RCFN Chapter 53

Chapter 53

Mo Di decided that he would take some time to shop for a new set of pajamas in the next few days. He then went to open the door.

When the door was opened and Mo Di was standing there wearing his yellow pajamas, Mu Tian Heng just stood and stared.

… this is bad.

The child was looking all the more green and almost like he was just sixteen. The more he stared, the more he cursed himself for being a beast. 


Seeing that Mu Tian Heng was gawking at him and not talking, Mo Di asked: “Brother, why aren’t you saying anything?”


Mu Tian Heng cleared his throat and turned serious: “Now that we have collected all the evidence we need, have you ever thought of going to the police?”

“No.” Mo Di replied firmly. “If we stop him now, he will not receive the highest conviction and most likely get away with some light penalty. We have to make the public see his true face and how poisonous he is. And abetting minors is a heinous crime. This is how I can get him and we could also bring awareness to this and prevent it from happening to anyone else.”

“So… you have decided to risk yourself?”

“Brother, please believe me.” Mo Di gave Mu Tian Heng a determined look and said: “I have seen their plan. They will send several minors to our house and will either splash sulfuric acid or attack with a knife. They have abandoned the car hit plan.”

After hearing this, Mu Tian Heng’s face darkened: “So in your opinion, being splashed with sulfuric acid and attacked with a knife is actually trivial because it’s easier to dodge?”

“It’s not that hard to avoid…” Mo Di was arguing in a soft voice but he still felt inexplicably guilty.

“Brother, you really don’t have to worry. Before they can even do anything, I’ve already taken cover. I’ll be fine.”

Mo Di had a lot of experience with these types of situations in his previous life. Before he was put into the asylum, he had been harassed by Qin Cheng Yi’s croons. There were more creative weapons at play other than the sulfuric and knives. And every time, he had managed to avoid them all. Even when he was locked up in the mental hospital, he still had many chances to practice his evasiveness. So the assault from those untrained minors should not be a problem for him.

Furthermore, he knew of their plans inside out and was totally prepared for it. Nothing would go wrong.

But Mu Tian Heng said: “Give me your phone.”

Mo Di passed Mu Tian Heng his phone obediently.

Mu Tian Heng looked through it and said calmly: “I’ll stay home with you tomorrow.”

“You don’t have to.” Mo Di was reluctant. “I can do this alone…. But of course, I’ll be very happy to have my brother around!” Realizing Mu Tian Heng’s increasingly dangerous expression, Mo Di cleverly changed his tone and showed a pleasing smile.

“That’s a good boy.” Seeing Mo Di’s cute and flattering look, Mu Tian Heng’s face was like the breeze after a rain. He rubbed Mo Di’s hair and said warmly: “It’s not that I don’t trust you nor am I trying to be controlling. It’s just that this is too dangerous. Even if you’re a hundred percent sure you’ll be safe, I will still worry. You understand me, right?”

“Yes, I understand. But I don’t want to put you in harm’s way either. Some of those people are also aiming at you. They are really ruthless, and…”

“It’s ok.” Mu Tian Heng interrupted and held Mo Di’s shoulder, “I’ll be fine. I’ve seen a lot in America. Especially teenage bullying in school, their approach was quite similar to those extreme fans.”

Mo Di was shocked: “Brother you’ve been bullied in school?!”

“They tried to but I got the last laugh. It’s fine now.” Mu Tian Heng rubbed Mo Di’s hair and changed the subject: “When it’s over, let’s decide on where to treat Li Cheng and the others for dinner. Do you have any place in mind?”


Mo Di knew Mu Tian Heng changed the subject on purpose and was somewhat upset. There was no way for him to force Mu Tian Heng to leave the house tomorrow just like Mu Tian Heng did not force him to go to the police with the evidence.

They could only try their hardest to protect each other when the time comes. After Mo Di had made up his mind, he said: “I’m going to do some research on the expensive restaurants and compare their ratings. Brother, do you have any suggestions?”

Mu Tian Heng: “You don’t have to go to an expensive one. The authentic local cuisine restaurant you took me to is a good choice. It’ll give them a good chance to taste the local food.”

“But I’m worried they aren’t used to the local food.”

“That’s unlikely. The local snacks I told Lai De Si to get for them are all finished in one go. They would really enjoy the local food here. After all, they did mention wanting to try all the delicacies of this city.”

