RCFN Chapter 59

Chapter 59

Mo Di did not wait for Mo Liu Gui and left as soon as the visiting time was over. When their car left the prison gate, Mo Liu Gui was hurrying out and Ye Cheng Feng escorted her away.

“How was it?” Mu Tian Heng was relieved to see that Mo Di was not in any way upset.

“Brother, are you referring to Mo Shi Hong? He doesn’t seem to have a good time in prison.” Mo Di looked away and took a sip from his thermos. “He was very upset when he saw me. He tried to come at me but there’s no chance in hell. He was then disciplined by the guard.”

“He’s incorrigible.”

“Well, at least he’s a lot more docile with the guards. If it was before, he would have been more violent.” Mo Di smiled, “Brother, it’ll be six or seven in the evening when we reach my school, how about we eat out tonight?”

“Of course, there’s probably nothing much to eat around your school area at that time.” Mu Tian Heng turned the steering wheel, “What would you like to eat?”

“Anything is fine. I’m just happy to dine with you.” Mo Di beamed as he looked at Mu Tian Heng’s side features.

Mu Tian Heng was instantly soothed. He laughed and said: “Then I’ll have to think hard not to disappoint you.”

Mo Di also smiled, “Then I’ll just sit back and wait to be served.”

Mu Tian Heng dined with Mo Di at a French restaurant, something they had never eaten together before.

After dinner, Mo Di returned to Jing Da and continued to code.

The three roommates were awfully quiet. Ultimately, it was Chen Zhao who broke the silence and asked: “Xiao Di, did anything happen today when you left with Mo Liu Gui? Did she find anything to bully you with?’

“She did not have the chance.” Mo Di answered as he continued to work, “What’s wrong? Did you guys hear something?”

“Err… it’s nothing serious. I just overheard a few boys from other departments claimed that you bullied Mo Liu Gui and they said a lot of bad things about you. They even threatened to give you a lesson.” Chen Zhao was quite enraged as he spoke: “A bunch of idiots blinded by beauty.”

“Anyway, Xiao Di, you don’t have to worry. This father will protect you.” Lin Jun Feng pounded his chest and proclaimed: “If they really dared to come, I’ll crush them all!”

Xian Yu Chao rolled his eyes at Lin Jun Feng. He then looked at Mo Di: “Xiao Di, you don’t have to worry. There are only five or six jerks ranting in the school forum. It’s not a problem if they come, we brothers can handle them.”

“I’m not worried. If they don’t care about having a record, I fully welcome them. Unless it’s seven or eight people coming at me at once, I should be able to fend them off.” Mo Di smiled, “Besides, how many of those who bully others on the internet are truly powerful in real life? Most of them are just cowards who hide behind the screen.”

“Alright, stop gossiping. Have you guys finished the tasks I assigned this afternoon?” Mo Di could not care less about those commenters on the forum but it was quite unexpected. Was Mo Liu Gui’s halo activated again?

Nonetheless, it had to be said that her halo was indeed getting weaker. Previously, her aura was able to reach powerful and influential people. Now, other than Qin Cheng Yi and Ye Cheng Feng, no other male leads seemed to have emerged. 

Was it because they have not met or that Mo Liu Gui’s aura could no longer reach them?

When Mo Di questioned them about the work he assigned, Xian Yu Chao and the others were somewhat guilty and felt like they were being chased by a teacher for not doing their homework. The three quickly got in place and began working seriously.

Mo Di: “…” Just as he expected, it’s not done.

That night, Mo Di did his coding till two when he got up for a quick shower before tucking in.

He did not sleep immediately but watched the recording of the Mo family for the past few days. He quickly filtered through the contents.

There was not a lot of new useful information.

Other than the second aunt, no one else would enter Mo San Zhi’s room. And the second aunt in the recording was like a loose cannon. The noble and reserved temperament of the past seemed to have been thrown out the window. From time to time, she would provoke Ruan Qing Dan and the imprisoned Mo Shi Hong. Other times, she would pull Mo Shi Qiang into Mo San Zhi’s room and berate him for not caring about their son, using the things in his room to make him feel guilty.

The couple quarreled almost every day, damping the mood of the entire Mo house and making the Mo grandfather outraged. Mo Shi Qiang even wanted a divorce but the second aunt wouldn’t have it. She continued to taunt and agitate him as a revenge for her son, thinking since her son was having a hard time, Mo Shi Qiang should also feel the same.

