RCFN Chapter 54

Chapter 54

Soon the event ‘Mo Si Lang’s Deranged Fans Causing Harm with Sulfuric Acid’ spread through the major websites.

The topics Mo Si Lang’s Fangirls Splash Acid, Mo Di Was Attacked With Acid by Mo Si Lang’s Fans, and The Heinous Acts of Brain-damaged Fans quickly reached the top of the hot search list.

Mo Si Lang was an artist involved in many discussions after the Mo family’s scandal. Netizens had dug up his lies before and after the truths were revealed, gaining him many anti-fans. 

However, even without the anti-fans, Mo Si Lang’s popularity was not soaring either.

When the news reported the incident, the public had zealously joined in the discussion. The already denounced deranged fanboys and girls had gained another level of disapproval.

What the hell? Splashing acid?! This is just too cruel!

Did those fans stuff their brain with sh*t?!

These people have no three views, morality, or even logic! Even the law does not matter to them!

The present-day fanatics are the worst. One of my friends joined a group of crazy fans after falling in love with this idol. After hanging out with them, she was like another person. She was tenacious and would argue with anyone over the slightest comment going against her goddess. All she knew was that her goddess was the most innocent and anyone against her does not deserve to live!

The girl screaming at Mo Di is being illogical ok. What did she mean by Mo Di will get retribution? What they did was so horrendous and Mo Si Lang is not a good man either. He used to slander Mo Di for cheating in the exam and being an unfilial child to his family but as it turned out, they are a group of mental retards that abused Mo Di from young. Mo Di will have retribution? I think the ones who will get their retribution are Mo Si Lang and those extreme fans!

Am I alone for thinking that Mo Di must’ve done something to make Mo Si Lang’s fan say that he will have retribution?

Yes, you are alone. *You’re the light, you’re the electricity, you’re the only one…. who has a mental problem. (TN: This is the lyrics to the song Superstar by SHE)

Do not use those fans to judge our brother Si Lang, thank you. We’re taking him away from this.

Who knows if they are even our Si Lang’s fans? They could be anyone and might even be Si Lang’s anti-fans. I don’t accept such fans ok?


Driven by the fans, anti-fans, and even passers-by, the topics soon climbed to become the hottest topic on the internet with the title ‘Mo Si Lang’s Fangirls Splash Acid’ claiming the second spot on the hot search.

On the way back to the villa from the police station, Mo Di finally had the leisure to open his Weibo. After browsing through the discussions online, he found that the public opinion had already been fermented and heated arguments were panning out across the forums.

In the comments, there were those that denounced the crazy fans, some admonished Mo Si Lang, and some felt sorry for him. Those who sympathized with Mo Si Lang were saying that he was just a victim in this and he should not be dragged down because of his fans’ insanity.

That was not all. There were even conspiracy theories questioning the reason behind Mo Di’s frequently being victimized. They insisted that there was definitely something wrong with Mo Di, otherwise, why would there be people constantly trying to harm him and not others. Just like the campus violence incident, there were plenty of other students, why was he the only one being bullied?

Mo Di saw the comment and only felt amused. There was no need for him to be roused by such remarks. Besides, there were more novel ones that really intrigued him. There were actually a number of people speaking up for the three girls.

These poor girls, they are just kids. They might not know the harm of sulfuric acid…

I think these kids are actually all innocent. Look at Mo Di hitting the girl’s hand with the shovel. He made the acid spill on their arm and shoulder. It hurts just thinking about it. The poor thing, so young, and not to mention a girl. What’s going to happen to them?

Mo Di is not a gentleman at all! Pei!


Another wave of incomprehensible comments. Mo Di could not even get angry at them. 

He was attacked with acid and using the shovel to knock away the bottle was a defensive reflex. And yet he was criticized for not being a gentleman? So did he have to accept the onslaught with open arms and let the acid ruin his body to be considered a gentleman?

Luckily, these thoughtless comments were very unpopular and few in between. Mo Di did not bother to deal with them. Instead, he had decided to move on to the next stage seeing how the topic had been brewing to such an extent.

Mo Di proceeded to promote the fake diary online and pushed it up the hot search list.

Mu Tian Heng was sitting next to him on the sofa. His brows slightly creased looking at Mo Di.

“Brother?” Mo Di saw him facing him with such an expression and couldn’t help but ask: “What is it?”

Mu Tian Heng reached out to pat Mo Di’s head and sighed.

“Although this will arouse a lot of attention and cause a big hit to Mo Si Lang later on, but before the truth is out, you will be under a lot of harsh criticisms. You will be placed in the center of the storm…”

“Brother, I’ll be fine.” Mo Di knew Mu Tian Heng’s reason for being upset and quickly appeased him: “I’m really fine.”

