RCFN Chapter 63

Chapter 63

Mo Di stopped and turned to look at the person behind him.

Li Zhao stepped forward. With the smile of a salesman trying to sell an unpractical product, he said: “Little student, I think you have an outstanding appearance. Do you want to develop in showbiz? I promise you will be famous.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not a conman. I’m an agent under Xing Hai Entertainment Company. Here’s my card.”

Li Zhao took out a business card from his pocket and handed it to Mo Di: “My eyes never wronged me. I’ve also brought out a lot of A-list stars. When the time comes, they’ll be your seniors.”

Mo Di accepted the card. Sure enough, this person was Li Zhao, the golden broker for Xing Hai Entertainment.

Unfortunately, Mo Di was not interested.

More importantly, he knew who Li Zhao’s big boss was and also that his son had a very good relationship with Qin Cheng Yi.

However, according to the development in his last life, the two had a falling out over Mo Liu Gui. He was not planning to get involved in this love triangle but would be looking forward to a good play.

“Sorry, I’m not interested in showbiz for the time being.” Mo Di kept the card out of politeness.

“Little student, I think you should consider wisely. The wonders of the entertainment industry are far beyond a normal person’s imagination.”

“Thank you but I’m not interested.” Mo Di smiled but his attitude was firm.

Li Zhao was disappointed that Mo Di rejected his offer. Signing Mo Di was not something he came up with on the spot. After he tried time and again but still failed to create hype for Mo Liu Gui, he couldn’t help but think of Mo Di who had a very different reputation and also an excellent appearance.

Furthermore, if it was Mo Di, he would certainly have a lot less to worry about.

This time, having fatefully met him here, Li Zhao simply had to implement this proposal. Pity that Mo Di was not willing to sail this boat.

Li Zhao sighed and made one last attempt: “If you ever regretted and want to enter the entertainment industry, give me a call. Even if I don’t take in anyone else, I’ll do it just for you.”

“Ok, I’ll call if I changed my mind.” Mo Di smiled, nodded, then turned to follow his friends.

Li Zhao’s action and words confirmed a conjecture that was looming in his heart. There was no way Li Zhao would sign him for only his looks. It must have something to do with his public image. This also meant that he must be really disappointed with Mo Liu Gui’s current status.

Regardless, showbiz was never his calling.


The group went to the cubicle upstairs and began ordering their food. After the waiter left, Xian Yu Chao lamented Mo Di’s decision.

“Celebrities can earn a lot. And once they’re hot, everyone in the country will know them. Countless girls will fall for them. How wonderful is that!” Xian Yu Chao cried into a cushion, he was once again traumatized by the previous incident.

“What’s so good about it? There’s no privacy. Moreover, if you’re not big enough, you can’t even have your own personality. Everything is a script the company set up for you. You’re going to have a split personality sooner or later. Not to mention having to deal with anti-fans.” Chen Zhao slapped Xian Yu Chao on the back.

“But one might have fans. I think it’s worth it.” Xian Yu Chao sobbed, “Now, girls don’t even like me.”

Mo Di shook his head helplessly. At the same time, he heard a chime coming from his phone.

It was Zhang Cheng Cheng, the person who specialized in sound effects Sun Ning Tao introduced. He texted that he would be available tomorrow and asked to meet. Mo Di checked his schedule and made an appointment with him at six the following evening.

Lin Jun Feng saw Mo Di texting and got curious: “Xiao Di, who are you talking to?”

“Zhang Cheng Cheng. I’ll be meeting him tomorrow. If he’s good enough, we can invite him to our team. If our games can have quality dubbings, it will definitely take it to a higher level.”

“Yes yes yes. Having good CVs can definitely stimulate players!” Xian Yu Chao added.

The orders were being brought in and the group started their meal.

At the same time, it was not just Mo Di’s group who was discussing Zhang Cheng Cheng.

More than ten kilometers away stood a secluded and luxurious villa.

Mo Wu Hang and Qin Cheng Yi were sitting face to face. The two teacups on the table between them had not been touched.

Mo Wu Hang was obviously impatient yet he was too fearful of Qin Cheng Yi’s brutality that he dared not step out of line.