The eldest aunt, on the other hand, was a lot more restrained. She did not find trouble with anyone and even tried to mend the relationship with Ruan Qing Dan to please Mo Liu Gui and Qin Cheng Yi. However, Mo Di was certain that she did have a thorn in her heart for the way Mo Liu Gui used Mo Si Lang to wash white.

Mo Di watched the footage of the Mo family and the most useful information was probably the mention of Mo Er Qian coming back. However, this was the same time as his previous life so it was not news to him. Even if he did not watch the video, he knew all along that this would happen. (TN: In case you forgot, Mo Er Qian is Mo San Zhi’s twin and son to the second aunt)

Mo Di was a little depressed at the thought of Mo Er Qian. Compared with Mo Si Lang who was insidious and difficult to deal with, Mo Er Qian was on an even higher scale.

The reason being that he was the person with the highest IQ in the Mo family. Graduating from the prestigious H University in America, he was poached right after finishing his studies and was now participating in a top-secret government research. He was going to be a big adversary.

Luckily, due to his profession, he had been cooped up in a closed environment and was not able to communicate with the outside world. Otherwise, he would not have learned of the Mo family’s situation only two days ago.

But even when he knew, he could not come back because his research was not completed. 

In his last life, Mo Er Qian was escorted back home by several soldiers at the end of the year.

If memories served him right, after Mo Er Qian completed this project, he declined a high standing position in another confidential project because he was too often away from Mo Liu Gui. After which, he accepted an offer to be a professor at H University in America.

Being a professor at a prestigious University on top of having participated in a governmental project, needless to say, his social standing was unshakeable. Getting to know the top one percent in the country was a cinch for him. This was how he laid the foundation for Qin Cheng Yi to develop his enterprise in America. In the later period of his last life, Qin Cheng Yi was quite a prominent figure in the states and Mo Liu Gui was like a fish in water, blockbuster and record-breaking scripts were plentiful for her to choose from.

Pity that was not going to happen in this life.

Mo Di closed his laptop.

Mo Er Qian was as hard to deal with as Qin Cheng Yi. The deciding factor that sealed him in the asylum was the psychological evaluation provided by Mo Er Qian whose field of studies included neurobiology and psychology. With his diagnosis, would anyone even bother to question if Mo Di was mentally ill or not?

Mo Er Qian was truly a ruthless entity who could destroy anyone without a second thought. Wise and cunning, he was the guiding force behind the Mo family. And like them, he had cast him into the mental hospital with an upright and elegant attitude.

Mo Di hated Mo Er Qian the most.

But he knew full well that Mo Er Qian was still untouchable for the time being.

Mo Di took a deep breath and calmed himself. He pushed down the turbulent emotions and tried to sleep.

It’s ok. Let them come one by one. There’s no hurry to send them their retribution. 

In the days that followed, there was no movement from the Mo family and things gradually returned to normal. Mo Di went on with his daily life in peace.

Mo Di spent a week perfecting the updates for Xin Wei Dao which was then uploaded to the game competition’s website. When that was done, he refocused on the production of Infinite Life.


Two weeks later, the results for the first of the final rounds were announced. This day, Mo Di happened to be on holiday and was staying with Mu Tian Heng back in the villa.

This time, the live broadcast was scheduled at 8:30 p.m, a prime time slot, instead of 10:30. Even the stage had a major makeover and was more spacious and exuded a sense of luxury. The large HD screen was also enhanced and could now better depict the three-dimensional world of the games. This obviously meant that the game competition was gaining a lot of popularity. 

Xin Wei Dao successfully entered the top twenty and made it to the next stage. Not only that, it had also managed to avoid the last three spots at number fifteen.

And entering this stage also meant that they would be receiving a lot of feedback directly from the judges. Hearing several praises for his game, Mo Di was inevitably happy. Thanks to Mu Tian Heng’s advice, he had optimized the gameplay and the battle system, giving a new sense of innovation to the game and impressed the judges, or else, it would have been quite dangerous.

“Xin Wei Dao cannot be used for the next round anymore.” Mo Di said to himself.

Mu Tian Heng sitting next to him smiled. He rubbed Mo Di’s hair, “How many chapters have you completed for Infinite Life?” 

“We’re almost done with chapter three.”

