Rose Beauty

PLOT: Our MC is Yu Nan, a nineteen-year-old art student, a super beauty but at the same time still very clueless and innocent. He fell in love with thirty-seven-year-old ML who is a powerful businessman. ML is his first love and Yu Nan is wholeheartedly devoted to him.

In the beginning, the ML is somewhat of a jerk. He did not realize Yunan’s devotion to him and he tends to overlook the sacrifices he made. But later when he realized his feelings towards Yu Nan, the things he did to redeem himself were beyond sweetness.

The novel follows their conflict that stemmed from their age gap, the difference in family backgrounds, and also because of a white lotus ex of the ML.

REVIEW: I don’t know if it’s just me that got the wrong vibe that this is a fluff piece from the intro the author wrote, but let me tell you it’s not! This novel is not all rainbows and unicorns. It’s a very very angsty piece. I am into ‘love at first sight’ stories so I started reading this because of the high ratings and imagine my surprise when the story turned dogblood. Not the kind like RCFN where the dogblood is between the MC and the antagonists, the angst here comes from within their relationship, which is not something I like to read. That said, I just had to finish the story because the author assured the readers that it’s a happy ending. And I have to say this novel is beautifully written. It’s one of those novels that actually makes you go through a lot of emotions and only gives a sense of satisfaction in the later parts of the story.

The MC and ML are both dynamic characters who changed during the course of the story. Yu Nan matured and ML learned how to love. Their relationship near the end was just too sweet that it’s worth going through everything despite the really bitter parts.

I might actually translate this if, by the time I’m done with the other projects, no one has picked it up and I’m still free.

PS, Please inform me if someone did pick it up so I can remove this post. Thank You.

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