“Besides, it’s not that cheap to dine there. A group of nine plus wine would cost more than two or three thousand. No matter how rich you are, you shouldn’t spend frivolously.”

Mu Tian Heng then looked at Mo Di’s rosy cheeks and bright eyes, then lowered his sight at his neckline and clavicle. His eyes turned dark.

Before his thoughts could get anymore animalistic, his reason and the sight of the tender youth in front of him prevented him from doing anything too stimulating….

Mu Tian Heng cleared his throat: “Alright, quickly get to bed, it’s already two in the morning.”

Lai De Si who had just taken his bath and wanted to get some water happened to witness the scene and said: “A certain beast knows what time it is and still insisted on talking to the kid. I think you did it on purpose, and now you’re acting all gentlemanly? Who are you trying to bluff, you big bad wolf! Awoo!”

Mo Di blushed and was speechless.

Mu Tian Heng ignored Lai De Si and said to Mo Di: “Good boy, go to sleep.”

“En. Goodnight brother.” Mo Di was feeling a little shy. He immediately dug under the blanket after closing the door… 

Afterward, he could faintly hear Lai De Si’s howling to Mu Tian Heng outside.

The next day, Mo Di woke up an hour later than he usually did.

Even so, when he was up, Lai De Si was still asleep. Mu Tian Heng, on the other hand, was already working out and he could hear the beating sounds from the sandbag from upstairs.

At half-past eight, Lai De Si went out, leaving only Mu Tian Heng and Mo Di at home…. Oh, there was also Suan Suan around.

They continued to monitor the activities of the group and by nine-thirty, the group made their move. The group of underage fans was driven to the venue by their adult accomplices.

In the group that was coming for the attack, excluding the adult driver, three were high schoolers. They wanted to make use of the national holidays to avenge their idol. They were roughly fifteen to sixteen years of age. 

Mo Di saw them as immature and violent children but in Mu Tian Heng’s eyes, they were at the same age as Mo Di and should be fully aware of their actions.

After the preparation, there was no more chit chat in the forum so Mo Di hacked into their private accounts and found they had formed a private chat titled ‘Si Lang brother for life’ where they would communicate with each other along the way.

Their plan was to drop something into Mo Di’s yard as a ruse to knock on their door. And when Mo Di opened it, they would attack him with sulfuric acid or knives. Mo Di was just amused at how their brain worked. They were either too ignorant or too arrogant. Did they think that because they were minors that they would not be arrested? Or that they could go scot-free even after the arrest?

Aside from it being a crime, did they know that what they were going to will destroy someone’s life?! 

They used a righteous tone when discussing ways to deal with Mo Di and justified their actions by getting revenge for their aggrieved Si Lang brother whom because the whole world was blinded by Mo Di, had in turn, attacked their talented and pure-hearted brother Si Lang.

Mo Di stopped reading their messages in fear that it would cause his brain to deteriorate. 

These people were just too stubborn or even brainwashed to see Mo Si Lang’s true face even after all the evidence that had circulated the web. They instead felt that their idol was being persecuted by the outside world.

In a sense, Mo Di was quite intrigued by their loyalty.

Mu Tian Heng on the other was not as calm and collected as Mo Di. It took a lot out of him to refrain himself from calling the cops.


With Qin Cheng Yi’s help, the extremist group managed to infiltrate their villa district with ease and accurately found Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng’s door.

The girls then started playing badminton. 

After one or two rounds, a shuttlecock accidentally flew over the fence and into the villa’s yard.

Mo Di did not want to watch their bad acting any second longer. He went out to the yard with a shovel, pretending to clean up Suan Suan’s poo. As he bent down he complained: “Look at what you’ve done. You’ve pooped everywhere again.”

Suan Suan at his side looked at him with wet eyes and let out an innocent awoo, as if asking why he was being reprimanded…

The girls glanced at each other and quickly called out to him: “Hi, can you help us out a bit?”

Mo Di stopped and looked up at the people outside the gate and asked: “What do you want?”

A girl carefully looked at Mo Di and then winked at the others.

A girl with a ponytail turned to Mo Di and said with a smile: “Hi, we dropped our shuttlecock in your yard, can you get it for us?”

Mo Di looked at the three girls: one was empty-handed while the other two were carrying cross-shoulder bags, most likely stored with weapons.

“Ok.” Mo Di nodded. With the shovel in hand, he went to take the shuttlecock for them. Halfway back, the door behind opened with a click and Mu Tian Heng stepped out.

