RCFN Chapter 56

Chapter 56

With the conclusive evidence, Mo Si Lang was officially arrested and detained in a holding cell, awaiting his verdict.

The Eldest Aunt was in hysterics.

Some time ago when Mo San Zhi was jailed, she stood as an onlooker and enjoyed the drama. After all, causing a stain on the family reputation might cause him to lose his inheritance rights. At that time, she was a little contemptuous seeing the once noble second aunt reduced to a state of begging and crying.

But now that her son was arrested, she had to discard her calm and elegance and begged the patriarch to save her son.

But how could the Mo patriarch be bothered?

The Mo enterprise was in a mess. The company’s stock fell sharply. Several major shareholders were demanding an explanation and had already started selling their shares. Without Qin Cheng Yi pumping a large amount of capital into their company and also reacquiring their shares, the Mo family would be destroyed by now.

However, even with Qin Cheng Yi’s help, the market value of the Mo Group was now only half compared to its golden period. Their financial resources were no longer comparable with other second class families and they could barely be considered a part of this circle.

The eldest aunt was crying her heart out only to be returned with the patriarch’s rebuke and the Mo second aunt’s sarcasm.

“You still have the guts to cry in front of me! Look at how you educate your son! The evidence is irrefutable, tell me, what do you want me to do?!” the Mo grandfather slammed his fist on the table twice in anger. “Look at what your son did! Look at the harm he has caused the Mo family!”

“Father, this is not entirely Si Lang’s fault!”

The eldest aunt wept: “Father… the Mo family’s downfall was San Zhi and the second brother’s family’s fault. If they did not try to scam a marriage from other noble families and San Zhi did not try to harm Mo Di, our family would not have fallen to such a state in the first place!”

The moment the second aunt heard this, she exploded into a rage: “Sister-in-law, you’re wrong! Our San Zhi was only seduced by that male vixen! He was not trying to scam anyone into a marriage! You’re just trying to pull my San Zhi into the mud because you can’t stand the truth about your son! You should be careful in case karma falls on your eldest son!”

“What is that supposed to mean? Are you cursing my son?!” The eldest aunt was furious to the point she wanted to rip off the second aunt’s mouth.

Ruan Qing Dan stepped in to mediate: “Sisters-in-law, please stop fighting. Don’t you think the family already had enough troubles?”

“Who do you think you are?!” Before, the eldest aunt would tolerate her considering she was Mo Liu Gui’s mother, but now she was both enraged and devastated, she could no longer maintain her courtesy towards Ruan Qing Dan and pushed her aside without hesitation.

Ruan Qing Dan was appalled that the eldest aunt would be this impolite towards her. She was caught off guard and fell to her knees, hitting the edge of the table. She cried out in pain.

“What right do you have to talk to us that way?! Your husband framed Mo Di and was the first to be locked up! That was the start of our family’s downfall!” The Mo eldest aunt was getting annoyed with Ruan Qing Dan’s waterworks and her trying to look delicate and coquettish. In fact, she had been sick of it for a long time.

“And don’t forget your Xiao Gui stepped on my son to whitewash her image! I doted on her so much and yet she used my son and let him go to jail! How could she do that?!”

“Big sister-in-law, you… how could you say that?!” Ruan Qing Dan stood up. She held her waist and cried bitterly.

“Xiao Gui did not use your son for anything. She has always been kind and loved Mo Di since young. Of course, she will not agree with your son trying to harm him. Her words were from her heart, she wasn’t stepping on your son!”

“And the surveillance was released by Cheng Yi’s own accord. And because of that, she was now having a feud with him! You’re just crazy to slander her like that?! She even called me just now and asked how you were doing. She told me to comfort you and that she was trying to get a lighter sentence for Si Lang. She’s such a kind-hearted girl who only thinks about her family. Sister-in-law, is your conscience hurting when you slander my daughter?!!”

“I slandered your daughter?!” 

The eldest aunt’s eyes were bloodshot with anguish, but at the same time felt that this scene was somewhat familiar.

It seemed when that animal Mo Di was here back then…. this scene has been played out countless times.

No, actually, he had it worse. Every time he was reprimanded or beaten, it was because of Xiao Gui. And by Xiao Gui telling them to stop hitting him or starting to cry, they would immediately feel heartache towards her and try to comfort her. Even when Mo Di was the one hospitalized over and over, it was Xiao Gui that they would praise as the kind-hearted girl.

And if Mo Di so much as whispered a word in dissatisfaction, then he would be labeled as malicious and accused of deliberately trying to slander his sister.

The eldest aunt felt a jolt in her heart. Was she supposed to be happy that her son was not abused time and again because of Mo Liu Gui’s tears and her kind heart?

The eldest then turned her hatred to Mo Di. 

She resented him for leaving and breaking up with the Mo family! If he was still under their roof, these incidents would not befall them and what was happening to her son now should be happening to him instead!

As for showing her animosity towards Mo Liu Gui? No way. Thinking of how the second aunt was kicked by Qin Cheng Yi, she did not have the courage. But nonetheless, the seed of discord had been planted.


Meanwhile, Mo Di was not aware that he was once again someone else’s chopping board.

But even if he knew, he would not pay it any heed. Those people from the Mo family had never deserved a place in his heart.

Now Mo Di was fully engaged in making his game and was determined to complete the first chapter by the end of the national holidays.

