RCFN Chapter 60

Chapter 60

Mo Di’s birthday was on Saturday, October thirtieth. The labor holidays ended on Friday and so Mo Di had to return to Jing Da as he had two more classes in the morning.

This gave Mu Tian Heng the time to set up the courtyard and decorate the villa.

When Mo Di got back to the dorm, Xian Yu Chao and the others popped confetti at him and cheered. They insisted on bringing him out for a treat to celebrate his birthday.

“Xiao Di, I can’t wait to give you my precious gift.” Chen Zhao put his arms over Mo Di’s shoulder and said with a smug. “It’s highly matured stuff, you’ll like it.”

“…?” Mo Di had a bad feeling.

“Get lost! Don’t defile our Xiao Di’s pure heart.”

Xian Yu Chao grabbed Mo Di away from Chen Zhao and said: “Have you decided where to celebrate tomorrow? Want to listen to your brother’s advice? Try the new all you can eat hot-pot place, there’s a lot of meat available.”

“Too much meat is not good for your body. This father doesn’t agree.” Lin Jun Feng pulled Xian Yu Chao back by the collar and said: “I think Japanese restaurants are better.”

“Japanese food? It’s not very enjoyable to eat. There are so many raw dishes, I don’t like them.” Xian Yu Chao objected.

Chen Zhao: “Exactly! But I don’t think the hotpot is any better. What about BBQ? I heard there’s…”

“BBQ? you guys have no creativity!”

Mo Di looked at the rambunctious group and sighed helplessly: “I have to go back home tomorrow. My brother said he will give me a coming of age ceremony. I planned to invite you guys, do you want to come?”

Xian Yu Chao was silent for a moment before wailing hysterically: “Woooo! That’s right! How can we forget!”

“Boss Mu is sure going to give Xiao Di a magnificent party!” Chen Zhao’s eyes sparkled.

“I bet there’s lots of meat to eat!” Lin Jun Feng swallowed his saliva.

“There’s definitely good food.” Mo Di smiled. “My brother said I can invite as many people as I want so I would like to invite you guys… there are also the artists that I’ll be inviting to the party.”

“So this is also like a small meeting for our team?” Xian Yu Chao smiled.

“By the way, when I spoke with my uncle and mentioned that tomorrow is your birthday, my uncle said he also wanted to give you a present but he can’t come back for the time being.”

“Is he currently in America?” Mo Di asked Chen Zhao, “The last time he came back, I remembered him saying that he still had three more months before his contract expired.”

“En, he’s in America and he only has one week left on his contract. He’ll probably be back in half a month. This time he’s going to settle down in Hua Xia and won’t be going back to America anymore.”

“That’s good.” Mo Di smiled, “Has he decided where he wanted to work?”

“The director of the First Hospital contacted him in person and they have already agreed on the terms. My Uncle will sign the contract when he gets back.”

The group continued to chat when Mo Di’s phone rang.

It was an unfamiliar number.

Mo Di thought through and decided to ignore the call.

However, after a few seconds, it rang again. It was the same unfamiliar number.

Mo Di rejected the call and blacklisted the number.

“What’s wrong?” Xian Yu Chao noticed Mo Di’s reaction, “Who was that?”

“Dunno. Probably some prank call.” Mo Di put his phone on the bed and said to Xian Yu Chao and the gang: “Alright, there’s some free time, let’s get to work. We should be able to finish chapter four today.”

“Ha?!” the three howled in disapproval, “Tomorrow is your birthday! Why can’t you spare us, you workaholic!!!”

Meanwhile, tens of kilometers away, Gu Ran Ju was also howling.

However, unlike Xian Yu Chao and the others, he was howling in anger. 

Mo Di, how dare you hang up on me again!!! And you even blacklisted me!

Gu Ran Ju was enraged to the max.

And he even spent so much effort to get Mo Di’s phone number.

“Mo Di, just you wait and see!” Gu Ran Ju gritted his teeth.

He decided that as soon as school ended the next day, he would find Mo Di and force an explanation out of him!

The next day, there was a festive mood in the air and Mo Di could clearly feel his roommates’ excitement which even overwhelmed his own.

Right after their morning class, the group was about to take the train home when Mo Di received a message from Mu Tian Heng telling them to go to the east gate to wait for him.

