RCFN Chapter 55

Chapter 55

Mo Si Lang sat up and completely woke from his dazed state. 

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

“It’s not nonsense! Brother Si Lang, take a look at Weibo. No, not just Weibo, it’s all over the internet!”

“What should we do? Brother Si Lang, what should we do?! Many people are saying that what we did was not just simply making a fake diary, we can go to jail!”

“Shut the f**k up!”

Mo Si Lang became increasingly annoyed with Pang Jing Xuan. He did not hold back and swore at her before hanging up the phone. He then quickly opened his Weibo.

The initial top hot search, ‘Mo Di’s Diary’, had dropped to number ten on the list and in its place was the topic ‘Mo Di’s Diary Was Forged‘.

The next three on the list were ‘Mo Si Lang’s Team Created Mo Di’s Fake Diary’, ‘Mo Si Lang Instigated His Fans to Splash Acid’, and ‘Mo Si Lang Is Sinister’.

Other related topics like ‘Mo Di is too pitiful’, ‘Qin Cheng Yi and Mo Si Lang’, ‘apologies to Mo Di’, and several others were also floating amongst the top twenty spots.

Ironically, the hot search ‘Mo Di’s diary’ that originally bought by Mo Si Lang was side by side with the topic ‘Apologies to Mo Di’.

In the span of a few hours, the public was forced to go back and forth on their opinions in accordance with the exploding news, creating massive responses and internet hype.

Clicking on any of the related topics will yield hundreds of thousands of responses.

My God! The diary is fake?!!!

Mo Si Lang’s level of wickedness is really an eye-opener…

First of all, I want to apologize to Mo Di for scolding him. But it’s not my fault! How was I to know Mo Si Lang actually made that diary?!

Upstairs, even if it’s not fake, even if Mo Di really did write nasty things about them, so what? He was abused by them for so many years and almost had his future ruined when they tried to frame him. Can’t he let out his frustration? The victim has to be perfect?

Mo Si Lang is disgusting, vicious, and poisonous. Damn, I don’t even know the perfect word to describe him. The man is garbage. The Mo family kept calling Mo Di an animal but they are the real animals.

Ok, I’ve read and gathered all the facts and this is what happened: In the beginning, Mo Si Lang cooperated with Qin Cheng Yi (the son of Qin Jie Guang, the richest man in Hua Xia) to find a handwriting expert to forge the diary. Mo Si Lang then leaked the diary to his fans using a different alias. He highlighted the malicious content to incite hatred in his extreme fans. He then created another alias to coerce and guide those people on how they should seek out justice for their idol by hurting Mo Di. Eventually, they were led to the idea of splashing acid and stabbing Mo Di. With this, those violent fans started a search for Mo Di’s current address and then proceeded with the plan, leading to their arrest.

This is sickening me. Mo Si Lang is poisonous. Those crazy fans are already out of control on a regular basis, and now Mo Si Lang has added his toxicity into their heads. This kind of garbage artist should be banned from the industry.

Banned? He should be jailed. Coercing others to harm people is a crime! And more severely is the act of abetting minors! He’s doubly guilty!

Crash! Mo Si Lang smashed his phone on the floor and the screen cracked.

Mo Si Lang’s face was now extremely unsightly, filled with both panic and frustration. He quickly got out of the bathroom, changed into some clothes, and rushed downstairs. He wanted Mo Liu Gui to go with him to see Qin Cheng Yi.

It seemed Mo Si Lang was still able to think straight. He knew that without Mo Liu Gui as a medium, Qin Cheng Yi would not be bothered with him.

As for Mo Liu Gui, her complexion was not good at all. When they reached the Mo family’s gate, it was as if she had enough of Mo Si Lang and pulled her hand back. She asked him innocently why he did it.

“Brother, I can’t go to see Cheng Yi with you. What you did was wrong.”

“Xiao Gui, stop making a fuss. There’s no more time. Before it’s too late, come with me to find Qin Cheng Yi. Quickly….”

“Brother!” Mo Liu Gui interrupted Mo Si Lang. Her eyes began to turn red. “Why on earth did you make a fake diary? Why did you make your fans attack Xiao Di?! I don’t understand, I really don’t understand! Why did you have to do that?”

“Xiao Gui, let’s not talk about this for now. Come with me to find Qin Cheng Yi. He has to help. He has to get me out of this mess or I’m done for!”

“Get you out of this mess? Brother, have you seen the evidence online? It’s all solid evidence! Are you trying to make Cheng Yi lie for you? Are you trying to drag him down with you?” Mo Liu Gui’s eyes were red as she said: “Brother, don’t keep doing the wrong thing!”

“Xiao Gui, what are you talking about? What do you mean by doing the wrong thing? I did not do anything wrong!”