“Even if I’m under fire now, it’ll only be for a while. The more severe their curses are, the more they will regret it later when the truth is revealed.”

Mu Tian Heng gave Mo Di a quick glance and finally gave him a gentle hug.

“I’ll make you something to drink. What would you like? Peach or pear juice?”

“Either is fine. I like them both.”

“Good. Stay here, I’ll come back soon.”

Mo Di had his head rubbed and he could only smile. His eyes followed Mu Tian Heng to the kitchen and felt incomparable happiness. Come what may, he was no longer scared of anything.


After the fake diary was disclosed online, public opinion on the internet had reached an all-time high, making it the most heated current event.

A number of people switched sides and began to sympathize with the Mo family while dissing Mo Di for being a white-eyed wolf with a vicious mind.

But many remained on Mo Di’s side, claiming that after so much abuse, the need to lash out in the diary was understandable. If the Mo family did not mistreat him, there was no need for him to write such things. Furthermore, he did not commit any crime. On the other hand, Mo Si Lang’s fan attacking him for this was plainly unreasonable and malicious.

The netizens’ war between the sides eventually started.

Mo Di is nothing good. How could he write such vicious things in his diary?

Mo Di is trash!!!

I can kinda understand the fans’ actions. They were just too frustrated when they saw the diary, it’s just that their method of venting was a bit too intense.

Yes, I can empathize with the girls. If my idol was cursed like that I would not only pour acid but also poison his food and curse him every day. [baring fangs] 

The fans’ behaviors were over the top but it was excusable. Hope they get a light sentence. They only wanted to protect their idol.

OMG these comments are so ridiculous they deserve my admiration!!!

What? There are people that think it’s acceptable to assault someone with acid and knives?! The fan communities are just too incredible!!!

Please understand, this is intentional malice. It can cause irreversible damages to the victim. How can anyone think that this is justifiable?! You love your idols, fine, but it does not mean your love is above the law. Just because someone was bitching your idol does not mean you have the right to attack them with acid! Your minds are the most vicious! Does the law mean nothing to you people!

The fans are a reflection of their idol. Just look at what kind of person Mo Si Lang is, not surprising his fans are also twisted.

This is a criminal case, I hope the fans realize this.

Those fans who support Mo Si Lang are just like him, treating people with double standards. It was ok when Mo Si Lang abused and framed Mo Di but when Mo Di wrote a few words in his diary, he was worse than a monster? And that he is too evil and deserved to be splashed with acid? F**king wonderful!

Upstairs, it’s not just Mo Si Lang’s fans. This is the same with other celebrities as well. These groupies treat their idols as supreme beings. If they are not extremely biased, then they can’t be considered deranged fans…

In no time, the topic ‘Mo Di’s diary’ climbed to the top three spots and eventually to the top spot. Mo Di suspected that someone else was behind this.

He frowned and started tracking the comments.

In the beginning, the public was divided into two roughly even sides. However, as the topic rose higher on the hot search, obvious employment of the water army was introduced to whitewash Mo Si Lang and suppress the support on Mo Di’s side. There were even several insults hurled at him by random passers-by…

What is this? Mo Si Lang had made his move? Or was this Qin Cheng Yi’s hand?

After some time, three hot searches Mo Di did not expect emerged: The Movie Unrequited Love Release Date, Unrequited Love’s Female Lead Mo Liu Gui, The Nation’s Sweetheart Mo Liu Gui.

Each topic was followed with incessant praises like ‘Mo Liu Gui is so beautiful’, ‘I’m an instant fan’, and ‘I’m definitely going to see her movie’.

And each time someone praised Mo Liu Gui, they would go on to curse at Mo Di. This was like those people from the Mo family who would compare and contrast how Mo Di was garbage for bullying the perfect Mo Liu Gui.

Basically, someone was using this as a rare marketing chance for Mo Liu Gui.

Mo Di was actually welcoming this. He was really looking forward to how the people behind this would react after he unleashed the whole truth behind the diary. What a delight it would be to see their swollen ugly faces.

At this time, Mu Tian Heng came back with two glasses of freshly pressed juice. He placed one on the table and the other in Mo Di’s hand.

“How is the public’s opinion?”

“Brother, look at this and you’ll understand. I did not expect that even at a time like this, they could even stir up a hot search. I underestimated Qin Cheng Yi and the Mo family.”

Mu Tian Heng sat and browsed through the comments and his face only grew darker as he read.

