RCFN Chapter 57

Chapter 57 

Mo Di’s current expression was hard to describe.

The caller was probably ….. Gu Ran Ju?

He had almost forgotten about this person. Why was he still haunting him?

Seeing that Mo Di was unresponsive even after his barrage of words, Gu Ran Ju was agitated again: “Mo Di, did you forget about me?! How dare you—”

Mo Di quickly pulled the receiver away and then hung up.

After hanging up, Mo Di did not put the receiver back in place for fear that Gu Ran Ju would call again.

Seeing Mo Di’s reaction, Xian Yu Chao couldn’t help but ask: “What’s wrong? Who was that?”

“A middle schooler… no, he should be in high school now.” Mo Di went back to the table and sat down. “He wants to have a fight with me.”

“A fight with you?!” Xian Yu Chao was instantly shocked. He quickly went over to Mo Di’s side, “What’s the matter? That guy wants to bully you?!”

“Who, who dares bully our Xiao Di?!” the mountain-like Lin Jun Feng jumped off his bed and pounded his chest: “Whoever dared to touch Xiao Di, this father will crush him to death!”

“It’s nothing.” Mo Di smiled and shook his head, “No one is bullying me. Besides, he can’t beat me.”

“Can’t beat you?” Chen Zhao eyed Mo Di doubtfully, “He must be pretty small.”

Mo Di: “…”

Even if Xian Yu Chao and Chen Zhao attack him at the same time, he could easily overpower them. As for Lin Jun Feng, it would be a little more difficult as he was heavier build. Chen Zhao really shouldn’t underestimate him.

The fighting skills he practiced hard in his previous life were not just for show!

“Honestly, I can take both of you.” Mo Di told Chen Zhao seriously: “Even if all the Mo family’s members come at me, I can still take them all down.”

Chen Zhao was about to deny him but thinking of the last sentence, he stayed quiet.

Since Mo Di could give such an accurate scenario, there must be certain credibility to his statement. 

Mo Di opened a roll of garbage bags and tore one off to clean up the trash.

“I have something to tell you. There’s no class tomorrow so I’ll be leaving at noon and won’t be coming back to the dorm.”

“Where are you going?” Lin Jun Feng asked, “Do you need this father to accompany you?”

Mo Di: “…..no need.”

Chen Zhao asked abruptly: “Xiao Di, are you going to attend Mo Si Lang’s trial?”

“En.” Mo Di responded as he finished gathering up the trash. His phone also rang twice at the same time.

He picked up his phone and saw that Mu Tian Heng had sent him a reply. He stated that it would be a good idea to continue with Xin Wei Dao for the first of the final rounds and bring in the new game for the next round to add an element of surprise for other competitors. However, should he do so, then Xin Wei Dao would need another batch of improvements.

Mu Tian Heng suggested that he focus on the battle system for the next upgrade and try to stray away from the repetitive play modes like other games in the market. There should be some depth to the battle mode but not overly complex, this would make players more engaged in the gameplay. 

Mo Di thought it over and felt that Mu Tian Heng’s suggestion was indeed productive. He texted a reply: “Thank you brother, your advice was very helpful!” Attached was a sticker of a rabbit giving a big hug.

After sending his thanks, Mo Di said to Xian Yu Chao and the others: “Tomorrow, you guys can continue to code in the dorm. This will be hard on you but I have decided to continue with Xin Wei Dao for the next round so there’s a lot of recalibration I have to work on. You should continue working on the new game. After I’m done with Xin Wei Dao, I will join you guys.”

“We’re going to use Xin Wei Dao for the next round?!” Chen Zhao was excited. “Are we going to use it for the finals?” 

Chen Zhao always thought that Xin Wei Dao could actually surpass other games to get through to the championship round.

“We’ll just use it for the next round. And there’s a need to optimize it so I’ll be spending the next week doing that. In the meantime, the progress on Infinite Life will be left to you guys,”

“It’s not heavy work but here’s the problem…. We’re not very proficient with a lot of the programming for Infinite Life.” Xian Yu Chao looked at Mo Di: “Without you, it is unlikely we’ll be able to do it.”