“As I said, do not follow your brothers’ footsteps. Brainless and useless.” Qin Cheng Yi’s face was cold and distant, “Do you think that buying off an insignificant person can bring Mo Di to his knees?”

Mo Wu Hang shifted his head in silent disagreement.

“That’s just foolishness!”

Qin Cheng Yi said coldly: “Mo Wu Hang, if you want to hurt Mo Di, that’s fine, but you better make sure it’s cleanly done. If your failure affects Xiao Gui in any way, I’ll let you know what regret is.”

“My intentions have always been for the benefit of Xiao Gui. How can I cause her any trouble!” Hearing Qin Cheng Yi accusing him, Mo Wu Hang retorted.

“Qin Cheng Yi, you don’t know anything. Xiao Gui has been coming back home with a gloomy face every day. She would cry whenever she sees the comments on the internet. If I don’t avenge her, who will? Lately, you don’t even care about her. Don’t think you can have her just because you’re rich and powerful! You …!”

Qin Cheng Yi’s expression had turned for the worst and his posture was becoming oppressive. Mo Wu Hang shivered and stopped talking immediately.

There was a deafening silence in the air.

A minute later, Qin Cheng Yi who had suppressed his violent feelings sneered at Mo Wu Hang: “If it wasn’t for Xiao Gui, you won’t even be able to sit here.”

“For the last time, stop trying to buy people to hurt Mo Di. What can an idiot like you accomplish? You’re more trouble than you’re worth.”

Mo Wu Hang clenched his jaw and endured the humiliation.

“One more thing. I refused to let you do it does not mean I’m letting Mo Di off. Xiao Gui in my heart is more important than the life of anyone else, even you people from the Mo family. So I advise you not to say anything stupid in front of her. Or else… I’ll pull out your tongue.”

Qin Cheng Yi’s voice was like the hissing of a venomous snake, making Mo Wu Hang shake involuntarily. But hearing him despising the Mo family, Mo Wu Hang picked up courage and said: “You claim that Xiao Gui is important to you, why don’t I see you do anything to avenge her?!”

Qin Cheng Yi’s dark eyes swept over Mo Wu Hang with disdain. He had no intention of explaining himself to a brainless thing. He had not made a move because he was secretly preparing for his plan to develop.

And finally, it was about time to carry it out. Mo Di’s happy days will soon come to an end.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Did I hit a nerve?” Mo Wu Hang persisted.

“There’s a piece of information that trash like you would never come by.” there was annoyance in Qin Cheng Yi’s eyes. Although he would not disclose his plans to the incompetent Mo Wu Hang and preferred to have him disappear, there was still some use to him.

“The game competition Mo Di participated in, there’s a stage in which all the teams will be moved to an official base where they will be filmed while working on the games. You trash, you’re unaware of this right?”

Mo Wu Hang was furious at his insult but he could not afford to stand up to Qin Cheng Yi. Moreover, it was true that he did not know anything including the fact that Mo Di was even in the game competition. And according to Qin Cheng Yi’s words, the little animal had not been eliminated yet?!!

“What about it?”

“What about it?” Qin Cheng Yi suddenly laughed. Mo Wu Hang was indeed the dumbest of the Mo family. “If he were to make a big blunder on live television, there is no way he could cover it up.”

“What do you mean?” Mo Wu Hang could not comprehend at all. “You’re going to make a fool of Mo Di? Even if he slips up on television, so what? It’s not like he’s dead!”

“Dead? How can I let him die, that’s too good for him.”

Qin Cheng Yi picked up his teacup and drank from it. The cooled tea flowed down his throat and yet his mood was still heated.

He never thought that death was the ultimate punishment. No, not at all. On the contrary, it was the lowest form.

Especially for someone like Mo Di who dared to hurt his Xiao Gui time after time, even turning him into a human stick was not enough.

All the punishment would come step by step, layer by layer.

A ruined reputation was just scratching at the surface and if that was all, then it was not worthy of his time. He wanted Mo Di to face a life worse than death. 

A good image? A praiseworthy individual? Alright, let’s see how anyone can still love him after his ugliness is exposed to the whole country.

