RCFN Chapter 49

Chapter 49

Seeing Mo Di’s pitiful and repenting manner, Mu Tian Heng was no longer able to stay angry.

“Now you know how to be scared?!” Mu Tian Heng reached out to rub Mo Di’s hair. He was still fuming but did not lose his gentleness. “Show me your phone.”

“Um.” Mo Di obediently passed his phone to Mu Tian Heng. A let out a deep sigh of relief in his heart.

That was close.

But he did not expect this to be over so swiftly.

Mu Tian Heng lowered his sight to read the disgusting and malicious posts on the screen and his face gradually changed until it looked like it was soaked in ink.

“Brother, don’t be mad. It’s under surveillance now and we can take countermeasures in advance. I’ll be fine.” Mo Di tried to calm him.

Mu Tian Heng: “You know that I will get mad?! What kind of people are they? One is more vicious than the next. You still want to keep this to yourself?!”

Mo Di: “…”

Why are they back to this topic?

“And if I’m not mistaken, you’re planning to put yourself at risk, isn’t it?” Mu Tian Heng looked at Mo Di with a stern face: “You think that you because you know their plan in advance and can defend yourself, you’re willing to let those people harm you so you can find evidence against Mo Si Lang and send him to jail, am I right?”

Mo Di did not dare to speak because after Mu Tian Heng had read the messages, he was clearly inconsolable.

“This is very risky! What if you could not avoid their attack? Have you ever thought of how dangerous the things that they were talking about? Acid, knives, hit-and-run! You think you have it covered but nobody can guarantee that you will be completely safe!”

Mu Tian Heng was in an utter rage, “Do you know just how dangerous your plan is?”


Mo Di initially felt guilty but after being reprimanded with so many sentences, he couldn’t help but feel aggrieved and suffocating. What else could he do? Was there a better way?!

Mo Si Lang had a large fan base and most of all, he was vile and scrupulous. He was one of the most difficult people on his revenge list to topple! Now he finally had a good chance so what if he risked a little? In his previous life, what bitter days had he not been through?! What else was there that could scare him?!

As long as he could bring down Mo Si Lang, any risk would be worth it! Even if it’s one of those tortures from his previous life, he was willing to give it a shot!

Mo Di’s eyes were red and he turned away from Mu Tian Heng.

Mu Tian Heng saw his reaction and felt a slight regret and a little hurt.

He should not have been so harsh on him just now.

The more he learned about the Mo family, the more he understood what Mo Di had been through. He could now empathize with Mo Di’s experience of growing up in the Mo family. After being abused and framed over and over again, this was a rare chance that he could use their loophole to retaliate. It was indeed difficult to not take the risk.

This was not as simple as he thought, or rather, he did not consider his little friend’s feelings. He regretted it and also admitted his tunnel vision on this matter.

“Sorry. I was looking at this too simple and wasn’t considerate towards you. My apologies, can you forgive me?”

Mo Di’s eyes turned a shade redder. He wiped the corner of his eyes and said: “I don’t blame you. I’ve never felt that way.”

“Then turn around and look at me. Don’t be sad anymore. And please don’t be angry with me.”

“I know you’re just worried about me, I know.”

Mo Di did not turn around. He did not want Mu Tian Heng to see him with red watery eyes. But he did mean what he said. He knew that Mu Tian Heng was concerned for his safety, and when Mu Tian Heng saw that he was sad, he even took the initiative to apologize. 

Mo Di’s eyes swelled uncontrollably.

He did not think that Mu Tian Heng would be this concerned about him. He also did not expect that he would apologize just because he wasn’t being considerate towards his feelings.

No one had treated him this way, never before.

Back then, even when he did the right thing, he was still beaten and reprimanded, much less being cared for and apologized to.

This feeling, could it be ….could it be that he was spoiled by Mu Tian Heng?

“Then why don’t you turn around and look at me?” Mu Tian Heng looked at Mo Di lowering his head in an aggrieved pose and felt severe heartache. He held his shoulder and said: “If you really have forgiven me, then turn around and talk to me.”

Mu Tian Heng’s voice was very gentle and soothing, it even sounded like a plea. Mo Di’s mood swelled and he sniffed his nose.

He breathed and turned to look at Mu Tian Heng, “I’m sorry brother. I’m also in the wrong.”

“No, my thoughts were too shallow and I didn’t take your feelings into account. I won’t do it again.” Mu Tian Heng was finally relieved. He rubbed Mo Di’s hair gently, “You really forgave me?”

“I didn’t blame you. Really.” Mo Di felt that they were now consoling each other instead. He smiled and said: “Brother, why are you feeling insecure?”