Xian Yu Chao, Lin Jun Feng, and Chen Zhao were invited to stay in the villa with Mu Tian Heng’s permission.

When they arrived, Xian Yu Chao and Lin Jun Feng ran around to explore the villa in excitement, complaining about the unfairness of life.

After which, Mo Di had to seek them out one by one and forced them to work.

Xian Yu Chao was complaining in silence at Mo Di for being a monster, making them work in such a beautiful place.

And just like that, when the national holidays were over, Mo Di’s team had also completed the first chapter of his new game Infinite Life.

Mo Di was very much reluctant to leave Mu Tian Heng for school but he had to. He and the gang who also did not want to leave stayed till Monday morning.

Before departing, he sneaked off from the group to give Mu Tian Heng a hug.

Mu Tian Heng’s first reaction was to hold his little guy tight and gave his hair a gentle kiss.

Mo Di blushed at the kiss but he still held on to Mu Tian Heng. Only when he heard Xian Yu Chao asking for him that he wiggled out of Mu Tian Heng’s arms reluctantly.

Mu Tian Heng was too busy and had to leave for work. He assigned another driver to send them back to Jing Da in his stead.


Lin Jun Feng was singing Mu Tian Heng’s praises and claimed that Mu Tian Heng was the perfect idol because he was both talented and approachable.

That’s right, after staying in the villa, Lin Jun Feng and the others came to know that Mo Di’s brother was the Mu Tian Heng on Forbes world’s richest list. It took them several days to recover from the shock and thanks to that, they were very well behaved and Mo Di was able to make them code efficiently.

The second night after Mo Di returned to school, the results for the third elimination round were announced.

This time, only thirty of the fifty-six games were left in the competition.

Xin Wei Dao had once again passed the elimination but its ranking had fallen to twelfth place.

Mo Di was satisfied with the results of Xin Wei Dao. Originally, he did not expect it to make it to the final rounds, but now that might be a possibility. However, it would be risky to use it as his trump card for the finals.

Being in the twelfth position, the game had a whole three minutes of introductory time as compared to the rest with only two minutes.

Pang Qiang Lang and Han Chao were screaming and rejoicing again in their group chat and the three roommates also joined in.

Being caught in such an environment, Mo Di praised himself for his ability to work with them.

The TV host went on to announce the next stage of the competition.

After the audition and elimination rounds came the three final rounds.

The first of them was the ‘top nineteen’.

The top nineteen teams with the most points will proceed to the next round.

And for this stage in the competition, the team members’ names were not announced but each team was required to submit an official list of the total number of members in their team, and that number could not exceed twenty.

Because of this rule, many teams were in a sudden state of panic. The main reason was that they had more than twenty members and eliminating anyone will cause much discord within the team. Even if it was for the overall benefit of the group, anyone being withdrawn from the competition would inevitably feel dissatisfied. Losing the members also meant that their workload had to be redistributed, greatly affecting the team’s morale and work efficiency. Not to mention the difficulty of assigning anyone to do this offensive task.

Fortunately, Mo Di did not have to worry about his team exceeding the quota because he alone was worth ten people. Furthermore, his current team only consisted of ten members, they have plenty of room to take in new members.

Considering that several teams would be facing a debacle because of this rule, Mo Di was entangled with whether he should continue with Xin Wei Dao into the first championship round. With the other teams in a mess, they could actually win with Xin Wei Dao for the time being.

Mo Di messaged Mu Tian Heng about this conundrum and asked for his opinion.

Before getting a reply from Mu Tian Heng, a strange phone call came through to the dormitory.

The older dorms of the school were usually installed with landlines like the one Mo Di resided in. It was just that no one really used them.

Xian Yu Chao answered the phone and after two sentences, he called for Mo Di: “Xiao Di, Xiao Di, it’s for you.”

“Me?” Mo Di was surprised. He went to receive the call, “Hello, who is it?”

“Humph!” a cold snort came from the phone.

“…..” Mo Di was slightly irritated. “May I know who is speaking?”

“Tsk!” The other end uttered another unpleasant sound.

“If you’re not going to talk, I’m going to hang up.” Mo Di was getting annoyed after receiving the two weird responses. He went ahead and hung up the phone.

He turned and walked three steps before the phone rang again.

Mo Di picked up the receiver and before he could speak, a furious roar burst into his ears.

“Mo Di you dare to hang up on me! Not only did you fail to recognize my voice but you even hang up on me?!”

“I want to have a one on one match with you! We haven’t settled the scores for our last fight! Don’t you dare hide from me! I was understanding of your unfortunate circumstances and let it drag on but this doesn’t mean I can forgo this matter!”

“I’m so mad you dare to hang up on me!”

“How dare you hang up on me!?”

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  1. “they were very well behaved and Mo Di was able to make them code efficiently.”

    No one dare not behave in the beast’s den.


    1. lol yea, I feel bad for Mo Di because he hate the guy as side-ml. But in this life he still didn’t do anything bad yet. If I were Mo Di, I would be ok to be friend with the guy.


  2. Mo Liu Gui is a real toxic asset. If the Mo family hold onto her, she’ll bring about their downfall. If they try to get rid of her, instead of protracted struggle they’ll be faced with rapid demise. On the other hand, it’s nothing more than they deserve.
    Thank you for the chapter! ❤

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  3. You know, I knew not to have hope that anyone in this brainless family would have any kind of epiphany about Mo Di not deserving to be abused, but damn! That brainwashing halo did a hell of a job.

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