“Exactly. Xiao Di, you know that we can only do some minor coding. We’re absolutely helpless with the more complex parts.” Lin Jun Feng added.

“Don’t worry.” Mo Di smiled: “The tasks I prepared for you aren’t complicated. I’ve also made a template, you just have to work according to it.”

Mo Di turned on his laptop and sorted the encrypted template files. Before he could hit send, there was a sudden banging at the door.


“Mo Di! Get out here! Mo Di, did you hear me?! Come out!”

Mo Di was stunned.

Was he having hallucinations? Why did that sound like Gu Ran Ju?

“Mo Di! Did you hear me?! Get out here!!!”

“Who’s that? Is he mad?” As he was closest to the door, Chen Zhao went to open it with discontent, “Shut up! Are you crazy?!”

Just as he finished his sentence, the wheat-skin boy at the door who was at the same height as him barged into the room. He shouted angrily: “Mo Di! You come out here! You dare to hang up on me! You even made the line busy on purpose! Come out and face me Mo Di!”

“Stop shouting!” Mo Di stood up and stared at Gu Ran Ju with agitation: “How did you get in?”

Lin Jun Feng next to Mo Di also rose from his seat and made a threatening pose: “Who the heck are you? Are you causing trouble for our Xiao Di? Believe it or not, we’ll give you a good beating!”

“How did you manage to find our dorm room? Who gave you this information?!” Xian Yu Chao joined in.

Chen Zhao couldn’t help but gave Xian Yu Chao a reminder: “He already had our landline number, how could he not know which dorm we’re in.” 

Xian Yu Chao was speechless: “…”

Gu Ran Ju ignored Lin Jun Feng and the others, he rushed straight towards Mo Di: “Mo Di, give me an explanation. Why did you hang up on me and blocked me from calling?!”

“Why do I have to explain myself?”

Mo Di was fuming: “Gu Ran Ju, you get this straight, we’re not even friends. I hang up on you simply because I don’t want to talk to you.”

Gu Ran Ju was stumped momentarily. In the next second, his anger exploded and he lashed out his grievances: “Why are we not friends?!!”

He could feel that Mo Di did not seem to like him from the start, but why?!

He never harmed him yet Mo Di avoided him like those people from the Mo family!

Was it because he tried to drag him into a fight or told him to forget about the game competition?

How can Mo Di be this petty?!

Mo Di was laughing with anger: “Why should I treat you as a friend? What have you done to garner my friendship?”

Not to mention the many obstacles Gu Ran Ju put in his life and the businesses that he ruined just to vent for Mo Liu Gui, there was also the constant harassment of him dying to have a go at Mo Di. With all that he did in his previous life, what good had he done in this life?

Some time ago, on top of having to hide from Mo Liu Gui and Mo Wu Hang, he even had to sneak away from Gu Ran Ju who was constantly pursuing him to fight.

The only thing that Gu Ran Ju did that benefited him was probably his slip of the tongue that let him know in advance the ban of minors for the competition. And because of this, he had used it to cancel out all the bad things that Gu Ran Ju did to him in his previous life, wasn’t that magnanimous enough?! 

And Gu Ran Ju wanted to be friends? How ridiculous.

Gu Ran Ju, on the other hand, was stumped by Mo Di’s question.

He indeed…. had not done anything good to Mo Di.

But this was how he got to know his other friends. They fought and then became pals. Of course, he was not friends with everyone that he fought with, just two or three.

Feeling Mo Di’s indifferent and impatient gaze, Gu Ran Ju was perplexed as he blushed.

“You… if you don’t want to fight, why didn’t you say so?!”

“I didn’t say so? Did you lose your memory?” Mo Di answered coldly.

“Oh by the way, if you’re trying to fight me because you like Mo Liu Gui and want to get revenge for her, I advise you to leave it because you can’t beat me.”

“Mo Di what crap are you talking about?! How can I fall for that kind of girl? She’s so hypocritical, there’s no way I like that kind of person.”