“Everyone’s insecure in front of the person they care about.” Mu Tian Heng looked at Mo Di with an expression that was far more gentle than before, making him blush.

“Brother, …what are you saying?”

Mu Tian Heng came back to his senses after realizing he had accidentally voiced his inner thought. He smiled and hurriedly diverted the subject: “Let’s go. I’ll take you to meet my group of old-time programmers.”

“Brother…” Mo Di was still pondering over his previous sentence.

“What is it?”

“N…nothing.” Mo Di did not have the courage to clarify if that sentence meant that Mu Tian Heng…. liked him. 

“Good.” Mu Tian Heng said: “About Mo Si Lang, you don’t have to worry too much. We’ll investigate together how he was faking it. Let’s see how long he can keep this up.”


“Yup. Did you forget that I major in computer science? I’m quite familiar with hacking. So are the group of programmers I just transferred here. Don’t worry, it is hard to do this by yourself but it’s different with more people.”

“In three days, I will do my best to find evidence proving Mo Si Lang had forged that diary and instigated his fans to attack you. Do you believe in me?”

“I do, but…” Mo Di frowned, “Isn’t it a little inappropriate to trouble those programmers with this?”

“It’s nothing. They have been with the company for a long time. They wouldn’t mind doing a little favor for me. And I have helped them quite a bit over the years. You don’t have to worry about this aspect.”

Mu Tian Heng smiled: “Moreover, they all have family members about your age, if they know the reason behind this, they’ll definitely be willing to help.”

Since Mu Tian Heng had said so, Mo Di did not refuse anymore. He said: “Thank you, brother. I’ll send my thanks to them too.”

“Don’t mention it. I’ll introduce you guys later at the reception. In fact, a few of them are also interested in gaming, you guys will get along well.”

“Um.” Mo Di looked at Mu Tian Heng’s side features and thought of what Lai De Si said to him before.

With Mu Tian Heng being such a good-natured and excellent person, it would be a big blow to anyone who he broke up with after getting together. Because the person they meet after him could never live up to his standards of being gentle, handsome, thoughtful, and talented.

How could one forget such a perfect lover?

“Brother.” Mo Di suddenly had an urge to ask about Mu Tian Heng’s feelings.

“Hm? What is it?”

“I want to ask you something.”

“Feel free to ask. I’ll definitely give you a reply if I know the answer.”

Mo Di inhaled and picked up his courage: “Brother, is there someone that you like? Right now… right now, do you have anyone in your heart?”

Mu Tian Heng was stunned. He did not expect Mo Di to ask this out of the blue. 

He laughed: “Why did you suddenly ask about this?”

“It just popped into my head. Brother, you just said you would answer anything.”

Mu Tian Heng’s grin broadened, he replied in a gentle tone: “Of course there is.”

Mo Di’s heart skipped a beat. “The person you like… who is it? Do I know him?”

“This I can’t reveal or you’ll be able to guess.” Mu Tian Heng smiled and decided to keep it a secret. One was that he had not decided on how to confess, the other was the little guy had not reached adulthood yet. Now was not a good time to disclose this, not good at all.

“I’ll be able to guess? That means I know that person?!”

Mo Di now regretted that he was so impulsive in asking who Mu Tian Heng liked. Because getting this vague answer only caused him to feel uncontrollably nervous, flustered, and expectant…. and also somewhat worried. How was he going to concentrate on anything else!?

Falling in love really does disrupt a lot of things!

“Brother, since you like him, why haven’t you confessed yet?” Mo Di couldn’t help asking.

“Because… I can’t do that yet. Now is not the right time.” Mu Tian Heng replied in a gentle tone but it was embedded with a tinge of melancholy. God knows how much he wanted to hold Mo Di in his arms and do something animalistic but now was not the right time.

There’s a line that even a beast cannot cross.

Not only was his little friend eleven years younger than him, but he also had not reached adulthood yet. He could not act rashly.

However, Mo Di, on the other hand, was sulking.

Mo Di had always been a firm and resolute person. Since things had come to this, he squinted and asked: “Brother, who exactly is it that you like?”

“Brother, don’t tell me now is not the right time. I’ll keep it a secret and won’t tell anyone. If you still refuse to tell me then I might misunderstand that the one you like is me!”

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  1. So many confession fake out set ups this chapter! Maybe Mo Di and I both want you to be animalistic, eh? Let it happen!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Those two are like children clumsily and cautiously sounding each other out. Now what will Mu Tian Heng say? His little one is too persistent 😉
    Thank you for the chapter! ❤

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