RCFN Chapter 58

Chapter 58

What a wonder to meet Mo Liu Gui here. Mo Di was slightly hesitating his steps.

“Xiao Di, I really want to talk to you. It’s very important, can we go have a talk in a coffee shop?”

Mo Liu Gui quickly approached Mo Di and grabbed his sleeve: “Xiao Di, Xiao…”

Mo Di frowned and turned to look at Mo Liu Gui.

“But I have nothing to say to you.”

Mo Liu Gui’s eyes turned red immediately. She stammered: “Xiao Di, how can you say that? We are siblings.”

“What exactly do you want to talk about?” Mo Di looked at Mo Liu Gui and forced himself to endure a few more seconds.

Every time that Mo Liu Gui came to look for him, there was bound to be some sort of hidden agenda. He was curious what it was this time.

Mo Liu Gui pursed her lower lip and beseeched him with crying eyes: “Tomorrow… tomorrow I’m going to visit dad. Xiao Di, please come with me to see him.”

Mo Di’s brain was on alert the moment she announced her intentions.

“The last time mom and I visited, dad had aged a lot. His hair is all gray.” Mo Liu Gui said in a weeping tone. “Dad… he cried and said he regretted it. He remembered how you used to hug his leg and called him daddy when you were younger. He said that he misses you and also blamed himself…”

“Xiao Di, dad really loves you a lot. He did not know what made him lose his trust in you but he wants your forgiveness. Xiao Di… Xiao Di please visit dad with me. He really wants to see you. Xiao Di, Xiao…”

“Alright.” Mo Di answered.

Mo Liu Gui’s face was instantly painted with astonishment.

It seemed she did not expect Mo Di to agree in the first place, even less so this quickly.

“But there’s something I want to remind you, he had never hugged me before. He only ever held you. Even if I followed close behind and tried to hug his thigh, all I would get is a kick.”

“But you’re right, I should indeed pay him a visit after he went to prison.”

To see how well Mo Shi Hong is doing.

“Just contact me when you are ready. You can easily find my schedule in Jing Da.” After saying this, Mo Di immediately turned to leave.

Mo Liu Gui did not try to catch up.

Her every minor reaction was carefully observed by Mo Di and he couldn’t help but sneer in his heart.

From the second Mo Liu Gui called out to him, she had already set up her little ‘trap’.

After hearing what she had to say, he was eighty percent certain.

Since she had decided to carry out her little scheme, there was no way he could avoid her. Walking away would only make her chase after him and make a scene with her wailing and begging for him to visit Mo Shi Hong.

As long as he coldly ignored or refused her, there’s probably going to be a post on the internet with a video or photo attached about their meeting followed by a tearful essay. With that, what would become of him?

A cold-hearted white-eyed wolf?

People can be forgetful when it comes to the news they were exposed to and most would feel sympathy for the old, the weak, and the sick. As Mo Liu Gui had depicted Mo Shi Hong as a remorseful aging father who wished to see his son, were he to refuse and showed his ruthlessness, Mo Liu Gui would have a field day turning public opinion against him.

There might be some that would not be swayed but with the use of the water army, it would not take much to turn him into a heartless person.

Some might say that even though they understand that he was badly treated, his father had repented and wanted to see him so badly yet he still showed no mercy….

Under these influences, Mo Shi Hong could earn a lot of sympathy from the public whether or not they knew the truth about him. The support he had gathered from before would disappear and put him at a big disadvantage in the future.

And Mo Liu Gui would be the one to benefit the most having won back the public opinion for herself and the Mo family.

Therefore, he would pay Mo Shi Hong a visit. That was also something he should do. Seeing how ‘well’ he was doing might lift Mo Di’s mood. 

He returned to Jing Da and told Mu Tian Heng about the matter.

“I don’t quite agree. It’s not safe. Who knows if the Mo family has set up some other traps.”

“There are police officers around, it’ll be fine.”

“That’s not a certainty. A desperate person will do anything.” Mu Tian Heng disagreed.

“Brother, they’re not desperate enough to resort to drastic means. The Mo family still has some reputation left and Mo Liu Gui is still in her hype period. If something happens to me, all of them will be affected.” Mo Di smiled and continued: “Besides, rather than trying to harm me in prison, isn’t it easier to do it in school?”

Mu Tian Heng was silent for a few seconds. Finally, he said: “I’ll go with you tomorrow.”

“There’s no need! Brother, aren’t you quite busy?”