“Brother, you’re incorrigible!”

“Xiao Gui…!”

“Brother, don’t talk anymore.”

Mo Liu Gui interrupted Mo Si Lang again. With tears in her eyes, she said: “No one in our family knew what you did. No one will agree with what you did to Xiao Di. We will not forgive you for this.”

“Xiao Gui?!”

Mo Si Lang looked at Mo Liu Gui in shock. He did not understand why Mo Liu Gui was saying all this. It was impossible that anyone in the family would disagree with what he did!

“Xiao Gui, are you refusing to go with me to find Qin Cheng Yi?”

Mo Liu Gui’s eyes were brimming with tears: “Brother, why don’t you turn yourself in…”

“Turn myself in? What are you talking about?!” Mo Si Lang was dumbfounded. He looked at Mo Liu Gui in utter disbelief and for the first time, he questioned her suspiciously: “Xiao Gui, what is wrong with you? Are you trying to get me into trouble?!”

At this time, a car suddenly drove up to them and slowly stopped. Then the door opened. 

“I think you’re the one who’s trying to get the Mo family and Xiao Gui into trouble. Mo Si Lang, I suggest you’d better turn yourself in.”

Qin Cheng Yi got out of the car and looked at Mo Liu Gui with concern. He went to hold her and said: “Don’t be sad, this has nothing to do with you. You didn’t know anything.”

Mo Liu Gui’s tears kept falling.

“But, but Xiao Di was hurt. I’m so upset. Brother might be arrested too. I’m worried about him too. I’m… I’m so sad. What should I do….” Mo Liu Gui cried bitterly, “Cheng Yi, what should we do?”

Qin Cheng Yi’s heart ached badly as he held Mo Liu Gui in his arms. He stared at Mo Si Lang with intense malice. Mo Si Lang who was about to ask him to bail him out was stunned.

“Cheng Yi, you… what’s the meaning of this…”

“You conspired with my subordinate to commit crimes and now you want me to help you?” Qin Cheng Yi’s voice was cold and merciless. “You even told my subordinate to claim that I’m the mastermind behind this to pull me into this mess! That’s just so that I have to help you out when things go south?! Mo Si Lang, you’re very clever and very scheming!”

“You, what do you mean by this? Qin Cheng Yi, your words are just ridiculous!”

Mo Si Lang was suffocating as panic overwhelmed him. He looked at Qin Cheng Yi with scorn: “You’re trying to pin everything on me! You’re going to make me the scapegoat! You’re letting me get arrested?!!”

“I just want to tell you that my subordinate had turned himself in, you should do the same. Do not try to ask me for help. I won’t help you cover this up nor do I have that kind of ability.”

Mo Si Lang finally realized that Qin Cheng Yi was going to use him as a doormat and abandon him. “Qin Cheng Yi!!!”

“I’ll say this one last time.” Qin Cheng Yi’s expression was cold as he gave Mo Si Lang a menacing stare, “Do not try to drag me into this. Do not try to use Xiao Gui’s kindness to get to me. Stop giving the Mo family and Xiao Gui a bad reputation, otherwise, you will deeply regret it.”


What happened at the Mo family gate, Mo Di was completely clueless. Now that the whole truth was revealed on the internet and everyone was criticizing Mo Si Lang and his fans, Mo Di could finally get back to work on his game. 

Mu Tian Heng also had work to do but he had Assistant Gao send the files over.

He was not leaving for the office today. Although the dust on the matter had almost settled, Mu Tian Heng was still restless. He was going to stay home for another day. Besides, there was not much to do at the office.

Mo Di stretched and said to Mu Tian Heng: “Brother, let’s order take out. I’m mentally and physically tired, let’s not cook today.”

“Alright. What do you want to eat?”

“Brother, the roast duck restaurant you brought me to last time was really good, can we eat that?”

“Ok. Let me check if they have started taking orders.” Mu Tian Heng gently rubbed Mo Di’s hair. He then opened a takeout app. Mo Di was sitting next to him and discussing the menu.

At this time, Mo Di’s phone suddenly gave out an alert.

Mo Di frowned.

“What is it?” Mu Tian Heng looked at Mo Di, “Something wrong with the fans?”

“No. This is the alert for Mo Liu Gui. It seems she has another hot search.” Mo Di turned on the phone and as expected, a new topic involving Mo Liu Gui was fifth on the list: Mo Liu Gui cried

Mo Di: “???”

After clicking on the link, a video showed up.

The clip was footage of what happened at the Mo villa’s gate. The gist of it was Mo Liu Gui having no idea regarding what Mo Si Lang had done. She could not accept what he did and cried as she advised him to surrender himself to the police.