A drug addict whose habit was broadcasted to the entire Hua Xia, what kind of life can he expect after that?

Realizing that Qin Cheng Yi was not going to reveal the plan to him, Mo Wu Hang endured and asked no more but deep down, he was harboring a hatred.

Pei! Qin Cheng Yi thought he could have his sister, no way. In fact, Ye Cheng Feng was becoming a better candidate than him by a hundred times!

Whatever transpired at Qin Cheng Yi’s villa, Mo Di had no clue. Everything was coming in place and Mo Di was immensely busy.

Zhang Cheng Cheng did not pass all of Mo Di’s tests so he was not invited to the team. Zhao Chun introduced to him another sound effects specialist named Du Wen Jing who Mo Di felt was not bad and decided to take her in. Hence, the team was now officially ten members and the female to male ratio had also increased, worthy of a celebration.

In addition to that, the procedures of establishing his game company were smoothly completed thanks to Mu Tian Heng. Even before the deadline to upload the game, Di Yi Mu Game company had come into existence!

Mo Di was overjoyed even though there were only two employees under the company at the moment which were him and Mu Tian Heng.

As for the team, Mo Di would not be telling them about the company yet. Firstly, this was not an urgent matter and secondly, there were one or two members Mo Di was still unsure whether he wanted a permanent collaboration with them.

Soon after the establishment of his company, the group completed the testing for the first six chapters of Infinite Life. With three days ahead of the deadline, Mo Di uploaded the game to the competition’s webpage.

The time after they have uploaded the game was always the most relaxing. Especially this time because Infinite Life was their finest work yet. Everyone was incredibly satisfied during the testing and played through the whole six chapters with excitement. The game had a rich and engaging plot mixed in with a sense of thrill and sophistication. It was thought-provoking and extremely addictive.

Pang Qiang Lang suggested that they all go out for a small celebratory dinner and Mo Di agreed.

Hence, Mo Di reserved a room in a hotpot restaurant and invited everyone in the team.

After they had their fill, Sun Ning Tao and Zhao Chun suggested that they go for karaoke. Mo Di was not interested but since everyone else was going, Mo Di tagged along as not to become a spoilsport.

The karaoke lounge they went to could be regarded as one of the higher-end ones. The room was spacious and the equipment was up-to-date. The only problem was after listening to Xian Yu Chao’s screech-like singing, Mo Di thought his ears were going deaf.

After about ten minutes in, he could not take it anymore and decided to go out for fresh air.

Just as he got out of the room, a waiter was pushing a beverage cart over. He smiled politely when he saw Mo Di.

“Hello, we are currently celebrating our fifth anniversary and any guest who spends up to 1888 yuan will receive a complimentary bottle of red wine. This is for you. We hope you and your friends have a great time.” The waiter then picked up a bottle of wine from the cart and passed it to Mo Di.

Mo Di accepted the wine and realized it was actually a pretty decent bottle. 

“Alright, thank you.” Mo Di nodded and went back inside.

He was just in time for the start of the next song which was Pang Qiang Lang’s turn to sing. Chen Zhao saw Mo Di with the wine bottle and asked: “Xiao Di, did you leave to get some wine?”

“I didn’t buy this, it’s a gift. They’re celebrating their fifth anniversary.” Mo Di placed the bottle on the table, “Anyone of you wants to drink?”

“Xiao Mo, you’re not drinking?” Sun Ning Tao grabbed some popcorn and laughed as he said: “You’re not eating any of the snacks either. Do you not like the food here?”

“I don’t usually eat these things. If there’re fruits, I’ll have some.”

“That so? No wonder your skin is so good.” This was the first time Du Wen Jing joined them for dinner. She was putting in a lot of effort to get along with everyone and upon hearing Mo Di’s words, she immediately joined in.

“That’s right, Xiao Di likes peaches and grapefruits.” Lin Jun Feng added.

“Why don’t I go and get another fruit platter?” Du Wen Jing looked at everyone and proposed.

“There’s no need.” Mo Di quickly said but Du Wen Jing insisted on. 

She went out for about ten minutes and returned with a large plate of fruits. There were no peaches but grapefruit was available.

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