“That’s pretty fast. You were given three weeks for this round, it is estimated that there will be more time allotted for the next round so you’ll probably get a month. Use this time to complete up to chapter six or seven, that should be enough to show the potential of the game.”

“En. These types of games are only engaging when there are enough plotlines.” Mo Di said with a smile. 

The host began to introduce the winning teams as the screen showed footage of the games in crisp and sharp resolution with stimulating background music, displaying a particularly sensational trailer.

Even Mo Di was feeling pumped.

When all the teams were announced, a series of topics also popped up on Weibo discussing the more eye-catching games.

Next, the host announced the rules for the next part of the competition in which the top fifteen will enter the championship round.

This time, however, apart from the judges, netizens will be able to vote for their favorite games and this will account for thirty percent of the score.

The deadline for this round will be on November 22nd, twenty-five days from now and that also marked the last day for voting.

“There’s plenty of time.” Mo Di said happily.

Mu Tian Heng, on the other hand, was thinking about how little time he had.

It was only two days before his little one’s eighteenth birthday, he must prepare the perfect coming of age ceremony for him. He was still in a pickle at which point he should make his confession. Should he do it during the party or after?

Making the confession during the party would give it more grandeur and spectacle but then he would be ridiculed by Lai De Si as an old beast. Doing it after would be more private and romantic but not as grand. 

Sigh, what a dilemma.

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    Gahh !!! No wonder that Gui bitch is doing so many things to hinder her brother..

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  3. Mo Er Qian is the last of the Mos to show up and he’s one of the last boss md had to face, the other being Ye Cheng Feng. One point to clarify is MLG does not have complete knowledge of their past life, she’s only getting them back bit by bit.

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    1. Gosh I would love it if she obtained all her memories near the end of her life. Just fleeting moments of glory now belonging to MC instead of her. And I want her to know that MC came back and her dying just screaming to be reborn but never getting the chance!

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  4. how many mos’ does this story have, new mo keeps popping up and it’s getting a lil annoying. anyway cant we have one decent mo aside from modi? it seems like the story just basically painted all mo as evil aside from modi hahaha
    anyway the way the new villain being upgraded makes me think of kamen rider or any superheroes story.
    old villain gets defeated, new one with better power will soon emerge…
    if we have neverending supplies of mos, we might end up having to fight the god at the end hahaha

    thanks for the update and all the work ^__^

    aside from all the mos, i am looking forward with modi’s 18th birthday
    something sweet in of this turbulence and anxious feel keeps rising while reading the story

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      1. The God of The Mo family rises up as a giant GrandDaughter-Con… oh god why is that so awful an image It reminds me of my sat morning cartoon cliches


    1. It’s a bit old but just in case new reader curious the same. From what story tell, their name is number. 1,2,3,4,5,6(Mo Liu), and Mo Di
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      2 just come as Nerd
      3 is gone. Gay who hire a guy in school to swap acid shampoo.
      4 is gone. Idol who abetting fan by diary to throw acid.
      5 is gone? Model with crooked nose.

      So they’re all here from the start except the 2.


  5. Mo Di should tell Mu Tian Heng about that cousin of his. Forewarned is forearmed, you can’t be too vigilant when the enemy’s so cunning and vicious. But at least there’s the birthday party (and the formal confession) to look forward to before the trouble shows up at their doorstep again 🙂
    Thank you for the translation ❤

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    I think Mo Di may be giving MLG too much credit. It feels more like the plot itself is trying to intervene and set things “right.” That’s what’s giving her some ideas on what to say.

    I hope Mo Di defeats the plot and the entire Mo family.

    The chapters were great!! Thank you so much for translating! It’s one of my fav stories right now.

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  7. Well, it sure got the tension built again to know the white lotus bitch has more knowledge than she should have! I don’t view her as particularly smart by herself, that’s why her schemes have everyone else doing her dirty work after all, but its dangerous to have her have any power at all at this point! That is one OP halo!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  8. I hope this MLG will get her lessons sooner… She’s so shameless and I couldn’t brain those dumb people who side with her… They blind and retarded, no doubt ~
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  9. Sorry for the delay. I’m getting called in at really unexpected times but my schedule should be freed up pretty soon, fingers crossed 🤞.

    I also really hope to finish the next two chapters soon because that’s MD’s birthday, probably another release through the weekend, we’ll see. Have fun!

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