Gu Ran was so furious he even dismissed the fact that Mo Di said he couldn’t beat him.

Even the girls in his class are way better than Mo Liu Gui ok? He could fall for anyone but Mo Liu Gui! Mo Di’s words were an insult!

Mo Di felt an itching irony.

He really wanted to grab the Gu Ran Ju from his previous life and pit them against each other.

“Nobody cares who you like or don’t like. Kid, have you finished your homework? Time to scram!” Lin Jun Feng somewhat understood the nature of Mo Di and Gu Ran Ju’s relationship. This hogwash kid was just a troublemaker. He stepped forward and pushed Gu Ran Ju out the dorm room: “Go away! And stop troubling our Xiao Di!”

Chen Zhao also joined in: “Get lost kid! Are you dense? How can you still ask why people don’t want to be friends with you? Who would want a friend who only wants to fight the moment they met?! Go home and finish your homework!”

Gu Ran Ju was frustrated for being kicked out of the room and punched the door several times. He then felt a sense of unfairness and kicked at the door before crouching down.


These goddamn people are a group of nuisance and yet Mo Di treated them as friends instead of himself! What the hell?!

After Gu Ran Ju left, Mo Di went on to send his files to the others and taught them how to use the templates he created, emphasizing what they should pay attention to.

Eventually, the matter with Gu Ran Ju was swiftly forgotten.


The next day, Mo Di left school after his morning class to meet up with Pang Qiang Lang and Han Chao.

Mo Di gave them some minor tasks and added more details for the next chapter of the new game over lunch.

After that, Mo Di put on a mask and took a taxi to the courthouse.

Mo Si Lang’s case was to be trialed in the afternoon.

Mo Si Lang who was locked up for ten days in the cell had long lost his former elegance and spirit. The man was ragged and unshaven, decadent and gloomy. He was sentenced to two years and two months for the attempt to cause harm and abetting minors.

The underage extreme fans who had tried to hurt Mo Di were given a lighter punishment of fifteen days in a correctional facility and their parents had to pay Mo Di some compensation.

The adults who drove them to the venue were also sentenced to three months of jail time.

The rest of the group who were involved in the planning managed to escape punishment but not the condemnation from the public. Those who were underage and still in school received a mark in their record and could never get into a good school. On top of that, they also had to face isolation from their peers as who would want to associate with someone who was willing to use sulfuric acid to harm others.

At the end of the session, Mo Di put his mask back on and was about to leave with the crowd when he was called back by a voice.

“Xiao Di, it’s you, right? I know it’s you. Do you mind… talking with me?”

Mo Liu Gui was wearing a long black dress. She stood behind Mo Di and said: “I really want to talk to you.”

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  1. I hope Mo Di finally forgive Gu Ran Ju, not just forgive in name. Unlike Mo fam & Qin, he did nothing wrong to Mo Di yet. Except need to fight because of angry at Mo Di who wrong him first. Although, I really love that Mo Di refuse to completely forget and steal ML as other mc ..or he just can’t cause that Qin is homophobia😂


  2. After reading the last line of this chapter the first thought I had was ” Finally, MLG is wearing something that’s not white”


  3. I want to ask you if you don’t mind, i want to translate this novel into my language, Arabic.

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  4. How could Mo Liu Gui miss this opportunity to make a scene of “the pitiful and lovable me being bullied by the unfeeling twin”? Of course she had to accost Mo Di! Though I’m afraid the result won’t be the one she expects. The girl’s seriously lacking in the brain department.
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  5. Thanks for updating! It’s a nice treat for the long weekend.

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  6. I can’t help liking the spitfire even though I totally understand Mo Di disliking him! He’s like a feral cat- small, sharp, cute and always up for a fight! I would probably avoid him like the plague if I were Mo Di too though. Way too much trouble and bad memories!

    Kind of figured Mo Di would run into his sister here. It’s been enough time since the last interaction. How much longer can you keep that caring facade on, Princess? Beneath the veneer it’s all rotten.

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