IHSC Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Back underground, Wang Xiao Mie was leaning against the tree with a dampened spirit. There was a conflict in his mind.

And a strange sense of unease.

His rationality and sensibility were like two little people arguing in his head.

Little White said: Does he like me as I am or that I’m Mian Deng’s reincarnation?

Little Black said: That’s a stupid question. Isn’t the answer obvious? What are you? His painstaking pursuit that eventually turned into an obsession was all for his shixiong Mian Deng, not you Wang Xiao Mie!

Little White said pitifully: But Mian Deng is me, and I’m also Mian Deng…. This is making me feel like I’m a substitute.

Little Black rolled its eyes: Heh! How is that the same? Even if you are him, have you experienced the intense feelings they have for each other? Can you replace that?

What Wen Feng Jin sees in you are past memories, not the present …

The sentence was like a knife piercing his heart. The knife was attached with barbs and when pulled out, his broken heart was bleeding profusely.

The unwilling Little White said: But Feng Jin always smiles at us tenderly, so are his eyes when looking at us.

Little Black sneered: Feng Jin? Why are using such an intimate way to address him?! Wang Xiao Mie, you have seen the fickleness of human nature. Are you used to acting dumb that you can’t see that he’s cruel and dark? Smile? It’s all fake, ok?

Don’t say that you can’t see it! His smile was even faker than those of your pretentious relatives. Who knows he might be hiding his dislike of you behind your back. Idiot!

Little White was admonished till he cried. Little Black dominated and was arrogant.

Wang Xiao Mie with his back against the tree dropped his head and smiled bitterly.

Whoever said that people who often smiled will not feel pain when they were hurt. Whoever said that cheerful people will stay strong even after a loss.

Nonsense. I’m so sad I could die….


“Mian Deng, what’s wrong? Are you uncomfortable anywhere?” The overly beautiful face came into view and the glowing red mark on his forehead sobered up Wang Xiao Mie.

Seeing Wen Feng Jin frowned in concern, Wang Xiao Mie answered habitually: “Oh, it’s nothing.”

Wang Xiao Mie said hypocritically in his heart: I’m only heartbroken and want to hang myself and die. You don’t have to worry about me. Smiling ironically.

“How can it be nothing? Mian Deng, what’s the matter? You look like you’re about to cry….” Wen Feng Jin took his hand. He moved closer and placed a loving kiss on Wang Xiao Mie’s forehead.

“Is it something that I shouldn’t know?” He paused momentarily, then lowered his voice and asked: “Mian Deng, did you remember something else?”

Looking at the overflowing love in his eyes and the caring touch of his hand, Wang Xiao Mie shook his head: “I don’t remember anything.”

“Is that so? It’s alright, don’t be impatient. Even if it’s a memory, it could still be false. If you remember anything else, you have to tell me ok?” Wen Feng Jin said with a faint smile.

“Got it…”

Wang Xiao Mie felt that Wen Feng Jin’s attitude towards him recovering his memories was somewhat queer and contradicting. Sometimes he was happy, sometimes he was on alert.

Seeing his smiling face, Wang Xiao Mie felt irritated for some reason. It was like that face was a cast that he put on. He had a feeling the real Wen Feng Jin was not like this person who was gentle, caring, and never angered…

His feelings took over and Wang Xiao Mie said: “Don’t smile anymore. Your smile is so fake…”

As soon as he said the sentence, he regretted it right after. And Wen Feng Jin’s widened eyes and frozen smile further made him shudder!

The two were silent for a moment, turning the atmosphere heavy and hard to breathe. Wen Feng Jin lowered his head and Wang Xiao Mie could not see his expression….

He seemed to be quite upset….

It’s over, it’s over! Which brain circuit of mine went haywire?!

Wang Xiao Mie quickly said: “Sorry … that was….my brain was offline. Don’t take it to heart….” He frantically shifted the topic and said loudly, “Oh that’s right! Where’s our hair braid? You didn’t lose it, did you?”

Wen Feng Jin lifted his head and showed a fading smile. His eyes were deep and cold, so cold that Wang Xiao Mie was in jitters. 

Then suddenly, he laughed heartily: “Shixiong don’t have to be afraid, today is our happy day, how could I be angry with you?”

“……” Then can your highness retract your fangs when you say that?

Not angry? You always call me ‘Shixiong’ when you’re angry. Wang Xiao Mie complained internally.

“I stored it in the box inside the coffin. That box contains my most precious items.” At the mention of the box, the boss’s flare simmered down. 

The most precious items…..Wang Xiao Mie’s eyes sparkled.

Wen Feng Jin said: “Shixiong, do you want to see it?”

Wang Xiao Mie: “Uhm, I do want to see it….”

He smiled and nodded: “Alright then, I won’t show it to you.”

Wang Xiao Mie: “……”

Boss, are you that vengeful?! Or are you keeping a private safe from your spouse! I’ll make you kneel on the washboard if it’s true!

Don’t you know that money is only safe in the hands of the wife?! You just exchanged solemn vows with me and now you’re hiding a secret stash. Weep, I’m so miserable. Big dumpling is heartless, hmph!

When Wen Feng Jin had laughed enough, he reverted back to being a good man. He went to fetch water to wipe Wang Xiao Mie’s face and hands, then to his feet. The big hands rubbed his sole with a cloth and when Wang Xiao Mie was ticklish, Wen Feng Jin let go.

“Go to sleep. I’ll always be by your side.”