“It’s really considerate of the big man to come and pick us up.” Lin Jun Feng patted his stomach and cheered. In front of Mu Tian Heng, his self-acclaimed ‘father’ position would automatically disappear.

The group was rowdy as they walked all the way to the east gate. 

Mu Tian Heng’s Maybach was parked humbly on the side of the road. Behind it was a silver Land Rover.

Mu Tian Heng lowered the window and spoke to the group: “Students, can you go to the villa first in the Land Rover at the back? There’s someplace I have to take Mo Di to first.”

“Yes yes yes! No problem!” The gang immediately answered and nodded vigorously in unison.

Lin Jun Feng pushed Mo Di towards the car door and said: “Boss, we’ll leave Xiao Di in your hands.”

“…” Mo Di was speechless as he watched the three figures ran towards the other car.

Why did he have a subtle feeling of being sold off?

Mo Di shook his head.

Mu Tian Heng smiled and said: “Little one, get in the car.”

“Oh… en.” Mo Di opened the door and settled in.

“Brother, where are we going?”

“You’ll know when we get there.” Mu Tian Heng decided to keep it a surprise.

Well, no matter where Mu Tian Heng took him, Mo Di was not at all worried. With a mischievous smirk he said: “Brother, I’m eighteen today.”

Mo Di’s voice was gentle and seductive but Mu Tian Heng just reached to the back seat for a box of castella and handed it to him. “Eat this while it’s still hot.”

Mo Di froze.

When he saw Mu Tian Heng reaching to the back seat, he thought it would be a bouquet of roses or some cute gifts like those scenes from TV but turned out… it was just breakfast.

Sure enough, those scenes only happen on TV.

Mo Di sighed. He said that he was eighteen, wasn’t his implication obvious enough?

Mu Tian Heng did not have to wait anymore and they can officially be together, and then… and then kiss.

Mo Di’s face blushed.

But touching the still hot castella box in his hands, Mo Di was feeling the warmth spreading to his heart. Mu Tian Heng must have thought that he would be hungry by now and went out of his way to get his favorite cheese castella. 

Brother is so good to me.

Mo Di opened the box and forked up a piece of the soft castella and put it in his mouth.

The fluffy and rich taste of eggs and butter filled his taste buds as the slightly salty and fragrant cheese castella melted in his mouth, how perfect.

Mo Di had his first bite then quickly forked another piece for Mu Tian Heng, “Brother, have some too.”

Mu Tian Heng rubbed Mo Di’s hair: “Thank you but I just ate. You eat first.”

He then stepped on the accelerator and drove away from Jing Da.

Mo Di could only continue to eat by himself.

When he was almost half full, they had also arrived at their destination: a small sunny villa on the outskirts of the city.

However, looking from the outside, this place seemed more like a high-end shop instead of living quarters.

“Brother?” Mo Di eyed Mu Tian Heng suspiciously.

“This is the atelier of a senior designer I got to know in Hua Xia. He’s the one who makes all the suits I wear recently. The formal dress suits he designed are all of great craftsmanship. My little one turned eighteen today, how can he not have a decent suit to wear?”

Mu Tian Heng looked at Mo Di with indefinite indulgence, “Come, let’s get out of the car and go try some clothes.”

When Mo Di heard Mu Tian Heng said ‘my little one’, he couldn’t help rubbing his red ears as his heart fluttered.


Mu Tian Heng had given them Mo Di’s measurements beforehand and the making of the suit started a month prior. It was only done two days ago.

Designer Liang saw Mu Tian Heng brought someone along and greeted: “It’s for this young man here? Quick, come try it on.”

“Hello, Uncle.” Seeing that the designer was over forty, Mo Di called him uncle politely which made him smile even wider.

“I’m sixty this year. In fact, you should be calling me grandfather.”


Mo Di was genuinely surprised. Designer Liang looked nothing his age, the most anyone would guess was fifty years old!

“Uncle Liang still looks very young, calling uncle is suitable. Besides I address you as uncle and Mo Di calls me brother, so it’s just appropriate that he calls you uncle as well.” Mu Tian Heng said with a smile.

“Fine, it’s uncle then.” Uncle Liang was obviously jubilant to hear those words. “Your dress suit is upstairs. I’ll go get it, please wait a moment.”

