IHSC Chapter 18

Chapter 18

The round moon was hanging in the dark blue sky with the sparkling stars of the Milky Way sprinkling across, and unlike the sunbeam, these lights gently existed with the coolness in the air…

Thick mists and clouds surrounded the mountains and a black building was covered with dew droplets from the deep night. They wore flaming red clothes embedded with gold thread that reflected in the moonlight. Tiny dew droplets formed on the glittering fabric and slid off.

Wang Xiao Mie stared in a daze at the overgrown stone path that led to a structure made of rotten wood which could still be recognized as an age-old building.

“Mian Deng, what’s wrong?” Someone enveloped him from behind and tightly embraced him in his arms.

It was Wen Feng Jin. He was also looking at the abandoned ancient ruins. His eyes were at peace with a smile.

“Nothing. I just feel a sense of familiarity with this scene…I didn’t expect there was such a historical building on top of our tomb.” Wang Xiao Mie looked at the burned marks left on it and felt an unexplainable sadness.

A stream of emotions was stuck in his throat, it wouldn’t come out or go down. It was a sense of hurt.

“This place is similar to the one in my dream….”

“You’re overthinking. Shixiong, have you forgotten? When we were killed, our sect was still fine. How could they be in any trouble?” He faced Wang Xiao Mie and said: “This place is surrounded by powerful auras and situated on a dragon vein. Pity, it was originally occupied by a group of scums. Later, I took care of them and built the underground palace here.”

“Shixiong, do you think I did a good thing? Well?”

Wang Xiao Mie glanced at the dilapidated building and nodded absentmindedly: “….it’s indeed a good thing.”

Wen Feng Jin slowly widened the corner of his lips. A ferocious and morbid smile appeared on the pretty face. His eyes fixated on Wang Xiao Mie’s frown. He could see his sadness but Wen Feng Jin could only feel a sense of satisfaction when looking at the ruins!

Shixiong, look. Those scums who went against us are dead. I burned those filthy things to ashes. I built the underground palace here so they will have to witness our happy-ever-after even in their deaths…

“Mian Deng, don’t look anymore.” The dark night hid the devil’s proud expression. Using an evil look to express the most gentle words, he said: “There’s nothing to see here, it’s dirty and messy. Shall we wait for the sunrise over there?”

“Hm? Ok.” Wang Xiao Mie rubbed his chest and was beckoned towards a big tree by Wen Feng Jin. Under the tree were several stone benches and a broken stone table.

Wen Feng Jin took out his handkerchief and wiped the dust. They both then sat side by side.

The big tree at one point was flourishing but now it was left in a withering state. The branches were widespread and thick, most likely able to withstand the weight of someone climbing it.

The wind from the mountains drifted over. Wang Xiao Mie breathed in the fresh scent of vegetation and the depression gradually vanished, returning him to his uplifted spirit.

For some reason, sitting under this tree was very cooling, as if air-conditioning was pouring out from it.

“Feng Jin, what kind of tree is this? It’s giving off a cool and refreshing aroma like a mint tree!”

Wen Feng Jin thought for a while and a flickering smile flashed by as he swept a glance at Wang Xiao Mie. He raised his finger to his chin and the wide sleeves fell to reveal the pale bony wrist.

He replied in a soft tone: “This is just an ordinary tree. The cold sensation that Shixiong is feeling is probably because…”

Wang Xiao Mie: “Because?” 

“Because this tree was where I hanged the group of scums……all one hundred and seventy-three of them were hanging here, drifting in the wind. There was another gigantic branch but it broke due to the weight. Oh yes, at that time, after their necks were broken, their head would droop and look down at the people below the tree. Umm, it was quite an interesting sight. Hah~”

Wang Xiao Mie: “……”

I, I…… Damn!

A cold breeze blew from behind and he felt a gaze on his back.

Wang Xiao Mie screamed and gave a jump. He was already in a sprinting position when Wen Feng Jin stretched out to grab his waist into his arms. Wang Xiao Mie wanted to break free when he heard Wen Feng Jin laughing out loud.

“That was a lie.” He said.

The large black pupils were focused on the man in his embrace acting like a panicking fawn. A strong sense of sympathy and love surged inside.

“Ha ha, you’re so cute.”

Cute my ass! Wang Xiao Mie rubbed down the goosebumps popping up all over his body.

“You know that people can be scared to their deaths!”

“But Shixiong, you’re already dead.”

“…..believe it or not I’m gonna bite you to death.” What the hell is wrong with that mouth of yours?!

Woof Woof Woof!

Wang Xiao Mie bared his fangs and grinned at him, waving his fist which was caught by Wen Feng Jin. Wen Feng Jin kissed the jade green and cold fingertips with interest and blinked at him.

“That’s fine. Where do you want to bite?”

Why are you looking forward to it?!


He could not break free from Wen Feng Jin’s arm. He laid in his embrace and heard his voice rang through his head: “Mian Deng, there’s another reason why I brought you here. Look at this.”

A pair of scissors and a red hairband was placed on Wang Xiao Mie’s hand.

“Have you heard of jia fa?” (TN: hair binding to signify marriage)

“An endless life was not what I wanted. What I want has always been to be your one and only spouse….”

“….to be inseparable from you. No matter what we become, we will not abandon each other. We’ll always have the other person in our hearts. Shixiong I told you to wait for me, I will certainly come back to marry you.”

“I made it. Now, are you willing to fulfill your promise and marry me?”

The thick mountain fog was dancing like the turbulent seawater. The stars in the night sky began to fade with the moon.

