and even the timid ones were eager to stop and observe.

“This… this is the thousand years mausoleum of legends?” Zhen Hao’s hands were shaking as he stared fixedly at the stone gate and touching the carvings on it.

Mr. Yan behind him was holding his breath and even Zhen Bei and Zhen Mu who had been here before were still filled with wonder when they looked at the stone gate.

“How the hell did they construct this? It’s freaking high… can all ancient people fly?” Chunlei asked Tiezi with his mouth gaping.

Tiezi rolled his eyes. He looked firmly at Mr. Yan, waiting for his instructions.

“There’s only a giant door here and yet I’m feeling oppressed. Inside… it won’t get easier, would it?”

“Hey! If you’re scared then go back. When it’s time to split the haul, there won’t be any for you!”

“Get lost! That’s not what I meant!”

The group of men joked as they were about to unveil a mystery. Lei Jie, on the other hand, was pinching her apprentice’s hand tightly with eyes staring straight at the door!

Xiao Luo gritted his teeth in pain: “…Shibo, we’re not inside the door yet and you’re using me as a sacrifice?”

Lei Jie calmed herself and released his arm. She slapped him on the back of his head: “Shut up! Sacrificing a close one to heaven does give immense power. Careful or I’ll really burn you!”

“Let’s go…Let’s go in!” On a rare occasion, Mr. Yan waved at the group with excitement. One by one, they crept through the hole drilled by Zhen Mu the last time he was here.


Walking in the front were Zhen Mu and Xiao Li with one hand holding the flashlight and the other firmly on their weapons. Zhen Hao and the others were following closely behind.

Xiao Luo asked Lei Jie in whispers: “Shibo, did we just enter the gate to the tomb palace? Why does it feel easy?”

Lei Jie sneered: “Gate to the palace? Ai, what you just walked through was like the city gate. Besides, there were so many who had passed through here before, there shouldn’t be any mishap. And I’m sure many died just so we can have a safe passage now. You’re probably stepping on their bones right now.”

“…..” Xiao Luo kept his mouth shut but his eyes were alert. At this moment, the skinny youth began to show a sword-like sharpness in his eyes.

After their silhouette disappeared into the dark and empty stone path, somewhere in the shadows, a water-like pillar rose from the ground. It began to shapeshift into two transparent humanoids.

The two hurdled together as they murmured.

“Did you smell which of them carry the scent Mu Yi was talking about?”

“I did. There’s a total of three.”

“Is it the one in the front with the sword, the tall and thin one, and the short melon next to the woman?” 

“No, no. He’s not a melon, he’s a bean sprout. He’s not fat.”

“Yes yes, Mu Shi is so smart~”

“Hee hee, Mu Jiu is also very smart~”

“What about the rest?”

“We kill them of course!”

The two jelly-like entities shifted back to a transparent liquid and seeped into the walls.


Petals fell under the ever-blooming Peach Blossom tree like sparkling stars floating down. In this abyss stood a platform where a blossoming tree and a red coffin endowed a beautiful love story.

And beneath the tree was the protagonist of that beautiful story… barbecuing a piece of meat.

Here’s the thing, ever since Wang Xiao Mie knew that his Kai Ming could emit heat, a brilliant idea popped up. He gathered the vacuum-sealed beef and lunch meat, washed Kai Ming cleanly, and let Wen Feng Jin hold it.

Seeing Kai Ming turning increasingly hot, Wang Xiao Mie’s eyes twinkled and an evil grin bloomed across his face.

With a sizzling sound, a piece of meat was placed on the body of Kai Ming.

Wen Feng Jin: “…..” For a moment there, I actually felt sympathy towards a dagger.

Wang Xiao Mie used a pair of self-made chopsticks to pick up the piece of meat and put it in his mouth.

Yum! What a great smell!

He did not neglect feeding Wen Feng Jin as well. Wen Feng Jin with his soft and beautiful face, gently open his mouth to be fed.

Feeling the incredible heat even through the thick cloth, Wen Feng Jin felt as though he was eating his own conscience.

And Wang Xiao Mie with his inquiries was not helping: “Aiya, look at Kai Ming, it’s heated to the point I can cook with it! Tell me, how many bad things have you done?”



Both: How can there be such a shameless person on this planet!

Wen Feng Jin looked at his puppy of a Shixiong and for the first time thought that he was quite outrageous!

Kai Ming: …… I’m going to blow up this couple!

After the meat was gone, Wang Xiao Mie threw his chopsticks along with the emptied cans and packaging. With a smug, he reclaimed Kai Ming and began wiping off the oil stains on it carefully. In his hand, Kai Ming had slowly cooled down.

“You’re such a useful little thing~” Wang Xiao Mie stroked the dagger adoringly.

Kai Ming hummed, as though giving Wang Xiao Mie a dog bark.

Wen Feng Jin smiled as he watched Wang Xiao Mie. 

He then looked in a certain direction and the smile on his face suddenly changed. That was the outermost area where the graverobbers were situated, which was also protected by Mu Shi and Mu Jiu. 

It’s better not to kill on the first day. What if they give up and leave? Wen Feng Jin dropped his head to hide his sinister laughter.

“Xiao Mie.”


Wen Feng Jin’s eyes soothed: “It’s time for us to sleep.”

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  1. And beneath the tree was the protagonist of that beautiful story… barbecuing a piece of meat. Way to go WXM hahaha bulldozing the entire scenery with WFJ and the poor dagger xD

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