“What’s wrong?”

“Someone hit a shuttlecock into our yard.” Mo Di said.

“Um. Hand it to me, I’ll give it to them.” Mu Tian Heng then quickly took the shuttlecock from Mo Di’s hand without further warning.

Mo Di looked at Mu Tian Heng who had already left to open the door.

In fact at this time, if those fans had an ounce of intelligence and weren’t muddled by their anger, they would have asked why the tall man still had to open the door when he could just throw the shuttlecock back to them over the gate.

But then again, if they were clear-headed, they would not be doing this in the first place.

Seeing that Mo Di was staying put, the three were thrown into chaos. Their anger towards Mo Di surged as they blamed him for thwarting their plan by not coming out and letting them avenge their idol.

Mo Di’s keen observation told him that the girl with the ponytail was reaching into her bag for something. He feared for Mu Tian Heng’s safety and promptly approached them. As he came closer, the girl pulled out a knife and thrust at Mu Tian Heng.

Mu Tian Heng took a step back to evade, then kicked the knife away from her hand. 

The girl cried out in pain.

At the same time, the other two had rushed towards Mo Di and one was armed with a bottle of acid in her hands. She opened the bottle and tried to splash its contents at Mo Di. But before she could aim properly, Mo Di had used the shovel to try and knock the bottle out of her hand. The girl held on to the bottle tightly and tried to have another go at Mo Di. However, her wrist gave in and the bottle slipped out of her grip, causing a small amount of acid to spill out from the opened bottle and splashed onto her arms and the shoulder of the girl next to her.


The anger and resentment on the girls’ faces immediately disappeared as they screamed in agony.

The security department that Mu Tian Heng called three minutes beforehand had now arrived at the scene. They quickly questioned: “What is it? What happened!?”

“Attacking people with acid and knives, you better call the police quickly!”

Mu Tian Heng was in an extremely bad mood. When he was held up by the girl trying to stab him and saw the other two rushed at Mo Di with the bottle of acid, his heart almost stopped.

What if, what if Mo Di had not managed to use his shovel in time?! He could not even imagine what he would do!

So young yet so vicious. These fans had no conscience when it comes to anyone else other than their god, Mo Si Lang.

The two who had sustained injury were crying and swearing intermittently. The unscathed fangirl looked at Mo Di with rage and hatred.

“You will be punished! There will be retribution for trying to harm our brother! You will be punished! I curse you to be hit by a car. I curse you to fall to your death! How dare you harm our brother because of your jealousy! Sooner or later, there will be people who would stand up for us. You will die a horrible death!”

Mo Di could not be bothered with her but hearing her ‘jealousy talk’, he could not help turning conceited and sneered at her face: “Um, there is some truth to this. I was not jealous of your brother before but after this… I quite envy that he soon will be able to have free meals for a long time.”

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  1. Really like xiao di joke at the end.

    irl, I would really pity Lai De Si, no one think to warn him. What if these girls attack in the evening when he comes back home. Because ML and Lai De Si are all aim at too. Also I would keep my dog in house, fear it dropped by spilled acid. But I know they all will safe unscratched because it’s novel😂. It’s very risky as ML said.


  2. “Seeing that Mo Di was staying put, the three were thrown into chaos. Their anger towards Mo Di surged as they blamed him for thwarting their plan by not coming out and letting them avenge their idol.”
    Bish! What?? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

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  3. I love how protective they are of each other! Don’t mess with true love. How brainless these fans are though! You’d think they’d have been infected by that White Lotus Halo the way they are acting.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  4. Those girls’ example demonstrates it’s possible to have a negative IQ. Another batch of stupid people who single-handedly ruined their own lives. Though we shouldn’t forget about their adult accomplices; I hope they’ll be apprehended as well.
    Thank you for the chapter! ❤
    P.S. I think with such a number of the Mos currently doing time/going to do time it would make sense to impose a special 'prison' tax on this family – keeping a person in prison is costly, no need to burden the state with the expenses 😉

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  5. oh, this is a nice surprise, didnt expect any new chapter today hahaha

    i wonder what will happen next, for now the fans would still hate modi, i wonder what is the fans next so called “big scheme”, mo si lang needs to perish for using the love the fans have for him to do bad things
    these kind of people are the worst, actually every type of mo’s and qin’s (in this story i mean 😛 ) are the worst

    thanks for the update and all the work ^__^

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