RCFN Chapter 50

Chapter 50

Mu Tian Heng looked at Mo Di with a slightly grave expression: “Little one, do you know what you’re talking about?”

“I do.” Mo Di looked straight at Mu Tian Heng without flinching. However, his face and ears were dyed red. It seemed he was only putting up a tough front, his heart was still immensely nervous. 

“Brother, you should know that I’ve always….”

“I will give you an answer but not at this moment.” Mu Tian Heng interrupted when he was aware that Mo Di was going to confess.

Being pursued by the little guy was already bad enough, if his confession was also taken away then he really would become a useless old beast that only knew how to take advantage of the kid.


“I won’t tell you now but I won’t put it off either. Today, I’ll tell you by the end of the day.” Mu Tian Heng rubbed his hair. When his hand retracted, his fingers brushed over Mo Di’s cheeks.

Mo Di’s head was buzzing and his face turned completely red like a fire was burning inside.

“Be good, I’ll definitely tell you by today.”

Being declined over and over again after gathering all his courage to ask, Mo Di was like a deflated balloon.

He said on the copilot seat with a red face. He dared not look at Mu Tian Heng or talk to him.

Ahhh! Why was he so impulsive just now?!

He even told Mu Tian Heng that he would think that person is himself!

How was he able to say such things?! 

What if that person was not him? How was he going to clean up this mess?!

He did not drink alcohol today, why was he so impulsive. God! This is the end. This is the end.

Mu Tian Heng was laughing in his heart when he saw Mo Di turning into a baby quail. His little friend was really brave and lovely, causing him to feel soft to his bones.

Coming to Hua Xia was the best decision he had ever made in his life.

Mu Tian Heng stepped on the accelerator and steered towards their destination. To help Mo Di elevated his embarrassment, Mu Tian Heng found a topic to chat with him.

“The five members who came to Hua Xia were the first and second batch of programmers who joined me when Impression was first established.”

“En.” Mo Di responded. While the buzz in his head was gone, his face was still scalding hot.

“Brother, how many veteran members do you still have back in your head office?”

“About a dozen. When we started there were nineteen in the team. About a quarter of them came here and the rest stayed to manage the head office in America.”

Mu Tian Heng then suddenly smiled: “I just realized I still have your phone in my pocket. You can take it back.” As soon as he said that, he changed his words immediately, “Forget it, I’ll give it back to you later.”

“…” the air he exhaled was getting hotter.

What were Mu Tian Heng’s true thoughts? Was he worried about them coming into contact because he liked him or because he did not like him?

Mo Di’s mind was in a mess. He regretted asking those questions so impulsively. It was easy to satisfy the momentary urge but the aftermath was just unbearable.

How irritating. Humans really should not get involved with falling in love, it’s a waste of time and energy.

In actuality, Mu Tian Heng was quite flustered from what he said before. His heart was beating faster and he was a little embarrassed. It was just that the mental capabilities of the old beast were tough and he managed to keep a steady expression. Without careful observation, Mo Di would not be able to find out.

After he calmed down, Mu Tian Heng said in a warm tone: “I’ll introduce them to you first and you guys can have a good talk later.”

“Two of them are the same age as me and are also of Chinese origin, Li Cheng and Meng Te. They are both technical nerds. Another two are twins and they are twenty-nine years old, George and Chote. They have a lively personality and love Chinese cuisines, especially hotpot and sweet and sour ribs. They volunteered to be transferred here just for the food.”

“Then they’ll be orally blessed.” Mo Di’s face was changing back to normal as he joined the conversation.

“Uhm, their mouths will be very happy.” As Mu Tian Heng said this, he thought about how his mouth could be happy both literally and….

Stop it! He was becoming more and more ruthless.

Mu Tian Heng restrained and continued: “Regarding the twins, the elder brother, George, is also very much into games. You might get along with him.”


“As for Edmund, the last programmer, he’s thirty-three, is married and has two kids. One is a thirteen or fourteen years old boy and a ten years old daughter. His eldest son looks about your age.”

“Then theirs must be a happy family.” Mo Di felt his mood finally calmed and said with a smile.

“Indeed so.” Mu Tian Heng also smiled. “This time he brought his eldest son along. They both are very interested in games and from time to time would make a simple game to amuse themselves. His eldest son is also very gifted in this area, maybe you guys can become good friends.”

“En, I hope so too.”

There was heavy traffic on their way to the reception. The distance was short but it took the two of them almost forty minutes to get there.

Lai De Si saw them both and hurried over.

“Why are you guys so late? The reception is half over!”

“That means it’s not over yet. Where are Li Cheng and the rest?” Mu Tian Heng straightened his suit and tie. The white long fingers were a contrast to the dark navy tie.

“They have all loaded their plates and are eating in the hall over there. The two brothers, George and Chote are doing fine but the other geeks are just awful in social situations. But Edmund’s son is quite something. He’s chatty and even made several of the beauties in our company talk non-stop. So capable even at such a young age.”

Mu Tian Heng laughed: “That’s kids these days. Come, let’s go to them.”

The moment Mu Tian Heng entered the vicinity, everyone froze for a while as they laid eyes on him. They then quickly smiled and greeted him.

“President Mu!”, “Good evening Sir!”, “President Mu, you’re finally here…”

Mu Tian Heng smiled at everyone and after a few greetings, he let the guests have fun then led Mo Di to the inner hall.

Li Cheng and the others who were sitting in the inner hall stood up when they saw them coming.

“You’re finally here.”

Mu Tian Heng smiled and greeted them: “With you guys here, I’m completely relieved.”

“Ai, Mu, that’s what you said but we all know you’ve already laid the foundation for us here.” a blonde-haired blue-eyed man said with a grin: “Hey, who’s the little friend next to you?”