A few rays of orange light dispelled the coldness and illuminated their red wedding clothes.

The Wen Feng Jin at this moment was showing a face filled with warmth and the cruelty in his eyes was replaced with a beauty that could bedazzle anyone.

Wang Xiao Mie was in a trance. It was as if he saw in him the child in the classroom insisting on marrying his Shixiong. At this moment, he had an illusion that he had loved this man for a long time….

“You must’ve planned this from the start.” Wang Xiao Mie sighed and received the pair of scissors.

“It’s my obsession to openly marry you under the sun. Everything I did was for the day that you will wake up and fulfill our promises.”

Wen Feng Jin lowered his eyes and for the first time, Wang Xiao Mie saw him showing a genuine smile that was almost filled with sadness. He looked at Wang Xiao Mie like he was about to cry.

In fact, Wen Feng Jin may not even be aware that his expressions, even when they were hugging or kissing, always carried a tint of aggression. This was also true when he smiled.

It was as if he was preparing for the next second should the illusion disappear and ready to plunge himself into despair again.

Wang Xiao Mie knew from the start that this was not a gentle person but he was helplessly addicted to the crazy infatuation in his eyes when Wen Feng Jin looked at him.

I’m just a face fanatic longing for love.

Wang Xiao Mie had a bitter smile. He gathered a few of their long hair and tied them with the hairband, intertwining the crow black strands.

Wang Xiao Mie’s hair was soft and thin and Wen Feng Jin’s was harder to the touch.

There’s a common belief that people with soft hair have good temperament while those with stiff hair are more domineering.

The sun finally rose and revitalized the earth. The leaves and grass shone jade green as dewdrops were like pearls slipping, off the surface. The clean fresh air carried across the clear chirping of the birds…

Golden orange light lit up the sky….

A man was hugging the person sitting on his lap, burying his head deep in the nook of his neck. He swayed his body slowly and sang an old tune in a low hoarse voice. His eyes stayed on the person in his embrace who was using his thin fingers to twirl around the locks of hair, braiding them together.

Golden scissors snipped off the hair and the thin fingers tied it with the red ribbon.

The singing stopped. Wen Feng Jin wrapped one hand around his body and the other grasped the braid tightly.

“Mian Deng, call me Feng Jin…”

Wang Xiao Mie was a little shy but he still complied: “Feng Jin….”

“Mian Deng, say you love me….” the hoarse voice seemed to have changed its tune.

Wang Xiao Mie swallowed his words for a long time before spitting out the sentence: “I, hmm, that hmm……I love you.”

The last two words were not audible. The other person did not respond for quite some time. When Wang Xiao Mie thought that Wen Feng Jin couldn’t hear him, a droplet and another fell on his face and shoulder.

Hm? Rain?

Wang Xiao Mie opened his palm to test the rain and said: “Feng jin, it’s rai——ning.”

“Don’t look!”

A cold hand covered Wang Xiao Mie’s eyes.

Wang Xiao Mie bowed his head. The visage just now replayed in his head over and over. The face that no matter the circumstance, would show an indifference had lost its usual camouflage. Instead, there was a look of grief and despair of being pushed into a cliff. And those dark black eyes were filled with transparent liquid…

Wen Feng Jin cried.

But those weren’t tears of joy.


He had clearly said it, didn’t he? Why?

After a good while, the man finally let him go and stood up. He placed the braid carefully into his clothes. He once again put on the look of tenderness and said: “Shixiong, let’s go. We should be heading back now….”

After being led back for a while, Wang Xiao Mie bit his lips and asked softly: “Do you want Mian Deng’s feelings…… or mine…..”

The person in front stopped and strengthened his grip on Wang Xiao Mie’s hand.

“What are you saying. You are you, Mian Deng. We’re home.”

Looking at the broad shoulders in front, Wang Xiao Mie sighed.

His heart had turned completely cold.

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  1. WHO IS CUTTING ONIONS😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Oh my God that made me ugly cry TTT
    Feng Jin, my dear, everything will be okay, alright?🥺
    Thank you for the chapter.

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  2. In the end, Feng Jin does realize that it isn’t real love. Although he craves(obsess) for Mian Deng’s love, he knows deep inside that he will never get it.
    On the other hand, poor Xiao Mie (who is under a spell mind you) is becoming more and more confused about who he is(what with all these dreams) and who is it that Feng Jin really wants

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  3. Awwwww.. but yeah WFJ had terrible yandere tendencies, i hope he’ll get straightened out by WXM later.. and poor bb huhu don’t fall in love yet with that guu, i know he’s handsome but.. staaaahp

    Thank you so much for the chapter!!~ 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇


  4. Thanks for all the chapter updates! Wen Feng Jin is so hard to read! Looking forward to more flashbacks to learn more about their past and to understand him better. I can’t completely sympathize with him yet because his actions are so extreme. Also, he always says he’s joking…but is he?? I can totally see him hanging a hundred something people from a tree…

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  5. Was Feng Jin crying about the past that didn’t happen and that he can’t recreate? Poor Wang Xiao Mie…
    Thank you for the translation ❤

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  6. What a rollercoaster of emotions! First started out with a flashback to my time in the Hannibal fandom with the rallying cry of “someone needs to save Will Graham!” and then to a flashback to Full Metal Alchemist with the tears and rain analogy. Aiya, I don’t know who to feel worst for here! Our yandere in love with a ghost or our cinnamon roll dumpling not fully aware of the madness of the man he lives with.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  7. Ouch, this is why humans aren’t meant to remember past lives. We think and feel too much to be able to let go of our attachments.
    Thank you for the translations!

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