RCFN Chapter 62

Chapter 62

Mo Di hugged Mu Tian Heng, rubbing his head against the nook of his neck. His voice was warm as the sunlight and somewhat sticky: “When you’re an old man, I’ll also be the same.”

“Not going to happen. In my heart, you’ll always be my little one.” Mo Di’s dependency melted his heart. He tightened his arms around him and kissed his hair.

“Good boy.”

“I want to be kissed on the face again.” Mo Di blushed and looked at Mu Tian Heng, “Brother, let’s kiss again.”

In fact, Mo Di wanted to ask for another mouth to mouth but he was still after all a noob in love, there was not enough courage in him to say such words.

Mu Tian Heng smiled gently then plastered a kiss on his hot cheek and forehead. 

He said teasingly: “My little kid is all grown up, he even knew how to ask for a kiss.”

Mo Di’s face instantly became even hotter. He quickly buried his face into Mu Tian Heng’s neck.

Mu Tian Heng chuckled heartily, making a slight tremor on his chest. He rubbed Mo Di’s hair and pulled him in close.

Half an hour later, when Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng finished adjusting their mood, they went out of the villa with a cooled down look.

Xian Yu Chao and the gang began to swarm towards Mo Di. 

“Be a good boy, don’t think about games or work today, just relax and have fun with your friends.” Mu Tian Heng whispered into Mo Di’s ear then smiled and walked away.

When the group approached, Lin Jun Feng saw the big man leaving and asked: “Xiao Di, what did the boss say to you?”

“Nothing much. He told us to have fun and relax.” Thinking of Mu Tian Heng’s doting words, Mo Di’s face turned hot again.

“Xiao Di, what did you guys do inside the villa? I heard the boss’s friends said that he had a special present for you. What present was it that took you guys so long?” Chen Zhao could not control his curiosity and ask.

“That’s a secret.” Mo Di said smugly.

Pang Qiang Lang and Han Chao overheard this when they walked over and were speechless.

Pang Qiang Lang always felt that Mu Tian Heng was somewhat of a beast. Sooner or later, Mo Di would be eaten by him. Han Chao did not feel anything but after hearing Pang Qiang Lang mention it several times, he also began to notice the abnormality between them. 

Pang Qiang Lang hesitated for some time and finally decided to speak his mind: “Xiao Di, are you in love with anyone right now? If not then let brother Pang give you some advice. Whether it’s man or woman, don’t ever fall for someone who has a big age gap with you. Seven or eight is already a very big age gap, anything older than that, you should give it a pass! You can never win against those old foxes, especially those who are over ten years your age. You know, those who are twenty-eight and above.”

“Cough…” the twenty-eight years-old Lai De Si happened to hear this as he walked by and coughed loudly twice.

“Of course I know full well what kind of person I fell in love with.” Mo Di smiled at Pang Qiang Lang and patted him on the shoulder. “Thank you for your concern but in my opinion, if you want to give relationship advice, it’ll be a lot more convincing if you at least have been through one relationship.”

“!” Pang Qiang Lang was stumped.

“Ha ha ha…” Han Chao couldn’t control his laughter.

As the group chatted, three others came to join them. They were the new artists of Mo Di’s team.

The oldest amongst them was Sun Ning Tao, a bespectacled man of about twenty-six in age. The other two were female fresh graduates of about twenty-two years-old named Zhao Chun and Zhang Jie Meng.

“Congratulations to our Xiao Di for turning eighteen. Ai, you’re just too young, otherwise, I would’ve made a move.” Zhao Chun was a cheerful girl. She said with mischief: “Why can’t you be a few years older?”

“Today I’m going to work on the illustrations and it’ll be based on you. You’ve given me great inspiration.” Zheng Jie Meng said: “You’re just too gorgeous today!”