“There’s not much going on tomorrow and since my network has been established, I can take as much time off as I want.” Mu Tian Heng was rarely this adamant towards Mo Di. “It’s decided then. Inform me immediately after Mo Liu Gui has contacted you tomorrow.”

Mo Di sighed: “…”

He simply just wanted to give Mu Tian Heng a report but it was naive of him to think that Mu Tian Heng would let him go alone.

“Alright, I’ll keep you informed.” Mo Di agreed and briefly after, he asked: “Brother, how is your website doing?”

Impression was a networking platform Mu Tian Heng founded when he was in junior high. It has now become the mainstream network in America, Europe, Australia, and several other Asian countries. Only in Hua Xia was Impression still finding a foothold. This was why Mu Tian Heng had decided to come and establish a more localized network under the name Huaxia. (TN: 华夏 Hua Xia is actually an old word for China. The author did not directly stated ‘China’ so I did not translate it as such. As for Mu Tian Heng’s website, the word is 花下 which is pronounced similarly but it me ans something like ‘under the flower’)

Mo Di was curious if it could completely capture the Hua Xia social network given that Mu Tian Heng did not have his accident like in his last life.

“It’s not bad. Traffic is surging.”

Mu Tian Heng knew that Hua Xia was a gold mine waiting to be dug but at the same time, he also understood the difficulties of introducing a networking platform owned by a foreign enterprise into the country as the government would not be able to control the fluctuation of the capital and the flow of information released to the public. Therefore, Mu Tian Heng had to cooperate with a deeply connected family, the Zhao family.

This was before he met Mo Di and the contract had already been settled. Otherwise, it was wiser to establish the company under his little friend’s name and let him be the main shareholder with him just working behind the scene.

But this did not mean they would not have a chance to work together in the future. Huaxia was just the first of the many projects he was using to test the waters. Furthermore, even though on the surface, his cooperation with the Zhao family seemed harmonious, they had had several conflicts in their business philosophy. He expected a lot of friction between them would arise in the future.

Mo Di continued: “Brother, when my game passed the next stage of the competition and entered the top twenty, your website will be the first to post our exclusive interview, what do you think?”

At this stage of the competition, when the top twenty teams were announced, many media outlets would be reaching out to interview them and the gaming committee would also strongly promote them. This had been the trend ever since the first gaming competition was organized.

Mu Tian Heng smiled. He knew that Mo Di was helping him draw traffic but he still couldn’t help lamenting the fact that his little one was spoon-feeding him with opportunities again.

“That’s good.” Mu Tian Heng said in a warm voice filled with delight: “I have to give you my thanks first. When my website becomes popular, you’re my great hero.”

Mo Di blushed at Mu Tian Heng’s gentle and magnetic voice. “I don’t deserve that much credit. It’s just an interview, it won’t necessarily bring in much traffic.”

The two chatted for over ten minutes before hanging up.

After letting slip that he would be visiting Mo Shi Hong, Mo Di knew that Mu Tian Heng was not going to brush off this matter. If Mo Liu Gui called him tomorrow and he did not keep Mu Tian Heng informed, he would definitely be angry.

“Ai…” Mo Di sighed but his heart was ultimately sweetened.

He had never received this generous amount of care from anyone in his previous life. Although in some way it was a sweet burden, the sweetness outweighed everything else.

He felt that at present… he was as happy as he could be.

After his second class ended, Mo Liu Gui was waiting for him outside the classroom.

She was wearing a long white dress and her dark black hair was half gathered with a pearl hairpin, portraying the image of purity and beauty.

When she saw Mo Di, her eyes inadvertently turned red, attracting the sympathy of any passerby.

“Xiao Di, we’re visiting dad at 3:30 this afternoon. Since we’re quite short on time, let’s leave immediately and have something to eat on the way there.”

Mo Di: “…”

What was Mo Liu Gui up to? And was she seriously going to visit Mo Shi Hong in prison dressing like that?

However, going along with her logic, she would probably explain herself by saying that she wanted her father to see she was doing well as not to worry him.

Mo Di looked at the time on his phone and without a change in expression, he said: “It’s only 12:10. The road takes two hours tops. I prefer to eat at school.”

Many passing students were staring their way. Mo Di turned and went back to the classroom, “You should go for lunch first. We’ll meet up at the prison gate at 3:00.”