And the flow of the comments that followed were mostly manipulated by a large number of water armies. Other than the few negative comments such as ‘This Video is Very Suspicious’, ‘This Seems Scripted’, ‘Isn’t this Mo Liu Gui a Little too Ignorant’, the rest painted her in a positive light.

Mo Liu Gui doesn’t know anything. It’s just pitiful that she gets scolded by so many in the forum. It’s not right, stop swearing at her, she’s innocent ok?

Mo Liu Gui seemed worried about Mo Di. I think she really cares about him.

My goddess, please don’t cry. Your crying makes me sad.

Sympathy for Mo Liu Gui.

Ummmm, thinking back to the clip when Mo Di was with the Mo family, Mo Liu Gui’s words back then and now all sounded very dubious to me.

Why is this so high on the hot search? Are they trying to get rid of Mo Si Lang with this?

Love Mo Liu Gui!

Mo Di was quite entertained as he went through the comments.

He smiled and said to Mu Tian Heng: “Qin Cheng Yi and Mo Liu Gui are quite resourceful. Although the public isn’t fully supportive of Mo Liu Gui, her reputation is not completely destroyed. In fact, I think she actually managed to gain some heat.”

Mu Tian Heng glanced at the video and solemnly said: “By doing this they have completely forsaken Mo Si Lang and used him as a stepping stone. Qin Cheng Yi is awfully treacherous, no matter what, Mo Si Lang is still Mo Liu Gui’s cousin.”

Of course he was not sympathizing with Mo Si Lang. He had just come to realize that besides being ruthless and having no regard for the law, Qin Cheng Yi was also merciless even to the people close to him. This kind of person… he had to be extra cautious when dealing with him in the future.

“To be able to trample him like that, they are indeed quite shrewd.”


Mo Di was actually enjoying the dogfight. All in all, it was not realistic to think that they could easily topple Qin Cheng Yi. There was too little evidence that could tie him to this and with his power and resources, it would be strange if he could not get out of this mess.

And if they could not touch Qin Cheng Yi, then don’t even think about dealing with Mo Liu Gui. Nonetheless, although she was able to get some exposure, her popularity with the regular masses was still collapsing.

This time around, he took down Mo Si Lang, one of the hardest people to deal with, and further destroyed Mo Liu Gui’s path to fame. It was quite a satisfying harvest.

After reading Mo Liu Gui’s news, Mo Di went back to check his hot searches and realized that it had stayed on the same spot even after several hours. 

But what surprised him was the netizens’ creativity. In a mere hour or so, various quirky expression stickers were widely distributed and used by a lot of people. Some examples are: “let me pour acid on you or I’ll curse myself’, “Let me stab you or I’ll curse myself”, “Don’t piss me off or I’ll write a diary for you!”, and “F**k you, I’m going write a diary for you!”


Mo Di gave the whimsical netizens some support by downloading several sticker packs.

Just as the food arrived, another news about Mo Si Lang was announced. It seemed the police had taken him into custody. 

Mo Si Lang’s fans have already taken off. What remained were very few diehard fans who continued to trash talk on the forums.

They questioned the authenticity of the evidence as it was obtained too quickly. They cursed at the police and even the government, claiming there was a bigger conspiracy in play.

But those comments were not very popular and only forwarded less than a hundred times. The police department then issued a statement clarifying that the evidence was all genuine and this was because of the help from very enthusiastic netizens. They also distributed a sticker pack dedicated to them saying: “With over five hundred forwarded messages, we invite you to a free meal.”

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  1. Huh, it was not my imagination. That green tea bitch really just cut off people that have no use to her or could drag her into the muddy waters. Looks like MD would put up a final play for her as she will be the last bitch that stands on her hind legs.


  2. Oh i seee~~ so that’s what their plan was eh?…this MLG is even more harmful than MSG lmao….cause i am 100% sure that she is the main villain not qin cheng yi definitely! She was in the plan, she was on it, she knew she had to use her cousin as a stepping stone for her popularity! Right when they reached the gate she started the drama knowing there is a camera on the gate!….BITCH! anyways….her ending is going to be the best…FR! i am sitting here with popcorns ready for it

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  3. Wow, that’s a whole new level of viciousness on Mo Liu Gui’s part! She’s ready to ditch anybody who is remotely dangerous to her reputation at the drop of hat. I wonder if the shock will be enough to kick-start Mo Si Lang’s brain (probably not).
    Thank you for the translation! ❤

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  4. Mo Liu Gui, you manipulative bitch! Somehow manages to slither away from a mess instigates through her white lotus halo and abandons those no longer useful! Don’t think we readers don’t know what’s going on!

    Well, at least it’s another one down. Only a few, albeit most dangerous, ones to go!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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