“Thank you. You guys look beautiful as well.” Mo Di said charmingly. “In fact, you can also illustrate everyone in our team. Whoever does it is fine. In a few days, we’ll have an interview and our names will be announced. Before that, we should create a Weibo account for our team and occasionally post some of our creative projects and miscellaneous news. This can attract a lot of traffic and bring in new fans.”

“That’s a great idea!”

Pang Qiang Lang patted his thigh and said excitedly: “Why didn’t I think of this before? Wait for me, I’ll cook one up when I have the time. A big drawing of the whole group.”

Everyone else also thought it was a great idea.

“You better make me look good.” Zhao Chun adjusted her skirt, “It’s best if you draw me like I am today.”

Pang Qiang Lang: “…oh please, you’re not like this at all. You normally wear glasses.”

“Pang Qiang Lang, you asking for a beating?” Zhao Chun rolled up her sleeves.

Everyone laughed. Sun Ning Tao coughed and said: “There’s someone from my previous team who specializes in sound effects and was asking me if I’ve joined a new team. He wanted to know if we’re in need of his skills as he really wants to continue in this competition…”

Sun Ning Tao turned to Mo Di: “Xiao Mo, should we add a sound producer to our team. He’s also well versed in dubbing and knows a lot of voice actors. If we can add voices to the characters, it’ll take our game up a notch!”

“Can you give me his contact information? I’ll get in touch with him tomorrow or the day after.”

Mo Di was pleased. He was indeed looking for someone to work on the sound effects and adding exclusive voices to the characters had always been on his mind. However… adding a new member was not something he can be lax about.

“Ok.” Sun Ning Tao sent him the WeChat contact. “That’s him.”

Once Mo Di started to talk to the team, it lasted for almost an hour. During this time, Rodel came to join them from time to time. After knowing Mo Di had a team participating in the game competition, his eyes were shining bright.

Rodel was all the more impressed with Mo Di after learning that Mo Di was not only the leader of the nine-person team, he was also the producer and director who was responsible for almost ninety percent of the work.

Rodel himself had a great affinity with game making and now would like to join Mo Di’s team, thinking that he could learn a lot from working under him.

In fact, when Mo Di had his first conversation with Rodel, he knew that he was a very talented game maker. But the more talent he had, the more reluctant Mo Di was to take him in. For someone with Rodel’s talent and charm, it was more suitable for him to go his own way and start his own team. Mo Di was sure he would not stay long under someone else.

Moreover, Rodel was only in Hua Xia for the holidays. Mo Di preferred a long-term commitment and this was why he was willing to give portions of his shares to the core members of the team. With Rodel only joining them for a short while, it would complicate this matter.

And so Mo Di cleverly shifted the dilemma to Rodel’s father, Edmund.

After hearing that his son was whimsical in getting involved with someone else’s business, Edmund pulled him away by the ear.


Rodel protested vigorously but no matter how tall he was, the strength of a fourteen-years-old could not overcome that of his father’s.

The party lasted till 6:30 p.m. when everyone’s stomach was filled with round after round of food and beverages.

At the end of the party, Mo Di had the driver send the girls back and the men either took a cab or the subway home.

The things in the courtyard were cleaned up by the catering team and after half an hour, the whole courtyard was clean and empty.

Mu Tian Heng was in a particularly good mood and gave out a lot of red packets to the cleaning and cooking crew. 

When there were only Mu Tian Heng, Mo Di, and Lai De Si the third wheel left in the villa, it was already nine at night.

As Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng made eye contact, the thought of them kissing on the third floor sprang to mind and they both blushed with quickened heartbeats.

Mo Di rubbed his face and on the pretext of taking a bath, rushed back to his room.

Mu Tian Heng was about to go after him but was stopped by Lai De Si who held him by the neck.

“You old beast! Out with it! What’s the situation between you and the kid?! Say it!!”

Mo Di could hear Lai De Si’s interrogation in his room and his face involuntarily turned hot.

Too bad Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng could only spend a day as lovers before Mo Di had to leave for school.