With that, uncle Liang went up the stairs.

After about two minutes, he came down with a silver-gray suit.

The suit was made in sleek satin, looking classic and trendy. It was carefully designed and masterfully crafted.

Once Mo Di put it on, the piece fitted him like a glove, highlighting his perfect shoulders and necklines as well as the slender waist. The pants complimented his straight and long legs elegantly. Like there was a coat of glitter over him, the overall aesthetic was that of a graceful little prince straight from a fantasy novel, mesmerizingly beautiful.

A layer of warmth appeared in Mu Tian Heng’s deep and gentle eyes.

“Gorgeous! How incredibly gorgeous!” Uncle Liang was undeniably satisfied. After looking at Mo Di through different angles, he sighed with gratification: “Oh my, it’s perfect.”

“Thank you, uncle. This suit is really beautiful.” Mo Di beamed brightly at uncle Liang.

“No no no. It’s not just the suit. Because you’re also a fine-looking young man, you have brought out the artistry in this suit. Wait here, I’m going to get my camera. It’s been quite long since I was this satisfied with my work.” That said, uncle Liang jogged up the stairs, resembling nothing of a sixty-years-old man.

Mo Di smiled and turned back to look at Mu Tian Heng. “Brother, what do you think?”

“Of course you look wonderful, to the point that everything else pales in comparison.” Mu Tian Heng walked up to Mo Di and gently put his arms around him, embracing him lovingly.

He kissed Mo Di’s hair softly with utmost affection: “My little prince.”

Mo Di turned red instantly. It was like Mu Tian Heng had pressed a switch on his heart making it beat involuntarily violent.


“But, there’s one more thing to add.” Mu Tian Heng let go of Mo Di. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small navy suede box. Inside was a pair of cufflinks inlaid with blue diamonds encrusted in a layer of exquisite platinum.

Mu Tian Heng personally put them on for Mo Di. With deeply passionate eyes, he focused his sight on Mo Di.

“How handsome is my little prince.”

Mo Di felt his heart being tickled by a feather. Mu Tian Heng’s voice was seemingly magical, it vibrated through his ears and skin, all the way straight to the bottom of his heart, causing him to feel a burst of numbness spreading through his entire body.

Mo Di’s face grew even hotter and his chest felt like it was being filled with warm honey.

“Aiya, this old SLR, I haven’t used it for so long, it took me quite some time to find it.” Uncle suddenly came down the stairs.

Mo Di hurriedly stepped back. He took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

“Come come come, let’s take a photo.” Uncle Liang approached them gleefully. 

When he took a closer look at Mo Di, there was an immediate inquisitiveness: “Ai, young man, why is your face red? Was wearing the suit too hot? That’s not right, it’s only twenty degrees today.”

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  1. Satin? Damn that’s tacky. (Also, a poor mans choice since silk tends to be too expensive plus a bad choice for a whole suit. The inside of the suit jacket, definitely but not anything else.)
    Very late comment but I just had too. It’s just way too distasteful. Sometimes I wonder why authors can’t be bothered to do a quick 10min research for things like this. Like the maybach, in China it’s used as a limousine more than anything which means it’s definitely cumbersome to use in daily life and probably never used without a separate driver. (Wikipedia) small things like this actually can make an ok story glow or make readers stop reading it.

    Anyway, thank you for your amazing work!!! I really enjoy it and it makes me work harder towards being able to translate one day as well. 😀

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    1. Damn I get that, examples FAKE MATH. I am like open a text book it takes two seconds dammit. Or one work messed up blood types claiming AB was the rarest and I just wanted to throw something (they treated it like O blood which is wrong and also no Bombay is a rarer type dammit) and in this chapter, I am going to be honest my eye shook for a moment when they said castella cake cause I am used to it always being served with cocoa on top. My brain broke and I was like ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL HIM. but I should know its not always that way….. but still, I just died for a second.

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    2. Man.. think about producing two games within the span of a few months, and that too with such a puny team.. Or those infinitely chargeable pinhole cameras..

      Compared to them the satin or maybach is already negligible..


  2. Unf. Just, hits me so right to have that kind of pet name thrown around! Ah, I’m so weak to the affectionate diminutive names, “Little Prince”! That emphasis on the size and age difference is something I’ve always been weak to.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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