Wen Feng Jin tidied himself up and laid in the coffin with Wang Xiao Mie. The precious box was on Wen Feng Jin’s side of the coffin. 

Because there was no entertainment in the underground palace and also Wang Xiao Mie’s frequent lethargic state, they mostly spent their time in the coffin sleeping.

When he was enveloped by the waft of bitter fragrance, Wang Xiao Mie positively thought: Who is this embrace for? It might actually be for me.

After Wang Xiao Mie gradually dozed off in the pearl-lit coffin, Wen Feng Jin slowly opened his eyes. Using the faint light, Wen Feng Jin propped up and positioned himself on top of Wang Xiao Mie. He supported himself with one arm and raised the other to his mouth and bit down on his wrist. He then gently placed it on the mouth of the person below him.

The body that was used to receiving blood as its lifeforce began swallowing.

After a while, Wen Feng Jin took back his hand and dotingly brushed his beloved’s face. His infatuated eyes depicted the yearn to kiss his nose and forehead. He lovingly rubbed his lips using his thumb.

The mask that carried the fake smile was pulled off and revealed a cold expression, making the pretty face all the more cruel and tough. But the pair of strange pupils retained its gentleness without any pretense or hypocrisy. He was like a fallen devil who had switched to the good side.

Cold, ruthless, and forever obsessed with the only one person who could give him warmth, this was the real Wen Feng Jin.

“Shixiong, did you remember something else today?”

When he was with Wang Xiao Mie, he would raise his voice, trying to make it sound cheerful. But due to the influence of his personality, this became contradicting and made him somewhat of a perverted clown whose laughter was scalp-numbing.

Wen Feng Jin’s voice when alone was hoarse and deep. His speech was neither fast nor slow, capable of making one feel enticed. 

After he stopped talking, the sleeping Wang Xiao Mie instantly opened his eyes which had turned blood red. His pupils stared motionlessly at the ceiling. He answered slowly, word by word: “No.” 

“Then why wasn’t Shixiong happy today? What are you hiding from me?”

“I was… worried… the person… you like… is Mian Deng.”

“I want…the person…you like…to be Wang… Xiao Mie….”

Wen Feng Jin shook his head, “You’re wrong. The person I like has always been you. Shixiong you don’t understand. It wasn’t because there was a Mian Deng that you’re here, but because of you that there was the Mian Deng that I loved.”

“The one I love is you, it has always been you….”

But I’ve said too many lies and did too many things that I don’t dare to tell you. So now I’m trying my best to be the kind of person you like, so you won’t be able to leave me first…

“Oh one more thing,” Wen Feng Jin touched his face and said with a strange expression: “Is my smile really that fake?”


“But didn’t Shixiong say you like people who are always smiling? ….you liar…” 

Wen Feng Jin slightly hooked his lips. He put his hand over Wang Xiao Mie’s face to close those scarlet red eyes.

“Shixiong, go back to sleep. I’m truly happy today.” 

Wen Feng Jin laid down on his side. He put his hand on top of his heart and calmly closed his eyes.

16 thoughts on “IHSC Chapter 19

  1. So now we see how Feng Jin brainwashes our Xiao Mie hmmm

    Also the blood as life force part, does this mean that the one keeping Xiao Mie alive is actually Feng Jin’s blood(that was turned into an elixir)? or am I overthinking this lol

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  2. While Wang Xiao Mie doesn’t remember Mian Deng’s memories, then he’s two different people. Wen Feng Jian saying he likes him for who he is it’s fake, because he’s not that person anymore. He just likes the body and the shared past then, not who Wang Xiao Mie is.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  3. I didn’t even view him as a douchebag the first translation, to be clear. It made me sad for him! I mean, I imagine a scenario where someone you love died and their twin takes their place. It’s so close, but so far from what you want. Its painful to have the constant reminder but their similarities make them easy to care for too. Bittersweet.

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  4. 😦 aww they’re hurting themselves, are they all Ms?? T.T anyhow, I wanna see WFJ kneel on the washboard while WXM is standing holding a clothes hanger xD

    Thank you so much for the chapter!!!~ 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

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  5. I think now this dilemma (Mian Deng vs. Wang Xiao Mie) only exists on MC’s side. For him, he and Mian Deng are two different people, because even if he remembers the past life, he’ll still be emotionally detached from it. But for Feng Jin they’re one and the same, he’s only afraid he won’t be able to obtain MC’s love this time.
    Thank you for the translation! ❤

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  6. That’s… really not better? I mean, what ended up being said amounts to “I don’t like you because you remind me of my true love, but I like you because you are a vessel for my true love.” Which actually isn’t much of an improvement! It still amounts to the MC being a replacement. Its splitting hairs on how to define replacement.

    This will have a lot of tears on both sides, I think! I’m here for it though!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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    1. Ok, I edited the dialogue. Here’s the new one

      “It wasn’t because there was a Mian Deng that you’re here, but because of you that there was the Mian Deng that I loved”

      I don’t know if it changed much but it should actually cause more confusion than thinking he’s a douche bag 😀


      1. Oh I don’t know how you wrote it before but this doesn’t make him seem like a douche (if we forget that he’s already a deceiving psycho).
        But it does make things more confusing. It kinda sounds like WXM had an influence on Mian Deng/his past self? …. or it’s just a complicated way of saying that he fell in love with the soul and not the personality? (if we say that the soul is the essence of a person and the personality is what is build around it) 😀

        Well I’m gonna wait and see; thanks for translating!

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