Mo Di was quite reluctant but he knew other than dating, study and work were also important. 

The most reluctant one was Mu Tian Heng but his little one was at the age of leaving the nest and spreading his wings. What he should do was help him fly higher and not be the old beast that held him back. 

As for now, he did have something to help his little one with.

Mo Di previously mentioned to him about forming a game company could be put into action. Back then Mo Di was not old enough so the idea was stranded but now that the time was right, it should be done promptly. As a matter of fact, Mu Tian Heng already had everything prepared, from the capital to the documents needed. All Mo Di had to do was put his signature on it. There was nothing else for him to worry about. Even the company name had long been decided by the two: Di Yi Mu Game Company, it was an indirect fusion of both their names (TN: 第一目 means something like the first sight, at first glance etc. It has Di and Mu which are parts of their names)

The two had agreed on the terms with Mu Tian Heng holding twenty percent of the shares as an investor and Mo Di eighty percent. The contract was drafted a while back and was only waiting to be signed to seal the deal.

Mu Tian Heng knew Mo Di was unwilling to take too much money from him. Nonetheless, by only investing a measly ten million yuan, he got twenty percent shares of a company with a limitless future was Mo Di giving him too much benefit.

And so Mu Tian Heng decided that he would give Mo Di twenty percent of the sixty-five percent shares he owned of the new commerce building being constructed. In addition, Mo Di would have two entire floors to run his company.

This was a project he invested in two months prior and despite the strict supervision, it would probably take a year and a half to complete.

By then, Mo Di would be in his third year and the company should be proceeding on the right track. Putting aside two floors for him to set up his office should allow him to have some convenience. Even if he wanted to have his own building someday, the rent from the office space should help to cover some of the costs.

That said, getting his little friend to accept the shares was not going to be easy. But that was not urgent, what’s important now was to establish the game company first.

After Mo Di returned to school for two days, he found that the photos of him at the party had been pass all over campus. Especially the one with him standing under a tree and smiling, it spread like wildfire.

And the direct result of this was him receiving love letters and gifts on a daily basis.

Mo Di was able to make a polite rejection the first few times but when he realized it did not work, he had to access his Weibo account and changed the relationship status to ‘in a relationship’.

This helped to curb a lot of unwanted confessions but even so, he would still occasionally receive private messages asking if he was looking for a girlfriend…

Hence, under the enthusiastic advice of Xian Yu Chao, Mo Di posted Xian Yu Chao’s best booking photo on his page attached to the comment: Seeking a girlfriend for my good brother.

As it turned out, Mo Di’s Weibo returned to its peaceful days without anyone messaging him again. 

Xian Yu Chao burst into tears after discovering this fact: “Ah Ah! I can’t live anymore! Why is it so hard for me to find a girlfriend?! I’m going to have a makeover!”

Chen Zhao and Lin Jun Feng were laughing hysterically.

“It’s ok Salted fish, that’s just fate. Ha haha!”

“Ai, this father is still single. There’s no hurry. Ha ha ha.”

Xian Yu Chao cried even louder.

Mo Di sighed. To comfort him, he decided to treat everyone to Xian Yu Chao’s favorite BBQ restaurant. 

Immediately after Mo Di said this, Xian Yu Chao stopped crying and asked Mo Di excitedly when would they be able to eat.

Mo Di: “…” 

Mo Di had a feeling he was being scammed.

The next day, Mo Di reserved a table for the group at the BBQ restaurant in the evening.

Coincidentally, when they arrived, he met someone familiar. He was the person who, in his previous life, pathed the way for Mo Liu Gui to become the number one celebrity in Hua Xia, her broker, Li Zhao.

Mo Di only gave Li Zhao a passing glance when going up the stairs with the others. But as his back was facing Li Zhao, he was called out by a voice: “Hello young man, do you have any interest in joining the entertainment industry?”

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