“Isn’t it better for us to have lunch together and then leave together as well?” Mo Liu Gui followed him into the classroom. Her eyes were grieving: “Xiao Di, Xiao Di, please have a talk with me. We haven’t spoken for so long. I’m really worried about you. How are you doing lately? Are you…”

“Of course I’m doing well.” Mo Di interrupted her. He turned and looked at Mo Liu Gui with a smile: “No one abuses me, no treats me like I was nothing, and no one is biased against me. Sister, you should know that very well.”

Mo Liu Gui was baffled by Mo Di’s words and when she was about to rebuttal, Xian Yu Chao and others blocked her off.

“What do you want with our Xiao Di? Have you come to fuel the fire and make things worse?”

“I advise you to stop giving Xiao Di trouble. You’re so pretty on the outside, why is that your inside is so different?”

“Xiao Di, it’s lunchtime. Let’s go. Don’t think you can have good food all to yourself.”

The gang barricaded Mo Di from Mo Liu Gui, blocking her way. Chen Zhao then grabbed Mo Di and they left quickly, leaving Mo Liu Gui far behind.

However, this time, she refused to give up. She followed behind them from a distance and when Mo Di was seated, she picked the table next to them and sat down.

Mo Di was getting impatient and sped up his eating.

Mo Liu Gui tried to strike up a conversation with Mo Di several times but his reaction was entirely unexpected to her. He did not entirely ignore her and would from time to time respond to her questions. Albeit his words were hollow but she could not find fault with them. 

Mo Di knew too well Mo Liu Gui’s little trick that she liked to pull in public and hence, he had to entertain her. There were too many people around, no way was he going to give her a chance to wash white.

Mo Liu Gui was at a loss failing to get the result she wanted. The meal she was having turned all the more chaotic when she accidentally ate a piece of chilly pepper. Her face twisted as her tongue burned.

She did not understand why Mo Di was suddenly approachable and tolerant of her. All she needed was for him to ignore her and she could have a script to go on but Mo Di was being too cool about this. He was amiable and conversed with her casually, making her plans backfired.

Mo Liu Gui was in a mess. Without organizing her thought and eagerly trying to show her concern for Mo Di, she pointed to the soup stall and said: “Xiao Di, I remembered you like walnut oatmeal soup the best. Too bad they don’t sell it here. Walnut season is almost over but mom bought a lot of them and she said… she said if only you were home, she would cook some for you….” 

Mo Liu Gui’s face showed some sadness as she was reminiscing about an impossible pass.

However, Mo Di’s eyes changed abruptly.

Walnut oatmeal soup?!

He had never liked to eat walnuts but after leaving the Mo family, he was too busy working on his game company that there was no spare time for him to make his own breakfast. The solution was to buy from a store right opposite his company. They sold buns and the only other item on the menu was walnut oatmeal soup. And because of its price, the shop had very little patrons which was convenient for him. Therefore every day, he would order a stuffed bun and walnut oatmeal soup.

Furthermore, after he was forced into the mental hospital, Mo Liu Gui heard from someone in his company about his breakfast menu and decided that he must really love walnut oatmeal soup. To show how much she cared, she had ordered a bowl of walnut oatmeal soup to be sent to the hospital every day. The ‘good’ nurses there would then dutifully make sure that he was fed with it.

Mo Di lowered his head and tried to suppress the surging emotions, forcing himself to calm down and think over.

What exactly did Mo Liu Gui mean?

Why did she raise this topic all of a sudden? It must be said that never once in his life did he mention walnut oatmeal soup to the Mo family.

Could it be that Mo Liu Gui was also reborn at a certain point?!!

That was why she changed from being passive to an aggressor?!!

But that would not explain how he managed to survive until now.

Could it be she was getting back her memories from the last life and it was only coming back in bits and pieces? 

Mo Di felt the situation was a bit alarming.

If Mo Liu Gui was either reborn or regaining her memories from their previous life, then was she trying to probe something from him by telling him this? Or was it just a slip of the tongue? Or… a warning?

Mo Di felt ominous. He looked at Mo Liu Gui and she was looking back at him, smiling sweetly.

Mo Di kept a poker face and said: “Did you remember wrongly? I’ve never said that I like walnut and oatmeal soup. It’s Mo Si Lang who likes red dates with oatmeal soup, but he won’t be able to drink it anymore seeing where he is at the moment.”

Mo Liu Gui’s smile turned stiff and spoke mindlessly: “Xiao Di, fourth brother was only just a little obsessed. He’s already repented…”

“That’s good for him. That attitude might get him a reduced sentence.”