Mo Di could clearly feel Mu Tian Heng’s agitation and wanted to appease him. Just as he opened his mouth to speak, Mu Tian Heng suppressed his anger and said: “Post the truth now.”

Mo Di was so surprised that he had hiccups: “…?!”

He said: “But brother, it’s only been less than an hour since the fake diary topic rose to the top. Mo Liu Gui’s campaign and Mo Si Lang’s whitewashing had only started, it has not reached the peak yet.”

“Don’t make a fuss. Put out the truth now.” This was the first time Mu Tian Heng was so adamant with Mo Di. Mo Di could tolerate those insults but he couldn’t. How malicious and disgusting those insults were, it just gave him a new insight into the vileness of words.

“Please listen to me this once.”


“Have you ever thought that these aren’t just slander but a form of brainwashing. Dangerous people might do something to you because of this.”

“But we’ll put out the truth soon.” Mo Di said: “By then, we’ll let the topic hang on the top spot for the whole day. This way, we’re sure to hit them where it hurts and let everyone see Mo Si Lang’s true face. Mo Liu Gui’s news will also become a joke and those who were cursing at me will have to stop.”

Mu Tian Heng was carrying a worried expression when he looked at Mo Di: “But now everything is almost in place and the public opinion is already strong enough. Those dirty words being poured out by the water army are just…”

“Brother, I’m fine. I can take it, really.”

Mo Di looked at Mu Tian Heng earnestly: “Brother, since we decided to face them head-on, we have to make the best out of it. We even risked being thrown acid at, how can we back down now because of a little foul language? I’m not scared, really.”

Mu Tian Heng mulled for several seconds and sighed. He compromised: “At most another hour or I’ll personally hack into Weibo and release the documents.”

“Ha? Isn’t an hour a little short? The topic has only been up for an hour and a half…” Mo Di argued in a soft voice.

“Nope, that’s how long you have, or else I’ll only give you half an hour.”

“Alright, alright. An hour it is.” Mo Di quickly agreed. If Mu Tian Heng really made a move, he would not be able to do anything about it, after all, posting the documents is so much easier then trying to stop it. Plus, Mu Tian Heng had his team of IT nerds to help him.

Mo Di had no choice but to agree.

While Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng were bickering over the time, the Mo family was in a state of joy and celebration over his misfortunes.

Mo Si Lang was playing with his phone in delight. Mo Liu Gui was also delirious with her growing fanbase but after a while, she frowned and said: “It was really wrong of Xiao Di to do this. But even though he cursed at us, we still should make a statement to forgive him. There are so many people swearing at him, I’m worried he won’t be able to take it.”

“Xiao Gui, why do you care about him? He deserves it. This is his punishment. Do you think we should buy a hot search for our family and try to restore our reputation?”

“I don’t know. I… I’m going to take a call.” Mo Liu Gui’s phone suddenly rang. She picked up her phone and answered: “Hello, Cheng Feng?”

“Um, I’m fine. I’m really fine. I don’t blame him, he’s my younger brother….”

“Cheng Feng, don’t say that about him, he’s just a little confused.”


Mo Si Lang was a little irritated when he saw Mo Liu Gui chatting with Ye Cheng Feng on the phone. He was not very happy with the men around his sister who were not ‘qualified’ in his eyes. But as a perfect brother, he could not stop her from interacting with him.

Seeing Mo Liu Gui was going to take a while, he went back to his room and drew a bath. He had been in a tense mood for the past two days and finally today, he could take a relaxing bubble bath.

As a result, he dozed off with a smile while soaking in the tub, unable to hear his assistant, Pang Jing Xuan’s consecutive calls.

Mo Si Lang was furious when the calls disturbed his sleep. He immediately pressed the reject button but for the first time, his assistant ignored his mood and called again. When Mo Si Lang finally answered the phone, he lashed out in anger: “Pang Jing Xuan are you sick?! Get lost! Don’t bother me!”

“Brother Si Lang, it’s bad! It’s really bad!” Pang Jing Xuan did not mind Mo Si Lang’s rudeness at all and said in a panicked tone.

“Brother Si Lang! Someone found out that the diary is forged and all the evidence was posted on the internet. Now the public opinion has changed entirely. Everyone is thrashing us, all of them! And it’s many times worse than before! It’s too overwhelming, the water army was not able to hold them off!”

“What to do? What should we do?!”

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  1. Hehehehehe! (giggling evilly and rubbing my hands) Unexpectedly, not only did Mo Di manage to reveal Mo Si Lang’s true face, he was even able to deal a blow to Mo Liu Gui’s reputation as an added bonus. Great job! And Mu Tian Heng is such a knight in shining armour 😉
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