“Him? He’s Mo Di, you can call him Xiao Di.”

“Oh~~~” The George brothers burst into a strange laughter, “We already know who he is, Lai De Si had told us everything.”

The other members did not say anything but their eyes were obviously twinkling with anticipation and curiosity.

Mo Di: “…..”

Mu Tian Heng was about to give Lai De Si a piercing stare but he had already scuttered away and vanished into the crowd.

“These few can be quite playful and sometimes even childish, you must not learn from them, got it?” Mu Tian Heng said to Mo Di in a tender voice.

“…” Mo Di nodded and did not know what else to say.

Mu Tian Heng was very satisfied. He smiled and said: “Little one, you can call them all uncles. They’re just a bunch old fellows anyway.” Right after he said that he frowned and corrected: “Forget it, it’s still better to call them brother.”


Li Cheng and the gang could not understand much Chinese and were clueless as to what they were talking about. Chote approached them with a smile and said: “Hey little friend, you’re only seventeen, right?”

“Brother, I’ll be eighteen by the end of this month.”

“Good boy! How nice of you to call me brother!” George turned and boasted to Li Cheng, “Did you see that? He called me brother. It means that I’m not that old. Way younger than you guys!”

“But you look about the same age as Edmund’s son. You Chinese all seem to have baby faces.” George smiled and said to Mo Di.

They all sat down and got acquainted. Mo Di’s EQ was naturally good and left a good impression on everyone. They came to think of him as a little brother.

When Mu Tian Heng saw that it was quite late, he let Mo Di go for lunch and have a look around. He, on the other hand, discussed with the group about Mo Si Lang and what he did. He also informed them of the Mo family’s atrocities coupled with the video evidence he and Mo Di gathered.

Soon the group was visibly shocked and angered by what they saw.

“Shit! How is this humane?!” Chote sipped some champagne to cool down, “they not only continuously tried to harm Mo Di but also came up with such a poisonous trap?”

“Of course I’ll agree to help.” Li Cheng who had been quiet for a while spoke up: “Mu, just tell us what you need and we’ll do what we can.”

“That’s right. We’ll dig up the evidence till it’s found!” Said Meng Te firmly.

“Of course I’m in. I’ll even personally attend the court session!” George chimed in.

“I’m also in. That kid is about the same age as my son and I’m quite fond of him.” Said Edmund.

“Give us three days. We’ll work together to find the writer of this diary and prove how he set the fans up to commit crimes.” Chote smacked the table, “Argh, I’m getting irritated. Where’s my laptop, I’m going to work on it now!”

“Don’t rush. You guys should eat first.” Mu Tian Heng picked up his champagne glass and took a sip.

“If I’m not wrong, there’s a fan group that wants to use sulfuric acid. Several of their members are underage. This is abetting minors. With adequate evidence, we can send him straight to jail.”

Meanwhile, Mo Di went to get food by himself.

Mo Di added a piece of steak to his plate. He took a bite and realized that it could not be compared with Mu Tian Heng’s steak at all. He could claim that Mu Tian Heng’s steak was ten thousand times better than this.

“Hey, are you an employee here? Why didn’t I see you before?”

Mo Di was about to get some juice when he heard someone talking from behind. Feeling that it was directed at him, he turned to look.

A towering boy of roughly one point eight five meters tall was talking to him with a bright smile.

“Are you … Rodel?” Mo Di immediately thought Edmund’s eldest son named Rodel.

What a great development. This does not seem like the typical height for a fourteen years old boy at all.

“Oh? You know me?!”

Rodel was excited and immediately approached Mo Di. “You don’t look like an employee. I think you’re about my age. Are you someone’s son? It’s great to have someone of the same age to talk to. Let’s add each other’s WeChat.”

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  1. Acid attack, hit and run — Mo Di ought to be extra careful now ..

    Edmund is 33 with a son of 14.. So he was a teenage dad !!!


    1. So it turns out that the ML is a shotacon, but wants it to be legal shotacon. Well, the stereotypical Asian genes for a youthful appearance and light to non-existent body hair will be very beneficial. I wonder how he would react to Mo Di calling him “daddy”.


  2. White people names in Chinese novels strike again. . .

    Seriously?? CHOTE??

    I thought it was a typo mann, look it up in urban dictionary.

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    1. To be fair, I would be equally lost trying to name people for a Chinese setting as a westerner. I would end up naming them something absolutely ridiculous once it was translated back. At least it wouldn’t be as easy to tell from the transliteration in English compared to if I were just randomly picking characters since there are many homophonic characters that sound the same but can be written differently and mean entirely different things. It’s why he asked, like 20 chapters back, what the characters were for his roommates names.


  3. Mo Di was an adult in his last life when he died wasn’t he? Saying he’s young just because of his physical age is like saying someone with the mental capacity of a child is mature just because of their physical age. That irks me. Sorry!

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  4. I can’t stop thinking about that dumb memo on his phone.

    That best be used as a plot device for development and ends with him deleting it to affirm that he like MTH and not something for drama and to fuel misunderstandings because I’m going to flip!

    Literally, I was so anxious (and probably will still be) because I keep thinking about it oh my god

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  5. Poor Mo Di – that car ride must’ve been a nerve-wracking experience! And Mu Tian Heng’s low-key enjoying his predicament 😉
    Thank you for the chapter! ❤

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  6. oh my one is over the age (still very suitable and perfect math for modi btw) and the other is way… too young
    a lil vinegar here and there is good for your health (dunno what it can do to love though 😛 )
    i’m so happy, modi’s circle of good people is getting larger and larger

    thanks for the chapter and all the work ^_^

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