Mo Di gave her a smile then turned to give Mu Tian Heng a quick call and hung up after a short conversation.

Seeing that Mo Di had called Mu Tian Heng, Mo Liu Gui seemed all the more uncomfortable.

Mo Di then hurriedly finished his food and said a few words to Xian Yu Chao and the others before clearing up his dishes into the dishwashing lady’s tray. He left right after.

For some reason, Mo Liu Gui did not follow him this time.

Mo Di picked up his pace and dashed to the west gate to wait for Mu Tian Heng.

It actually took a lot for him to stay calm. Mo Liu Gui’s words were too ambiguous. Others may not find anything wrong with walnut and oatmeal soup but he was well aware of what it meant.

Mo Di was not certain what was her motive in telling him this but combined with her recent actions, he was sure of one thing.

Mo Liu Gui had knowledge of their previous life.

Was she reborn like he did or for some other reason recovered her memories from their past? He was not certain and he also had no way to confirm it but he knew the road ahead would become hard to walk again.

And with Mo Liu Gui’s recent activities, he was also sure that after she learned of their past, she had decided to treat him as the enemy.

Mo Di felt a sense of irony.

Mo Liu Gui who was bathed with the protagonist aura from birth still decided to be malicious towards him even after knowing how bad his life was. Why?

Was it because he did not follow the original path and caused her to lose her fame and recognition? Was she threatened that his rebellion against fate would destroy her happy and sweet life? Because of that, she had to sanction him?

Mo Di felt a chill in his heart.

If that were the case, Mo Liu Gui would most likely plant more obstacles for him in the future. The easiest would be through the game competition. The ‘friendly suggestion’ she made to Ye Cheng Feng almost made it impossible for him to participate. And even though it failed, she was not going to give up anytime soon.

It’s just… it’s going to be difficult predicting where she would strike next.

Mo Di was deep in thought when he heard a car honked.

Mu Tian Heng lowered the window. He smiled and said to the dazed Mo Di: “Little one, what are you thinking?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Mo Di saw Mu Tian Heng and immediately a smile emerged. “Brother, that was quick.”

“I was already on my way to see you when you called.”

Mo Di was surprised: “Brother…. Were you worried that I won’t tell you anything and so you have come to check on me?” Mo Di opened the door and sat in the car.

“Um. That’s about right.” Mu Tian Heng replied frankly without a tinge of guilt.

Mo Di was simply speechless.


The road was congested at this time of the day. Mu Tian Heng’s Maybach moved slowly through the crowded traffic. After driving for two hours, they reached the detention center at three.

Ten minutes later, Mo Liu Gui arrived. This time, she was not accompanied by Qin Cheng Yi but Ye Cheng Feng. 

Mo Liu Gui deliberately introduced Ye Cheng Feng to Mo Di, making him even warier of her intentions.

Mo Di paid them no heed and followed the guard, giving both Mo Liu Gui and Ye Cheng Feng a bad look.

In general, real-life prison was not the same as those shown in dramas. There were no bright and clean little lattice windows, just Mo Shi Hong and the other prisoners standing on the other side of a glass pane. Visitors had to move in close to talk to their relatives face to face.

Mo Di naturally would not be doing that. From a distance, he saw Mo Shi Hong in prison wear with a shaved head. He seemed to really have fallen from grace. Mo Di could tell that he had collapsed both mentally and physically. It seemed he was not able to receive any special treatment in there. 

Mo Di did not feel much seeing Mo Shi Hong again. Even when he finished talking to Mo Liu Gui and glared at him with hatred, Mo Di did not feel provoked, only slightly amused.

He showed Mo Shi Hong a smile.

On the contrary, Mo Shi Hong on the other side of the glass was becoming more agitated. Unfortunately, no matter how angry he was, there was nothing he could do. And when he kicked and hit on the glass in his tantrum, the prison guard nearby snapped at him and warned that if he did it again, they would take him away immediately.

Mo Shi Hong turned chicken and dared not repeat his action.

Mo Di laughed again. The law is indeed a good thing.

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  1. He should say to Mo6 in front of everyone and Ye Cheng Feng.
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  2. if mlg knows about the past life, than she would definitely know everything that ah heng does for modi’s sake. now the extra chapters that we read about how ah heng took a revenge on mo’s family after modi’s death in the past life seems more significance to me. i am thinking that maybe mlg’s intention this time is not only trying to make modi looks bad to the public but also to separate mo di from ah heng…
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